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Pebble Tec Pool Finishes. Pebble Fina Pool Finishes. Pebble Sheen Pool Finishes. Water Features. Pool Decking. Pool Coping. Pool Tile. Pool Products. Inspiration Gallery After countless hours of research (including many helpful comments here at GW) we still cannot decide between the Pebble Tec Tahoe Blue or the Pebble Sheen Blue Granite. Our pool will be 17x34 in size and will be completely exposed to the sun - the only shade will come from a pergola set back quite a bit from the pool, so direct sunlight will. Home PebbleSheen Image Gallery >. All Aqua Blue Arctic White Black Onyx Blue Granite Blue Surf Bordeaux Cool Blue Desert Gold French Grey Irish Mist Ocean Blue Prism Blue Seafoam Green Slate Blue Tahoe Blue Turtle Bay White Diamonds Moonlight Grey

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blue lagoon. carribean blue. creme de menthe. emerald bay. jade. midnight blue. moonlight grey. sandy beach. sky blue. soft white. tahoe blue. white pearl. tropical breeze. Pebble Sheen ® Pebble Sheen® brand pool finish provides that natural beauty and durability of original Pebble Tec® finish, but also provides a smoother texture achieved. Hello, can anyone share any pebble sheen up close pictures so I can see the detail, thanks! I'm looking at Blue Tahoe or Blue Prism. but I think seeing any color would be helpful, unfortunately all the pool examples are closed in my area & not sure I want to do the sheen over Pebbletec

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Ocean Blue is the Pebble Sheen equivalent to Midnight Blue Pebble Tec. As Simmons99 suggested, the darker finish color does affect the effect of colored lights. All colors in my SAm lights are more muted, with the clear light being the brightest, the red light being the least illuminating and the blue and green being somewhere in between Micro Fusion - Tahoe. Micro Fusion Series. The newest in micro-pebble available on the market, smoother than traditional and mini pebble. Enhanced with our pre-blended Universal High-Performance Cement™, enriched with pozzolans and polymers. Rich pigments to achieve brilliant shades of water color Brethauer-Blue Lagoon Pebble Tec. Brethauer-Blue Lagoon Pebble Tec. Brighton Sky Model-Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. Read more. Brighton Sky Model-Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. Brighton Sky Model-Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. Buker-Blue Surf Pebble Sheen

I have been gunited for about four weeks. Has anyone had any problems with the shells they put in pebble sheen? The color I want to use is the Ocean Blue that looks like Tahoe Blue in Pebble Tec but it has the smaller rock and it also has abalone type shells. I was told by non pebble tec companies not to do it that it may rust, but why would a company like Pebble Tec offer it if there was a. Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. Stamped Concrete decking . Natural Waterfalls. Oklahoma Flagstone Coping. Moss Boulder Waterfalls. Romano Noche 6x6 Tile. Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec. Peacock 6x6 Tile . Freeform, Boulders, Stream . Oklahoma Flagstone Coping. Seeded Aggregate Decking With Rainbow Rock One of the most popular, long-lasting interior finishes, StoneScapes® gives your pool the look and feel of a pebble-bottomed stream. For the sensation of swimming in a pool of rare gems, JewelScapes® is the finish for you. Combine eye-catching, smooth glass beads with pebbles for a dramatic, custom look all your own

Pool full of water after application Abalone shells added; shown at full su Our pool pebble repair kit is designed to be applied on a dry repair surface and typical curing time is 3-4 hours before repair area has cured and pool can be filled with water. In addition, our pool pebble repair kit offers ease of workability and clean-up, rapid cure, high compressive strength, low shrinkage and excellent bond strength As with Pebble Sheen®, Pebble Fina® and Bead Crete® pool finishes, only skilled installers licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc. can apply a Pebble Tec brand pool finish. A Pebble Tec pool finish offers a unique, flexible design that will perfectly blend with landscaping and water features. Enduring natural elegance

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Pebble Tec. Colored Plaster. Insist on the original natural pebble pool finish by name, Pebble Tec® & Pebble Sheen®. Tri-State is the areas largest certified dealer of Pebble Tec® & Pebble Sheen® finishes. Considered the absolute best finishes on the market they are the standard of excellence by which all others are measured Call today for a free estimate 978-369-8955. About Kadison. Kadison Pool News; Services. Application; Renovations; Steel Work; Tile & Copin Tahoe Blue Pebble Sheen, New Tile, Paves Coping, Paver Deck. Remodel Sherman Oaks, CA Tahoe Blue Pebble Sheen, New Tile, Paves Coping, Paver Deck. Remodel Sherman Oaks, CA Tahoe Blue Pebble Sheen, New Tile, Paves Coping, Paver Deck. Remodel Thousand Oaks, CA Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen, Beige Bellecrete Coping Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec : Travertine Double Bullnose Coping. 6 x 6 Casa Blanca Cream Tile. With 3 x 3 Royal Blue Trim. Colored Broom Finish Concrete. With 2' x 2' Scored Lines. Travertive Tile Boarder. Ocean Blue Pebble Sheen. Pebble is a colorful mosaic of tiny pebbles, which are tightly fused with white Portland cement. Blue Sky Bay. Turtle Bay. Tahoe Blue. Sandy Shores. Red Rock. Moonlight Bay. Misty White. Misty Black. Hawaiian Blue. Emerald Green. Cayman. Caribbean Blue. Pebble Radiance. Choose from many colors. Pebble Radiance is a colorful mosaic of tiny.

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  1. g blotchy after a few months and the quartz guys don't like using it. Pebble Sheen costs more for sure but well worth it. Like Mellow said the article is solid less pricing. Reactions: NicPaus and Melloyellovector.
  2. To achieve blue water, select a pool finish with white, blue, or gray pigment. For green water, choose a darker pool finish with green, tan, brown, or black pigment. Choose your finish and water color to complement your pool's atmosphere: Select a cool tone like a Tahoe Blue or QuartzScapes® Ivory if you prefer a refreshing seascape.
  3. The Pebble Sheen French Grey works perfectly with everything else we have going on the exterior of the house and the back yard; it looks wonderful with the limestone coping and the blue stone pool decking, and when looking at the pool with the house, it looks great with the Vermont gray slate roof and the neutral color palette of the house
  4. Pebble plastering is one of the newest and most luxurious plastering materials in the market today, and for a good reason! and if that is a concern, you can opt-in for Pebble Sheen®. The smaller stones allow it to be more bearable for those with sensitive feet. From a popularity standpoint, Hawaiian Blue, Tahoe Blue, and Azure are.

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2004 a gunite company located in Houston became the second applicator of Pebble Tec and offered Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen. The good news of Pebble Tec spread rapidly in the Houston Pool Builder market. Behind the scenes at Pebble Tec the ownership split up and in 2005 Wet Edge Technologies was born Riviera Pools includes Wet Edge Luna Quartz standard colors exposed quartz aggregate interior finish on all our pools. Wet Edge Luna Quartz is also available in premium colors . Other products available include ceramic tile and StoneScapes mini-pebble exposed aggregate. Ask your design consultant which finish is right for you Swimming Pool Pictures. Below are pools we have built. We strive to give you a truly custom luxury poolscape at a competitive price. Each is a unique, hand crafted, poolscape that has been given a lot of thought, collaboration, and planning regarding the owners budget and tastes. We blend the best building Tahoe-Blue. Soft-White. Sky-Blue. Sandy-Beach. Moonlight-Grey. Midnight-Blue. Jet-Black. Jade. Emerald-Bay. Caribbean-Blue. Blue-Lagoon. Black-Pearl. Black-Marble. PEBBLE SHEEN . Pebble Sheen® brand pool finish provides the natural beauty and durability of the original Pebble Tec® pool finish, along with a sophisticated refined elegance.. Flagstone Coping, Teco Bloc Pavers and Irish Mist Pebble Sheen. Avery Pool and Spa. May 8 · Silver Travertine Coping and Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec +2. See All. Photos. See All

I have a pebble-tech finish and I could give you my opinion but it would be just that: My Personal opinion. What I like might not be what you and your family likes. I hope this helps. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered May 29 '14 at 18:30. Guy Guy Pebble Sheen-Turtle Bay. Sheen-French Grey : Eco Finish- Blue Mist. Pebble Fina- Acquos. Glass Beads- Black Sea : Glass Beads- Black Sea. Traditional White Plaster. Pebble Tec- Tahoe Blue : 1 | 2 Pebble Sheen® brand pool finishes combine the natural beauty and durability of Pebble Tec® with smaller pebbles to create the look of rich granite. This interior finish is lightly buffed to incorporate a luxuriously refined feel with dramatic and stylish ambiance. Its visual presentation is one of a kind and absolutely brilliant

We proudly serve Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, New Port Richey, Trinity, Spring Hill, and the surrounding areas Finally, Pebble Tec screens the pebbles three different times in order to produce the most consistent pebble size possible for consistency. If you prefer a smaller pebble, for example, Pebble Tec's product called Pebble Sheen will be within an acceptable range of size throughout the finish between 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 mm size With all the different choices of pool finishes it can be confusing when trying to pick the right surface for your pool. This post compares all the different pool finishes to help you make the best decision. Contact Willsha Pools if you have any questions or would like a free estimate Plaster is the least ,Pebble Quartz hydrazzo are all about 2/3 higher, glass Pebble is 8-10Xs Plaster cost. Tile finish entire pools (done right ) in Concrete Pools, the cost would typically be higher then the entire build cost. Like starting at 30k+ for tile work alone, and why it's so rare to see The same natural beauty and inherent qualities as the original PebbleTec pool finish, with a more refined texture. Utilizes slightly smaller pebbles than those found in PebbleTec pool finishes. Offers a durable, non-slip, and stain-resistant surface. For dazzling brilliance, add Shimmering Sea or Luminous to any PebbleSheen pool

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Ocean Blue Pebble Sheen, a plaster coating manufactured by Pebble Tec that incorporates tiny, vibrant blue and earth-toned stones, creates a natural, deep-blue water color in the pool and spa. Premium bluestone coping tiles cap the pool shell wall, while the spillway from the hot tub to the main pool is made from a custom designed and Tropic Blue is slightly darker than Aqua Blue and has reflective shells that make the finish sparkle. Not all of StoneScapes' pebble finishes have this extra feature. You can achieve a dark blue color with this blend of cement, abalone shells, as well as cobalt and ice blue pigments Some may find pebble tech too rough, which is why they choose pebble sheen, which are smaller pebbles. Pebble Fina is the finest, yet most expensive. Another difference of design between pebble tech vs plaster would be that the former has more designs to choose from, with different beads or sizes of pebbles. You can even choose Tahoe Blue. Finest Finish Blends Series and Universal Mini Pebble Series create a large range of vibrant color options. Ultimately the overall color and reflection of your swimming pool is also dependent on the lighting at different times during the day, the surrounding landscape. We invite you to explore some of our most popular finishes in this series Pebble Tec, the original pebble pool finish that still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. Available in 18 attractive colors, Pebble Tec pool interior is the perfect choice for individuals desiring a more natural look for their pools, spas or water features

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Quartz Interior. This is an example of mottling with various shades of the blue/gray color. If this had been a pebble interior, it would have looked superior, in the first year, as in two decades. B. Pebble Products Aqua Blue Pebblesheen: Blue Surf Sheen: Tropical Breeze Pebbletec • More consistency in color, with some mottling Jasinski-Slate Blue Pebble Sheen. Jeff Muse-Clearwater Pebble Brilliance. Read more. Jeff Muse-Clearwater Pebble Brilliance. Jeff Muse-Clearwater Pebble Brilliance. Jimenez-Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. Read more. Jimenez-Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen Pebble Sheen. Prism Blue e-rHE WORMYS HGREATEST POOLS 2011 Winner Artistic Pool Design, Inc. Cary Center Orlando, FL Pebble Tec n Tahoe Blue WORMYS {GREATEST POOLS 2011 Winner Shasta Pools Eric Roberts Cave Creek, AZ Pebble Tec ' Black Pearl WORLD'S GREATEST POOLS 2011 Winner Dennis E. Zirbel, Architec Materials include Texas Moss Rock, sealed, waterproofed and channeled with natural stone, powered by dedicated VS Pump. NPT Stonescapes Tropics Blue Mini pebble plaster with extra Abalone Shell. NPT Aztec Cobalt tile was used. Coping on pool and raised beams and planters is double chipped Faced brown lueder, sealed and sanded

Pebble Tec Pool Finish. Quick View. Style. Blue Wave Black Canyon Black Marble Black Pearl Midnight Blue Emerald Bay Tropical Breeze Tahoe Blue Caribbean Blue Blue Lagoon Sandy Beach Jade CREME DE MENTHE Moonlight Grey White Pearl Soft White Sky Blue. Style. Blue Wave. Black Canyon. Black Marble. Black Pearl Pebble Tec® brand pool finishes deliver natural elegance and long-lasting beauty. This original pebble finish is made up of naturally polished pebbles creating a slightly bumpy texture with a non-slip surface. Its unique characteristics allow a pool to blend with landscaping and water features creating the most natural environment imaginable The process is fairly simple. It's EASY to get your pool looking BEAUTIFUL again. Call us on 214-453-3400 or 817-380-3544. One of our friendly remodel team members below will meet you at your pool to show you options and choices. Once you give us the go ahead, we can typically start work within two weeks or so The finish truly looks and reminds us of Lake Tahoe., -Louis W. - Designed and Built by Sandals Luxury Pools Mid-sized elegant backyard concrete and custom-shaped lap pool photo in Atlanta I like the color of the bottom/water - catherine_petty15 Ocean Blue is the Pebble Sheen equivalent to Midnight Blue Pebble Tec. Pebble Technology Pebble Tec Pool Finish. The ORIGINAL aggregate pool finish that delivers enduring elegance and durability. It is a perfect choice for those desiring a more natural environment for their pool and spa. An earthy textured finish comprised of the largest pebbles in our pool finishes. Certain colors incorporate Shimmering Sea for added elegance

pebble pool finishes pebble tec from pebble tec colors caribbean blue pebbletec image gallery pebble tec from pebble tec colors caribbean blue. pebble pool finishes pebble tec known as the world s most trusted pool finishes pebble technology is the top choice for pool lovers seeking a unique personalized pool experience designed to enhance outdoor living spaces our product commitment is. There are some core arguments in the Pebble Tec vs. Plaster debate. While modern Pebble Tec offers more versatile features and a polished finish, it's not necessarily very durable. Plaster, on the other hand, is a time-tested reliable construction mixture that has been used for decades as pool surface coating

It's pneumatically applied, then hand-wiped or water-blasted to reveal the top layer of pebbles. A pebble finish will last much longer than a plain plaster finish, giving you 12 to 20 years of. This Orangevale spa was part of a total pool remodeling project. We added the spa and new retaining walls with a sheer descent as well as bullnose brick coping to match the retaining walls. New tile, new stamped concrete, new LED lighting (pool and landscape) were also added, and the surface was finished with Sea Foam Green Pebble Sheen and sea..

Pool Patch® specializes in the repair of all swimming pool pebble surfaces including brand names Pebble Tec® Pebble Sheen® StoneScapes™ and others. 3 most common pebble surfaces. Caribbean Blue. Tahoe Blue. Sand. Most repairs require the water to be lowered to the effected area in order to make a proper repair and bond. Our custom. Jose Luis Antillon (818) 968 9118. Cristian Bencomo (818) 799 2296. majesticbluepp@gmail.co Adams Pool Specialties. 185 likes. 7 Wayne Ct. Sacramento, CA 95829 916-388-2000 Adams Pool Specialties Swimming Pool Remodelin

Aug 13, 2017 - Explore Michelle Graham's board Pebble Tec Pools on Pinterest. See more ideas about pebble tec pool, pool, pool finishes. Pebble Tec Pools 49 Followers. Pebble Tec Tahoe Blue!. Bring your pool to life with the dramatic sparkle of Pebble Radiance to complete the custom pool experience. From Radiance To Fusion. Radiant Fusion creates vibrant water hues while the ultra-smooth finish completes the look and feel of this new, modern pool finish. Radiant Fusion is a blend of Micro Mini Pebble amplified with gem-like crystals.

Freeform-Pool-with-Quartscapes-Tahoe-Blue. Freeform Pool with Quartscapes Tahoe Blue Freeform-Pool-with-Firepit-and-Spa. Freeform Pool with Fire pit and Spa Freeform-daylight-from-above Pebble-Sheen-Ocean-Blue. Pebble Sheen Ocean Blue Geometric-Pool-with-Sheers. CLI Caribbean Blue Firepit-Sheer-combo. Hydrazzo DSC_0160. Finest Finish Laguna. Bead Crete finishes are the combination of either all polished glass beads or a mixture of natural stones and glass beads. The glass pebbles similar to their natural stone pebble cousins, will imbue your pool finish with excellent stain resistance, durability, unique personality and rich water color

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Baja Mini Pebble is a CDC Pools exclusive; it is our blend. Our warranty is one of the best in the Phoenix pool remodeling industry. We offer a 15-year warranty on the material mix AND workmanship; a 10-year full warranty plus 5 years prorated Discover affordable and fashionable women's clothing online at SHEIN. Free Shipping On Orders $49+ Free Returns 1000+ New Arrivals Dropped Dail Water color may differ slightly as variations in shade and contrast are natural. CL Industries strongly recommends viewing actual swimming pools in person before deciding on a color. Ask your local builder/applicator to show you pools in person. View all Custom Finishes Pebble Finishes Polished Finishes Quartz Finishes Pebble tec is rough and if you use the pool on a regular basis or have kids you had better invest in some reef walkers or an over abundance of bandages. For looks and durability the only thing that beats pebble tec is pebble sheen. Pebble Tec uses a larger aggregate than pebble sheen and the tec is not polished where as the sheen is

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Last September they offered the Blue Surf pebble sheen with abalone shell and luminous blue blend for my pool finish. This selection was a first for them but they felt it would be exactly what we were asking for. My pool is about 93 feet in diameter with the deepest being six feet and we wanted it to look more blue then gray or green Acid washing is a process that is done on a pebble tec® or plaster pool to remove a thin layer of the surface to remove stubborn stains and calcium deposits. The pool is drained and the sides scrubbed. Then a solution of muriatic acid and water is applied to remove the top coat of the pool. This is done manually using an acid brush Pebble Tec is a mix of large pebbles, stone aggregate, and cement. This is the most durable of the plaster pool types as its surface last from 15 to 20 years +. Pebble Tec is the top choice for gunite pool buyers. While all of these are great products, like much of the pool design process, the main factor in choice simply comes down to personal.

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Beadcrete. Postby Pool Newb » Thu 19 Mar, 2009 18:41. We are about to resurface our inground marbelite pool. We have heard some comments about Beadcrete and would like to hear from people who have had Beadcrete in their pool for a season or two. Beadcrete looks nicer than Pebble Tec and is softer and gentler on the feet One way of curtailing this from transpiring is by resurfacing the swimming pool implementing materials such as plaster, pebble plaster and tile. Maintaining your swimming pool in excellent shape might make it a lot easier for home buyers to open their wallet. Tahoe Blue Creme de Menthe Black Marble Caribbean Blue Moonlight Grey Tropical Breeze Jade Black Pearl Blue White Pearl Midnight Blue Blue Lagoon Soft White Emerald Bay Sandy Beach Sky Blue Pebble Sheen Refined Textured Finish Our most popular pool finish offering the same natural beauty and inherent qualities as the original PebbleTec@ pool. Pebble Finishes | CL Industries. Our CrystalStones® collection delivers brilliant water color with a durable, natural pebble pool finish. Available in two pebble sizes, Natural and Smooth, we offer 28 gorgeous finishes. CrystalStones Smooth pebble finishes, provide an evenly textured surface, by utilizing a smaller pebble size that is easy on.

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Pebble Tec- Tahoe Blue : Pebble Fina- Bella Blue. Glass Beads- Water Blue. Pebble Fina- Bella Blue : Pebble Sheen- Prism Blue. Pebble Fina-Classico. Pebble Fina-Steel Grey : Eco Finish- Mediterranean Blue. Pebble Fina-Sapphire Galaxy. Glass Beads-Aquamarin Ocean Blue - Pebble Sheen. Actual finish and water color may differ from printed samples. Variations in color, shade and exposure are normal. The water's depth, angle of sunlight and surrounding landscape can all be determining factors. Actual finish samples produced by Pebble Technology, Jet Black Tahoe Blue White Pear

Pebble Tec with Tahoe Blue FinishPebble Tec Caribbean Blue - 1500+ Trend Home Design - 1500Pebble Tec — Tri-State PoolsPebble pool finishes for San Diego | (858) 693-3307Tahoe Blue Pebble Pool Finish | Skinner PoolsPebbleTec | Kadison Pool

Stonescapes® Mini Pebbles Give your pool or spa the natural beauty of a pebble-bottomed stream with a StoneScapes pool finish. An inviting selection of colors and textures allows pool owners to express their unique style. StoneScapes combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any pool or spa. View the Gallery At the upper-end of the pricing range, Pebble Tec is for clients who have an over-the-top pool that requires an over-the-top pool finish. The only way you can make the pool fancier is to tile the entire interior (which we have never done but look forward to the day when one of our clients wants the ultimate in luxury pools) New Pool and Spa. Country Classic travertine decking, Jade Pebble Sheen . 06/09/2019 . New pool. Black Pebblesheen, white/pewter pavers . 05/07/2019 . One of our latest pool builds. Spa is 17ft long! 04/20/2019 . Remodel White/Tan/Charcoal Demi Panorama pavers, and Tahoe Blue interior. Claim ownership or report listing. Videos . Location. Largo. 67 - Castillian Bronze. U - Navajo Orange. 66 - W- Fire Coral Bronze. 78 - Mandarin Orange. 67 - Ember Mist. 76 - Montreaux Maroon. 57 - Orange Metallic. Yellow SAVING YOU TIME IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. AEP Span offers a flat sheet service which comes in a wide range of colors and paint systems, as well as ZINCALUME® Plus (50% Al-Zn) Painted flat sheets available in. Dura Tech™ 5000, Dura Tech™ mx PVDF colors, ZINCALUME® Plus available in 24ga, 48-3⁄8″ x 10′, and 22ga, 46″ x 10′ sheets.