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Or could you use it as a term of endearment for a kid? And if NOT, what are some Portuguese terms of endearment used for young kids? Much thanks! 10 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best A common term of endearment between male friends (and less between males/female) was Nêgo/Nêga (Blackie). PC killed it, and nowadays you only use it between very close friends, when nobody else is listening A term of endearment is word or phrase used to address another person, animal or even object for which the speaker feels affection. They are most often used to refer to a lover, child, or pet. Terms of endearment are often romantic, but they can also be used in non-romantic situations

Terms of endearment are a national pastime in Brazil. You can't bottle cuteness, but the Brazilian Portuguese language has the next best option. The diminutive form in Portuguese has nearly cornered the global market for endearing nicknames (apelidos) in addition to being a common useful way of describing the tiny form of common nouns. A From the top of my head (as used in Portugal): querido/a, fofo/a, lindo/a, (a)mor, xuxu, boneco/a, etc. And I guess you can personalize and make almost anything a term of endearment. For instance, I have a friend who calls her boyfriend minha batatinha (my little potato) Quot linguas calles, tot homines vale Another term of endearment, used particularly in northern parts of Brazil to describe the person you're in a relationship with, however loosely or officially. It's how you refer to your significant other, without having to use the word boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but that carries the same meaning Cute Portuguese Nicknames. A Dica do Dia. Today we have a very romantic Dica for you. We are going to learn the love nicknames in Portuguese. So, let'

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Some terms of endearment can be used in many languages - baby, angel and sweetheart for example - but others don't travel as well as you might think Most terms of endearment in English are generally based on some themes. First, of course, is about anything sweet. Think: honey, sugar, sweetie, cupcake, muffin, buttercup, and any sweet and delicious pastry you could think about. Another theme is animals. Little children and babies are oftentimes referred to as lamb, pet, bunny, panda, or. It seems as if this term comes up a lot to refer to a daughter or sister. Sometimes the name sticks and it becomes an actual nickname. Others use it as a term of endearment. 22. Junior. Whether your male child is actually a Junior or not, some refer to their sons by this name. 23. Buddy Buddy is often reserved for a small son The feminine version is short for mi hija, which means my daughter. They can both be made diminutive, mijito and mijita, respectively. This term of endearment is probably used the most often by parents, extended family, friends and strangers alike 15 Foreign Terms of Endearment English Should Adopt. ThinkStock. English is packed with great words, but even the best words can fall short when you're feeling affectionate. Portuguese for.

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  1. Romantic Terms of Endearment. Many terms of endearment can be applied to anyone you love, but this list is reserved for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives and other romantic relationships. Mon doudou. Mon doudou literally means my cuddly toy in English, but it conveys endearment similarly to a term like pookie. Use it as a cute, sweet way.
  2. Mostly, terms of endearment are pet-names or nicknames that we give to our loved ones (lovers, partners, friends, family) and they symbolise intimacy and closeness between two people. They are used in private or in specific situations but research has shown that they do not reveal the true relationship between two people
  3. 80 Spanish Terms of Endearment to Call Your Loved Ones. Like other languages, Spanish has a long list of terms of endearment you can use to call your loved ones. In this article, let's have a look at the most popular nicknames to express your affection for your male or female sweetheart or your child. II. Spanish Nicknames for Female Lover. III
  4. Animal-Inspired Terms of Endearment for Children. Italians love terms of endearment that are literally pet names. They use them regularly with their bimbi, and the most common are: papera - duck, only used for girls; paperotto/a - little duck

Here are 15 adorably wunderbar German terms to try out on your sweeties. 1. Schatzi. One of the most common terms is Schatzi, or little treasure. 2. Knuddelbär. This means cuddle bear, and. However, there are still some common terms that will likely confuse non-native Spanish speakers when it comes to knowing a) what the term means and b) the context in which it's ok to use that term. Fear not. This post is going to clear up any potential confusion so that you can master the Spanish terms of endearment like a native speaker Like honey in English, sweet foodstuffs of one kind or another make popular terms of endearment in numerous languages. 5. Fruit of my heart (Indonesian) Buah hatiku. Although the term can be used romantically, featuring in love songs and poems, today it is most often used to express affection for children. 6. My flea (French) Ma puc Italian Terms of Endearment for Children. Mamme (plural from mamma meaning mommy) all around the world refer to their children (bambini) in their own special ways. There are also expressions used by Italians in general to refer to children. The first one that comes to mind is piccolo for a boy or piccola for.

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Endearments for Family & Children. Families are very tight-knit in Spanish-speaking countries and therefore, it is no surprise that there are an array of terms of endearment used between family members.Next time you are at a large family gathering, try to listen and see if you hear any of these nicknames being thrown around Terms of endearment (English to Portuguese translation). Translate Terms of endearment to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time Espelhar. Espelho is the Portuguese word for mirror, so espelhar is the word for to mirror or to copy and can also mean reflect.. Removing the r at the end of the word and replacing it with - mento is the same as appending -ing in English, thereby, creating the word espelhamento, which translates to. Terms of endearment for a friend. Brazilian Portuguese . I have a Brazilian friend who I work with and I'm trying to learn Portuguese so I can speak with her. I'm learning the basics like numbers and greetings etc, but I'd like to know some terms of endearment for a friend. Like how to show appreciation, or nicknames you would call a.

The term is mostly used for loved ones. 3. Jaan [Hindi & Urdu] How it's said: jaan. Meaning: life. You can say meri jaan (may-ri-jaan) which means my life. Mind you, the word jaan itself is a term of endearment. It can mean life and also loved one, darling, etc. in both Hindi and Urdu. People use it to express. Like honey in English, sweet foodstuffs of one kind or another make popular terms of endearment in numerous languages. 5. Fruit of my heart (Indonesian) Buah hatiku Although the term can be used romantically, featuring in love songs and poems, today it is most often used to express affection for children. 6. My flea (French) Ma puc

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A feature on terms of endearment from around the world attracted lots of feedback. Here, readers share affectionate nicknames from around the world The most traditional way to say 'I love you' in Brazilian Portuguese is te amo.Like its English translation, it can be used among close friends and as the first definite declaration of the beginning of a serious relationship.A Brazilian may wait to say it or may even say it after a couple of dates - there are no rules

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Filipino Terms of Endearment and Contempt. (Being Filipino means being addressed in so many different ways.) Filipinos love addressing one another in various ways, depending on their ego states (to appropriate a term from Eric Berne's transactional analysis theory), mood, and position in the pecking order at a given moment A Selected Timeline of Terms of Endearment sweetheart. 1290. This combination of sweet (lovely, charming, delightful) c. 1290 and heart (as the seat of the emotions) was originally written as. It's a less formal term of endearment. You may also hear it fairly often in other parts of the world because it's easy for youngsters to pronounce. 4. Vovo from Portuguese . One of the most interesting things about the term vovo for grandmother is that it's also the same word for grandfather

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Baby doll is a common term of endearment that men use on their partners. Always has been and always will be. Berry. Like the delicious fruit! We love it! Boo. Boo is another well known affectionate term that people use on other people when they are in relationships with them. It can be used for a guy OR a girl What are some terms of endearment in Yiddish/Hebrew? I've heard bubbeleh/bubbala, any others? I don't speak either language, so help with pronunciation would be great. They don't have to be common terms, maybe just something you've heard that you like. =P Also, any recommendations for sites/place Child No. 3, sangko and sanse, come from the Japanese sansei, i.e, third in line. In reverse order, the youngest one is lovingly called the bunsó , neutral-gender. To be gender-specific, totoy (the literal translation from Chinese is the foolish one) , atoy, toto, itoy, doy are variant names given the youngest boy

Mutti and Vati sounds really weird. Richard's suggestions are not bad, however they're not quite correct Danish. Useful phrases | I've been writing some stories and I'd really like to build my vocabulary in terms of parents speaking to their children and vice versa. I agree that it's probably regional. Having said that, let's proceed to the list of common English terms of endearment Spanish speakers often pepper their speech with terms of endearment, so you might hear these phrases from people beyond that special someone. cariño - honey mi amor - my love corazón - sweetheart (literally, heart) guapo/guapa: handsome/beautiful, e.g. ¡Hola, guapo/a! Hi, handsome/beautiful! mi vida: my life. Brazilian Portuguese

Polish terms of endearment. Polish words that used with partners, children and other loved ones. mój drogi (to a male), moja droga (to a female) = my dear. mój skarb, skarbie = my treasure, darling. moje szczęście = my happiness. kochanie = honey. misio = teddy bear. koteczek, kotek = kitten. kwiatuszek = little flower LESS - Lİmİtsİz, Effektİv, Sadə və Sürətlİ. Menu. terms of endearment in european portuguese

Terms of Endearment (1983) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more I would say, use the same terms of endearment you use for your other children. you want them to all feel equally as special, right - not one more than the other. At 9 years old she is going to face major language and cultural barriers if you are taking her back to the US (assuming that's where you are from by your nickname) A Ghrá Geal: Means 'my bright love', often the term used to describe a boyfriend/girlfriend. Seanleannán (pronounced 'shan-lan-awn'): Literally means 'old love', or 'old flame' A Pheata (pronounced 'fat-a'): Means 'a mother's darling', for a mother to express endearment for her childre

Italian Terms of Endearment for Children. Mamme (plural from mamma meaning mommy) all around the world refer to their children (bambini) in their own special ways. There. Well, you'll be relieved to find out other languages are just as odd about their terms of endearment, and here are some of the best examples of that. 1. French: mon chou/ma choue (mon shoo, ma shoo)- my cabbage. Like. Like. 2. Hungarian: házisárkány (hazisharkanh)- house dragon. Like. Like French terms of endearment. French terms of endearment for spouses, partners, children and other loved ones. Mon amour = My love, only for romantic partners. Mon trésor = My treasure, mostly for romantic partners. Mon cœur = My heart, mostly for romantic partners but also your own children. Chéri / mon chéri = Darling / My darling (>m), for. Terms of endearment are not only used by lovers or spouses, but also for children. Such terms usually hold some resemblance to the person or to the meaning attached to the word. For instance, when you call a child, 'bug' or 'kitten', it is usually because the child is small and delicate Spanish Terms of Endearment for Male Lover. bonito - handsome. cariño, cariñito, cari - dear, darling, honey, sweetheart. This is almost exclusively used for a romantic partner. As noun mean hug or cuddle. Gracias cariño la cena estaba deliciosa. - Thank you honey, dinner was delicious

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Terms of Endearment: Directed by Rob Bowman. With David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Owens, Bruce Campbell. A pregnant woman's baby is snatched away from her belly by a devil. Agent Spender believes the case is a joke, but Mulder decides to look into it on his own anyway. His investigation focuses on the woman's husband The most common Russian terms of endearment. Unlike in English where a lot of terms of endearment suggest that you want to eat your loved one (i.e. sweetheart, cupcake, sugar, sweetie pie, honey) in Russian darlings are often compared to baby animals (diminutive forms of animal names are used): Other common terms of endearment express that. It's though that this term of endearment is really a reworking of dear, from the Old English deorling, becoming deyrling during the 1500s, and eventually darling. Babe/baby. This is one of the most common terms of endearment all around the world, and there's a very good reason for this

No doubt you're seeing the trend here, of diminutive versions of other Italian words being used as terms of endearment, and this one is no different. Topo means mouse, so topolino means little mouse. It's also mainly a parent-to-child term Spanish nicknames to use for Children. We have an immense, unquantifiable amount of love for our children. These apodos cariñosos are exactly what you need to affectionately address your kids in Spanish and show how much you love them.. Nene (Little boy/little girl/baby/darling). We use the word nene to describe boys and girls that are very young. Within the context of a close family. Actually, I found an old BBC article that addresses some of the etymology of terms of endearment. Check it out here. My Grand Plan: Terms of Endearment. Ok back to my own project. I love how these terms of endearment often have deep roots in the culture they come from. It gives an outsider an intimate peek into some sweeter aspects of daily life

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  1. Chou literally means cabbage, but it can also mean anything little, round, and cute. This term of endearment loosely translates to darling or sweetheart. 3. Mausbär (Germany) Translation: Mousebear. This pet name truly embodies its intention. The term is meant to convey both the cuteness of a small mouse, and the cuddliness of a big bear. 4
  2. These Irish language terms of endearment are sure to make your sweetheart swoon! French may be known as the language of love but we reckon Irish could give it a run for its money
  3. Terms of Endearment in Polish. Originally posted by uncountablehope. Here is a list of cute things you can call your bae or friends in Polish! It's a common thing to use my before the following terms: mój (m) moja (f) moje (n): aniołku - angel. cukierku - sweetie. cukiereczku - sweetie
  4. Translation for 'endearment' in the free English-Romanian dictionary and many other Romanian translations. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation shar
  5. 80 French Terms of Endearment to Call your Loved Ones. Looking for something else to call your loved ones beside the usual nicknames like sweetie, honey, darling or sweetheart?Then perhaps we can interest you with their French counterparts. This article lists down 80 French terms of endearment for the special man, woman, or little child in your.
  6. Inside: Terms of endearment in Spanish, with examples a a free download. You can't be in a Spanish-speaking place long before you realize that greetings, good-byes, and addressing people takes on a whole new level. You never leave a party without saying good-bye to everyone single person, and hola really isn't a sufficient way to say hello

Could be a term of endearment. Może to pieszczotliwy zwrot. My dove was thus an apt term of endearment used by the Shulammite maiden's shepherd lover. A zatem pasterz zakochany w Szulamitce użył trafnego określenia wyrażającego czułość, gdy zwrócił się do niej moja gołębico (PnP 5:2) endearment n. noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. often plural (affectionate term) palabra de cariño nf + loc adj. palabra cariñosa nf + adj. expresión de cariño nf + loc adj. The couple whispered endearments to each other The term is also a favorite for small children (which, admittedly, have more in common with the tiny animals). In that case, the diminutive, Mäuschen, is most appropriate. Hase (bunny

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Terms of endearment are used to strengthen relationships. The relationship can be familial (e.g., between a mother and child) or platonic (e.g., between good friends). However, in many cases, terms of endearment are used in romantic relationships (e.g., between dating and long-term couples). Using these terms, rather than a person's given name. A loving, sweet term of endearment from a man to an attractive, cute, sexy, young looking child woman. Perhaps influenced by the 1956 film Baby Doll where a much older man marries a girl simply named Babydoll who is on the cusp of childhood and womanhood or appears that way Overall, recognize that 心肝 is a very strong term of endearment, to be reserved only for those who are extremely precious to you. 心肝 is also often combined with 宝贝 to create the compound word 心肝宝贝, which is usually used by parents to refer to their children. 6. 老婆/老公 (Lǎopó/lǎo gong Terms of Endearment is the seventh episode of the sixth season of The X-Files. It first aired in the United States on January 3, 1999, on the Fox network.The episode was written by David Amann — his first contribution to the show, and was directed by Rob Bowman.. Terms of Endearment is a Monster-of-the-week story, independent of the series' mythology arc Multicultural Children's Book Day Featured Books. Children's Books. Dorktales Storytime Podcast. Spanish / Bilingual Children's book. Spanish language comics for older kids. Visit Puerto Rico. View All. Puerto Rico: Proyecto 78 pueblos 1 bandera. Mission of Love: Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Effort Trip

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  1. And what are some typical terms of endearment a father & mother would use towards their son or daughter? Would menina be one of them (for a female, of course), perhaps less common??? An older adult toward a young adult or older kid? Wondering if these things vary so much by region or background/ethnicity? KR
  2. Amorcito, Mi Cielo: Amorcito is a term couples use as a pet name. It's the equivalent to saying my love--except cuter. Mi cielo roughly translated means you are my world.. Nena(e), Niña(o), Muñeca: These terms of endearment refer to a cute little boy or girl. Bruja: You may find it funny that women call other brujas, but it is actually a common phrase intended to be light-hearted with.
  3. Hello. Im looking for a Russian term of endearment for a daughter. Also, is there a Russian term of endearment for a girls father? Basically, Im writing about a father/daughter and I want to know what they would call each other to show that they are close. The English equivalen

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  1. Basic Terms of Endearment. These are some cute, affectionate names to call your boyfriend that are fairly common and well-known terms of endearment. You can't go wrong with any of these nicknames as long as he doesn't have some sort of hang-up about it because of an ex. (Even then it wouldn't be uncommon for a guy not to speak up and talk.
  2. Their love letters might contain a plethora of words used as terms of endearment, as pet-names. Therefore, I did a small a pilot study, searching a small corpus of the Browning love letters for words that, according to the OED, were used as terms of endearment in the nineteenth century: angel, baby, beloved, darling, dear, dearest, honey, heart, love, lover, precious, sweetheart, treasure
  3. Here in Texas, papi is a term of endearment for a small male child - shortened form of papito - it's sorta like Junior. Same for mami. It's very, very common here esp with very small children.(Even when the kids aren't your own) It's pretty much universally used here in Tex-Mex culture. posted by bigmusic at 10:52 PM on May 19, 200
  4. Well, it's not the equivalent of mother and father, it's mommy/mom and daddy/dad, which are terms of endearment. Why the parent and child term is the same, I don't know. I never thought it was a reference to the child's actual parent (as in, I love you and your mother too). 08/22/2013 14:00.
  5. Many terms of endearment work equally well for men and women. And the terms suggested here can work in relationships involving people of any gender identity. Remember, these are words for your relationship, not for other people to judge. Terms of Endearment for Men. Each of the following terms of endearment can be appropriate for your partner
  6. Kicking off Best Picture Month 2015 we have James L. Brooks' Terms of Endearment. Far from the most famous best picture winner out there, but I've wanted to see this film for a while for a number of reasons. First, it beat out what used to be my favorite film The Right Stuff, and

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  1. Brazilian Portuguese (português do Brasil, [poɾtʊˈɡez dʊ bɾaˈziw] or português brasileiro [poɾtʊˈɡez bɾaziˈlejɾʊ]) or also português sul americano is the set of dialects of the Portuguese language native to Brazil and the most influential form of Portuguese worldwide. It is spoken by almost all of the 200 million inhabitants of Brazil and spoken widely across the Brazilian.
  2. It is a term of endearment for a little child, and my father, my grandmother's son, thinks it means my little goat. Sadly, I cannot ask my sweet grandma because she has passed away, and my father is now 79 years old, so I am not sure if he is remembering things correctly
  3. A gemenr is a good buddy, though for me the term has some type of mafia connection. I still remember the first time I was called a gemenr - by a Taiwanese betel nut vendor whose teeth were stained red with the juice. Among the most common terms of endearment you will hear are references to xiao or lao. The former refers to the person who is.
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  5. Ankle Biter: Used for little children. Bastard: It may be a term of endearment or an expression of resentment. Battler: A reputable, hardworking Australian. Billy lid: Another nickname used for a child. Bird: For a female, equivalent to the American word; chick. Bloke: A common and generic term for a man. Blobhead: An idiotic person
  6. Terms of Endearment I'm old enough to be her mother and Sweetie to me is something you call a child. But it's not a big deal. Report as inappropriate. 5/25/2008. Lety M. San Diego, CA; 305 friends 306 review

Irish Terms Of Endearment For A Child Ninety denotes that term for the tuatha de un mañoso busca la. Shazam simply are? Blind date goes on... In recent years, Brazil has tried to downplay this and its history in the slave trade. Naturally, that's easier said than done. Nevertheless, referring to someone's race remains a common term of endearment. 1 Ben Dan Chinese. Ben dan is a term that women often use playfully with their husbands and boyfriends. It means dumb egg German terms of endearment for children! Guten Morgen! I've been studying German on my own for the past couple of years but have really decided to focus on studying it this year and at the moment I'm a bit limited on the resources that I have available and I don't want to put a lot of trust/faith in Google Translate 241 Responses to Please Send An Endearing Term for Grandma and Grandpa in Your Language DevonT Says: February 16th, 2006 at 6:38 am. In Japanese, grandmother is o-baa-san. Children usually say o-baa-chan, baa-chan, or baa-baa

Baaboo - Term for a ghost or a spirit, normally used to scare children; Back-back - to move backwards or in reverse direction. Bacchanal - commotion, a wild party, a fight between neighbours, family or friends. E.g. The wedding reception was 'real' bacchanal 'cause of the difference in religions between the bride and groom Leof, 'dear', is probably still the nicest and best-attested of all medieval terms of endearment. myne owne hertis rote: literally 'my own heart's root'. Rote in Middle English, referring to the roots of a plant or tree, could (as in Modern English) be used figuratively to mean the depths of something, its inmost part

4. Bernie was eating dinner at a friend's house. The friend prefaced every request to his wife with a sweet term of endearment: honey, darling, sweetheart, precious.When the wife left the room for a moment, Bernie turned to his friend and said, You're such a sweet old fool. After all the years you've been married, it's a fine thing to keep calling your wife all those pet names Differences Between Spanish and Mexican Terms of Endearment. Just as it happens with Spanish slang, there are terms of endearment specific to different countries and regions.The uniquely Mexican terms of endearment, just like the uniquely Mexican slang, may have originated in this country but nowadays they're widely used in many countries across Latin America 6. Zeeskeit. Literally sweetness, zeeskeit is a term of endearment you can use exactly as you'd use sweetie or honey in English. 7. Tattele and Mammele. Tatte and Mamme are Dad and Mom respectively. A tattele is a little father, and a mammele is a little mother

Scottish Terms of endearment. General Questions. odaran September 3, 2004, 11:03pm #1. I am looking for Scottish terms of endearment that I can call my wife. I have already found hen and wifey but I want something that she will have to really search for if she wanted to know what it is. She does not speak Scotish and neither do I Terms of endearment are very popular in Russia and are freely used in most social settings, apart from formal situations. The language lends itself perfectly to expressing affection because of the way that any noun and adjective can be turned into a term of endearment by changing the ending and adding one of the diminutive suffixes

There is a scene at the end of the movie Terms of Endearment where Debra Winger is saying goodbye to her children in her hospital room.My mom and I used to have differing opinions over which part made us cry harder. For me, especially as a teenager, it was always Teddy with his broken face and the obvious heartbreak happening to him right in front of my eyes love (a term of endearment for someone you care about) 'I Love You' in Welsh. Let's talk about I love you first since this is probably what most of you romantics are interested in saying! The modern standard way of saying I love you in Welsh is: Dw i'n dy garu di Spanish terms of endearment for small children. 0. votes. My friends from Mexico have two toddler daughters. Since they visit me fairly often but I am not family, what term of endearment should I call them? They are learning English but still very shy about speaking it and clearly feel more comfortable when adults speak Spanish around them at.

Soul-Stirring Spanish Terms of Endearment for Anyone You Love. Terms of endearment express affection to everyone we love—to our pets, children, partners, friends, and relatives. Spanish speakers tend to be quite loving and affectionate gente, giving life to an inspiring collection of Spanish terms of endearment that fill the heart with joy I love the polish terms of endearment! I mean; zabko or kwiatuszku - that's so sweet! But maybe someone can help me with dziubek. I found dziobak, but I'm not quite sure, if that's the same. Is it a common term? Thanks! Bosy . 15 Nov 2008 #4 15 Replies to Terms of Endearment Mitch Davis on 2007 May 3 at 10:18 pm said: And it doesn't even matter how old you are, you'll still never be free of the xiao to some people. yeah I have a nephew called long long and i know one chinese child here called xiao long 18 Beautiful Terms Of Endearment From The Philippine Language. O, giliwwwwww~ Article by BuzzFeed. 1. Filipino Words Terms Of Endearment Fashion Terms Tagalog Modern Times Significant Other Sugar And Spice Philippines Things To Think About Serbian Terms of Endearment. Monger wrote: Hi CT54531, Mama would work fine, or Mamica (pronounced Mamitza). When calling to her a kid may say Mamice (Matmitzeh). Dusho moja means literally my soul, but it's used like sweetheart or such. For the mother, sine means son, ceri is an endearing form of daughter

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Showing page 1. Found 44 sentences matching phrase Terms of Endearment.Found in 9 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked. Be warned acteristic terms of endearment, cf., e.g., Žuldīz , 1978:6, pp. 141-142. 9 Though many of these terms retained their original meanings, their emotional content may vary from speaker to speaker. The tone of the voice, the attachment of diminutive suffixes or interjection-particles add further elements of sentiment

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Albanian Terms Of Endearment. I dashur / e dashur (m. /f.) : love. T'a hangsha zemrën: May I eat your heart. Zemra (Ime) : Heart (of mine) Dritë e syrit : Light of my eyes (Usually, it's used by a parent to call this their children, and especially for Fathers towards their daughters) Gëzim i parë : First joy (Used by parents towards their. A term of endearment is a phrase or word used to describe our loved ones and German terms of endearment are so sweet that they are used by people all around the world. Family and friends are little treasures, they deserve all of your love and a great pet name

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Germans often use animal names such as Hasi and Maus as terms of endearment for loved ones, according to popular German magazines. Kosenamen (pet names) in German come in many forms, from the simple and classic Schatz to cuter ones like Knuddelpuddel. Here are some favorite German pet names, according to surveys carried out by the German magazine Brigitte and the German website spin.de The term New Yorker refers to someone from New York. What are the terms and nicknames Nigerians use for places or location-related Nigerian nicknames? Naija - The unofficial nickname for Nigeria. Omo Naija (Son of Nigeria), Naija Boy (Nigerian Kid), etc means are derived from this term. IB - Nickname for Ibadan; largest city in Nigeria The English language is filled with various words and phrases used for addressing or describing a person, animal, and even objects and possessions, which the speaker feels love and/or affection for. These words and phrases are called 'terms of endearment'. A part of the process of falling in love is creating our own little universe in which. Terms of Endearment is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the American science fiction television series The X-Files, and originally aired on the Fox network on January 3, 1999. Written by David Amann and directed by Rob Bowman , Terms of Endearment is a Monster-of-the-Week story, unconnected to the series' wider mythology