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Mechanism of Lightning Stroke Lightning phenomenon is the discharge of the cloud to the ground. The cloud and the ground form two plates of a gigantic capacitor and the dielectric medium is air. Since the lower part of the cloud is negatively charged, the earth is positively charged by induction Mechanism of the long-distance leader interaction is cleared out. Initiation of lightning by means of laser plasma channel as well as current demands in lightning science and protection practice discussed. This discussion is connected with current activities and recent results in the field of lightning initiation by laser The mechanism behind different types of lightning may now be understood, thanks to a combination of direct observation and computer modeling reported by a team of researchers from New Mexico Tech..

Mechanism of lightning strike. Lightning is the phenomenon of electrical discharge from Cloud to ground. during lighting stroke the cloud and ground act as two plates of a gigantic capacitor and air act as a dielectric medium between ground and cloud Lightning is a naturally occurring electrostatic discharge during which two electrically charged regions, both in the atmosphere or with one on the ground, temporarily equalize themselves, causing the instantaneous release of as much as one gigajoule of energy. This discharge may produce a wide range of electromagnetic radiation, from very hot plasma created by the rapid movement of electrons. The mechanism of lightning discharge can be well explained with the help of Fig. 9.3. Whenever a local charge concentration near a cloud causes the potential gradient to exceed the critical breakdown value, the air surrounding gets ionized and an electric streamer starts from the cloud towards the earth The precursor of any lightning strike is the polarization of positive and negative charges within a storm cloud. The tops of the storm clouds are known to acquire an excess of positive charge and the bottoms of the storm clouds acquire an excess of negative charge. Two mechanisms seem important to the polarization process

Lightning is a large-scale natural spark discharge that occurs within the atmosphere or between the atmosphere and the Earth's surface. On discharge, a highly electrically conductive plasma channel is created within the air, and when current flows within this channel, it rapidly heats the air up to about 25,000°C. The lightning channel is an example of terrestrial plasma in action Lightning accounts for up to 3-10 teragrams of nitrogen fixed per year (compared to 100-300 teragrams fixed by bacteria). Water on Mars, crisp packet recycling, and textbook mechanism errors. 1 reply on The science of thunderstorms - thunder, lightning, and chemical reactions.

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Mechanism of Lightning HISTORY: Benjamin Franklin performed a famous experiment of FLYING KITE in thunder cloud in the year 1745. Before his discovery the lightning used to be considered to be ACT OF GOD. He also proved that the lightning stroke is because of the discharge of electricity. He also invented protection of lightning Uncovering the mechanisms of lightning varieties. March 26, 2008. University Park, Pa. - The mechanism behind different types of lightning may now be understood, thanks to a combination of direct observation and computer modeling reported by a team of researchers from New Mexico Tech and Penn State. Our explanation provides a unifying view. The only mechanism of lightning injury that most people consider is the direct strike, from cloud to ground. In actuality, there are five mechanisms of injury by which a person can be impacted by.. Blumenthal R, Jandrell IR, West NJ. Does a sixth mechanism exist to explain lightning injuries?: investigating a possible new injury mechanism to determine the cause of injuries related to close lightning flashes. Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 2012 Sep;33(3):222-6 [PMID 21952103] Moulson AM. Blast injury of the lungs due to lightning The vast majority of lightning injuries and deaths are caused by mechanisms other than direct strike. Any public education efforts should take into account all of these mechanisms and should employ simple and easily remembered rules to prevent lightning injury. 6 REFERENCE

The only mechanism of lightning injury that most people consider is the direct strike, from cloud to ground. In actuality, there are five mechanisms of injury by which a person can be impacted by the electrical nature of lightning. In addition, there are several possible secondary mechanisms of traumatic injury Mechanism behind Lightning (How does the clouds get charged) Due to temperature of sun light water in the earth surface gets vaporized, the light, warm, moist air particles start moving upwards. It goes at a height of 2-7 km in the atmosphere and get cooled and condensed there and forms clouds

Abstract A simple model describing lightning on the basis of the conventional equations of charged-gas hydrodynamics is proposed. In the 1D case, a general self-similar solution to the nonlinear equation is obtained. It is demonstrated that the uniform electric field and charge density distributions in a cloud are unstable So how does lightning form in a cloud? Lightning is essentially a giant spark that occurs either within a cloud or between the cloud and the ground. Lightnin.. The mechanism involves both a downward progressing incident wave (the analog of a leader) and an upward progressing reflected wave (the analog of a return stroke) occurring in a lightning channel that carries a continuing current and is effectively short-circuited to ground Five mechanisms have been described in the literature regarding lightning injury mechanisms. These mechanisms are primarily, first, a direct lightning strike and second, an indirect strike by contact with an object such as a pole or tree directly struck. A third mechanism is a side flash that could occur from a stricken object, suc

TABLE 10.1 - Lightning Current Parameters for Negative Flashes. Associated with this charge transfer mechanism (an estimated 5 C charge is lowered to ground through the stepped leader) are the electric and magnetic field changes that can be registered at close distances from the channel and that can last several milliseconds spectra. Both factors are necessary components for the lightning to occur. Any absence of small aerosols would prevent in-cloud nucleation of small drops at high distances above the cloud base. Any.. FÆFÆFÆFÆMechanism of lightning FÇFÇFÇFÇ An enough charge for ionizing air is supplied from the cloud to the lightning discharge path. It is said thatthe radius of space column influenced by the lightning is 500m. It is known that the standard wave form is 10µs in crest length and 350µs in wave tail The Mechanism allows for lightning initiation by either of two observed types of events: a high power VHF event such as a Narrow Bipolar Event, or a weak VHF event. According to the Mechanism, both types of initiating events are caused by a group of relativistic runaway electron avalanche particles (where the initial electrons are secondary. The main goal of this Chapter is to provide the reader with the important features of the mechanism of the lightning flash. No attempt is made to provide an exhaustive list of the literature since this can be found elsewhere. Nomenclature: in this chapter a positive discharge is defined in such a way that the direction of motion of electrons in.

The Mechanism allows for lightning initiation by either of two observed types of events: a high-power, very high frequency (VHF) event such as a Narrow Bipolar Event or a weak VHF event. According to the Mechanism, both types of initiating events are caused by a group of relativistic runaway electron avalanche particles. Based on this finding, coupled with other observations and modeling, a mechanism for the lightning M component is proposed. According to this mechanism an M component involves a downward progressing incident wave (the analog of a leader) followed by an upward progressing reflected wave (the analog of a return stroke) A fifth mechanism, injury by a weak upward streamer that does not become part of a completed lightning channel, has long been postulated in the engineering literature by lightning researchers. This paper reports a case of death where injury from a weak upward streamer is strongly suspected following forensic investigation Lightning is an electric current. To make this electric current, first you need a cloud. When the ground is hot, it heats the air above it. This warm air rises. As the air rises, water vapour cools and forms a cloud. When air continues to rise, the cloud gets bigger and bigger. In the tops of the clouds, temperature is below freezing and the.

The mechanism of lightning discharge Guest: dr Saša Dujko 'One of the most obvious manifestations of non-equilibrium plasmas in nature is lightning', says Dr Saša Dujko of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade in the twelfth volume of the popular science video series 'The Garden of Physics', adding that lightning can be understood as a. The National Lightning Safety Council was established to promote lightning safety education and awareness. The Council recognizes National Lightning Safety A.. Scientists have not fully understood the mechanism of lightning. We can describe the process of lightning, but many phenomena of lightning have not been explained. According to observation, the upper part of a cloud carries positive charge, while the lower part carries negative charge, therefore the ground is induced with a large amount of. For the modern buildings, there are many studies which focus on the damage mechanism because of lightning current through the reinforced concrete structure [, , , ] as well as the lightning-induced damage to the building accessories, such as windows and glass [10,11]. It is widely believed that based on the Joule-Lenz thermal effect, lightning.

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The Mechanisms of Lightning. Better Essays. 1066 Words; 3 Pages; Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. I. Introduction Lighting is a great mystery to many. Many do not know the origin of lightning bolts nor their true strength. Lightning bolts are produced from opposite fields interacting. This can result in dangerous bolts that. current of the lightning discharge, and which is present immediately surrounding lightning's luminous channel. A literature review, case studies and two novel experiments helped confirm the sixth mechanism's existence. The medical data and the lightning data were then aligned. Two main questions were addressed, namely within what range is Lightning is terrifying, beautiful and confusing phenomenon. 6. Lightning in ancient legendsFor many years, people used to believe that lightningis a holy event which is related to gods that punishthose people who disobey them. In the seventh centurywhen prophet Mohamed was living, people believedthat Zeus is the god of lightning ,at that. This curious injury phenomenon has existed historically under many different names in the literature: lightning's pressure blast wave, arc blast, shattering effects of lightning, pressures developed by arcs, thunder generation of shock waves, and the sixth mechanism of lightning injury are but a few of the many divergent and. Lightning Research Flashes Forward . A greater understanding of lightning mechanisms is spurring the development of more accurate weather forecasting, increased public health precautions, and a.

Mechanism Of Lightning 1. Electrification • Within the clouds, the cloud particles are moving and whirling in a turbulent fashion. • Water vapor gets cooled in the central part of the cloud (-15 to -25 ) to form super-cooled cloud droplets, small ice crystals and graupel (soft hail). • The Updraft carries super-cooled cloud droplets and very small ice crystals upwards The Thunder Mechanism. By Richard Kithil, President & CEO, NLSI. 1. Introduction. Thunder is the pressure wave of the lightning event. When there is lightning there is thunder, and when there is thunder there is lightning. There is audible thunder and there is inaudible thunder. Thunder may cause personal injuries and damage to property at very.

2. What physical mechanisms govern the propagation of the different types of lightning leaders (the lightning process following initiation) inside the cloud and between the cloud and ground? 3. What is the physical mechanism of lightning leader attachment to elevated objects on the ground and to the flat ground? 4 Upward lightning studies took place in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA and S. Paulo, Brazil during the summer thunderstorm seasons from 2011 to 2016. On the Triggering Mechanisms of Upward. Types of Lightning. There are also many other types of lightning that are not caused by the formation of a thunderstorm, but all are caused by the same basic mechanism as lightning in a thunderstorm

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This mechanism of lightning initiation amounts to around 90% of strikes to aircraft. Aircraft can acquire net charge levels of the order of a millicoulomb from a number of sources including corona emission, charged particles in the engine exhaust, and charge transfer by collisions with particles in the atmosphere Lightning continues to be one of the leading causes of weather fatalities. Over time, many mechanisms have been proposed by lightning professionals and many 'common sense' assumptions have arisen, including many myths, particularly in th A Fifth Mechanism of Lightning Injury A Fifth Mechanism of Lightning Injury Cooper, Mary Ann 2002-02-01 00:00:00 A Fifth Mechanism of Lightning Injury MARY ANN COOPER, MD area for later inspection by the forensic engineer. The crew participated in scene re-enactment with the utility safety ofï¬ cer in the victimâ s place (Fig. 1) The mechanism of lightning is not yet completely understood. According to the best current model during a thunderstorm friction caused by turbulence within clouds charges their ice crystallites usually with positive charges concentrated on the upper surfaces of a cloud and negative charges on the lower surfaces. On the ground positive charges are induced although in much smaller numbers The mechanism behind different types of lightning may now be understood, thanks to a combination of direct observation and computer modeling reported by a team of researchers from New Mexico Tech.

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  1. ation. Prevention. Preventing lightning injury involves avoiding being outdoors during a thunderstorm
  2. Mechanism of lightning-associated infrasonic pulses from thunderclouds. Victor P. Pasko. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article those observed in experiments prior to arrival of a rarefaction pulse generated in accordance with the electrostatic mechanism originally proposed by C. T. R. Wilson and further developed by Dessler.
  3. Lightning - is a digital interface used in most of the Apple's iOS devices since late 2012. Replaced the old 30-pin connector. Please pay attention to the fact that in the connector, pins on both sides of connector aren't wired in exact same order
  4. Does this mechanism depend on particle size distribution? Finally, if charging mechanism and charge distribution are key parameters for lightning generation, to what extent is the charging mechanism and charge distribution model proposed for thunderclouds (Rakov and Uman, 2003) valid for volcanic plumes

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Other mechanisms of electrification are also possible. Lightning occurrence. When the accumulated electric charges in a thunderstorm become sufficiently large, lightning discharges take place between opposite charge regions, between charged regions and the ground, or from a charged region to the neutral atmosphere. In a typical thunderstorm. Abstract The writer's earlier paper on the mechanism of the cloud-to-ground lightning stroke was based on classical observational data. The report on the last 10 years' observations of strokes from Monte San Salvatore by Berger and Vogelsanger using improved instrumentation calls for a reassessment of the theory and makes possible a tentative extension to the intracloud stroke mechanisms tributes to half of lightning fatalities (Fig. 1). This is the primary mechanism where we can easily reduce lightning risks. 6LGHÁDVK jumps from tall objects like trees when they are struck by lightning, so don t seek shelter near tall trees, other tall objects, or tall vertical surfaces Because exposure to the effects of lightning can be so variable in mechanism and intensity, it is useful to characterize lightning injuries as mild, moderate, or severe. Mild lightning injury is rarely associated with superficial burns, but persons struck often report loss of consciousness, amnesia, confusion, tingling, and numerous other. LIGHTNING RISK ASSESSMENT EXAMPLE. In this example, we need to determine if a new structure that we are designing should have a lightning protection system based on the following parameters: Table 5. Consquence of interruption of service to the structure. 1. Structure size - 100 meters long, 60 meters wide, 15 meters tal

Lightning Strike Induced Damage Mechanisms of Carbon Fiber Composites. Composite materials have a wide application in aerospace, automotive, and other transportation industries, because of the superior structural and weight performances. Since carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites possess a much lower electrical conductivity as compared to. on the triggering Mechanisms of Upward Lightning Carina schumann 1, Marcelo M. F. saba 2, t om A. Warner3, Marco A. s. Ferro4, John H. Helsdon Jr.3, Ron thomas5 & Richard e. orville6 Upward lightning studies took place in Rapid City, south Dakota, UsA and s. paulo, Brazil during the summer thunderstorm seasons from 2011 to 2016 Discuss the mechanism of lightning strokes and over. 1. Discuss the mechanism of lightning strokes and over voltages on transmission lines. 2. Discuss the different theories of charge formation of thunder clouds. 3. Explain in detail how the charges are formed in the clouds. 4. Discuss the interaction of lightning with power system Lightning discharges are often observed during explosive volcanic eruptions and are commonly associated with the formation of ash plumes. Lightning discharges are produced within three regions of the plume: (1) the gas-thrust region immediately above the vent (2) the convection- driven rising column extending several kilometres above the vent (3) the neutrally buoyant umbrella region 'Dark lightning is a release of high-energy gamma radiation that is believed to induce supernovae like occurrences (black holes).Contrary to ordinary lightning (which is explained using slow electrons), dark lightning is caused by high energy electrons colliding with surrounding air molecules, resulting in the release of gamma rays. It believed that they occur naturally, and can be produced.

Thunderstorm. Thunderstorms and tornadoes are severe local storms.They are of short duration, occurring over a small area but are violent.; Thunderstorm is a storm with thunder and lightning and typically also heavy rain or hail.; Thunderstorms mostly occur on ground where the temperature is high. Thunderstorms are less frequent on water bodies due to low temperature The main purpose of the experiments described here is the analysis of the mechanisms of radome protection with lightning diverters of various types and sizes. A high voltage arrangement and associated diagnostics have been implemented to perform a quantitative study of the inception and propagatio The Lightning stroke is a natural phenomenon and the effect of it is really unpredictable. Sometimes lightning creates hazard situations and in order to protect from lightning, there are several preventive measures taken into action. High voltage transmission lines are the one of the most common equipment which is prone to obtain lightning

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Lightning victims may present with minor, moderate, or severe injuries. The 'lightning dose' would depend upon the six mechanisms of attachment, in other words the way lightning interacts with the body. The light, heat, electrical and barotrauma components of lightning account for most of the keraunopathology. Prevention is better than cure iStock Lightning Mechanism Stock Illustration - Download Image Now Download this Lightning Mechanism vector illustration now. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free vector art that features Blue graphics available for quick and easy download. Product #: gm175884376 $ 33.00 iStock In stoc

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Lightning can penetrate an underground mine by two mechanisms - propagation through the overlying strata and conduction through metallic structures extending from the surface to the mine [1]. With the first mechanism, a lightning strike at the surface propagates downward through the earth in a radial fashion Mechanism of Lightning Discharge When a Charged Cloud Passes over the earth it induces equal and opposite charge on the earth below. As the Charge acquired by the cloud increases. the potential between cloud and earth increase and, therefore, gradient in the air increases. When the potential gradient is sufficient (5Kv/cm to 10Kv/cm)to break. To date, a non-controversial mechanism for the initiation and development of lightning in thunderstorm clouds has not been formulated as a sequential chain of events that begins with the first electron avalanches and ends with the appearance of a negative step leader. Based on experimental results of recent years, this article presents a qualitative description of a possible mechanism (termed. A Fifth Mechanism of Lightning Injury retreating mechanism in part explains why lightning does not 'always hit the tallest object'. The downward streamer only 'sees' a 30-50 meter radius from the tip of its last division.€ As one or more streamers approach the ground, opposite charges ar Lightning is a giant spark of electricity in the atmosphere between clouds, the air, or the ground. In the early stages of development, air acts as an insulator between the positive and negative charges in the cloud and between the cloud and the ground. When the opposite charges build up enough, this insulating capacity of the air breaks down.

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Does a fifth mechanism exist to explain lightning injuries? Does a fifth mechanism exist to explain lightning injuries? Does a fifth mechanism exist to explain lightning injuries? IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag. Jan-Feb 2001;20(1):105-13. doi: 10.1109/memb.2001.897833. Author R B Anderson. Objective: To review neurologic sequelae of lightning strikes, to consider prevention and management, and to discuss current knowledge about the mechanism of lightning damage to tissues. Results: Most lightning-related neurologic damage involves the CNS as opposed to the peripheral nervous system. The neurologic syndromes can be divided into the following four groups: immediate and transient. THE results of present studies directed towards the solution of the ion chemistry of the ionospheric D-region have interesting implications for the lower atmosphere as well. A major ion product of.

Lightning can jump around when it strikes.This jumping is associated with the electrical potential of the strike target with respect to the earth's potential. The lightning can strike and then seek a path of least resistance by jumping around to nearby objects that provide a better path to ground Cloud-to-Ground Lightning - Positive A lightning discharge between cloud and ground where the positive end of an in-cloud bidirectional leader descends to the ground via a positively-charged leader. Abbreviated +CG. Positive CGs are less common than negative CGs, and usually are associated with supercell thunderstorms and trailing stratiform precipitation regions behind squall lines The height of a volcano's ash plume is directly related to a mechanism that produces volcanic lightning. In shorter ash plumes (less than 2.49 mi), a considerable percentage of particles get their charge from the fragmentation process of the rocks near the volcano's vent, which is a process known as fractoemission A sixth mechanism is proposed in this article, namely, lightning barotrauma. A simple laboratory experiment was conducted using ordnance gelatin for ballistic studies. Lightning was simulated in a high-voltage laboratory using an 8/20-microsecond current impulse generator and discharged through ballistic gel. Temporary and permanent cavity.

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Lightning is a discharge of electrical energy. Essentially a giant ìsparkî between regions of positive (+) and negative (-) charge. Graupel Mechanism (Non-Inductive Charging) Collision Mechanism. Precipitation particle (rain, snow, ice, etc.) is polarized by the ambient electric field By this comparison, we can view the ionization process as burning a path through the air for the lightning to follow, much like digging a tunnel through a mountain for a train to follow. After the ionization process, the path between the cloud and the earth begins to form. Learn about step leaders, or paths of ionized air, next

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  1. ation of hundreds of injuries reveals that 'direct strike' makes up a very small proportion of the injuries. The direct strike, although dramatically ascribed as the cause of injury in most media reports, probably occurs in as few as 3 to 5% of cases..
  2. Identify causes and mechanisms of lightning strikes. Identify lightning-strike-prone areas on the airplane. Describe lightning-strike-protection design principles. Perform appropriate inspections after lightning strikes. Identify specific rework procedures for areas that are affected by lightning strikes
  3. precipitation mechanism is associated with frequent lightning, while the frozen drop precipitation mechanism is associated with less lightning (Fig. 7). Ice crystal concentration increases with graupel concentration but not with frozen drop concentration, and it is the interaction betwee
  4. STEPPING MECHANISMS OF LIGHTNING LEADER D23215 2of6. to 47 m with an average speed that was between 2.7 × 106 and 3.4 × 106 ms−1, depending on when the leader first reached 150 m and 46 m during the integration times of frames 1 and 9, respectively. The leader speed may hav
  5. The mechanism of sudden death from lightning strike is simultaneous cardiac and respiratory arrest. Death is rare should a victim survive the initial lightning strike. Asystolic arrest classically occurs due to simultaneous depolarization of all myocardial cells, although ventricular fibrillation may also occur
  6. the mechanism of the negative cloud-to-ground lightning stroke. While the various physical processes active are now fairly well understood, the data on the development of lightning stroke channels at hand were relatively meager. Except for the time resolved photographs of distant cloud-to-ground strokes largely due to the brillian
  7. Lightning strikes are common along the Kyffhäuser foothills from late winter to early spring. — Notebook Information. The Retractable Lightning Rod Mechanism is an item found during both the casual and hardcore versions of the main easter egg on the map The Final Reich in the Nazi Zombies mode of Call of Duty: WWII

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A lightning protection system is composed of three main components: Rods or 'Air Terminals' - The small, vertical protrusions designed to act as the 'terminal' for a lightning discharge. Rods can be found in different shapes, sizes and designs. Most are topped with a tall, pointed needle or a smooth, polished sphere Mechanisms of lightning injury should affect lightning safety messages. 3rd International Lightning Meteorology Conference, Orlando, Florida; 2010: . Blumenthal R, Jandrell IR, West NJ. Does a Sixth Mechanism Exist to Explain Lightning Injuries?: Investigating a Possible New Injury Mechanism to Determine the Cause of Injuries Related to Close.

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  1. This paper will review the mechanisms of injury as well as a likely distribution between the mechanisms of injury and help to dispel the myth that the majority of injuries and deaths are caused by `direct' strikes. Published in: 2010 30th International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP) Article #: Date of Conference: 13-17 Sept. 2010
  2. The mechanism of action is the same as carbamazepine, but oxcarbazepine also reduces the activity of high-voltage activated calcium channels. Oxcarbazepine has less adverse effects and drug interactions than carbamazepine, and it is a suitable alternative for patients of advanced age with kidney, liver, and cardiac dysfunction
  3. As an injury mechanism, it is postulated that if lightning strikes a house, for example, the electrical energy can be transmitted through plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showers, or toilets . According to a review by Lederer et al., about 10% of lightning injures occur during transport in motor vehicles [ 2 ]
  4. lightning strikes an object or the ground near a person and travels through the ground from the strike point to the victim. This mechanism accounts for nearly half of lightning injuries.15 A fifth mechanism of lightning injury has been recently reported. The upward streamer describes current passing up from the ground, throug

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  1. The mechanism of lightning attraction and the problem of lightning initiation by lasers E´ M Bazelyan, Yu P Ra|flzer DOI: 10.1070/PU2000v043n07ABEH000768 Contents 1. Introduction 701 2. How the lightning leader works 701 3. Initiation of descending lightning in a cloud 704 4. Build up of the leader of descending lightning and potential.
  2. ant causes of the Ethernet port surge damage, there is evidence that low field failure rates can be achieved by designing Ethernet ports to withstand a 6 kV, 2/10 us.
  3. ish through time as the commonly accepted source, meteorites, do, Hess added. This mechanism may be very important for considering the.
  4. crowds suggests that a lightning strike is hazardous out to roughly 10 meters from the strike point, with 1-2 fatalities and dozens of injuries. Some people occasionally get injured 50-100' from a strike. This is roughly equivalent to the kill radius and injury radius of a hand grenade. Lightning Injury Mechanisms: How Can Lightning Hurt Us
  5. The Lightning Network is extremely powerful, and holds the promise for cheaper and faster payments than any other trustless method, scalable without bound, and potentially encompassing the entire.
  6. The problem that I'm focusing on is the recovering mechanism of false positive in the Lightning network, that it is possible to re-define as how it is possible to have a solution of backup in the network in case of false positive nodes, with a particular attention to privacy and security

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Lightning web components use a web-standard mechanism called shadow DOM that hides the elements inside the component from the page that contains the component. Because lightning:button web components have a shadow DOM, styles defined in a component's style sheet are scoped to the component Abstract. The writer's earlier paper on the mechanism of the cloud-to-ground lightning stroke was based on classical observational data. The report on the last 10 years ' observations of strokes from Monte San Salvatore by Berger and Vogelsanger using improved instrumentation calls for a reassessment of the theory and makes possible a tentative extension to the intracloud stroke mechanisms A sixth mechanism is proposed in this article, namely, lightning barotrauma. A simple laboratory experiment was conducted using ordnance gelatin for ballistic studies. Lightning was simulated in a high-voltage laboratory using an 8/20-microsecond current impulse generator and discharged through ballistic gel Lightning Video Version www.ArresterWorks.com. MOV So there you have it. A Lightning Arrester is a device, used on power systems, that contains billions of electronic switches that divert lightning currents around sensitive equipment and saves them from damage. Video Versio @article{Yokoyama2012ClarificationOT, title={Clarification of the mechanism of wind turbine blade damage taking lightning characteristics into consideration and relevant research project}, author={S. Yokoyama and Y. Yasuda and M. Minowa and S. Sekioka and K. Yamamoto and N. Honjo and T. Sato}, journal={2012 International Conference on Lightning.

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