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  1. High Quality Affordable Seeds, Delivered Fast - Non-GMO, Heirlooms, Organics & More. Vegetable, Herb, Flower, Grain, Cover Crop, Microgreens, Sprouts, Wheatgrass & Mor
  2. For many of the nation's leading cut flower growers, Headstart Nursery will always be Where the Beauty Begins. We are a reliable one-stop shop for all of the most popular specialty cut flower plugs, including Aster, Delphinium, Statice, Snapdragon, and Godetia. Most cut flower plugs are produced in 200-cell styrene trays (sold as 195 plants.
  3. Perennial plugs for greenhouse, nursery, school, institution. Plugs and Cuttings - Wholesale Prices . Annual Plugs RAK Asters-Ajanias Crop Time Chart Cut/Pot Crops RAK Ferns CAS Grasses EME Herbs HIL Mums-Asters RAK Perennials GUL Perennials RAK Perennials SWI50 Perennials SWI275 Poinsettias Rooted Cuttings RAK Rooted CuttingsWEN Scent Geranium RA

Since the 1990s Bob's Market and Greenhouses, Inc. has been a seedling plug grower. Since that time we have grown over 1 billion seedlings! Ranked among the top 10 seedling growers in the United States, we have the expertise to make sure your plants get off to a great start. Ball Seed Plugs. We are an exclusive grower for Ball Seed Flamenco plants will flower the first year even though a perennial to zone 5. The flower spikes contain tubular blooms that are attractive to hummingbirds. The mature plants may grow three feet tall. Height: 24-36 in. Spacing: 12-15 in. Zones 3-9. Grown and shipped in 11 x 21″ plug tray. 72 plugs per tra

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Plugs and liners are grown to order, and you can choose from thousands of varieties of annuals and perennials for bedding plant, container and cut flower sales. A number of different tray and cell sizes will allow you to choose the item and stage of maturity that best suits your growing practices and your market Spring Plugs include items used for bedding flat production, potted flowering annuals, hanging baskets, and combination planters. For Ball Rooted Cuttings, please contact your Ball Seed salesperson. Summer/Fall Plugs include pansies and supporting crops for fall planting. Our Cyclamen Liner Program provides exceptionally well-grown cyclamen for. An easy-to-grow, clump-forming, native warm season grass with incredible golden copper fall color. A pioneer soil stabilizing plant that does well in poor, infertile areas and surprisingly well in floodplains. It's wonderful for xeriscaping and restoration projects, or in coastal areas

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  1. Please email or fax Bobby Barnitz for any orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Bobby Barnitz. VP, Wholesale Seedlings. Production Facility. 1168 Second Street. Mason, WV 25260. United States. Phone: 1-800-447-3760 Ext. 126. Fax: 304-773-5069
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  3. Rooted Plugs. MUMS. Wholesale Mums Rooted Plug Liners Search Results for: MUMS -- 226 Returns
  4. Our LP50 plugs are 5.00 deep by 2.00 square and come 50 to a standard nursery liner. The LP32 plant palette contains species with lateral root systems and are generally more fibrous and shallowly rooted species. Our LP32 plugs are 4.00 deep by 2.22 square and come 32 per to a standard nursery liner
  5. Sale Price $8.10 $ 8.10 $ 9.00 Original Price $9 Real flower plugs, Resin plug earrings, Magic Resin Ear Plugs, Fairy Gauges, Real Plant Organic Gauges, Wood Resin Piercing PAIR of Flower of Life Cut Out Blonde Crocodile Wood Saddle Plugs - Gauges 00g (10mm) up to 1 (25mm) available! GeoGauges 5 out of 5.
  6. My go-to for cut flowers! They have the biggest cooler and if it isn't stocked regularly, they will order anything you can dream up as long as it's available. Alex is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to spend time answering questions and ensuring you get exactly what you (or your client!) are in the market for

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Plug Plants. We sell a wide range of plug plants. Our plug plants come in two sizes, we sell 5cm x 5cm x 5cm plugs (Stated as 5cm) and 3cm x 3cm x 3cm plugs (Stated as 3cm). These plants do not come in pots, but are packaged well to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. We specialise mainly in Perennial plugs plants but also sell some. Pick & Mix - Extra Value, Value & Garden Ready Plugs. Dobies Pick & Mix Extra Value, Value and Garden Ready Plugs bedding range is the economical way to fill beds, borders and even patio containers with gorgeous flowering plants! There are12 brilliant bedding plant plug varieties in our collections, guaranteed to liven up your garden

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  1. Cut Flowers Tray Size: 200 Cell Ageratum houstonianum Blue Horizo Tray 200 Ageratum Red Top Red Sea Tray 200 Amaranthus cruentus Red Cathedral Tray 200 Amaranthus Tower Green Tray 200 Amaranthus Tower Red Tray 200 Ammi majus Queen of Africa Tray 200 Ammi visnaga Green Mist Tray 200 Anemone Mona Lisa Blue Bcol Tray 20
  2. Amazon.com: honeysuckle plants for sale. Cut Back. $42.49 $ 42. 49. FREE Shipping. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. 100% Edible Flower Seeds for Planting - Certified Organic Seeds - 9 Flower Garden Non GMO Plant Seed Packets & Plant Markers - Lavender, Echinacea, Calendula, Borage, Wildflower, Chamomile, Thai Basil.
  3. Including Cut Flowers, Herbs, and Mixed Cell Liners Effective Date: June 1, 2020 - May 28, 2021 Program #11 | 36 page PDF • A great source for all your cut fl ower needs; featuring a large Lisianthus plug size in a 125 tray
  4. Bulk Fresh Cut Lisianthus Flower. Lisianthus are cup-shaped flowers that bloom along thin, gracefully branching stems. They resemble a cross between a rose and poppy. The stems usually bear three to five flowers along with several immature buds. The foliage is gray-green in color with a waxy texture. When fresh, they have two to three mature.
  5. Plug plants are young plants with well-established, complete and independent root systems. They are raised in small, individual cells, ready to be transplanted on into a range of different pot or tray sizes. Plants grown from plugs grow rapidly and symmetrically when planted out. Our plugs are produced in a high tech growing environment with.
  6. Lisianthus Collection - 48 plug tray plants - 24 of each varietyA bouquet of bloom erupts from slim stems bearing grey&45;green foliage. The flowers of Lisianthus plants, resembling rose buds, are a lively addition to the border and a superb and long lasting. Add to the productWIKI project with your own reviews and product insights
  7. Horticultural Expert, Charles recommends: Hellebore Breeders Mix is perfect for brightening up a shady area of the garden in late winter and early spring. Delivery Information View Product Description. Fulfilled and sold by Thompson & Morgan. Choose available pack sizes: 5 hellebore jumbo plug plants. £14.99

Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks) 105 Plug Tray - 15 Varieties. $125.00. Qty: Increase Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Add to Cart ANTHURIUM Starter Plant or Plugs Wholesale * *Starter Plants or Plugs are tissue cultured or cuttings or seed grown plants in a 72-cell pack 10-1/2 by 21. Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3 to 4 pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice Bailey Hale. cut flower plugs for cut flower farming professionals. farmerbailey.com. Posts Tagged

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Plug Plants. Plug plants give great value for money and months of pleasure. You'll receive your plants by post at the right time for planting to ensure that you get the most from them. Also look out for great plug plant offers throughout the spring season on our Special Offers page and view our Top 10 plug plants article for further information. A family-owned and operated production nursery specialising in the propagation of vegetable, herb & flower seedling plugs and young plants, using commercial quality (non-genetically modified) seed stock and proven heirloom varieties. Supplying produce and flower farms, garden centres, community groups and schools throughout Queensland and New. A Preforma plug is a natural combination of coir and peat, held together with a unique binding agent. The binder gives the plug an airy quality which encourages strong root growth, and is guaranteed to hold the plug together during handling and transplanting Wildflower plug plants for sale. Choose from our huge range of perennial wild flower species to create a beautiful meadow of British native wildflowers. Landlife Wildflowers are expert suppliers of wildflower seeds, plants and bulbs

Popular cut flowers to grow. Ranunculus - These buxom, robust bulb flowers make an enchanting display, and are often used in wedding bouquets for their size and beauty. These flowers come in a range of colours to suit your garden and home. Sunflowers - The epitome of happiness in a flower, sunflowers are very easy to grow, and produce instantly. Ron Adams is on our team to help you with cultural advice. With 50 years in the industry and lots of hands-on experience, Ron adds another level to our service.If you would like to speak with him about any purchase from us, please give your rep a call Lavender, herbs, and cut flowers homegrown on the Colorado Front Range. Browse handmade lavender products. Sachets, bouquets, essential oils and more. Shop Now. Questions about Lavender? Send an email, I'll reply as soon as possible. Email Heritage Lavender. Location for product pick up by appointment

Launched by George J. Ball in 1905 as a wholesale cut flower operation, our company has grown to color the world and transform garden dreams into reality. Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, every member of the Ball team proudly takes part in finding solutions for the industry - always striving to be the first choice for service We offer top quality flower bulbs at wholesale pricing from our family farm in the Netherlands. Direct for sale online. Huge assortment. Free shipping on all orders over $100. Quality guaranteed Barretts Bridge Nurseries propagate plug plants for wholesale growers to grow-on ready for retail. Our broad product range of over 1000 varieties, includes hardy and herbaceous perennials, grasses, shrubs, lavenders, herbs, hardy fuchsias and more. You can buy as few as 15 plants per variety or as many as you wish Konst Alstroemeria | Supplier of youngplants for the professional grower. Könst Alstroemeria B.V. is a company specialising in the selection, breeding and propagation of Alstroemeria plants for professional cut-flower production. For the past 35 years, we have focused on this one crop, the Alstroemeria plant. These efforts have resulted in an. GINGER Starter Plant or Plugs Wholesale * *Starter Plants or Plugs are tissue cultured or cuttings or seed grown plants in a 72-cell pack 10-1/2 by 21. Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3 to 4 pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice

Seed-grown carnations couldn't be easier to grow, but they take a long time to mature and flower, so seed should be started in late winter or very early spring and then transplanted as soon as the danger of frost has passed.. We grow our plants in landscape fabric, 9 inches (23 cm) apart with 5 rows per bed.We've grown plants both in a hoop house and outside in the field, and both methods. Flowers For Cutting. Fresh cut flowers can be an expensive luxury, but this needn't be the case with our superb range of flowering plants perfect for cutting. Representing excellent value for money - not only will these plants fill your beds and borders with colour all summer long, but their blooms can be cut for a beautiful home-grown flower arrangement indoors Annual flats bring colorful life to anyone's beds or boarders. Offered in several pack sizes, these flats are designed for the true gardener that enjoys the satisfaction of planting and maintaining their own garden. Annual flats are the most cost effective way of splashing color around any home. Plant Type

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Proven Winners searches the world to bring you vibrant flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs that deliver the most beautiful garden performance. When you grow Proven Winners, you'll surely fall in love. Our plants have been proven in trials conducted in numerous sites worldwide to be: Easy to grow and care for. Covered with blooms Pelleted (F1) Lisianthus Seed. Fully double, top-flowering blooms for early spring to summer harvest. Fully double, top-flowering blooms for early spring to summer harvest. 140 - 150 Days. Select Packet $4.75 250 Seeds $8.60 500 Seeds $16.80 1,000 Seeds $32.20 5,000 Seeds $137.35 Packet / $4.75

FLOWERS ZINNIA ELEGANS DAHLIA FLOWERED MIX 440 to 1,100,000 seeds wholesale £2.29 to £22.99 Zinnia Elegans 'Inca' x 3 Plug Plants - A really beautiful cut flower Unfortunately, mums as cut flowers in the United States suffered quite a blow when flower production was globalized in the 70s and 80s. As flowers became bred to withstand long distance shipping and rough handling in super markets, the thousands of unique mum cultivars available got nit picked over until only a handful of super sturdy (boring.

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Herb Seed. A zesty, versatile herb. A zesty, versatile herb. 70 - 80 Days. Select Packet $4.75 1/4 Ounce $17.20 1/2 Ounce $29.85 1 Ounce $51.30 1/4 Pound $131.90 1 Pound $451.10 Packet / $4.75. Quantity. Subtract From Quantity. Add to Quantity. Add to Cart A robust alstroemeria with masses of funnel shaped flowers produced over a long period, Incas will grow into a clump over time and give you a continuous supply of cut flowers all summer. Perfect to soften the edges of paths, they also mix well with other plants in the border, sending up shoots that are topped with their amazing spotted flowers. Easy to grow native perennial that tolerates moist soils. Attract butterflies to your sunny garden with Cupid Culver's Root. Showy spires of purple blooms appear in mid to late summer. Plant with other butterfly attracting perennials like Black Eyed Susan, Swamp Milkweed, Bee Balm and Purple Coneflowers for a delightful butterfly garden party

Coral Reef Oriental Poppy Papaver orientale Coral Reef. Sale Price I Save 20%. $9.99 Sale $7.99. Per Plant - 5 Deep Pot. Coral Reef Poppy is a rare variety that blooms in late spring with large light coral-pink petals surrounding a black center. Papaver orientale Coral Reef is a strong, long lived plant. Learn More Buy Native British Wildflowers Online. We grow a wide range of native British wildflower plants in our Cumbrian Nursery. Our online shop is designed to help you find your plants with all listed plants in their most suitable habitat/plant location. We are a proud peat free nursery run on organic sustainable principals to minimise our impact on. Large variety of succulent plants available: Sempervivum, Sedum, Soft & Hardy Succulents, Echeveria, and affordable Wholesale Succulent Plug Trays Seeds A-Z. We've scoured the globe to find the most beautiful and unique flower varieties available. These tried and true performers have made the cut here at Floret. Sort by. Sort by A-Z Z-A Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best Selling. Refine by

Cut Flowers - Greenhouse, High Tunnels. Cornell University: Cool season crops for spring, Main season crops for summer, Cool season crops for fall Book - Specialty Cut Flowers: 2nd Edition. Timber Press, Portland, OR. 636 p.Armitage, Allan, and Judy Laushman. 2003 Ohio state flower SVG png dxf eps jpeg. Sale! from. $3.40. Add to Cart. This is a digital design. No physical item will be shipped. The files are available immediately for download after purchase. For more information on how to download and use our files please see our FAQ page Excellent for cut flowers, both fresh and dried. Growing Tips Panicle hydrangeas are the most sun tolerant hydrangeas and are also resistant to wilting. In cooler climates, full sun is recommended for best stem strength and flower set. We have heard reports of success with 'Limelight' in Dallas, TX, and Orlando, FL with afternoon shade and well. Great for late summmer colour and perfect for cut flower displays in white pink, bronze & red. Brighten your garden when other flowers are fading late summer. Each plant will produce 5 or 6 tall strong stems of flowers ideal for floral arrangements. Perfect for growing at the back of a border for for planting in pots with canes for support

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  1. Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now
  2. Brightflower Farm started in 2006; we are wholesale growers of beautiful cut flowers and succulents. We grow and sell over 100,000 stems of annual and perennial flowers, ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, ornamental grasses, and woody stems, in mixed bouquets and consumer bunches. Our primary market is Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee. Please be sure to contact us if you are interested in our products
  3. 50 Cell Vented Plug Tray Each or Case. Code: 59-5025. Click here for pricing. Not Yet Rated. Quick View. 50 Round Cell Propagation Tray Case of 100. Code: 59-5005. $129.95. Not Yet Rated
  4. Lisianthus ABC Mix~130+ small plant plugs~. Lisianthus is a beautiful and long lasting cut flower. The large double blooms look like a cross between a tulip and a rose. They will grow quickly for you; as our friends who start these professionally grown plugs do not use growth inhibitor
  5. Smaller ones make excellent sprays for cut flowers or display. Anemone This flower is like a single with the center florets, or disk, elongated and modified. These fine cut flowers are excellent for show or garden and grown to sprays or disbudded for show. Spoons These flowers are essentially the same as the single or daisy type except for the.
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Farmer Bailey Plugs for Flower Farmers has 2,520 members. A place to discuss custom plug orders and needs so that Farmer Bailey can better meet the plug needs of the professional flower farmer. This group is for professional growers only 2021 WHOLESALE FLOWER PACK LIST. Printer Friendly List (PDF) View Price List (Retailers Only) Attention Commercial Growers: Need access to our price list? Go here to fill out a form - once approved we'll send you details so that you can access our price lists. Save Welcome to Becky's Flower Farm. We are a small family owned and operated backyard nursery located in Northwest Arkansas, surrounded by the Ozark Mountains. Our nursery is certified and inspected - offering wholesale and retail plants and liners. Our plants are propagated and grown onsite at the farm. We offer Perennials, Shrubs, Succulents. Head to our Flower Catalog where you can get flower inspiration, availability and pricing. You can also order bulk flowers for pick-up at our Grandville, MI location or shipped right to your door step. Flower Catalog. View our Flower Crown Gallery. The Freshest Fresh Cut Flowers! Cash and Carry and Bulk Flower Orders. Inspiration Find flowers for any occasions at https://spearwoodflorist.com.au/.Order online now with free delivery in selected suburbs in WA

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- The Easy Cut-Flower Garden - Cool Flowers, Beyond the Book for Flower Farming; Farming & Business Schools: - The Basics, Annual Crops, Marketing, and More! (Ziegler) - Bulbs, Perennials, Woodies, and More! (Dowling) - Growing Cut-Flower Crops in Hoop and Greenhouses (Adams Sale Price $28.79 $ 28.79 $ 35.99 Original Price $35.99 (20% off) FREE shipping Add to Favorites Set of 4 Cut Iron Metal Small Flower Picks Garden Stake Yard Lawn Outdoor WaldorfKennels 5 out of 5 stars (405) $ 32.00. Add to Favorites Metal garden flowers, garden decor, yard art Wireing 4.5 out of 5 stars. 3. Aster. Botanical Name: Astereae. This daisy-like perennial has star-shaped flower heads. This beautiful cut flower blooms in summer and fall in colors of white, blue, purple, white, red, and pink. 4. Bird of Paradise. Bird of paradise blooms makes amazing arrangement in bouquets. Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae Wholesale Plug Plants. Our extensive range of wholesale plug plants are ideal for anyone wanting to grow large quantities of plants. Perfect for Allotment growers, Flower Clubs, Councils or groups of friends and neighbours clubbing together to purchase cost effective flowers and vegetables Showing slide 1 of 4 - Best Selling. Go to previous slide - Best Selling. American Bonsai Stainless Steel Refining Scissors Series 7. $45.00 New. Pennington 100526638 Northeast Mix Grass Seed 7 LB Bag. $34.99 New. Pennington 100526636 Northeast Mix Grass Seed 3 LB Bag. 5 out of 5 stars. (2

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  1. Wholesale flowers. We can supply cut flowers at any time, 24/7. Whether it's a single bunch, several pallets or entire truckloads. Because our growers are located all over the world, we have an extensive range available all year round. Our strength is our ability to respond to whatever customers want
  2. Native to the Andes region of South America, Peruvian lilies are nearly all long-lived perennials that enjoy a cooler yet temperate climate that is found in higher elevation sub-tropical regions. Our Alstroemeria start as tubers and flowers are either solitary blooms or are borne in umbels in many shades of orange, white, red, purple, yellow and green on compact plants
  3. 24 Verbena Bonariensis Hardy Perennial Garden Plug plants. £7.50. £2.75 postage. 24x Geranium plants Bright RED Flowers Garden Border Ready to plant. NOT plugs. £15.00
  4. Gerbera daisy is versatile enough to work just as well as a garden plant as it is a florist favorite. In fact, it's one of the most popular flowers across the globe. With big, colorful flowers in a host of cool and hot colors, there's a gerbera daisy that fits almost any situation. Plus, some of the flowers can grow 12 to 15 inches in diameter

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Woodland wildflowers are ideal for home or property owners lucky enough to have a shaded, wooded area that approximates a native North American forest. Most of our precious woodland wildflowers bloom in spring, so if you plant favorites like trilliums in spring, your objective is to get them established and not expect full blooms for a year Fresh Cut Orchid Flowers. Our orchid flowers for sale are exotic, fresh and come in several varieties such as Dendrobium, Mokara, Cymbidium, Mini Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, and Vanda. They are sold at discounted prices for weddings, parties, or other special events. Choose from a dazzling array of colors and patterns

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Mix varieties of these flowering plants for an array of colors, flower forms, foliage and bloom seasons. Clematis plants are not only vibrant but they also come in a wide range of heights. Some varieties grow above 20 feet tall. Shop Spring Hill Nurseries clematis for sale now and find the perfect plant for your garden today Product Availability. As a small family farm and business, Floret offers limited quantities of our specialty seeds, bulbs and garden products at specific times of the year. Learn more about our event registration and product availability schedule so you can snag your favorites before they sell out. View Availability Schedule Cutting Flowers Beautiful stemmed flowers freshly cut from your own garden. Grow your own cutting flowers and fill your home with fragrant, colourful blooms straight from your garden into the vase

Rated 2 out of 5 by GDee from Fragrance color and smell changed When I received the Fresh Cut Lilacs fragrance, it was lavender/purple-ish in color and smelled like fresh cut flowers, which I loved. After about 1 week of having this fragrance plugged in, the color changed to a dark amber color and the smell changed THE Portal for starting your World Wide Web surfing for orchid related material. A comprehensive, continually updated index of orchid Web sites, a one stop shop, providing the orchid enthusiast LINKs to the Web's resources to meet his/her orchid needs and interests. Established April 15, 1995 Baby Echiums for sale. Plant now for magnificent flowers in 2 years. Don't miss out on a bargain ! £2.00 each £2. Ad posted 3 days ago Save this ad 7 images; Young Bamboo plants Norwich, Norfolk Young Bamboo plants - some very small, sold separately, the big ones £10 each, little with root £3 £10

Eden Brothers offers hundreds of the finest and freshest flower bulbs & perennials - direct from Holland. Shop online for Daffodil Bulbs, Tulip Bulbs, Dahlia Bulbs, Gladiolus Bulbs, Caladium Bulbs, Lily Flower Bulbs, Hostas, Daylilies, Peonies and many more. Huge selection, low pricing, and free shipping. If you love to grow flowers to cut and use for indoor bouquets, you have to grow lisianthus flower seeds. When still in buds, the lisianthus looks like a tulip, but when the bud opens, it most resembles a rose. The flower heads are about three inches across and held on long stems that are perfect for flower arrangements in your favorite vase Plant large plugs for a quick 6 week crop time. Small plugs can be planted in late summer for early spring sales or plant in spring for a 7-9 week finish. Moisture: For potting soil use commercial planting media. Provide an average amount of irrigation, Brunnera do not tolerate very dry or very wet soil conditions. Planting Level

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Pink Muhly Grass is a Stunning Pink Explosion of Color. Pink Muhly Grass - Muhlenbergia capillaries are native to the eastern United States. It can grow to three to four feet high and three feet wide. Tiny flowers rise above the blades of Pink Muhly Grass. This grass is known for being easy to grow and tolerant of drought Wholesale Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums are a flower breed that is centuries old. They are bred around the world in a vast array of different colours and shapes. Chrysanthemums are generally in the top 2-3 most produced flowers in the world. The vase life of the chrysanthemum flower is very long, providing the flower is fresh and well kept Biological Solutions. 12 Tiller Arm Way, Marina da Gama, Muizenberg 7950. Tel: (021) 788 45 78 Cell: 082 8080 12 Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Flower Bulbs, Bedding and Basket Plants from Woolmans, the ornamental garden flower plant specialist. Over 130 years experience supplying Chrysanthemums. National Chrysanthemum Society approved partne Yellow Rattle, also known as Hay Rattle, is a pretty wild flower that attaches to grass roots and suppresses their growth enabling wild flowers to flourish in grass lawns and meadows. Please note: We have finished cleaning the remainder of this year's harvest so your orders will be sent out within a few days Since 1991, Cascade Floral Wholesale has been the premier destination for cut wholesale flowers, bulk flowers, DIY flowers, hard goods, and hand-tied bouquets. Delivering flowers to Seattle, Washington, surrounding areas and NATIONWIDE. Find Us. Cascade Floral Wholesale 2410 38th Stree