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Submitting a sitemap to Google is a straightforward task. You can use any of the above methods to let Google know about your website. Once submitted, Google will monitor the sitemap file for changes so you don't have to re-submit it every time you publish or update a post Google offers the Google Search Console to help you track your website's indexing status and improve its visibility. You'll use it to submit your sitemaps so Google will know to crawl your website. Google will likely crawl your site eventually, but submitting a sitemap speeds up the crawling process. You can also use Search Console to Option 1. Submit your sitemap in Google Search Console. Log in to Google Search Console. Go to the right property. Click Sitemaps on the left menu. Paste in your sitemap URL. Click Submit. This is arguably the best method because Google Search Console alerts you to sitemap errors in the future. It also provides insights into your. To submit a new sitemap for crawling: Prerequisites: You must have owner permissions for a property in order to submit a sitemap using the Sitemaps report. If you don't have owner permissions, you can instead reference it from your robots.txt file.; Note that the report can show a maximum of 1,000 submitted sitemaps By submitting the sitemap, it makes their process easier. Google search console is also known as the webmaster tool. The Google search console is a free tool from google, that helps website owners to easily identify and rectify their website issues in the search engines. Google search console gives a rough layout, how Google sees your website.

If you have multiple sitemaps, you can go for a simple naming scheme like sitemap_1.xml, sitemap_2.xml. Go to Google Search Console > Sitemaps > paste in sitemap location > hit Submit. That's it. Done. TIP. It's also good practice to add your sitemap URL (s) to your robots.txt file Submit a sitemap (many URLs at once) A sitemap is an important way for Google to discover URLs on your site. A sitemap can also include additional metadata about alternate language versions, video, image, or news-specific pages. Learn how to create and submit a sitemap. Send documentation feedbac

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  1. The sitemaps page contains a list of all the sitemaps, sitemap indexes and feeds known to Bing for a particular site. These include the ones submitted by the users, imported from Google Search Console and also discovered organically by Bing. To submit a sitemap, click on the submit sitemaps button on top to get the menu
  2. If you connected your site to Google using the Wix SEO Wiz, your sitemap is automatically submitted to Google. Any following changes must be submitted manually. We recommend re-submitting your /sitemap.xml sitemap each time you publish changes to your page titles, URLs or other major content updates
  3. Under 'Submitted sitemaps', click on the sitemap you want to remove. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top-right of the page then Remove Sitemap. If needed, you can then re-add the sitemap here. How to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools no longer accepts sitemap submissions
  4. In effect, it's a sitemap of sitemaps. You can refer to Google's guidance on how to build and submit sitemaps in this way. This way it's only necessary to submit the one index file to Search Console to have them crawled by Google. It's possible to submit up to 500 sitemap index files for each site in Search Console
  5. On the left navigation head to Index > Sitemaps. 7. In the 'Add a new sitemap' box, type in the URL to your sitemap and click Submit. That's it. You're done. Google will send you emails with any crawl errors, and you can check your Google Search Console regularly for performance information
  6. 2 Navigate to Sitemaps. Select your website and click on Sitemaps as shown below: 3 Enter Sitemap URL. Enter sitemap_index.xml in the Add a new sitemap field in order to complete the sitemap URL. 4 Submit the Sitemap. Click on Submit and your sitemap will be submitted to Google. You can also ensure that the sitemap is not cached
  7. To delete a sitemap, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner and click Remove sitemap. Submit your sitemap again by taking the same steps as outlined before. If the status of your sitemap displays Success in green, then it was submitted without errors. After you submit your sitemap, Google uses it to crawl and index your site

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Submit Sitemap of your site to index links automatically on google search console in MarathiBlogging for Beginners- Google Search console what is its work an.. Submitting a sitemap to Google search console is one important key factor of SEO. You should never skip this process on your website SEO. As you have submitted a sitemap to Google search console. You need to submit a sitemap to Bing webmaster tool also for the better indexing in Bing search engine results Submit a Sitemap to Google. Follow these steps to submit your sitemap to Google Search. Create an account at Google Search Console. Verify your website on the Search Console. Now, navigate to Sitemaps on Search Console. Submit the link to your website's sitemap. It can take a while for Google to crawl and index our pages, be patient How to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console. 1. Sign in to Google Search Console. 2. In the sidebar, select your website. 3. Click on 'Sitemaps'. The 'Sitemaps' menu is under the 'Index' section. 4. Remove outdated or invalid sitemaps (if any) like sitemap.xml. 5

Submitting your sitemap files to Google Search Console helps Google find and index pages on your site. If you're on the Basic Shopify plan, then only your store's primary domain has a generated sitemap file and is discoverable by search engines One of them is - submitting an XML sitemap to Google. Although a sitemap is one of the parts of technical SEO, it doesn't require any technical knowledge, and most importantly, it's free and easier to create. Even, in just 10-15 minutes, you can create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google After Google Search Console, another second-largest webmaster tool is from Microsoft is Bing. Learn what the Bing Webmaster tool is and how to submit a sitemap to it. Submit sitemap to all other search engines using robots.txt. Whenever a search engine crawls your blog, first, it will interact with the robots.txt file of the blog

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To submit the sitemap, select the sitemaps tab from the menu on the Google Search Console. Once selected you will see a box to enter your sitemap: Enter the sitemap URL you found from your robots.txt into this box and click submit. Google will then verify that it can read and download a copy of the sitemap A sitemap is a key way that search engines can find your site. Google's Search Console also allows you to add sitemaps to your website so it can be better indexed. You must have your own website check hot here: How to start a website; Submitting the site to search engines such as Google is an important step in creating a website After upload, click the verify button. Once successful verify, you can now go to the sitemap on the left sidebar. Key in your full sitemap and click submit sitemap . Done, you have already submitted your sitemap to Google Search Engine, Google's bot or spider will come to crawl your sitemap shortly, it takes up to few weeks or few. To submit a website to Google, switch back to Google Search Console and make sure you've selected your website using the Search Property drop-down menu in the top left corner: Then, click on the Sitemaps option under Index in the sidebar. You will then be given the option to Add a New Sitemap

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A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design or a Web page that lists the pages on a website, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. - Wikipedia. Sitemaps are so essential for Google Search Console to keep track of. Google Search Console provides detailed information and allows site admins to control how their site is presented in Google search results.. One of the ways this is done by submitting a sitemap to the Search Console. The sitemap is an XML file that's generated by Composer

Actually, Sitemap helps Google to find those page, which is hard to discover. So it's better to have a sitemap to help crawler. How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster. 1. At first, you have to create an xml sitemap for your site. If you are using WordPress Blog then you can easily make a sitemap file by using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin. 2 Inside your Google Webmaster Tool dashboard, on the right-hand side you will see an option called Sitemaps. Click on More to see all submitted sitemaps, or you can submit a new sitemap from there. Save. Click on Add/Test Sitemap to submit your sitemap file

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  1. Submit Sitemap With Robots.txt Now you can tells the crawler how to find your sitemap. Sitemap Page By creating a site map, users and search engines can now access any page on the site with only two click Google Sitemap Google claims that using Google Sitemaps will result in a smarter crawl. Submit Google Sitemap You can tell Google that your.
  2. What is sitemap? Sitemap is a file in XML format that contains the URL of all posts on your website. Along with this, the content of all your posts is also included in it, such as photos, videos, and audio etc. How to submit sitemap in Google search console? To submit a sitemap to the Google search console, you must create your website or blog.
  3. Submit Your Sitemap. Once you site is verified, you can go to Google Search Console and select sitemaps. Then paste the url to your sitemap and click Submit. Congratulations. That's it! Your sitemap has now been submitted to Google Search Console. Make sure to re-submit your sitemap anytime you make any major changes to your site
  4. ⚠️ UPDATE: You're now required to enter your full domain (for example: https://www.store-url.com/sitemap.xml, rather than just /sitemap.xml).If you're lookin..
  5. Submit Sitemap to Google in Search Console. In order to submit your Sitemap you need to have a Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools account. This is the only way to submit your Sitemap to Google. You need to first add your domain and verify the ownership of your website before start using the webmaster tools account
  6. We submit a sitemap to Google because it helps us increase more traffic from the organic search on Google by lets Google know where to go to our content throw the sitemap. It is a really important part when it comes to search engine optimization because it will help your site perform well on the search SERP

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Submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools allows Googlebot to crawl and index your site more effectively by giving them a full list of your site's pages. Note: You can click on all screenshots below to view at a larger size. Step 1: Before you submit your sitemap to Search Console, you. How to submit a Sitemap to Google. Once you've created and uploaded an XML sitemap, you want to make sure that the search engines see it and index your site. You just need to follow some simple steps to submit a sitemap to Google. 1 All Squarespace sites automatically generate a site map. To learn more about site maps in Squarespace, visit Your site map. On the Google Search Console dashboard, select the site you'd like to index from the property menu in the top left corner. Click Sitemaps. Under Add a new sitemap, enter your sitemap URL. Click Submit to request Google. How to Submit an XML sitemap to Bing Webmaster? Bing is one of the top search engines from Microsoft. It is available in 40 different languages with its language translation system. So you need to submit your sitemap file to the Bing search engine also. The process of the submission is the same as sitemap submission to the Google search console

How to submit a sitemap to Google? Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool that lets you control your website from the standpoint of a search engine. Here are the steps you should follow: · Find Your Sitemap: Find your sitemap page on your site. Not every site has a sitemap in one place or with the same URL. Then click on Sitemaps. When you have the sitemap, make sure to return and duplicate [ sitemap_index.xml ]. Furthermore, before you submit it, you should be certain that the sitemap is effectively created. From that point onward, Click Add Test Sitemap

To read Part I of Sitemap Basics click here. To read Part II of Sitemap Basics click here. If you are using Publishing tools such as Wix and connected your site to Google using Wix SEO Wiz you need not have to worry about submitting your sitemap to Google as they come with an Auto Plug in. For Sites using Wordpress there are a number of free Plugins available like All one SEO pack or Jetpack The second step is to submit the sitemap to the google. Go to Webmaster Tools site. Select the site of the sitemap. Click Site Configuration-> Sitemaps. Click Add/Test Sitemap which is located in top right corner. In the box that pops up, paste the following code: /system/feeds/sitemap. Submit the sitemap How to Submit your Squarespace Sitemap to Google Search Console. Before you can submit your Squarespace sitemap to Google, you'll need to create an account with a tool called Google Search Console. We have a detailed guide and video to walk you through this process here. Once you have created a Google Search Console account and added your.

An HTML sitemap should not be seen as a replacement for an XML sitemap, and we generally recommend against using them. Submitting the Sitemap to Google Seach Console. While Shopify creates and manages your sitemap, you still need to submit it to Google. To do this, you need to set up a Google Search Console account Submit the Sitemap to Google Search Console; 1. CREATE A SITEMAP OF YOUR WEBSITE. Creating a Sitemap is an easy task. The easiest way is to use online sitemap generators. There are various Online Sitemap Generators that will create sitemaps for your website free of cost as long as you don't have a lot of pages (e.g. 500 pages) Once your sitemap has been submitted it can take up from 48 up to 72 hours for it to go through. It normally doesn't take that long, but that's the general time Google gives. Shopify has a great help guide on how to find and submit your sitemap which you might find useful here

Submitting a sitemap to a Google search engine is quite easy by adding your sitemap in Google Search Console. There are few steps to submit your website to a search engine like Google as follows: 1. Find your XML sitemap: A sitemap is a file in XML format, which lists all the pages on a website Submit your sitemap in Google Search Console. Now, you have created the sitemap and you need to submit it to Google. Google Webmaster Tools will be your friend in the next days, it lets you notify Google about your website. But first, create your account, and add your website by clicking the top red button in your account The sitemap which we submit to Google Webmaster Tools is a XML sitemap which is used by search engines to find our content easily. There is HTML sitemap too which is for our blog readers. We should add sitemap page to our blog so that our readers can easily view all of our blog posts at the single location

How to submit Sitemap to Google or other search engines? That completes the task of creating a sitemap is much simple and more straightforward. Creating a sitemap is just a part of the job. Unless you submit the sitemap to Google, it would not be a good option. The best option is to submit the sitemap to most of the major search engines Simply switch to the Google Search Console dashboard and click on the Sitemaps menu from the left column. After that, you need to add the last part of your sitemap URL under the 'Add new sitemap' section and click the Submit button. Google will now add your sitemap URL to your Google Search Console Submitting Your Squarespace Sitemap to Google Search Console. Once your site is verified as your own inside Google Search Console, go to the left control panel. You'll see Sitemaps. Click that. Enter the slug of your sitemap. If you're using Squarespace, your sitemap slug will be /sitemap/xml Create a Google Search Console account. In the dashboard, click add property >> Type Domain name and click continue. 2. It will verify the ownership of your domain automatically (if you use the same mail ID for blogger and GSC) 3. In your site dashboard, click the sitemaps >> paste the sitemap URL and submit it

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11. Go back to Google Search Console and click 'Verify'. Congratulations! You've connected your website to Google Search Console! Now that you've verified and linked your site, you can submit your sitemap. Not to mention all the other cool stuff that's Search Console capable of! It's easy to connect your website to Google Search Consol Choose to submit/test a sitemap from the Sitemaps section of the navigation bar; Enter the path to your sitemap in the text box that pops up; Submit the Sitemap; Quick Tip: Keep in mind that you have to be included in Google News before you submit a sitemap. If you jump the gun and submit it before you are included, you may receive errors Add your site to Google, then click your site URL. On the left, you'll see a section for Index and SiteMaps. Click the Sitemaps, and at the top, use the Add a new sitemap to add your desired XML files. Google will check the sitemap for errors. Once it's been checked with no errors found, Google will start indexing your website Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools in Blogger. Today we will see How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools in Blogger. Basically submitting sitemap shouldn't be a big deal for anyone one, neither for a pro nor for a newbie, but sometimes when a newbie starts a blog everything becomes very difficult to understand like, how to operate or how to manage the blog properly, just like. The user is authenticated with Google, and then the website is submitted to Google Webmasters. Step 2 - Verification of the Website. Google requires that the website is verified prior to submitting the sitemap. Users are shown 4 options to verfy the website - Placing a HTML file, Adding a meta tag, Using Google Analytics and Using Google.

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Submitting a sitemap provides search engines a list of your store URLs, making it easy for them to crawl and index your pages. Site verification is the process of proving that you own your site. Verifying your site with Google gives you access to its private Google Search data as well as access to specific Google tools and services, like Search. Step 3: Submitting The Sitemap To Google Search Console. Now here comes the final and most important step. Once you have copied the sitemap URL, open a new tab in your browser, and visit this address to use Google Search Console. Alternatively, you can search for search console.. Click on the first option you see

Sitemap FAQs Do you need to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console? You should, but you don't have to submit a sitemap to Google. Google's bots will crawl your website eventually; submitting a sitemap just speeds the process along. Before you submit, ensure that your sitemap reflects what's currently on your website In Google Search Console, to submit your sitemap, go to the section under Crawl > Sitemaps. Compare the URL you copied earlier and make sure to add the exact URL path in. Usually, you will just type in sitemap_index.xml into the field, and click Submit. Now your WordPress website or blog should be properly integrated with Google Search Console Once google picks this up it will find the other 4, for any of the 4 it does not find after successfully reading it then jut add those as other sitemaps by copying the link to the .xml file and submitting that. I had to do this for collections for some reason. google found the other 3 but ignored my collections so I just added it as a sitemap Submitting a site map to Google gives the search engine more information about your site. This helps when upon indexing the site, and can help bring more traffic to your site. Feel free to refer to this support article for more information on submitting the map to Google. Adding your sitemap to Google is a straightforward task

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Submitting sitemap to Google Table of contents According to Google, you can benefit from adding a sitemap to your website, especially if you run a large online store, if you have a few external links to it and if you are using rich media content in your site. To keep it simple - sitemap (a.k.a XML sitemap) is a file containing a list of. Submitting your sitemap to Google requires minimal work, but puts you on a global stage. Anyone in the world searching for your keywords can find your site. Read also 8 WordPress SEO Best Practices for Your Website. Now, submitting your sitemap is a nice help, but you should not rely on it entirely. When you submit it is like sending in a map. Submitting a sitemap to the Google search console is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO ratings. Along the way, you'd be smart to use every bit of help to boost your SEO ratings and make your website more known. Well, one such way is to submit your sitemap to Google search console To submit a sitemap to the Google search console, you must create your website or blog sitemap. To create a sitemap, you can go directly by clicking on this link. After generating sitemap XML file Follow the 5 simple steps to submit sitemap to Google search console

How to Submit a Sitemap Through Google Search Console. Let's also provide a quick step by step guide to actually submitting a sitemap through Google Search Console, for readers who want to get it out the way quickly. If you haven't already sign up to Google Search Console here. See our article on how to do this. Prepare a sitemap for your site Why Submit Sitemap? If you introduce new content to your website, you may either wait till search engines discover it, or you can help them out by providing sitemap. You can learn more about this topic from Google or Bing. Why Use This Tool? There are multiple ways how you can notify search engines about new content

Submit Your Sitemap. In the Google Search Console page, go to the Sitemaps section. Then, enter your sitemap's URL into Add a new sitemap box and click Submit. Now, you've finished submitting your sitemap to Google. Step 3: Check If Your Website is Indexed Submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling. Review your index coverage to make sure that Google has the freshest view of your site. Get alerted on issues and fix your site. Receive email alerts when Google identifies issues on your site. See which URLs are affected by these issues and tell Google when you've fixed them I'm assuming you already have an account in the Google search console. If not, create one. After you add your website, get it verified, you are taken to the dashboard to see the stats of your website's performance. On the left menu, you have the S..

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The reason why Google doesn't show the results page of your website is sometimes Google web crawler fails to index new websites. So in that case submitting a sitemap to Google helps your new website to find and crawl completely. Before creating or submitting a sitemap to google. First, we need to understand what is a sitemap and it's. We strongly suggest that you setup and submit your feed to Google via their Webmasters Tools. See the full tutorial on how to set up Google Webmaster Tools here. Login to your JobBoard.io accountClick Job Settings in the sidebar, and choose Syndication.Copy the URL from the Sitemap Feed section - i.. Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console To Submit sitemap to Google Search Console, log in to your Google Search Console account. In the left column, click on the ' Sitemaps ' option, then paste the last part of the URL ( sitemap_index.x ml) and click on the Submit button

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Submitting sitemap to Google is a must if you want to ensure indexing of all of your website pages in the search results. Although Google is the most popular Search Engine for even better results, you'd also submit sitemaps in the tools provided by other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo Why submit blogger sitemap? Submitting a blogger sitemap is a way of telling Google about your website on Blogspot platform. Google gets to know about the post and pages that are live on your website. When you submit your sitemap Google search console you can increase the crawl rate of your website Below is the comprehensive process you need to follow when it comes to file your blogspot site sitemap to Google Search Console. Step 2: Select the desired blog you would like to submit the site. Step 3: In the side of the webpage, click Sitemaps below the Crawl section. Step 4: Today, in the top-right corner of the webpage, click the Add/Test.

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Copy the last part of the URL sitemap_index.xml, without the quotation marks. Now go to back to the Google Search Console. Click No Sitemaps on the right-hand side of the page and then click the Add/Test Sitemap on the next page. Copy the sitemap_index.xml into the box, then hit Submit.. Congratulations Hi, The below link is your current sitemap.xml for GSC. https://mostlyblogger.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 The above link is. The submission means how the search engines are going to identify and find your company's website. You can pay Google to launch your company's website, or you can also do it free of charge. To do so, you will have to submit a sitemap to the google console. Some of the steps that you need to follow to submit a sitemap to Google Console are as. Using Sitemaps for Submitting URLs to Google. One of the most widely used methods for submitting URLs to Google is using a sitemap. Since the search console was introduced, Google has been requesting the webmasters to submit the sitemap for better indexability and crawlability. A sitemap can be created using three different formats. XML Sitemaps Open up Google Search Console and, under Index, select sitemaps. Now, all you need to do is paste in your sitemap URL and hit submit: Add a sitemap to Google Search Console. If you have multiple sitemaps, just repeat this process until all your sitemaps are listed in the submitted section

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Submit Your Squarespace Sitemap To Google and Fix Your 404 Pages. Getting your website seen by Google isn't just a matter of writing good content, using the correct code or placing a few keywords on a page. It requires a basic knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes of your website and how continual updates will help drive your site. 1. Submit your XML Sitemap to Google. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account and click on your website domain name: Then using the left hand menu, click into Crawl / Sitemaps. Click the button Add/Test Sitemap. And in the field provided, enter sitemap.xml, then click Submit Sitemap For this you need to submit Sitemap to search engines. There are various online and offline software's available to: Create sitemap for Google web master tools. If your blog is powered by WordPress, then you can create sitemap using WordPress plugins. Now let us understand: How to submit Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster account will help you to crawl your web page links, monitor organic keywords, and detect crawling errors easily. If some security and optimization issues found, you will get assistance from the support forums or you can fix them using support documents, testing tools, etc No, Google Serch Console(also known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a free service. It helps you to crawl your entire site and highlight your content on search queries. So you need to submit your blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. In this tutorial, I am going to share How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools (Step by Step.

Paste that text here. Now save settings. Now Go to Google Search Console. Click on Get Started. Click on Sitemap. Type sitemap.xml here and click on Submit. Your Sitemap will be added to Google Search console. Read More: Add Custom Domain in Blogger Submit Sitemap To Google +919555699081; adityaypi@yahoo.com; Post Ads. Your Sitemap . Types of URLs you provide. URLs that you provide to Google fall into two general classifications: Canonical URLs—the primary URLs for your content.In most cases, the canonical URL is the is the preferred URL used to access a specific piece of content on a.

The topic 'Submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console' is closed to new replies To submit a sitemap to Google, first learn more about Squarespace and Google Search Console, then follow these steps: Open Google Search Console. On the dashboard, select the site you want to index from the property menu in the top left corner. Click Sitemaps in the menu on the lefthand side of the screen. Under Add a new sitemap, enter the URL. Adding a Blogger Sitemap in Google Search Console. After registering a blog and verifying. Now let's submit or add a Blogger Sitemap to the Google search console. On the left menu of the Search console, click the Sitemap option . For those who use a custom domain, please enter the complete sitemap and blog address as below

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Click on the submit button and refresh the page. Congrats, you have finished all the step to submitting sitemap in google search console. Now we add sitemap in Bing webmaster tool in the next part. Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing. Step 1. Login into Bing Webmaster too Let Google just digest that stuff naturally. For your posts sitemap (which should be separate and linked in your sitemap index), if you only post once or twice a week - but the posts are high quality and in-depth, then yes - re-submit your post sitemap as neede It is the simplest method to submit your sitemap.xml to Google. As, you can submit it without using any Python Google Search console API. This method assumes that you already have a sitemap URL with files that contain a sitemap in XML format. Table of Contents Step to Follow:Python code to submit the sitemap Step [ You can submit multiple sitemaps and/or sitemap index files to have to generate more sitemaps for bulk URLs. The Google sitemap limit is 50k URLs? 2010 Google Sitemap update Increases Sitemaps Limit to 50,000 from 1,000. Update from date to date by counting the URLs if you generating sitemap.xml is 50k URLs you can use another sitemap for. How to Submit XML Sitemap To Google Webmaster Search Console ( SEO) By Reviewer July 23, 2021 1 comment Category: Marketing Videos Tags: Console , google , Search , sitemap , Submit , Webmaster ,

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Basically, a sitemap is a list of pages of blogs/websites used for crawling purpose. Before submitting sitemaps, you should know hot to get or create. It's simple and easy to create. Creating & Submit Sitemaps. To create sitemaps, you can just search on Google and use the results to create The Problem with Blogger Sitemap Files. A complete XML sitemap file should mention all pages of a site but that's not the case if your blog is hosted on the Blogger or blogspot platform. Google accepts sitemaps in XML, RSS, or Atom formats. They recommend use both XML sitemaps and RSS/Atom feeds for optimal crawling There is indeed a difference from a minute to days between submitting a sitemap and manually submitting a url. Google accepts both ways. Maybe there is a google api which will accept such a single url request. - Robin LeBon Apr 3 '16 at 22:42