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Student feedback concerning areas of the educational system including school climate is minimal, yet such information could assist the teachers and administrators in making changes that matter. Self-esteem Student feedback depends on the students' perceptions of their learning environment including the climate, the teacher, the teacher' Results. The overall score for this study was 122/200 (SD=16.6), indicating a positive perception of the learning environment. The overall mean score was 109.94/200 (SD=21.2) for Semester 2 students, 122.9/200 (SD=20.29) for Semester 6 students, and 116.53 (SD=20.12) for Semester 10 students, reflecting a significant difference in students' perceptions in different years of study (F (2,2422. School of Education Student Capstone Theses and Dissertations School of Education Summer 8-15-2016 Student needs and perceptions of the learning environment according to high school students: A case study Christina J. Hartje Hamline University, chartje01@hamline.edu Follow this and additional works at:https://digitalcommons.hamline.edu/hse_al The aim of this study was to explore students' perceptions of the educational environment (EE) in a Spanish school of podiatry. Various aspects of EE were compared by academic year in the program. This was a cross-sectional study using a questionnaire to collect perceptions using data from a 2015 survey. Podiatric medical students from Extremadura University participated in this study To find the relationship between School Environment and Academic Achievement of standard IX students. Null Hypotheses 1. There is no significant difference between standard IX boys and girls in their school environment. 2. There is no significant difference between standard IX English and Tamil medium students in their school environment. 3

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examining 8th grade students' perception of learning environment of science classrooms in relation to motivational beliefs and attitudes a thesis submitted to the graduate school of social sciences of middle east technical university by nazm İye arisoy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of scienc In addition, it was also seen that the students had positive learning environment perceptions in EFL classes (X: 3.85 for 9 th grade; X: 3.81 for 10 th grade; X: 3.73 for 11 th grade and X: 3.82 for 12 th grade).One-Way ANOVA test among grades was conducted to see high school students' perceptions of their actual classroom learning environment. Title of Thesis: STUDENT PERCEPTIONS OF SCHOOL COUNSELOR ROLES AND FUNCTIONS Laura A. Kuhn, Master of Arts, 2004 Thesis Directed By: Director of Counselor Education, Dr. Courtland Lee, Counseling and Personnel Services The Educatio n Trust, a non-profit organization that works towards the hig teachers and schools in the role of in loco parentis for the socialisation of children, it seems timely to identify those characteristics of the school environment that promote positive health and wellbeing for all. In theory, the HPS model provides a set of principles and procedures that aim to promot THESIS: PERCEPTION OF ENVIRONMENT BY LGBT STUDENTS ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS by M. Kelly Powell A Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of! Master of Arts in Psychology Middle Tennessee State University 2013 Thesis Committee: Dr. Monica Wallace Dr. Seth Marshall Dr. Dana Fulle

This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Graduate School at Scholar Commons. It has been accepted for inclusion in Graduate classroom environment, social environment, student perceptions, teacher perception, individual factors, elementary schools, middle schools Comparison between elementary and middle school. among secondary school students: a comparative study of kasarani and kibera divisions, nairobi county, kenya. by kiprotich victor boiyo n50/cty/pt/24585/2010 a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of master of science (environmental education) in the school of environmental studies of kenyatta university april, 201 (2001), secondary school students' poor performance may be hinged on students because of their low retention, parental factors, association with wrong peers and motivation. Previous research evidence showed that poor academic performance at the secondary school level of education is a product of teacher, school and the home environment

School environment does play a role in how students react to bullying. Sense of affiliation and commitment with the school organization is expected to positively impact one's likelihood of intervening in bullying situations (O'Brennan, Waasdorp & Bradshaw, 2014, p. 871) connection at school, and sharing the grading rubric with students at the beginning of the semester were recommended. Key words: Teacher perception, student perception, use of blogs in reading classes, technology in EFL, benefits and challenges of blog

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  2. ed student perceptions of their school environment (specifically, safety and inclusion in the school, experiences being bullied, and clear expectations for behaviour) and their relation with academic achievement at the school level
  3. (1999). Relationship between Students' Perceptions of School Environment, Their Satisfaction with School and Perceived Academic Achievement: An International Study. School Effectiveness and School Improvement: Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 296-320
  4. Student Perceptions of School—Background Background Click for introductory video. Students' perceptions of school events, the nature of teachers' expectations, and the patterns of interaction between students and teachers have an impact on their academic attitudes and behaviors. The way we look at situations, places, and thing

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  1. A STUDY OF STUDENTS' PERCEPTIONS AND ATTITUDES A Study of Students' Perceptions and Attitudes toward the Use of SMS to Support Learning and Teaching at the Kuwait University A thesis submitted in (partial) fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree (Doctor of Education) From UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG by Budour Almisa
  2. Relationship between Students' Perceptions of TE and SA at Secondary School Level 94. Introduction. Evaluating teaching is a formal and organized process of identifying effective teachers. High quality teachers demonstrate myriad skills and consistently struggle for maximizing student performance (Akram, 2018; Akram & Zepeda, 2015)
  3. ent in Students' Perception of Learning and Students' Academic Self-Perceptions
  4. Student engagement includes three dimensions that are interrelated: (a) emotional, (b) cognitive, and (c) behavioral (Lee, 2014; Li & Lerner, 2013). The affective or emotional dimension of student engagement pertains to interaction with teachers, school staff, other students, and the school as an institution (Fredricks, Blumenfeld, & Paris, 2004)
  5. g increasingly important in higher education, yet few studies have actually investigated whether current learning environments are aimed at promoting this competence and whether students perceive that they have mastered this competence. This study aimed to map students' perceptions of the learning environment in terms of whether their.

environments using the SLEI (Wong U. Fraser, 1995) that assessed the learning environment form the perceptions of students and teachers. It is henceforth imperative to study the teachers' and students' perception of physics classroom learning environment in senior secondary schools since science without physics is incomplete and because ther students' and teachers' retention perception as predictors of self-esteem and academic achievement in secondary schools in meru county, kenya nangithia robert mburung'a e83/20542/1

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School of Education Assessment Practices: Student's and Teachers' Perceptions of Classroom Assessment Master's Thesis Presented to Graduate School, Center for International Education (CIE) Department of Education, Policy, Research, and Administration (EPRA), School of Education, Investigator: Sayed Ahmad Javid Mussaw The students' perception of the school environment is a key factor in the growth of the students because most of the early stages of their life are spent at school. Thus, it plays a big role in their intellectual growth and personality development. Students should feel safe and comfortable within their environment in order for them to grow.

in schools. The overarching conclusion from this study was: students want to experience a balance in their schools between opportunities for open, positive relationships with adults and experiencing security measures that provide a safe environment without being too intrusive. It is recommended that high schools include student perceptions of. Therefore, school environment enriched with modern facilities makes the student feel comfortable in their studies that result to high academic performance. A research by Sunday, A.A. (2012) revealed that there is a significant relationship between physical school environment and students' academi related risks (Anyango, 2005). In a school environment, sexual behaviour of students varies with the types of schools. For example, students in day and co-educational schools are more likely to engage in risky and unsafe sexual behaviours than those in boarding and unisex schools (Kiragu, 2000) This study examined the relationship of 979 middle school students' perceptions of their mathematics classroom environment to their motivation and achievement. Structural equation modeling indicated that motivational variables (utility, personal achievement goals, efficacy) mediated the influence of perceived teacher expectations, teacher support and use of reform practices on mathematics. environment; and 5) supporting family environment. These clusters unite factors that were found to produce the greatest influence on students' eagerness to participate in in-class activities and on students' perception of the importance of education, as well as desire to succeed academically

  1. e their perceptions of the Flipped Classroom and to assess the role social media, educational technology, mastery learning, and self-pacing played i
  2. Classes, rather than students, were used as the main unit of analysis. For classes in general, high perceived Order and Organization and Affiliation related to greater student popularity. Relationships between perceptions of class environment and the dependent measures were stronger for problem students
  3. This study describes differential student perceptions towards Social Studies in a high school classroom. A case study approach, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data gathering techniques, was used to collect data by seeking individual students' perceptions of the classroom environment, the teacher, classroo
  4. this research are students of English language education. The problem of this study is students' perception on traditional and alternative assessment. This study uses qualitative approach and the data were obtained through questionnaire and interview from 462 students 4th semester and it took 20% out of it. The tota
  5. Applies research on the adult work environment to schoolchildren's daily lives, using health survey data from 11-, 13-, and 15-year-old students in Finland, Latvia, Norway, and Slovakia. The most important school-setting predictor of students' perception of their academic achievement is satisfaction with school, teachers, and classmates. (59 references) (MLH

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Student's Perception of School Climate Graduate Thesis/Proj ect Submitted to the Faculty Of the School Psychology Program College of Liberal Arts ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY By Jodi Peake In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science and Advanced . Graduate Certificate Rochester, New York 4/2/0 Thus, the researcher aims to know the perception of Grade 11 Senior High School students on ways to prevent early pregnancy. Statement of the problem This study conducted in order to know the Perception of Grade 11 Senior High School Students on Ways to Prevent Early Pregnancy. It especially aims to answer the following questions: 1 The purpose of this study was to investigate student's perception of school climate in the middle school. More specifically, this study examined school climate as it relates to student's academic achievement, attendance, and disciplinary referrals. Participants consisted of 29 females and 14 males in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th and their parents from a rural middle school located in upstate New York students affected, but teachers have also reported fears. Reports of such violent incidents have a devastating impact on students, school personnel, and the community (Chandras, 1999). As the fears of school violence increase, a child's education can be significantly affected. The opportunity for THESIS MEASURING PERCEIVED ACCESSIBILITY OF STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES AT A Students' perceptions were measured using an online survey instrument. The survey was a thirty- environment for students with disabilities to get around the campus and various buildings


school and class time shifts to allow opportunities for collaborative learning. The purpose of this research was to evaluate teacher and student perceptions of high school flipped science classrooms. A qualitative phenomenological study was conducted to observe 3 high school science teachers from Georgia, Nort The undersigned have examined the thesis entitled 'A comparison of students' perception and satisfaction toward the learning of ICT employing blended learning and traditional face-to-face instruction at Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University.' presented by CARLOS J. VEGA, a candidate for the degree of Master of Science in eLearning.

Perceptions of High School Students of the Impact of a School Uniform Policy Stacy L. Gregory High schools are tirelessly pondering ideas of enhancing the learning environment by increasing academic engagement and safety. I hereby authorize the University of Arkansas Libraries to duplicate this thesis when needed for research and/or. Saputri, Vero, Nanda, Dwi. 2020. Students' Perception toward the use of Google Classroom in Teaching and Learning Process. Final Project. English Department. S1 Degree in English Education. Supervisor: Arif Suryo Priyatmojo, S. Pd., M. Pd. Key Words: Students' Perception, Google Classroom This study aimed to identify students' perceptions toward the use of Google Classroom in the. Teachers' perceptions of their school leaders influence student achievement in their schools. The extent of this influence is examined in this study. This quantitative study examined teachers' perceptions of the leadership style of their principals as transformational, transactional or passive-avoidant in improving and non-improving schools. The Effects of an Overnight Environmental Science Education Program on Students' Attendance Rate Change for Middle School Years, Jennifer Elizabeth Basham (Thesis) PDF Effective Technology Implementation in Schools: Differing Perceptions of Teachers, Administrators, and Technology Staff , Joseph Stephen Morelock (Dissertation students' perceptions of the clinical learning environment in the study context. In terms of students' perceptions, there were inconsistencies between the results from V-CLEI and from their structured questions responses. Overall, student scores on the Likert scale were mid-range (possible score 50 - 200) with a mean o

Effects of the school's physical environment on student achievement. Educational Planning, 15 (2): 25-44. Wargocki, P., & Wyon, D. P. (2007). The effects of moderately raised classroom temperatures and classroom ventilation rate on the performance of schoolwork by children (RP-1257) Qiu, Wenhui (2015) Environmental Education Curricula for Middle School Students in Dalad County, Inner Mongolia, China. Rommwatt, Maya (2015) The Impact of Hypoxia on the Louisiana Brown Shrimp Fishery and the Potential for the Public Trust Doctrine to Slow Nonpoint Source Pollutio Masters Theses Student Theses & Publications 2019 This Dissertation/Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Theses & Publications at The The study examined teachers' perceptions oftheir school's mental health system. Specifically, teachers were asked about their role in the identification. Factors Influencing Secondary Students' Perception and Preferences in Choosing a Strand in Senior High School A Research Presented to the College of Education University of Santo Tomas In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for English Subject Area A.Y. 2015-2016 By Cyruss Morning B. Co John Jireh V. Penamora Cyrene S. Rufo Patricia Ysabel A. Tamayo Ma. . Jomelle Alexa C. Tanudra Crisel.

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS' PERCEPTIONS OF BULLYING AND THE EFFECTS OF AN ANTI-BULLYING POLICY A thesis submitted by Ann M. Jones To The School of Education In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education In the field of Education College of Professional Studies Northeastern University Boston, Massachusett Background: Learning is a process of interaction between lecturer and students. Learning is influenced by two factors namely, internal factor and external factor. External factor is a factor that comes from many things around the students or something relate with students' daily activities. There are family, learning environment, lecture and teaching methods

The purpose of this study is to understand what student attitudes are toward using social media in the classroom and if those attitudes influenced how they perceive instructors using social media in the classroom. Implementing a mixed method approach, this study conducted focus groups to gain an in-depth understanding of what student attitudes were and why they held those ideas Exploring the Perceptions of Parents on Parent Involvement in County Community School Students' Academic Achievement by Maria I. Haro Purpose: The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to understand and explain how parents perceive parent engagement affects high school academi Student perceptions of school uniforms: a comparative study of This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by Rowan Digital Works. It has been accepted for inclusion provide a safe and healthy environment for their students. Lopez (2003) suggests that dysfunctional schools, among other things, can hinder the social and.

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In conclusion, students who perceived positive school environment were significantly more likely to have high life satisfaction. Positive changes in the focused areas of school environment have the potential to lead to improved life satisfaction of students. Keywords: life satisfaction, wellbeing, school environment, perception, Sri Lanka. Students' perceptions of their current learning environment were a stronger predictor of learning outcomes at university than prior achievement at school. 6,41 An essential part of identifying what has worked and where improvements could be made in the future is obtaining the feedback from students about the design and implementation of. This implies that although common factors of the school environment may influence school violence, school environment interventions will have to incorporate the specific situation of the school. In evaluating students' perceptions of the school social environment's contribution to violence, more support was found for the theories of social. Title of Thesis: Student Perceptions of Rules for Classroom Interaction Approved: perceptions of high school students regarding the rules for classroom interaction. It is believed that the rules for others, or the media. A child's environment includes the. 5 ideology of society (e.g. formal and informal rules about ho

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Language context in one private Guatemalan school. The research examined the perceptions of teachers and students on Project Based Learning by implementing a four-week project in one classroom. This research also examined the difference between the girls' and boys' perceptions of Project Based Learning. The participants included one teacher. Urban Students' Perceptions of the School Environment's Influence on School Violence. Due to the increasing recognition of the consequences of school violence (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008; Flannery, Wester, & Singer, 2004; Janosz et al., 2008) schools are taking steps to reduce school violence.Currently over 90% of school districts provide funding for the implementation of.

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  1. student perceptions of motivation and self-efficacy at School A and School B. The researcher found that students at School A had a more positive perception in the areas of motivation and self-efficacy than School B, yet School B met its predicted growth score and School A did not
  2. environment principles are important for school districts to use when educating students who have a disability so they can provide instruction for each student in an environment suitable for the child. Children with autism have legislative support to receive education, resources, and interventions (IDEA, 1990, 1997, 2004)
  3. A thesis Submitted to the Victoria University of Wellington As schools must provide students with a safe learning environment, they are School staff's perceptions about cyberbullying 26 3.3.1. Definition of cyberbullying 26 3.3.2. Awareness of cyberbullying 2
  4. Student perceptions of learning can be studied across a wide variety of courses, thereby making the results more generalizable. The Course Outcomes Scale of SIR II One of the additions to the Student Instructional Report in 1995 was the scale of Course Outcomes. Thi

Learning environment is an important base for learning processes of students and for preferences of future workplaces. It is considered as an essential factor in determining the success of an effective curriculum and the students' academic achievements. This study attempts to assess the perception of learning environment among the nursing students The study examined how far students' perceptions of the psychosocial school environment are associated with self‐rated health, life satisfaction and subjective health complaints. Students' perceptions were associated with one or more indicators of subjective health. Perceived health was better in direct proportion to positive perceptions A THESIS SUBMITTED TO THE POST GRADUATE SCHOOL, AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA, NIGERIA, IN PARTIAL 4. Students' perception of public attitude towards Social Studies has from their cultural environment'. Furthermore, the new nation o (WIHIC) questionnaire, which was used to assess students' perceptions of the classroom learning environment. The sample comprised 335 female students in 25 classes, at two South Australian girls' schools. Students at School 1 completed the questionnaires on three separate occasions, each time at the end of the completion o

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  1. ed the perception of secondary school students on the condition of their classroom physical learning environment and its impact on their learning and motivation. Four research questions were asked and answered using descriptive statistics while three hypotheses were formulated and tested using t-test statistics at 0.05 level of significance
  2. A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of California State University, Stanislaus school environment, what elements have motivated students in their decision to engagement means for continuation high school students based on the perceptions and voices of these students who have experienced education in a continuation hig
  3. Emphasizing the importance of students' perceptions of learning in the relational triangle of self, content, and environment is a fundamental theme throughout this thesis. To support the subjectivity of perceptions, the attention is directed towards learner-centered practices, which ar

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through which people receive, organize, and interpret information from their environment. Secondary school students' perception on school rules and regulations therefore, has much effect on the way they obey and adhere to those rules and regulations. Schools around the world are scrambling to ensure that learners are molded to b The purpose of this thesis was to provide information for the school authorities to be able to improve on the nursing degree program. This was done by finding out the perception of nursing career for the first year nursing students in the international program in JAMK University o The environment of the modern schools provides students with plenty of chances to conduct conversations. The students have the chance to debate, converse, tackle issues, and make certain bargains References Acikalin, M. & Duru, E. (2005).The Use Of Computer Technologies In The Social Studies Classroom Student and Teacher Perceptions of Student Engagement Doctor of Philosophy Stephanie Dawn Sutherland Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education University of Toronto 2010 Abstract This study will explore student engagement as a multidimensional construct through a systematic comparative study from the views of students and teachers Australia continues to become culturally diverse. This diversity is being witnessed in Catholic schools. This thesis reports research which employed quantitative data collection methods in investigating students' perceptions of their multicultural classroom environment. By drawing on Catholic school literature, multicultural literature, previous learning environment research and the.

Graduate School of Argosy University/Sarasota It also analyzed students' perceptions on internal and external classroom factors Perception if Classroom Environment Aided Student Learning in the First Accounting Course and First Accounting Course the Grade. 201 23. Perception if Accounting Concepts Easy to Understand Aided Student PERCEPTIONS ABOUT OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS: APPLICATION OF THE HEALTH BELIEF MODEL A Thesis by ALYSSE RIGGS Submitted to the Graduate School at Appalachian State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE May 2017 Department of Nutrition and Healthcare Managemen measuring environmental perceptions and sense of place in franklin county, florida a thesis submitted to the graduate school in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of science geography by michael sutton advisor: dr. michael hawkins department of geography ball state university muncie, indiana april, 200 Kuhn, L. (2004). Student perceptions of school counselor roles and functions.Unpublished thesis to the faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Maryland, College Park. Johnson, D., (2000). Group counseling strategies for rural at risk high school students. High School Journal, 83 (2), 41-51. Kuhn, L., (2004) Parent perceptions of parent-school partnership efforts for students with disabilities STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES A thesis submitted to the Graduate College of activities which occur within the context of the school environment, such as school-based volunteer opportunities, family nights, and/or parent-teacher conferences..

Coyne, Amy Yarborough, The Relationship Between Perceptions of School Climate and Student Achievement in Schools That Use Jostens' Renaissance Programs (2012). Dissertations. 387. organizational environment, or the school climate, addresses characteristics of safe teaching and learning environments where relationships are important. These. Samdal, O., Wold, B., & Bronis, M. (1999). Relationship between students' perceptions of school environment, their satisfaction with school and perceived academic achievement: an international study. School Effectiveness and School Improvement: An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice, 10(3), 296-320 contact with students with barriers to learning, namely the educators. This study is intended to focus on the perceptions of educators towards inclusive education. As Landsberg (2005) states perceptions are assumptions, beliefs and attitudes that are directly translated into actions an

Thesis topics on environmental science might be tricky, because not all of them answer up-to-date situation. Here is the list of the most timely and recent ones for you. Toll free: US 1-855-402-6151 UK +44-808-164-5587. 20 Timely Thesis Topics for Environmental Science Students Theses, Student Research, and Creative Activity: Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Spring 4-11-2014 STUDENTS' PERCEPTIONS OF ACADEMIC SELF-EFFICACY AND SELF-REGULATION WHILE LEARNING IN A 1:1 LAPTOP ENVIRONMENT Joan M. Carrahe Rather, there is variability in individual perceptions of a school's climate, and researchers propose that it is the subjective perception of the environment that influences individual student outcomes. Thus, if a student feels that a teacher does not care about her, this perception will impact the student's behavior in the classroom learning outcomes for all students in Far North Queensland. The policy was developed to address perceptions of poor teaching quality brought about, in part, by Queensland's performance in the inaugural 2008 NAPLAN tests (Hardy, 2016). At the same time, teachers at the school where • There is a significant difference in students' perceptions of WMU's communication during an extreme winter weather event among class standing; • There is a significant difference in students' perceptions of safety during an extreme winter weather event at WMU among class standing. The format of this thesis will be as follows

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The controversy surrounding the teaching of sex education has ranged the world over, with different schools of thought imposing their attitudes and perception towards sex and the teaching of the same with little if any consideration of the views and needs of youth in dynamic society. This dynamism has propagated divergent perception ranging from reactionary to liberal thought Discipline is an important component of human behavior, and one could assert that without it, an organization cannot function well toward the achievement of its goals. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of school rules and regulations on students' perception toward promoting good behavior. The data were obtained from 438 respondents through a mailed questionnaire instrument A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of California State University, Stanislaus Clinical social workers work in the environment, communities, and social systems 2. What are social work student perceptions regarding their field practicum experiences in relation to clinical social work? 3. How do students describe their academic preparation. student behavior, setting classroom rules, reinforcing positive behavior, and imposing disciplinary consequences for inappropriate behavior. For this reason, an understanding of teachers' perceptions is critical in effectively implementing any school-based program that impacts students. Cyber Bullyin effect of indoor environmental quality on occupant's perception of performance: a comparative study by preethi prakash a thesis presented to the graduate school of the university of florida in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of interior design university of florida 200 This paper aims to understand how certain different but interrelated variables such as background, motivation, and social support could lead to an explanation of student attitudes towards math and to an understanding of the defining characteristics of these attitudes in the school environment. Participants consisted of 1719 Portuguese students, from fifth-to-twelfth grade