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Generally speaking, BMW cars are good for high mileage. They tend to max out at between 150-250,000 miles. So, anything in that range is seen as possibly too high a mileage to warrant buying the car. But, most BMW's are in the high mileage bracket when they hit 60-80,000 miles High mileage BMWs can offer a ton of value to second, third and fourth owners, but once you get around that 100,000 mile marker it becomes paramount that the vehicle has been well maintained. The last thing you want is to purchase a ten year old E90 3 Series with 120,000 miles on it and the previous owner took abysmal care of the vehicle What is considered high mileage for a BMW? While most BMW's can last between 100,000 - 250,000 miles, high mileage is actually considered slightly lower than this. Most dealers will avoid stocking BMW's that are above 100,000, and some even consider 60-80,000 to be high mileage for these cars

What's a high mileage car in the first place? You talk to a diesel owner, they'll tell you a 150k mile diesel truck is not high mileage, in fact it's barely broken in. You talk to an experienced BMW owner, most (including me), will tell you that one with 100,000 miles on it has plenty of years left So, the money you save by buying a high mileage used car must be balanced against the cost of fixing the high mileage used car. If you can afford about $4,000 a year for repairs then you can afford to by a used high mileage BMW. If you are horrified at the thought of $4,000 a year for repairs, then pass on the used high mileage Beemer What is high mileage when purchasing a BMW X3 3 Answers. I am looking to purchase a 2006-2010 BMW X3. I have looked around for a couple months and went to see one vehicle so far. It had 97XXX miles on it but seemed to be in very good shape. I would like t.. I am having a discussion with a Harley owner as to what high mileage means. He seems to think that my '02 R1150RT has high miles at 43K, and my K1200GT must be worn out at 60K. Of course we would all disagree. I have seen a list of high mile BMWs somewhere on the internet. More than one had over half a million miles. I don't know if it was on the MOA site, but it seems likely

I am looking to pickup a R1200GS or maybe even an older model; I am on a budget and found one 07 BMW R1200GS Adventure with almost 30K miles - is that high miles for a BMW? (I know with most streetbikes Ive owned I considered 10K a lot!) Could I take something with this kind of mileage halfway across the world without constant breakdowns high miles bike. Another perspective: When trading in a bike the dealer rep tells you anything over 30000 miles is High, and decreases the value. Same dealer--Yes it is true, same guy, same place -- When looking at a used bike, 50,000 miles on a 3 year old bike is nothing, it does not decrease the value at all

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Many GS's have done higher mileage, but I sold mine (MY04) on 100,000km and consider that a bit high. I am also on the lookout for another bike - I will be happy to get an 04 or 05 again as long as the mileage is lower. I have the luxury of some savings so I can afford to be choosy In the old days 300k miles on a BMW was the norm. Now I would not buy any car past 50k miles without proof of maintenance. Not a BMW but I recently got a 2011 MB GL 350 diesel with 175k from its original owner who spent $39.5k on dealer maintenance and repairs at the dealer for the 9 years she owned it. $39.5k Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 25, 2008. Hello guys. I'm thinking about buying a 2003 K1200GT that's in pretty good shape, and I was wondering if just under 40,000 miles would be considered high? I've heard rumors that BMW bikes last for a very long time indeed (well made, well treated and mature owners). On a K1200GT with that many miles. Rain, 48mpg, Sport 45mpg, Race 43mpg, Slick 40mpg. Same speed, no different acceleration. Using a lot of clutch and coasting in rain mode, about 55mpg. I can routinely get over 200 miles per tank and filled 4.69 gallons one time. Riding in first gear on the highway is going to drop it around 18mpg

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The mileage issue is a quandary: logic (and my experience) says that if these cars are well maintained mileage is not an issue at all, indeed a high mileage car can be a better proposition than a low mileage one that has been used infrequently, often for shorter journeys Similarly, the rarity, age, and price of a bike should all factor in what you consider high mileage.. A well kept motorcycle with a lot of miles on it and an asking price well under book value may very well be high mileage.. It may also be a very sweet deal with lots of faithful service left in it The mileage in the UK seems to be a lot higher overall than in Australia (where I am from). I used to work in a BMW dealership and we only used to stock cars with less than 40,000 miles. 60,000. A used RT w/high mileage is not worth a lot of money. Certainly nowhere near its value. Either sell it for a low price to help w/costs, or keep it and enjoy the peace of mind that come with having a known quantity in your garage for a second ride. If you have the room, keep it So when buying a high-mileage car, don't be too focused on a main dealer service history. What matters is that it's been maintained properly using high-quality parts. If that's by a.

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High mileage BMW lease means higher monthly payments but when you agree on these miles at the beginning of a lease, the mileage costs are cheaper than end-of-lease excess mileage charges. Let's use an example to make things easier to understand and see why leasing a BMW X3 and putting 100,000 miles on it might make more sense than financing the. The price seems a bit high because of the mileage, but it also comes down to availability and condition. If the bike is in great condition, I wouldn't worry about the miles as much. On a single spark, the thing that BMW calls the ignition tube is pretty much a stick coil except it has a conventional ignition wire instead of the electrical. The BMW Z Roadster & Coupé Range. Z3 Roadster & Coupé. High Mileage. Thread starter Mac_Gaz; Start date Jun 17, 2018; Tags 2.2i mileage rust sport; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. Mac_Gaz A 2.2 in Estoril Blue. Supporter. British Zeds. Joined Jun 11, 2016 Messages 161 Location Washington - Tyne and Wear.

Very high mileage BMW's. - jacks : I've got a BMW 323 E46 1999 with 160,000 miles up - this has the same 2.5 litre double vanos straight 6 engine. The car runs perfectly, uses no oil and returns 30-35 mpg. As you have pointed out to rack up this mileage it MUST be almost exclusively motorway miles Q: Opinion on buying a cheap, high-mileage Mercedes or BMW. Is it worth buying a Mercedes or a BMW that has over 100,000 miles. I've noticed they are very cheap. Yes, they are very cheap because they are endless money pits when they are that old. Don't buy them What is a high mileage for a BMW 745 or 750 - BMW pro here, geographic location will determine alot, a well maintained BMW will exceed 300,000 miles A high mileage BMW is a BMW that someone else really liked (or it wouldn't be high mileage), and decided to get rid of before it became a bigger pain than it was worth. If you do a lot of the work.

What is high mileage when purchasing a BMW X3 2 Answers. I am looking to purchase a 2006-2010 BMW X3. I have looked around for a couple months and went to see one vehicle so far. It had 97XXX miles on it but seemed to be in very good shape. I would like t.. A High-Mileage BMW i8 Is a $137,000 Depreciated Supercar You Might Want to Avoid. by Gabriel Vega. Twitter. Linkedin on April 16, 2021. Let's face it; if you're a car enthusiast, you've at least thought about buying a heavily depreciated supercar. Thanks. Code: Hello everyone, Need some expert advice. I spotted a 2004 330Ci ZHP with 223,000 miles for sale. It's been a local car and has a good carfax report - 2 owner, no accidents, long service history almost exclusively at BMW dealerships (lots of regular maintenance with no major mechanical issues shown). Body and interior are in good condition

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Before I bought my 75k 06, I made inquiries at local bmw independent garage. Was told the 6 cylinders were the best engine in terms of design and reliability and they didn't expect any issues until well past 100k -150k if seviced per schedule. The 4 cyclinder, not so as they suffer with oil leaks on high mileage cars apparently. Check the fabric of the seat for any wear to the driver's seat bolster as 1 Series is known for getting high mileage and be wary for seats that are well worn despite its low mileage. 1. The BMW 6 Series (2012-present) - If you want a car that exudes luxury and comes with power and fuel efficiency then the 2018 6 Series is the one for you 3. Pros/Cons - An Overall Standpoint. The great mileage of BMW is capable of taking you to a few miles away. Depending on the distance covered by the car and history of performance, BMW is the best choice in every possible way. The transmission and motor are key to every car's performance If you can obtain the VIN#, call a BMW motorcycle dealer and ask for a service/maintenance/recall history on this particular bike (or any other BMW that may strike your fancy). As others have said, many LT's run well past the six-figure mileage marks. A well maintained LT could easily hit 250-300K miles with only a few relatively minor issues

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  1. A BMW with high mileage and is driven frequently with regular maintenance is very reliable. BMW 320i reliability: how reliable is BMW 320i? Judging from consumers' reviews, the 320i is a reliable car. It is comfortable, has to value for money, and has a stylish exterior design. The car has a high performance and iconic styling
  2. Hi, I'm almost closing a deal on a 2004 325xi BMW with extremely high mileage of 164,000 miles, almost 80% high way miles. The car is obviously well maintained, at a BMW dealership (it was a company car and the company used to pay for all the maintanance cost)
  3. What We Think. While it's a good idea to consider the age of a vehicle and the number on its odometer, it's more important to look at how well the owner maintained the car. A 10-year-old car with 100,000 miles may have received more TLC than a five-year-old model with 50,000 miles. Another consideration is how the previous owner used the.
  4. Find Out Good Mileage for a Used Car. If you're considering a used BMW, you'll want to consider the following factors along with mileage: Use - 75,000 miles of stop and go traffic wears more a vehicle quickly than 75,000 highway miles. Ask for the previous owner's driving history before you buy
  5. Hi Guys,In todays video I discuss whether you should buy a Diesel BMW!CheersTBGSupport the Channel HERE: https://patreon.com/thebmwguy?utm_medium=social&utm_..
  6. BMWX5Cost on November 17, 2018. This thread is very helpful, clearly lots of experience here. Unfortunately have a 2004 BMWX5 3.0 134,000 miles well kept (reasonably as described above) and has cost almost $20,000 in last 3 years or so. Reading above that maintenance costs are $3K-ish per year this is still a bit off

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BMW 1 Series - Petrol bmw high mileage avoid or not? - Avant : Welcome to the forum, Gav. HJ's review of the 1-series, which Rob helpfully refers you to, shows that this car is no worse than many for reliabilty and better than quite a few Everyone's definition of a high-mileage car probably differs. To a BMW owner, what's considered high-mileage could be a hundred-thousand miles, a Porsche owner, maybe that's sixty-thousand miles, and a Volvo owner, that could be two hundred-thousand plus. But should these high-mileage numbers deter you from making the purchase of your dreams High Mileage? It's only just run in at 58,000 miles! But seriously, for any modern bike (particularly unstressed engines like BMWs) 58,000 miles is nothing. I've owned (or still own) several bikes with way higher mileage than that and still going strong. As long as you have the full service history of the bike (dealer stamp The Mobil Oil Company purchased a six-cylinder 1990 BMW 325i brand new to test its synthetic motor oil. While it has 40,000 road miles, the rest of the car's miles have been driven on a laboratory dynamometer. The engine was stopped for scheduled oil change. After running the car at 85 mph for four years, the million-mile mark was reached

20 Ways to Get Better BMW Gas Mileage. 1. Get Premium Grade Gasoline. Premium grade gasoline can deliver up to 4% increase in fuel economy and is the optimal choice for performance-oriented engines. According to the BMW Owner's Manuel, premium grade gasoline is recommended for fueling a BMW Dear All (and Steptoe if your available), I'm considering buying a high mileage 2003 1150GS Adventure. Current owner appears to have racked up the miles commuting from Frome to Southampton every day (50 each way I think) - 2000 miles/month. Currently nearly 63,000 but look very clean in the photos (Full lugguage incl.). Owner has changed all the oils recently but suspect may not have had a.

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The 700 does breath easier on the highway well up into the mid and high 70mphs, but the 310 does well in the high 60s to low 70s also. There are more luggage options for the 700 as they have been around longer. The 310 is a deffinate hoot of an around town bike and gets better gas mileage if that is a concern, but does have a smaller tank so. Sports motorcycles are typically driven more aggressively and experience more engine wear. Anything above 25,000 miles on a sports bike is considered high. But when compared to just a mileage number, other factors are more important in buying a used motorcycle. Key things to look for when buying a used motorcycle Low Mileage @ <8,000 / year = <96,000 miles. Average Mileage @10,000 / year = <120,000 miles. High Mileage @14,000 / year = <168,000 miles and. Above that is Very High Mileage. It would be good if we could track the miles/year of each E39 M5 so the next owner (s) can see how the miles have been applied over the years High mileage Bimmer owners are part of an incredible mini-division of the BMW enthusiast community. In a way, they're akin to the wise old elders of the club—their well-enjoyed Bavarian machines have seen hundreds of thousands of miles, and their owners have usually seen a propionate equivalent in the form of numerous modifications and. BMW High Mileage Service. This article is intended for the young and learning technicians, and us old folks that need another addition to our bag of tricks. The saga of this BMW enabled the use of various testing tools over many months off and on, when the vehicle owner returned for known service updates and repairs

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Visit the BMW i3 Forum. from the first years of production shows that even with the original battery, the achievable vehicle range decreases only marginally even after high mileage. . Both the actual range and Batt. Kapa. max value of our 1 August 2014 BEV have decreased by ~15% over only 10k miles of driving under extremely ideal conditions. So, let's take a look at some BMW approved oil and BMW high performance synthetic oil, with the main point being to figure out which ones are best for which mileage ranges. To be clear, the same oil that works best for engines with 0 to 75,000 miles won't be the same as what is best for engines with 75,000+ or 150,000+ miles on them I am coming off a VTX and looking at a 2008 RT. The RT has 44,000 miles on it. what kind of things could I expect to repair/replace soon? what is high mileage for these bikes? New to BMW and all these FD failures, clutch problems, etc have got me a little gun shy. Thanks for your help High mileage 2005 R1200RT. Jump to Latest Follow A forum community dedicated to BMW Luxury Touring motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, reviews, and more! Full Forum Listing

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High mileage Minis are fine and will last, but before you buy look around to see what a little money will get you. This is my second mini cooper, so this time around i knew what to look for. I set myself a budget but quickly realized if i wanted that spec the best mileage i could find was 60k - so i increased by budget by £500 which meant i. BMW Engine Oil Approvals BMW revises their oil formulations every few years based on contemporary engine design, mileage and emissions requirements, fuel type and quality, region, service plans, and marketing. Each new spec is coded by year and roughly corresponds to new generations of BMW engines I'm looking to buy a diesel car, most likely from 2014. What is considered high mileage for these? It will most likely be a BMW or Audi, which are usually ex-fleet cars. Do you recommend buying a high mileage diesel? - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit https://www.honestjohn.co.u

Biying bmw f10 535d with high mileage Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Biying bmw f10 535d with high mileage. By Yuri84, August 2, 2020 in F07/F10/F11 2010-2017. There is something good about newer cars with high mileage,means they having a happy life and do miles and thats what they want isnt it High mileage oil contains film strengthening additives to improve ring sealing and oil pressure. And some brands also include seal conditioners to soften stiff seals, as well as extra anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, and detergent additives to handle the additional crud in the crankcase

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A high mileage car isn't necessarily an old car - it could've been driven as a company car that completed around 30,000 miles a year. In the past, a car with over 100,000 miles on its odometer would have been avoided by many used car buyers; however, it isn't necessarily a bad investment A lease designed to meet your needs. If you like driving the latest BMW every few years, and keeping your options as open as the road, leasing may be the most flexible option. With BMW Financial Services, you can personalize a lease around your driving needs - choosing term lengths, mileage needs, and more with low monthly payments. View Offers Joined Dec 9, 2013. ·. 5,047 Posts. #13 · Nov 11, 2015. JACKSKI said: Mine is a 2009 Mini Cooper bought from the mini dealer in 2012 and even now it's only done 21,000 miles. Click to expand... Thats good going. I bought my wife a 2009 Cooper D Clubman just over a year ago with 20,000 miles on the clock

A high-end BMW engine would thrive immediately upon coming in contact with this oil. Motul 007250 8100 X-cess Is Suitable For: Motul 007250 8100 X-cess is best suited for leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels, and LPG engines BMW is one of the few EV manufacturers that offer a clear battery capacity loss warranty, and has guaranteed at least 70% capacity for 8 years or 100,000 miles. The stated usable capacity for the. The worst problem category for the BMW X3 is the engine problems, while the 2013 BMW X3 has the most overall complaints. This year is also rated the worst model year based on the severity of the issues, the onset of the issues, and the mileage at the time of the repairs and replacements needing to occur I've used Mobil 1 Full synthetic high mileage 5w-30 and 40, and which I now use, BMW Turbo LL-01. At 5w-30, oil light would occasion flicker on red and low RPM for a moment, so I don't recommend. 40 I've had no issues with, was great, but it's not officially LL-01 spec like BMW says to use

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BMW vehicles are designed to require service less frequently than other makes, allowing you more time on the road and less time in the shop. Bimmer drivers get to avoid the 3,000 mile oil change and instead only need an oil service every 7,500 miles for their Intermediate Oil Change and Oil & Safety Service appointments.. How is oil for BMW vehicles different from oil used in other makes Pennzoil Platinum Engine Oil High Mileage Full Synthetic 5W-30 1 Quart. $. 9. 49. Part # 550042728. SKU # 568849. Check if this fits your BMW Z4. Check if this fits your BMW Z4 It did have some hot starting issues, but with high test fuel and fuel cleaner, it hardly ever happens. just an occasional stall while downshifting. I bought a set of highway aftermarket pegs, so i can relax on longer journeys. These engines last forever, so I would rather buy a high mileage 1300 than a low mileage 1200 I have a 2000 BMW 528i with high mileage, should I replace timing chain? Or what is recommendation. car runs well - BMW 2000 528i questio

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