Why does my phone say roaming when i'm not

03-10-2018 02:26 PM. I bought a new phone yesterday to replace an existing one. When I try to place a call I get a message that says You are roaming, to call your mobile carrier or any other phone number, purchase a calling pin by pressing 1 now. To place a collect call to a mobile phone or a landline phone dial 2 now and I can not receive calls Lilykath, nothing has changed over the last year on our end. You will need to dial *228 and choose option to 2 to update the roaming capabilities on your device. If you're unable to do this, please power your device off/on to soft reset it. By the way, which make/model phone do you have

If you have a T-Mobile SIM (not VoiceStream, Powertel, etc), then in terms of the network you are roaming because all T-Mobile SIMs have 310-260 programmed as the home network ID. In the northeast our network id is 310-160 (old Omnipoint) so because the phone finds a foreign network it says it is roaming My phone keeps saying its roaming and I am in the area. Please help! Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hicksonpuppies, Jul 18, 2011. hicksonpuppies Lurker. Thread Starter. My phone is telling me its roaming but I am in my home area. I dont know how to change this or make it go away. Any suggestions Okay so I flashed a 920I stock image on my SM-920I and now my phone says it's roaming. It's working fine mind you, calls and all, but there is the R symbol. If I turn roaming off, it says I can't use data. I'm confused The word roam takes on an entirely new meaning when applied to an Android phone. It means that your phone receives a cell signal whenever you're outside your cell phone carrier's operating area. In that case, your phone is roaming

The roaming indicator DOES NOT let you know if text and data are available. Usually it is when flashing, but there are flashing roaming partners that one or neither work. (example: Cellular South, no data). This will probably change once we migrated to Verizon My phone displays Preferred system at the top where it used to say Verizon Wireless and there is a R next to the signal strength indicator. I first noticed this on 9/30/2019. My phone recently updated to Android 10. I'm not noticing any issues with calls, texts, or data. I also know I am not actually roaming. I'm on the VZW network in. Most phones can be set to a 'no roaming' policy, but you risk missing some calls while it tries to find an un-occupied bit of your carrier to latch onto. You know its roaming, so it is alerting you to it. Can you set the alert level higher? Maybe even block outgoing calls when roaming

Tap Cellular Data Options and make sure that Data Roaming is on. Then, to check that international roaming is turned on for your account, contact your carrier. If the date and time are wrong after you arrive, go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Make sure that Set Automatically is turned on So, if your regular phone service is 4G/LTE, and you roam to a country where the carriers don't support 4G roaming, your connection will fail. You'd expect it to fall back to 3G, just like it does.. Voice Roaming. A glitch in the wireless network roaming partner of your carrier can cause this when it gets you onboard their network per their agreement with your carrier. Such problems are common worldwide. Users report that turning the voice roaming setting off and on again often resolves a no service problem What does the DOG say at the top of your screen on the phone and what network is indicated - should be Virgin. Oh and where are you in the UK because unless you are round the Kent coast between Whitstable and Margate and perhaps Foulness in Essex it surpassingly unlikely the phone has roamed onto a Belgian network accidentally Quick answer: Roaming charges occur when you use your phone outside your carrier's coverage area. Avoid them by adjusting data settings, using airplane mode, and downloading content for offline use

This doesn't answer your question but at least for me after my phone updated even if I'm in places that I know it's not roaming for whatever reason it always shows roaming now. for the past three years I've never seen roaming in my area but now it shows it everywhere even at my house that is full signal and as always gotten 60 megabits per second down Roaming on new iphone. Hello, I'm a migrated Virgin Mobile customer and my wife and I bought 2 new iPhone SE for the first time after VM migrated to boost. I used to have great coverage at my home address, but now both phones are constantly roam. I need a solution, as this is unacceptable What Roaming Is. First, let's tackle what it means when your phone is roaming.. Roaming is when your phone leaves the range of your network and loses its signal. This goes a little further than simply going into rural parts of the country; it means leaving the country altogether! When you're in a country that's out of range of.

Wi-Fi calling is a great feature, automatically switching a regular phone call to a Wi-Fi network if your phone detects that you can get a better signal that way. That said, in some cases, Wi-Fi calling can interfere with a cellular connection. As a quick fix, try switching off Wi-Fi calling if you're on a cellular connection already When you are roaming your phone is connecting to a tower that is not owned or operated by your specific wireless carrier. To find Data Roaming on your phone go to: Settings. Cellular Data. Data Roaming. When roaming is on the switch will be green. Do not worry, data roaming does not have any effect on your phone bill when you are in the United. Why does my phone say roaming when I'm home and I have no internet connection when I have wifi? This is on the Galaxy S3 and it just started the roaming thing but since purchasing last Nov I've noticed internet connectivity is hit and miss with this phone! English (US) Español If you are having a problem with calls or data while roaming, please contact us to report your roaming problem. For domestic roaming, chat with us by clicking on the chat icon at any time. When you are roaming, you will not be able to contact Sprint Customer Care by dialing *2 Talk. For international roaming, chat with Sprint Worldwide Care at.

Why am I getting a message that says I am roaming

Why does my screen say RM/Roam? The RM/Roam is the roaming icon for your phone model. Why is my phone roaming if I'm in my local area? Please go to Service and Support and select Technical Support on our website and follow the instructions provided. This will help determine if your phone is deducting the correct amount of minutes for calls. A word of warning : It's a good idea to turn off Voice Roaming when you're traveling internationally to avoid a massive phone bill when you come home. Go to Settings -> Carriers and turn off automatic carrier selection. Your iPhone may stop saying No Service if you manually choose which cellular network to connect to Do not attach the back cover yet. While your phone is on, remove then insert the SIM card three times. You will be prompted to restart your phone. Restart your phone, and you will no longer see the error while searching for a network And even when you do see the Extended signal, there's usually no need to shut your phone down or switch it into airplane mode to avoid roaming charges. Instead, you can mostly continue using your device as normal. You should notice only a few small differences between domestic roaming and your regular service There are various reasons it does not work on your Android phone. Depending on how the issue is occurring, you can take appropriate actions to fix the issue on your device. Once you have resolved the issue, you will be able to both send and receive multimedia content via MMS on your device

Why does my phone give me the Roaming message when

My landline phones are saying Line In Use. For the last several days we have been unable to use our landline. The cordless handsets we use both have the Line In Use light lit up, and when we try the line there is no dial tone. How can I reset my phone line so the line is freed up? Questions. •. Updated. 5 months ago. 36.3K When you are roaming your phone is connecting to a tower that is not owned or operated by your specific wireless carrier. To find Data Roaming on your phone go to: Settings. Cellular Data. Data Roaming. When roaming is on the switch will be green. Do not worry, data roaming does not have any effect on your phone bill when you are in the United. Data roaming is when your phone uses a mobile network that is not owned by your provider to send and receive data. A common example of when this happens is when you are abroad. Your provider may charge you extra for data roaming. If you have two SIM cards in your device, find out how to use or manage dual SIM cards To determine your data roaming eligibility: Go to My T-Mobile, and log in to your account. Click Account at the top of the page. Find the line you want to check. Click the > next to ADD ONS. Click the > next to PLAN . Check the limit of your high-speed data feature in the following table: Data feature / plan. Domestic roaming data limit

How much does roaming cost? What you pay for roaming charges will depend on your carrier, but plan for roaming charges to breakdown somewhat like this: $0.25 per minute while talking on the phone. $0.10 cents per text message. $2-$5 per MB of data. Needless to say, it is way too expensive to rely on roaming data during your, well, roaming Roaming mobile devices consume more power than normal day-to-day operations around town. Find out why and what you can do about it Also, says I'm roaming. I'm not. AT&T Lumia 950 Side note, when my screen is locked (glance) it shows the time and any other info on the bottom half of the screen like normal, but after it woke me up this morning, all the info and time was in the top half of the screen but my background was normal Responses. Accepted Solution. Official Solution. kdfederer. ACE - Expert. •. 12.4K Messages. 7 years ago. Try power cycling your phone, That will re-establish a connection to the system

why does my phone say roaming when i'm not

I'm trying to download the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app and it says app not available in your country (I know for sure app is available in the US b/c several friends have downloaded it) In the app playstore, under Account it says that my address is in the US. When i go to the website pay.google.com it also says that my address is the US Click Apply, Ok. This setting Fakes your location. Even though location services have been disabled or faked, a great deal of information about where you are located is sent just by using the Internet. Your IP address can narrow your location down to your country and maybe even the city you are located in Answer. While you may not be using your phone with applications such as Google Chrome, your phone will use what is technically considered to be cellular data for some services, such as texting and picture messaging. This data usage would show in the Data Usage screens in your phone's traditional settings menus under Data Usage but won't.

My phone keeps saying its roaming and I am in the area

Not being able to use your phone until it cools down. Charging slows down or stops completely. Display keeps dimming or goes black. Camera flash stops working. Apps don't work properly or start crashing. Some of these things don't necessarily have to be the result of overheating. But if your phone gets hot several times a day and if it. Important notice about domestic data use while off the T‑Mobile network. As of April 5, 2012 there is a limit on the amount of data that can be used while a T‑Mobile customer's device is connected to another provider's network (off-network or domestic roaming). Customers that are domestically roaming will receive free text message usage alerts once they reach 80% and 100%.

I have an iphone6 which is only 3yrs old. I'm currently having issues with my cellular data not working and wifi not connecting. I called my cell phone carrier and he walked me through the necessary steps to hopefully fix the problem. 1) General, reset, reset all settings, reset Network Settings. 2) Cellular data is turned on but still not. How to turn off data roaming on an Android for MMS messages . In general, text messages don't use mobile data, so you don't have to worry about being charged for them Uswitch reckons a holidaymaker who opts out and doesn't make use of free Wi-Fi or switch off data roaming could amass a £500-a-day bill, depending on where they are in the world. There are apps.

You can access the Data Roaming setting by following these steps within the phone menus: From the Home screen, swipe up to bring up Apps . Select the Settings icon. Choose Mobile networks . Select the switch on Data Roaming Access to toggle it on or off. Select OK to confirm your selection At 100%, you will have the option to suspend your data roaming service for the month or continue to use it and pay the overage charges. If charges are accepted, you will continue to receive text or email notifications at 20% increments. Data roaming is 25¢/MB (for plans starting after August 8, 2010) after you hit your plan's monthly data. Turn on your Samsung galaxy. While your phone is on, remove your SIM card and then re-insert it. Repeat this five times. (On some android phones, you need to remove the battery before taking out the sim card. If this is this issue, please skip this step) A message will appear saying that you need to Restart your Phone- click it Domestic roaming is usually free on all the major cellular providers. Unfortunately, international roaming often involves being charged data roaming fees that become costly quickly. Learn what data roaming is and what you can do to avoid charges while traveling. Data roaming is different from an extended network

Step 1. Power off your device and if the battery is removable, remove the battery. Step 2. Get a toothpick or needle and carefully put the toothpick into the charging port. Step 3. Gently level up the tab for a little. Then take out the toothpick. Step 4. Connect your phone to a charger and see if it is charging The issue is related to my iphone, since the SIM card works fine on my wife's phone, and her SIM does not work on my iphone 5s. I wiped out and restored my phone from backup still the same. I have the latest IOS. Last two weeks I spent oversease, and used two sim cards from two carriers oversease. No, issue over there Apple Bursts The Carriers' Bubble. Apple released FaceTime Audio in 2013, which for the first time gave iPhone users the ability to choose how they wanted to make voice-only calls in the Phone app.They could use the network of cell towers (called Voice Call in the Phone app) or use their Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to make phone calls over the internet, a feature that Apple called.

Roaming charges can reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you're not careful. Roaming is generally not included in your plan, and roaming rates may be higher. Most providers offer roaming packages or add-ons that you can buy before you go. Ask your provider for details Roaming calls that are in progress will be allowed to complete even if they exceed the 50th minute. We will send you a free text message after you reach the 50th minute so you know you will not be able to make any more domestic roaming calls until your plan restarts for the next month. But don't worry Going to Roaming to check if the setting Voice Roaming is on. In the United States, this setting should be on for most of the people. Carriers do not currently charge for cellular roaming as they did in the past. Note that it is important to know how voice data and voice roaming on the iPhone work. It can help users in a number of ways With our new self-serve tools, it's easier than ever! Log in / Register. Site map. Jobs@Bell. About Bell. Register for MyAccount. BellMedia.ca. Accessibility. Bell Let's Talk

Phone says I'm roaming

Doing this is probably the easiest way to fix the SIM error: Emergency Calls Only. Tap Restart. 2. Soft reset the device. Unplug the phone from any power source and remove the battery. Wait 30 seconds or more and re-insert the battery. Unplug your phone. 3. Adjust the SIM card Why You Should Care Whether You're Using Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. Both Wi-Fi and cellular data allow you to connect to the Internet. But how you connect can make a difference in the speed of your connection, the cost of your monthly cell phone bill and the security of your information OK. I'm all about honesty and full disclosure. So, I was certain that my phone had never said Off network before. I was sure of this because I the ATT reception in my office stinks and that's the first thing I check when I turn on the phone is to see whether it says ATT with 1 bar or 2 When traveling some services, such as domestic data applications, voicemail or call waiting, may not be available or work as expected. Please be sure to turn data off in your settings menu if you do not plan to use data while traveling internationally. CDMA-only devices will not work outside the U.S., Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands

How to Handle Roaming on an Android Phone - dummie

There are some telltale signs you can use to determine why your phone is heating up. First off, heating can be caused by faulty hardware, but it can also be triggered by software glitches. There are three main areas in a phone that generate heat: the battery, CPU, and screen. When a phone gets hot, the battery is usually the first place to look. You hate contracts, and so do we. That's why all of our plans are 100% no contract. BEST COVERAGE. We're on all four of America's best networks. See how you can always get the best coverage for less. MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS. Get the smartphone you want and pay over time. BEST PHONES. Find the phone that's best for you or keep your own. Phase 2: Enter 'Download' mode to repair and resolve'why does my phone keep turning off'. Step 1: On your Android device, go to 'Download' mode following the instructions. For a device with the 'Home' button - Turn off the mobile and then hold down the 'Home', 'Volume Down', and 'Power' buttons together nearly for.

My phone says I'm roaming when I'm not

If you have purchased an international roaming package or otherwise added international roaming service and turned on your wireless phone abroad, it will automatically search for a wireless network. When the name or network number of the local operator is displayed, your phone should be ready to use. 1 Windows 10, Says I'm not the Administrator of my own computer any more. I just rebooted my computer and now it says I'm not the Administrator and won't let me save a file. I says I can save them to Documents but when I go to find it nothing is there

Go to: Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming. Turn off. (To make it easy, the iPhone even says Turn data roaming off when traveling to avoid charges when web browsing and using email and other data services.) 2. Turn off Cellular Data. When I'm traveling in Europe, I usually turn off my cellular data, as well I'm in the Chicago suburbs and had the same thing. Restarted my phone and it switched back to AT&T. Running the latest insider version (slow ring) of W10 on a 640 and my phone has been burning thru data. On WiFi almost all the time and never hit half a gig in a month. Says I've used 4gb this month This message Unregistered SIM means your phone is not properly active in the cellular system. Please call Consumer Cellular's Customer Support team at (888) 345-5509 (888) 345-5509 or contact an agent using our online chat to report the problem so we can correct it. I can't place or receive calls

Roaming indicator on since shortly after Android 10 update

US Mobile is 100% contract free, so if you choose to leave us, all you need to do is disable the Auto Pay and remove the US Mobile SIM card from your phone. Your service will end automatically at the expiration of the billing cycle and will stay that way unless you decide to renew it Hi Chad, I'm not sure about the other cell services, I had Verizon before switching to Project Fi, but Project Fi will use wi-fi as it's first choice for making calls, if that signal isn't. This can be fixed normally by following the steps below: Leave a voicemail on the number. Check messages and delete (this can be done via landline or mobile phone). Wait for 'exit' command to disconnect. If the notification is still there restart your GSM phone or run a profile update on your CDMA phone Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast

My cell phone says I'm roaming when I'm not

For some reason when people try to call me from time to time it says I'm engaged / busy, however I'm not using the phone at all. Next time they try to call me it goes straight through. I have full signal (EE), full battery, updated software, standard factory settings (I.e.not on flight mode or do not disturb etc), iPhone 5s. any help would be. Note: This article will use access point or AP to refer to the devices creating your Wi-Fi network. This includes wireless routers, mesh nodes, Wi-Fi systems, Wi-Fi extenders, etc. In the end, they all meet the definition of an access point, i.e. a network device that enables Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network. STA (station) will be used to refer to wireless client devices Hope someone can help me here. I have a Samsung Galaxy S and recently switched from Meteor to 3. My problem is that when I turn on my phone it indicates that I'm roaming but I'm in Dublin. I am connected to 3 but it has the R symbol by the indicator for signal strength. I go to Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators I do not use wireless for this computer, but I do have it enabled for my iPad touch and the appdata roaming is showing all my activity on this computer. I'm a little concerned about this. I recently did a clean install of Windows due to a virus and I'm about a week in on that clean install and now this has appeared To check your airtime balance, dial *556#. While roaming, you can credit your phone using your bank account, myMTN App or vouchers. When You Arrive. To enjoy data roaming, go to settings and turn on your 'data roaming' Set phone on 3G or 4G where applicable. To subscribe to any roaming bundle, dial *123*4# or visit myMTN App

About cellular data roaming options for your iPhone and

  1. g Off. This is essentially the nuclear option and shuts off your cellular data entirely when you're out of the country. If you choose this option, you'll still be able to get phone calls and texts whenever you're logged into a Wi-Fi network or hotspot. But your phone will not send or receive data on networks such as 3G, 4G.
  2. Normally, as long as you're on wifi, you're gonna be 'active' on facebook , whether you're using it or not. I kid you not, i've got a friend who has blocked me in the middle of the night seeing my active green dot on messenger when i was deep asle..
  3. Dear Lifehacker,I'm a fan of speech-recognition services like Siri, but it seems likehalf the time it has no idea what I'm trying to say. Is there some sort of trick to make it understand me better

Maybe I'm crazy, but I believe Google when they say they don't do it. They have a lot to lose if they were ever proven to be lying. In your example, it could be that the second most popular usage of funera is for potatoes. Since your first query was not successful, Google took a guess at the next most popular thing My s7 has a mild and inconsistent flicker. sometimes there is a gray film over the screen, but I can still see and use the phone with no problems. If all this means my phone is going to die, I need to replace it (I have ordered A51). BUT if the flicker does NOT mean the phone is dying, I have other things to spend $$ on So I rang them, but the guy said, 'I can understand you are upset, but you did activate roaming', even though he acknowledged I hadn't even sent any messages on my phone. T-Mobile refused to. One thing that I found strange was that when I arrived in Puerto Rico (2/13), I received a message on my Verizon phone that I was roaming and that I roaming rates may apply. As it turned out, there were no roaming charges for on my bill for calling, texting or data usage In order to activate your phone, you will need both a Boost Mobile SIM card and the phone's IMEI number. Find your phone's IMEI or MEID (DEC) number by opening up the phone dial pad and pressing *#06# If this does not work, then you can look under the battery (phones with removable batteries only) or in the phone's settings menu

How to fix the iPhone No Service error while roaming

No Service on your Cell Phone? 14 Ways You Can Fix That

Reduce your screen brightness: Keeping the screen at a reasonable brightness level will reduce the strain on your phone's battery (and your eyes). Restart your phone: Occasionally restarting your phone can help prevent overheating due to minor software problems. Fully close apps when not using them: The more apps you have open at once, the harder your phone has to work Thread starter Similar threads Forum Replies Date; P: Question Volume key is not working when doing hard reset of LG G8 phone.: Android Smartphones: 0: May 21, 2021: Question I factory reset my phone and now my Wi-Fi is connected but don't get full line, it's get 1 or 2 line of wifi: Android Smartphones: 0: Apr 1, 2021: S: Question My LG phoenix 5 shows connected to wifi and say no internet Unlike some of the other carriers, T-Mobile does not have a huge block of high-band to augment their service in dense urban markets. Your 6s has all the current bands and two-way carrier aggregation. It's a good phone. T-Mobile is working to get their 10x10 MHz of 700 MHz (band-71) spectrum online ASAP If just one particular person is failing to receive iMessages, but everyone else has received them, how do you know the message wasn't received? Did you get a message on your end that said, not delivered in red lettering? If so, either the messa.. Make sure that WiFi is toggled on and that iOS 11.2 or higher is installed. In your iPhone's settings, go to Cellular. Select WiFi Calling. Toggle on the WiFi calling on this iPhone switch. Select Enable when you see the popup. Follow the instructions to register your emergency address and accept Terms and Conditions

Your roaming fees are determined by your telephone model. The majority of TracFone telephones are not charged additional fees for roaming but are charged one unit of airtime per minute as in all other calls. However, some older TracFone models - which are generally non-GSM network phones - may be charged two units of airtime per minute If you're thinking My phone was hacked, how do I fix it?, let's take a look at what you can do. Signs Someone Is Hacking Your Phone. Unknown Apps: A hacked phone will frequently have unfamiliar apps running in the background. These are special hacker apps not available in the official app store

My iPhone thinks I'm in Belgium but I'm i - Apple Communit

  1. Check that your ringer volume is loud enough and that the phone is not set to silent or vibrate only. Make sure that no call blocking features are enabled, such as Do not Disturb. Check that Call Forwarding is not turned on; Make sure your phone is not set to auto answer. Ensure your network mode is set to global or automatic
  2. g, so assume that as long as I'm in the UK it won't roam to a network that's not part of this agreement. What I'm not sure about under this circumstance is data. I've disabled data roa
  3. 1 year ago. Edited. After I have verificated my phone number some of my discord servers (About 3 or 4) just disappeared and now I can't enter there. I've connected with creator of one of this server and he is saying that I'm not in ban list of the server. When I'm trying to join on server from PC app I see message about Invalid Invite but if.
  4. To ensure that your Lycamobile SIM Card remains active you must make a call or send a text at least once every 4 months. Alternatively, you can top your credit up. If you do not make a call, send a text or top up your account by the end of the 4 month period, your account will be closed and you will lose any credit on your account
  5. g in the well-maintained farmhouse garden. She was looking at the plants and their flowers. Arnav was watching her from his room..
  6. g. Roa

Take These Simple Steps To Avoid Data Roaming Charge

  1. If the person who has your iPhone removes the SIM, your phone will essentially vanish from the internet (unless it is connected to Wi-Fi). On the plus side, the phone needs a SIM to use cellular phone networks, so even if the thief puts a different SIM card in it, the phone will be visible to Find My iPhone next time it comes online
  2. Power your phone back on. 5.) Go back to Settings -> iTunes and Appstore, and sign back into your Apple ID. 6.) Go back to Settings -> Messages, and turn iMessage back to ON. Wait for iMessage service to activate. 7.) Go into Send/Receive again, and verify that your phone number is now checked off
  3. g services
  4. When traveling outside my home calling area, why do I hear The call you are trying to place is not allowed from this line when trying to access my Voicemail from my wireless phone? — Text Messagin
  5. Find and select your country from the drop-down menu. The country code will automatically appear after that. Type in your phone number next to the country code. Remember not to put any 0 in front of the number. Select Next.. This action will send a request for a verification code to WhatsApp
  6. g user file, try opening the user again. Dragon NaturallySpeaking will download a new copy from the master roa

Why does Samsung Galaxy S8 roam when roaming is disabled

  1. Now that we established that your SIM card is not to blame for this, let's see if we can say the same about your built-in messaging app. Here's how: Go to Settings > Apps. Make sure All apps filter is selected. Scroll through the list until you find the built-in messaging apps and tap on it. It's usually called Messaging
  2. g Protocol is IPv4v6. For chatr MMS settings: The MMS APN is chatrweb.apn
  3. Do not attempt to guess your PUK code as incorrect entries may result in permanent locking of the SIM Card. If you have an active TPG plan in the Vodafone network, you can obtain your PUK number by logging into My Account.Once you are logged in, go to View Mobile Service Accounts, and then go to Get PUK Code under the mobile account you wish to get the code for
  4. Why does my Android Wifi Keep Turning Off If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption
  5. Initially, it was said SIMs would not need to be changed but now they do, despite COVID-19 and that fact that sometimes, the new ones don't work. So, yes, you do need to change your SIM. I am not an expert, just an old bloke hoping Virgin will one day respond to my questions
  6. Please check your WiFi to make sure that you have turned on your computer's Wi-Fi signal/capability. If your computer is not equipped with Wi-Fi, but is instead hard wired directly to your router/modem, geolocation will not work properly. In this case many players have found success using a Wi-Fi Adapter, which can be purchased at most major.
  7. Roaming on new iphone Boost Mobile Communit
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