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Search Minecraft PE Seeds. Any category Caverns Diamonds Flat Lava Mountains Overhangs Waterfall Village Mansion Ravine Mineshaft Survival Island Desert Temple Stronghold Ocean Monument Jungle Temple Igloo End City Dungeon Witch Hut Other. Any version MCPE Beta 1.2 Build 6 PE PE 1.16.200 PE 1.15.200. Apply Filters Minecraft PE Caverns seed Coastal Village Published Feb 9, 2016. Tracee. Follow 0. 5,431; 0; Like; A nice little coastal village that comes with its own quarry. It also includes lakes, plains, a swamp, rock formations, and underground caves.. Minecraft Seed: 3861251560019619303. 3861251560019619303. Spawn at a village near the ocean with a shipwreck close by. Two more villages right on the beach at 1685 68 373 with a shipwreck in sight. Ocean monument at 1192 70 -239. And that's only after exploring for a little bit. Lot's of underwater ruins all over the map Coastal Village. Seed: 3227028068011494221 You can see why villagers decided to settle here, right on the coast of the endless blue ocean in this marvellous Minecraft seed

Minecraft Village Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac) Use one of these Minecraft Village seeds to create a world where you spawn near a village in Java Edition 1.16, 1.15, 1.14, 1.13 or 1.12.2. In Minecraft, a village is a structure that spawns naturally in the game. It is made up of a small group of buildings that are inhabited by villagers The following seeds will make surviving your new world all the more easier because they will spawn you in or near a village. What makes these seeds especially fun is these villages and the treasures you will find within, around, or beneath them. But most importantly, you can easily seize one of the houses in these villages to make your own. 10

5. Seed: 474395258284874. This seed has a ton of rare loot and places. What is awesome about this seed: Spawns you near a shipwreck with some great loot like diamonds, emerald, and multiple pieces of enchanted gear. A bit farther from the shipwreck is a great village with some great loot. Compatible versions Every Minecraft survival enthusiast knows how important it is to find a village near spawn. Even if there's no blacksmith in the village, having one so close so fast makes the game that much more fun. The difficulty of the survival game in Minecraft primarily depends on the biome where the village spawns. If you want a quick headstart, then it's better to spawn near forests, such as roofed. Best Minecraft Seeds - hill top village. Features: This seed will make you appear in a village on top of a hill, surrounded by dozens of horses. Undoubtedly, a perfect setting to relax or to have a mount on hand at the start of the game. Code: 8678942899319966093 Secret village seeds in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update 5) Desert, savanna , taiga and tundra village at spawn. Four villages (Image via u/Plebiain on Reddit) Seed: -4379469131957062683

4) Frosty Village. Seed: -7255571058704538969. (Image via MinecraftSeedsEveryday on Youtube) Upon the entrance of this Minecraft seed, players will spawn in a snowy biome with very little trees. Best Minecraft Seeds for Villages in 1.16.5 Edition. #1. Frost Village. Seed: -7255571058704538969. Players will arrive in a snowy terrain with very few trees when they enter this Minecraft seed. The advantage of this seed is the adjacent large village. Near the spawn, players will discover a vast snowy village This Minecraft seed has a village, jungle pyramid, and desert temple right at spawn! In the eastern part of the jungle biome, you will find another village at coordinates 100, 150. To the west, across the desert, there is the third village in a savanna biome, located at coordinates -950, -300 *****Thanks for watching*****My contact and business information:- edxgamingworld@gmail.com*****And don't forget to subscribe to our own channel https://www... That is, with the exception of this Minecraft seed where an absolutely gigantic village has spawned just off the coast. Source: Minecraft Seed HQ Spoopy Zombie Village

Search Minecraft PE Seeds. Any category Caverns Diamonds Flat Lava Mountains Overhangs Waterfall Village Mansion Ravine Mineshaft Survival Island Desert Temple Stronghold Ocean Monument Jungle Temple Igloo End City Dungeon Witch Hut Other. Any version MCPE Beta 1.2 Build 6 MCPE 1.1.5. Apply Filters. Upload Seed Village seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Below are the seeds that contain one or more Villages. All the seeds below have been tested and work with Minecraft 1.17 (Caves & Cliffs Update Part I).. Village is a Generated Structure consist of multiple houses, farms, and other buildings/decorations

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Shipwreck Village. January 16, 2019. 1.13, Minecraft Seeds (Java Edition), Shipwrecks, Villages. Avast, ye landlubbers! Load up this rare Java seed and enter the pirate village featuring its own shipwreck! ( 58 votes, average: 3.55 out of 5 Seed: 585329120522712525. Coordinates: -200, 100. Biomes: Jungle, Savanna. Here, you will spawn at the edge of the jungle biome. From there, go straight to coordinates -150, 775. There is a savanna village standing right next to a bamboo forest. One of the houses spawns inside the jungle, which is really cool Come see this great seed: 1405630280Spawn next to a beautiful coastal village with great landscape!Minecraft pocket editions survival seed!Subscribe and chec.. Seed: super pig. Biome: Mountain, swamp, desert. Notes: Mountain villages are also very rare to find in Minecraft PE, making them great catches! This seed spawns you right near a very unique village that actually melds into the rock. There are a few houses that are actually elevated into the face of the mountain

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Minecraft Forest Seeds for Java Edition Minecraft . Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds PopScreen Minecraft . Cool Coastal Village Near Swamp Epic Minecraft PE Seeds . Hollow Mountain, Hello Zombies minecraft world seed 1.9 . Seed 534983290 . The Real Hogwarts (download) Minecraft Map Hogwarts . Cool Minecraft Map Cool minecraft, Minecraft, Geeker These seeds all feature villages near spawn and may feature more things like desert temples, ruined portals, mansions, and more! For more epic seeds be sure to check out my Minecraft Seed Showcases or other Top Minecraft seeds videos! Thanks for watching! Seed 20: Island Village Seed. Seed ID: -4792009131222828966 Seed: 5918848627877168900 Our final seed has a village that takes up an entire island in Minecraft. You won't spawn on this island though, you'll spawn on the nearest distant one on the screenshot above. It's very close to the village island, there is even a boat dock already made Seed: -613756530319979507 Our first seed will spawn you on the edge of an Island Village in Minecraft. The island is a good size, and takes up most of the islands land space. Whats interesting about this seed is that there is a huge in-tact shipwreck in the middle of the island, not in the water

For technical reasons, you need to know the seed of your world to use Seed Map, unless, of course, you want to find a seed for a new world. If you're playing SSP, the app is able to fetch the seed from your savegame. Alternatively, you can use the /seed command ingame. In SMP, you can use the same command if you have sufficient rights This is a one-of-a-kind seed and an exceptional way to start a new Minecraft Survival world! Key Locations. Zombie Village: Spawn. Living Village: 5 70 10. Ocean Monument: 220 50 635. Shipwreck #1: 390 50 -85. Shipwreck #2: -230 50 -80 In this beautiful map seed, you spawn right inside a coastal Village that is surrounded by mountains. This is the perfect location to build a massive empire that is protected from raids and pillages. There is only one direction for enemies to come from, so it's really just a matter of fortifying your defenses there

World Seed: Coastal Village, -1813740965; Survival Mode, Hard Difficulty. I found a Treasure Map in a Ruin's Chest (x=600 z=360). I went to the location on the map (x=472 z=-504). The treasure chest was not found. In place of the treasure chest, I found a sandstone block. I copied the seed and tried the Locate buriedtreasure command MC-PE › Seeds › Spawn in the coastal village. The map is very suitable for initial survival in the world of Minecraft. There is a village where you can meet a blacksmith, another is to visit a large forest near the settlement and gain a lot of resources. Also there is a simple way to obtain iron

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  1. This Minecraft seeds page is dedicated to all the village seeds on the site.. Minecraft village seeds are the best type of seeds to start with when playing with the world generator. It's possible to find a village that's right next to any biome in the game, even giant mushroom islands.There's actually a surprising number of village seeds for Minecraft, this archive has an ever-growing number.
  2. DIAMOND VILLAGE. SEED: -1881589003 or RECESS . Looking for a Minecraft PE 0.11.x seed with diamonds? Look no further. This seed spawns you on the shore of a massive swamp. Before doing anything, mark the spot you're at - you'll want to dig directly under the spawn point to get to the diamonds. For your diamond mission, all you'll need.
  3. Minecraft 1.14 Seed - 10101010 Microsoft Double Village Seed - 10101010. Coordinates - x: -500 z: 263. This is a beautiful new 1.14 seed has two villages right by spawn. The seed includes a castle.
  4. July 15, 2012. 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, Temples, Villages. 21. This seed will spawn you inside an NPC village, and there will also be a second village not too far away as well. That's not all this seed has to offer though, as there is also a Jungle Temple close by to explore. ( 7 votes, average: 4.14 out of 5
  5. eshaft, a stronghold, epic mountain formations, normal villages on desert biomes on the coast, and more! Now stop imagining because this seed has it all! You students deserve a seed this epic and with 8 different villages spread out over vast and beautiful geography this will be a class favorite for sure
  6. Village, Plains, Forest, Coast and Desert Minecraft 1.10 Seed. Its in the title, a world with all 5 around the spawn is

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Seed: 12542. This friendly Minecraft seed spawns you mere blocks away from a village, on the outskirts of a sprawling and hilly savanna biome. Seed: -1654510255. A fantastic Minecraft seed for a Nether rush, this. Two villages in sight from spawn, trees aplenty, and surface lava to boot. Seed: 2327370183894455166 Aug 21, 2018 - Grab the loot in this blacksmith village seed for Minecraft Java Edition. The village in this seed is right at spawn. Plenty of iron loot, too Seed: -1480351183376464763. Coordinates: 236, 237. Jungle Temple. This Minecraft 1.12 village seed spawns you right in front of a jungle biome, and located just on the edge of the luscious tropics. This seed spawns you right outside a village in a huge taiga biome. If you turn around and and walk for a little under 1000 blocks you will hit a pillager tower on the edge of the taiga and a. Coastal Village. On the coast of the endless blue ocean, you will find the Minecraft seed 3227028068011494221 and villagers. This is one of the best places to start your journey as it offers immediate access to trees, food, tools and riches of the village. Forest Village. the impressive mountainside of the Forest Village and the seed.

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  1. In this seed, you spawn right inside a coastal village that is surrounded by mountains. This is the perfect place to build a massive empire that is protected from raiding and looting. Screenshot : Discovered By: Plebiain | Seed: 627689198065479624. Key Locations. Village #1: 70 80 20; Village #2: 120 80 520; Village #3: -810 80 75; Stronghold.
  2. This Minecraft seed spawns you in the middle of a Dark Forest biome filled with dark oak trees and large mushrooms. If you travel to the South, there is a Plains Village and a second Dark Forest biome on the other side of the Village. Off to the West is a Mountains biome with at least one llama at coordinates (-54,83,-30)
  3. Minecraft Seeds: Are you looking for a Best Minecraft Seeds to help kickstart your latest Minecraft adventure? Then, Minecraft Seeds 1.16 is the perfect Minecraft seeds for your latest adventures. Check out all the marvellous seeds for Minecraft. The newly available Minecraft Seeds 1.16 will work in all the Minecraft versions that you are running
  4. ecraft seed spawns you near a double village with a blacksmith as well as a ravine! Another great 1.15 snapshot seed! Seed Tags. 19W34A
  5. Nov 13, 2017 - This Minecraft Ocean Monument seed spawns you beside a cliffside village. The ocean monument is clearly visible just offshore. A Java Edition Seed
  6. ecraft village, directly on top of a building. Just in case you managed to spawn elsewherethe coordinates for the village are X: -391 Z: 96. Not too far away is a second NPC village at X: -256 Z: 702. Nearby to this village is a stronghold with a surface entrance, the coordinates.
  7. 2. Flowery village. Code: 7423302672512960863. Version: Minecraft Java. The best Minecraft seeds for long term survival names the Flower Forest with a village. The flowery village is special for having a village spawned right within a flower forest. This is a very useful and rare world in Minecraft to explore

Minecraft Bedrock seeds give players across pretty much every platform the Minecraft worlds in which they can start their new adventure. Our list of the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds is fully up to date with the latest version of Bedrock, and covers all bases from Mushroom Islands to glorious Mesa biomes, from gentle village spawns to snow-capped mountain ranges Seed: mincefart. Spawn on the left side of the screen shot. Travel left from spawn along the coast around the point to find the village. Same seed in java spawns in snowy taiga/tundra with nearby tundra village (and a second tundra village to the north of spawn) which is kinda nice

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Seed: 1388582293. You can spend forever hunting through a world for a good city. Save yourself time and use this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed to spawn on top of the mother of all villages. With. Minecraft 1.9 seed with double village in sight of each other at spawn. This is a really amazing Minecraft 1.9 seed with two villages right at the start. Both of these villages have blacksmiths, one of which has some obsidian and an iron chestplate. This is a really cool Minecraft 1.9 seed, villages rarely start this close to each other

Minecraft seeds allow you to create a pre-determined world to build in, making them incredibly useful if you want to have an initial spawn point near a village, dungeon, ravine, or other unique. The new villages are generated more frequently, but many of the original features, blacksmiths, are gone. Perhaps, new seeds should be generated for the Seed Picker which are more representative of the new village generation algorithm. I tried several of the Seed Picker worlds with similar results as the Coastal Village world

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This seed is perfect as it comes with plenty of resources near spawn, but best of all, this seed spawns half of the end portal already complete. Ravine. 1062,-57. Mob Spawner. 1012,21,-51. Desert. After installing this Minecraft seed, you will spawn right next to a quaint shipwrecked coastal village that comes with a seaport. This seed is littered with shipwrecks. There's even a shipwreck within the borders of the village from where you can proceed to explore the surrounding area which consists of local biomes such as forests, plains. This seed is fairly similar to the previous one. You need to teleport or walk to -300 ~ -1350 to get to the island. You will end up on a small village at the end of an archipelago. Do some.

You can find the location of villages by exploring, either on foot or flying in Creative mode. To start the game closer to a village, you can use a Minecraft seed with a village next to the spawn. VIEW. Papa Enny • last year. 303 17. x 13. The Village and the Shul. 3D Art Map. 2. VIEW. golem_maker613 • last year A village is a group or complex of buildings and other structures that generate naturally in the Overworld. A village is inhabited by villagers, cats, iron golems, passive livestock mobs, occasional zombie villagers, and wandering traders with their trader llamas. A village is a source of resources to the player, obtained from trading, chests, and materials found in the village. Villages are.

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2091580292 Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed. A very interesting large village on a coastal plain next to a huge jungle. The village is fairly large and has caves that exit right into the center of the village, it's also right next to a forested tundra biome. very pretty coastal plain though This seed has Coastal Mansion and a Village with a blacksmith I didn't explore much but it was very interesting! Seed: 1200067637. Have fun if you decide to check it out . Full link to the video if you want to check out more. Link Remove

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After you've found Village #2 find the Village's tree and then chop the tree and start digging right under it to find the Mineshaft. I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed. Update: The Structure Map has been redesigned and the old screenshots have been. Seed:476941124. World Type: Infinite. Found: July 14, 2018. Spawn. 1481, 76, 6. Village Beside Spawn. 1595, 71, 80. Pumpkins and flowers near village. 1680, 68, 6 The best Minecraft seeds are the ones that produce challenging places for you to adventure through, or create interesting regions to explore. This peculiar seed drops you onto a village plot.

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Village XYZ: 95 69 101. Abandoned Village XYZ: -348 67 -337. Woodland Mansion XYZ: -466 68 -447. Important Notes & Reminders: This is the second closest Woodland Mansion seed for Bedrock this website provided. Here is the first one. You just need to go northwest from your starting point to find the Woodland Mansion SEED: 1388582293. This Minecraft PE triple village seed was submitted by an Epic Minecraft player a few days ago. The seed has been floating around for awhile (it works in both 0.9x and 0.10x infinite), so we're not sure if the submitter, Budderlord, was the first to find it, or if he was turned onto it by someone else Coastal Village. On the coast of the endless blue ocean, you will find the Minecraft seed 3227028068011494221 and villagers. This is one of the best places to start your journey as it offers immediate access to trees, food, tools and riches of the village. Forest Village. the impressive mountainside of the Forest Village and the seed. (The abandoned village location is starting from the 2nd village) Finally, you can reatch the ice spikes if you travel from spawn out past the dark forest. October 28, 2020 beaniebritches 1.16.1 , Abandoned Village , Crevasse , Dark Forest , Field , Forest , Ice , Ice Spikes , MCPE , Meteor Strike , Minecraft , Ocean , Seeds , shipwreck. Luckily i have thrived on Hardcore and never had the chance to rage quit the seed for it to forever be lost like so many others lol. Anyways, here it is and enjoy. SEED: -6738292633650397043. Local Map (arrow pointing to the island you spawn on) Your spawning location. Funky Mountains

Seed: -1952609886 This Minecraft Seed will spawn you on the edge of a desert biome. Look around and you will spot this huge, jagged terrain. At the bottom of the nearest mountain, you will find an Acacia Village. Funnily enough, one of the Village houses has spawned on top of the mountain, with a Villager up there with no way to get down Seed code: -1844207646; Coordinates: -678, 64, 650; A mansion located on a small island, in a vast archipelago. The house is right on the edge of the ocean and all the elements of this seed are located on other small islands. In them you will find different biomes and even a village. 6. Mushroom Mansio Seed: -2616073310770286304 As soon as you spawn with this Minecraft Seed, you will see a Pillager Outpost on the edge of the desert. Luckily, you spawn in a Plains biome, so you will have no trouble collecting resources and staying safe, keeping a good amount of distance from Illagers Looking for bedrock seed/ coastal village. Looking for a seed with village on the coast of a big ocean, bedrock Xbox. Doesn't need to be at spawn just within a reasonable walking distance. Welcome to /r/minecraftseeds, the Internet's Largest Community for the Best Minecraft Seeds

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Seed: 1372204 After using this Minecraft Seed, you won't spawn too close to an Ice Spikes Biome. Instead, you will be right next to a winter village which has an igloo. Here's a good place to start, you'll have access to food, shelter, defenses and trades with the villagers. Start walking North-East in game to find the Ice Spikes biome Coastal Village Seed: 3227028068011494221 Who doesn't love a tropical location with gorgeous sandy beaches and a deep blue sea - even if it is just in the world of Minecraft This seed will try to kill you. It spawns you literally at the arrow and at the same time, sand will drop on you. Seed: -3746341411708472677 (found this seed in hardcore mode too) Java 1.17. Minecraft Desert Seeds for 1.16 (2021) - Bedrock & Java. By: Mark Carpenter the version numbers can sometimes play a part in how certain parts of a seed render (villages, biomes, etc.) In terms of version numbers, each seed was tested based on the number that is listed with it. The seed can still work with other versions of the game, but.