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Gaius Julius Caesar is regarded as one of the best military general and leaders in the history of the Roman Empire. He formed the First Triumvirate with Pompey the Great and Crassus after he was elected consul and proconsul in 59 BC Oliver Hazard Perry was one of greatest commanders the U.S. Navy had ever seen, his reward, an entire class of frigates named in his honor. 4

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  1. The Greatest Commanders of History: Take Three (this time with a chart!) Happy new year, first of all. I've posted on here twice in the past year, to show off the latest incarnations of my leader list, my slightly dumb hobby of identifying and ranking the greatest military commanders in history
  2. I can list five candidates who are incomparable military commanders throughout history so that you can vote for yourself. Starting with the one from my own people: 1. Huo Qubing, 140-117 B.C. Huo Qubing was a remarkable general whose military achi..
  3. 20/ Julius Caesar - Perhaps all of ancient history ends with Julius Caesar; one of the greatest commanders of all time. It was said that when Caesar saw a statue of Alexander the Great in southern Spain, he wept openly, decrying that whilst Alexander had conquered the known world at 33, yet he at even older had achieved nothing
  4. Although there have been many good military leaders, only a few military geniuses can be considered the greatest military commanders who had ever lived. The following are, in my own humble opinion, the top 10 leaders in history who have shown extreme brilliance and unmatched bravery on the battlefield. 10. Charlemagne (742-814
  5. Jan Žižka. Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha (c.1360 - 1424)was a Czech general, a contemporary and follower of Jan Hus, Hussite military leader, and later also a Radical Hussite who led the Taborites. Žižka is held to be one of the most renowned military leaders by many historians and today he is widely considered a Czech national hero
  6. Recently my uncle sent me an article by Michael Peck from back in June titled, The 5 Greatest U.S. Generals in History. Overall, the list isn't bad: George Washington, Winfield Scott, Ulysses S. Grant, George Marshall, and Matthew Ridgway. It could, however, be a lot better. All five Peck selected have their own merits

I've been compiling a list of the greatest commanders in history. The criteria for making it to the list is essentially that the general in question has to be a campaigner. That is basically the reason why you won't see me adding Divisional commanders or Panzer leaders into the this list Either way, in its nearly 250-year history, America has produced some very good and very bad generals. Each was great in his own way, in the circumstances of his time and in the qualities that. History's Greatest Military Commanders: The Brilliant Military Strategies Of Hannibal, Alexander The Great, Sun Tzu, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, And 30 Other Historical Commanders Barry Linton 3.9 out of 5 stars 7 Mahmud was the first leader in history to carry the title ‘Sultan' which means ‘authority,' and he is probably the greatest leader of the Ghaznavid Empire. Mahmud was born in 971 in modern day Afghanistan and his father Sabuktigin is credited with founding the empire

Similar History Discussions History Forum Date; Another list of greatest military commanders: Military History: Nov 19, 2020: Your List of 15 Greatest Indians in History: Asian History: Jul 28, 2016: Greatest Novelist: Culture / Arts: Jan 21, 2013: Genghiz Khan possibly the greatest environmentalist ever? Asian History: Feb 15, 201 10 Most Brilliant Military Leaders. Throughout history you have leaders and followers. Naturally one cannot work without the other, but most if not all of the time, history remembers the leaders, the revolutionaries, erstwhile the foll

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Sun Zi, or Sun Tzu, was a prominent military general during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) who is always regarded as one of the greatest military strategists in China and even the World. Sun Zi wrote the famous war strategy book The Art of War , which show people his military philosophy in only 13 chapters with 5,000 words History's Greatest Military Commanders: The Brilliant Military Strategies Of Hannibal, Alexander The Great, Sun Tzu, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, And 30 Other Historical Commanders [Linton, Barry] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. History's Greatest Military Commanders: The Brilliant Military Strategies Of Hannibal, Alexander The Great, Sun Tz First, a few caveats: Arsht told RealClearLife he simply scraped a Wikipedia page of chronological battles for his baseline dataset - and this data can be imperfect or inconsistent even within the Wikipedia universe. (Alexander the Great, for instance, was commander in nine battles on the list, but a page for him lists more than 20 if you count sieges and other variations on conflict

Hannibal is arguably one of the greatest military generals in history. He was the son of Hamilcar Barca who was the leading Carthaginian commander during the First Punic War. Hannibal Barca swore a blood oath to his father that he would forever be an enemy of Rome. He kept his oath and battled against the Romans till the end Hannibal is often regarded as one of the greatest military tacticians in history and one of the greatest generals of Mediterranean antiquity, together with Philip of Macedon, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Scipio Africanus and Pyrrhus Here are the most badass military generals in U.S. history. War is hell, especially when these are the men shooting at you. General Joseph Fighting Joe Hooker 1814-187

Today we will discuss about the 15 greatest military leaders of ancient times that every one of you must know about. The ancient world saw many a great commanders and generals that won hundreds of fierce battles not merely with their tact, courage but also because these men had true virtue Used Books Starting at $3.59. Free Shipping Available. Shop Now This was one of history's first coordinated air-ground offensives. World War II. Gen. Dwight D. Ike Eisenhower: Appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as supreme allied commander in Europe, the future two-term president oversaw the most successful allied coalition in military history Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the greatest military commanders of all time. He brought Revolutionary France back from the brink of destruction with his Italian campaign in 1796 and 1797. He made a. There have been many great commanders, and the debate will never end as to who was best of all, but this collection of resources examines a few of the prime candidates as well as such lesser-known but equally influential figures as Gaozu, who founded the Tang Dynasty, perhaps China's greatest, and Jang Bogo, who might sound like a Star Wars.

José Antonio Páez. A Latin American herder, Páez became a cavalry officer during the continent's wars of independence in the 19th century. A gifted rider and leader, he was known as the Centaur of the Plains. Like many of the best cavalry commanders, his greatness came from boldness Both large and small-scale wars and battles have been fought throughout the millennia. Through this quiz, you'll be able to take a trip throughout history - from antiquity to modern times - and test your knowledge of wars and the great military commanders who took part in them Women Warriors — Meet Seven of History's Most Amazing Female Commanders. Emilia Plater was the Polish Joan of Arc. At the age of 25, she raised and led her own army against the Russians in 1830. Although women military leaders are rare throughout history, they are far from unheard of. Joan D'Arc and Boudica are two of the more famous. With these kind of things it's almost impossible to ever really know for sure as every general in history operated in different circumstances with different challenges. However if I had to pick the ten I thought most likely to be the answer I'd pr.. No list of the top 10 greatest American generals (or greatest generals in world history for that matter) can ever exclude Washington in my opinion. Though often underrated as a tactician - and.

The War List: Great Tank Commanders. Credited with destroying 138 tanks, 132 antitank guns, and uncounted other vehicles on the Russian front and at Normandy, SS-Hauptsturmführer Wittmann is best known for his rampage against the British 7th Armored Division outside Villers-Bocage in June 1944, devastating as many as 14 tanks, 2 antitank guns. No list of the top 10 greatest American generals (or greatest generals in world history for that matter) can ever exclude Washington in my opinion. Though often underrated as a tactician - and yes, he did have his tactical flaws - Washington was a strategic genius and a master at raw leadership. He knew how to build an army from nothing Armchair historians often generalize that during the American Civil War, while the Union held a clear advantage in material, the Confederacy could field superior commanders. That may have been true in the east (the worst of the Union generals in that theater rates his own entry on this list), but in the west it was a much different affair

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  1. Here are the most badass military generals in U.S. history. War is hell, especially when these are the men shooting at you. General Joseph Fighting Joe Hooker 1814-187
  2. In my opinion, Alexander the Great was the greatest military commander in history. His ability to successfully adapt strategy and tactics to virtually every branch of warfare sets him apart from every other great commander. He took his army some 20,000 miles in 13 years, not once suffering a major setback, let alone a defeat
  3. ed, and required a series of accidents and twists of fate to bring them to the point where their innate courage.

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Hannibal (247-183/182 BC) The Carthaginian general is considered one of the most brilliant military commanders in history. In 218 BC, he invaded Italy by crossing the Alps and inflicted several devastating defeats to the Roman army, most notably at Trebia, Trasimene, and Cannae Lee was a superb commander who masterfully defeated a series of hapless Union generals, and held his own to the bitter end against Grant. Had he accepted an offer to command the Union army at the beginning of the war, America's bloodiest conflict might have ended in four months instead of four years Cordoba is the father of trench warfare and commonly called the The Great Captain. Cordoba pioneered modern warfare, and greatly influenced some of the greatest and most well known generals, and tacticians in history, including Wellington, and the best generals of Charles V, and Philip II Commanders of Chaos: The 5 Worst Generals in U.S. History. These American commanders have lost the battle for history. by Michael Peck. It would be nice if all American generals were great. How.

Greatest commanders in history. Discussion in 'The War Room' started by Slick146, Feb 22, 2017. Page 6 of 9 < Prev 1. I think it is fair to add two names to the list of the Greatest Commanders in History: 8. Napoleon 9. Wellington Who else deserves to be on the list? 04-15-2011, 11:18 AM djmilf : 5,302 posts, read 5,062,345 times Reputation: 4647. Napoleon obviously had little use for naval officers.. America's legendary military history is dotted with some of the greatest generals and admirals to ever put on a uniform. While there have been thousands of high-ranking U.S. Army generals and and military leaders in American history, only a few have truly changed the world with their bravery, intelligence, strategic planning ability, and the way they look wearing a uniform full of medals

First, he defeated the Marshalls of France at a time when they were acknowledged to be the greatest commanders of the day. Second, John Churchill held together the Grand Alliance of England, Holland and Austria during the long years of the War of the Spanish succession Greatest commanders in history Thread starter Slick146; Start date Feb 22, 2017; He is unfortunately not very well known in the West, but I'd say he's definitely up there for the greatest commander of the twentieth century, and until recently, the greatest living commander. (Sadly he died in 2013, but I remember discussing the greatest. This is a complete list of four-star generals in the United States Army, past and present.The rank of general (or full general, or four-star general) is the highest rank normally achievable in the U.S. Army.It ranks above lieutenant general (three-star general) and below General of the Army (five-star general).. There have been 247 four-star generals in the history of the U.S. Army Jan Žižka is amongst 6-7 greatest generals of human history. He never lost a single battle. In his younger age He was one of colonels of brilliant Jan Sokol of Lemberk who was one of the important commanders of Czech troops in battle of Grunwald.if one day an alien race invades Earth, we will need commanders like Žižka

In this podcast we have a bit of fun suggesting who may be the fifteen greatest military commanders in history. It is, of course, a highly subjective exercise, and I need not be told how rash the exercise is. Nevertheless, we persist. On Fortress of the Mind (www.qcurtius.com), I will also post the entire list Conquerors and Innovators: 7 of the Greatest Muslim Leaders and Commanders in History. Babur. Wikimedia. 7 - Babur (1483 - 1530) Born as Zahir-ud-Din Muhammed, in Andijan in 1483, Babur (Tiger) became the first Mughal emperor after overcoming a series of initial setbacks. He was the great-great-great-grandson of Timur and came from the. Percival folded with a whimper, surrendering to Yamashita in the worst disaster in British history (Winston Churchill). Unlike Townshend, Percival endured imprisonment just as bad as his men. Percival came out of it worse, however; he became the only Lieutenant-General in British history not to receive a knighthood. 3

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  1. Tragically, he was assassinated in 1948. In 1999, Time Magazine picked him as the second greatest person of the 20 th century, right behind Albert Einstein. Alexander The Great. Born in 356 BC, Alexander would become one of the greatest military commanders in history having never being defeated
  2. He probably reached his limit a s a corps commander. The Napoleon's 7 Greatest Commanders in History (Romans, influence, Washington) - U.S. and World, studying past, wars, presidents, language, economy - Page 3 - City-Data Foru
  3. Source: History Collection By Patrick Lynch. Since the formation of Islam in the early 7th century AD, there have been countless battles involving commanders who fought to expand the religion around the world. As Islamic armies moved into Europe, the result was centuries of conflict
  4. The United States of America today is the most powerful country in recorded history. I believe it's greatest generals deserve mention. saxan66 on March 11, 2013 1:50 pm. Oh dear. Jake, just becuase at this moment in time America is extremely economically powerful and has spent vast sums on its military power, does not give them a right.
  5. There have been many discussions of the greatest generals of history. In keeping with the tradition, I am posting my list here for discussion and criticism. I began this list after reading Michael Lee Lanning's Military 100, a listing of influential generals, which seems to have meant to Lannning Anglo-American. I was originally planning to.
  6. ©history. Genghis Khan conquered a quarter of the world's population, founded the most extensive continental (with adjacent territory) empire in history, and is considered one of the greatest conquerors of all time. His people believed that Genghis Khan was the greatest man of all time and sent from heaven. 12. Alexander the Grea

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Spartan! You should place Saladin in the TOP TEN LIST! He is one of the best muslim commanders in the history of muslim world and even respected in Europe. He defeated the kingdom of Jerusalem and drove the christians out of the region completely. He then resisted attacks of crusaders successfully for 4 years American general George S. Patton, described by historian Terry Brighton as among the greatest generals of [World War II], accumulated only .9 WAR. The failure of modern generals to perform well in WAR may be attributable to changes in warfare which have prevented individual generals from participating in a large number of battles Who was the best commander in history? Here is a list of the top 12 ancient military commanders: Khalid Bin Walid (592-642 AD, Arabia) Trajan (53 AD-17 AD, Rome) Sun Tzu (544 BC-496 BC, China) Julius Caesar (100-44 BC, Rome) Cyrus the Great (600-530 BC, Persia) Hannibal Barca (247-183 BC, Carthage Top 12 Greatest Generals in Ancient Rome. Last updated: August 12, 2019 by Saugat Adhikari. One of the greatest empires in the history of human civilization, the ancient Roman Empire, was born from the Roman Republic which began in 509 BC. Emperor Augustus (son of Julius Caesar) created the Roman Empire in 27 BC, and it reached its height in.

Greatest Generals in History Columbus on the Greatest Impacts in History 1492 Consolekit is that most popular creative writing task 1 c c: //www. Lacs core values research is developed the urgency. Treisa gary seven years of areas, organising conferences, phd. Digitized/Digital nara, jason burns, which deviate that requires some headspace He was one of the main commanders in repelling three Mongol invasions and later Yuan Mongol invasions in the 13th century. The victory of our army and people over the mighty, good-natured Mongolian army under Kublai Khan is considered one of the greatest victories in world history. Oliver Cromwell (1599 - 1658 The Civil War produced many skilled generals that excelled in a number of areas, but there was no Alexander or Caesar that stood far above the rest of their era. Sherman understood and effectively instituted the Total War concept like few generals since Scipio Aemilianus Hannibal was an absolute master in two areas: 1) finding the weakness of his enemies, and 2) using the terrain to gain an advantage. Photo by Public Domain. Perhaps his most famous victory was the Battle of Cannae. This was where Hannibal had less than 40,000 soldiers and met a Roman army that had over 50,000 men

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For today's edition of History List Friday, I'm looking at what I consider to be the five best American field commanders of all-time. (Note that I didn't say United States, because two of them displayed their genius while making war against the United States.) Ready? OK, here we go: 5. Winfield Scott - Scott spen A very concise listing of ten of history's greatest generals that is absolutely butchered by editing, spelling, and grammatical errors too numerous to list. Some interesting facts and a good concluding chapter join to give it two stars As for Belisarius, he was an excellent general, probably the greatest Roman/Byzantine general in history outside Caesar . But you must realize, the list comprises the greatest of all generals, and Belisarius is ranked alongside figures such as Arthur Wellesley(the victor of the Peninsular War), Tamerlane(the conqueror of Central Asia), and Jan. Germany as we all know it has had its fair share of commanders who have run it to the dogs it seems and by this were talking specifically about Hitler and Nazi Germany. Germany has been made super notorious for its Nazi history, common knowledge to the world.While nobody actually speaks about the greater good and the men of honor of Germany to introduce the topic of Top 10 Military Generals of.

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  1. O. Davis Sr. was appointed Brigadier General in the United States Army by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, beco
  2. The 10 Greatest Military Leaders of All Time July 21, 2014 By: Gary Corby Gary Corby writes historical mysteries set in the world of classical Greece. He's written The Marathon Conspiracy, The Pericles Commission, The Ionia Sanction, and Sacred Games. He lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and two daughters. #Crime #Teen #Press.
  3. Some of the generals in this war became famous all over the world because of their exceptional leadership, but some of the most badass WW2 generals are almost completely unknown to this day. This is a list of the 10 greatest WW2 generals in terms of making war
  4. The 10 Greatest Conquerors In History. Perhaps the adjective greatest is something of hollow praise for the men on this list. After all, the defining characteristic of conquerors is the ability to kill others and take their stuff; moreov. By Evan Pickering Published Jun 03, 2014

The Top 100 Generals of History. For several years now, I and the people of the All Empires Forum (and the Paradox Interactive Forum) have been working on assembling the top 100 generals of all time in a cohesive list. The objective is to not be biased by location at all, nor by era--we consider the generals according to their particular situation The great generals of Rome and Greece are alive in the syllabi of military colleges; their exploits and strategies are still valid for inspiring soldiers and civilian leaders alike. The warriors of the ancient world, conveyed to us through myth and history, soldier on today The name of Admiral Pavel Nakhimov is associated with one of the greatest victories in the history of the Russian navy. On Nov. 30, 1853, during the Crimean War, the Black Sea Fleet under his. Military history as told through the lives and deeds of warfare's most famous commanders, from ancient Greece through the World Wars, VietNam, and the end of the twentieth century Beginning with Leonides of Sparta, who died at Thermopylae in 480 b.c.e., and ending with General Giap, a Vietnamese leader; Moshe Dayan, commander of the Israeli Defense Force during the 1967 S

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For more quizzes about famous Military Commanders, try taking the Ulysses S. Grant Quiz, the Napoleon Bonaparte Quiz, or the Douglas MacArhur Quiz.. If you are interested in learning more about the greatest Military Commanders of all time, I suggest reading History's Greatest Military Commanders: The Brilliant Military Strategies Of Hannibal, Alexander The Great, Sun Tzu, Julius Caesar. Best WWII German Field Marshals. Choose your favorite World War Two German Field Marshal. The Top Ten. 1 Erich von Manstein Fritz Erich Georg Eduard von Manstein (24 November 1887 - 9 June 1973) was a German commander of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany's armed forces during the Second World War. He attained the rank of field marshal 10 Greatest Generals of World War II - Isoroku Yamamoto. Isoroku Yamamoto was a fantastic admiral and the commander in chief of the Japanese combined fleet. He had warned his president that Japan couldn't be victorious upon the USA military for over six months. Isoroku Yamamoto was the mastermind behind the attack on Pearl Harbor

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Dowding and Park won the Battle of Britain.' That was the judgement of veteran pilot Wing Commander 'Sandy' Sanders. So why were both of them sacked immediately afterwards in a top-level row over tactics? On the 70 th anniversary of the battle, Military Times assesses the achievement of the men who led Fighter Command to victory The Nautilus was a greatest single advance in the history of nautical warfare, a ship that could stay at sea (and indeed, submerged, silently) for months on end. It was a revolution exceeding even the steam engine and iron plating, and it was a revolution substantially enabled by one visionary commander: Hyman Rickover Although money, military equipment, and manpower are crucial factors when fighting a war, the greatest generals in history have demonstrated that strategy and tactics can be just as decisive (and. Succeeding at live-fire target practice doesn't automatically qualify someone to be the greatest Naval Commander in History. The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic, like the one saying Epstein killed himself

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An Initiative by Ayan Dey The history is full of wars and conquest. If we study the wars and evaluate them, we will find that there are some generals who have excelled in warfare strategies from their contemporaries for their military genius. Let us have a look at their strategies that they had applied during The Greatest Generals in Ancient and Medieval History Part 1(Upakaza exclusive. Also, his ability to defeat professional armies leading peasants, farmers, and poorly trained militia allows him to be considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. Music: The Descent: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com Masters of the Battlefield: The Five Greatest U.S. Generals in History. By Michael Peck,The National Interest. What makes a great general? Napoleon, who knew a thing or two about generalship, said he would rather have a lucky general than a good one. Yet he didn't mean a commander who blithely staked the fortunes of war on a roll of the dice.