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Rent a Boho Camper Van to explore the American southwest including Phoenix, AZ, Sedona, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park and more With a camper van rental, you can typically expect to pay between $100 and $200 per night, depending on the model, the number of nights you're renting the camper van, and the season in which you're renting Boho Camper Vans is one of the latest, designing very attractive campers that base in at an affordable $35,000. Boho bases its camper van rental and conversion operations in Phoenix, Arizona The team at Boho has converted over 75 camper vans, and completed over 500 rental trips. In just two years, Boho Camper Vans has organically grown from a single rental van parked in a residential driveway, to a 22,000 sq. ft. production facility, building vans for clients and renters all over the world The total cost for a custom van is $35,000. Various upgrades and shipping are available for an additional cost. Boho Camper Vans builds and rents out custom adventure vehicles. If you want to experience a Boho Camper Van before buying, several of their vehicles are available for rent on the RV sharing site Outdoorsy

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This 2004 Class A motorhome in Boston is listed at $225 per night with a four-night minimum. The weekly rate is $1575, giving you one free day when you rent for six. The monthly rate is $4800. This owner charges a refundable damage deposit of $1000, and insurance is $27 Camper Truck trailers are one of the cheapest options available. They are quite small (and therefore best for a couple or perhaps three people, at most) and are also sparse when it comes to the amenities offered. If you're willing to sacrifice on amenities and space, a truck camper is a decent low-budget choice. Camper rental rate range: $50. Pricing varies by season and duration of the trip, but in the off-season, you can score a camper van rental for around $99/night with a minimum of three nights

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How Much Did Boho Camper Vans Make from the Sharks on Shark Tank? Their initial request was for $300,000 for a 10% stake in the company. Barbara Corocoran offered $150,000 equity and a $150,000 line of credit for 10%. Lori Greiner offered $300,000 for a 20% stake with the stipulation of including a charitable angle Our peer-to-peer RV rental market includes rigs of all shapes, sizes, and types, including sleeper vans. To find one, simply navigate to the RVshare rental homepage, enter your prospective travel dates and location, and filter for Class B under the Drivable RV drop-down menu above.. Along with filtering for this specific type of RV, you can also utilize other filters to further. Boho Camper Vans latest camper van conversions for sale built in Phoenix, AZ - the best quality for the best price - enjoy #vanlife for yourself

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Maryland-based Off Grid Adventure Vans is building brand-new budget conscious vans on the Ram Promaster chassis for around $60,000 all-in (van+conversion), but the latest company to cross our radar is Boho Camper Vans in Phoenix, Arizona.. Founded as a camper van rental company, Boho is now offering affordable van conversions for sale.The Boho team starts with one-ton commercial passenger vans. How much are average RV rentals? On average, you can expect to pay between $75 and $150 per night to rent most small trailers and campervans. Larger trailers and motorhomes could cost $100 to $250 per night. Renting an RV for a longer time can be even more affordable-a week or month-long rental could average out to less than $60 per day The rental rate is going to depend on the size of the Sprinter Van and how many people it sleeps, the amenities, age of the van, type of campervan, if it's 4x4, location, and time of year. In general, it is going to cost between $100 - $300 per night to rent a Sprinter Van camper. To get the best price on Sprinter Van rentals, be flexible Courtesy of Boho Camper Vans. Cost: The price of the buildout is $36,500, and vans will cost between $30,000-$37,000

Camper Van in Gray Court, SC 1.00 listings starting at $3,500.00 Camper Van in Homedale, ID 1.00 listings starting at $14,995.00 Camper Van in Lillington, NC 1.00 listings starting at $47,000.00 Camper Van in Napa, CA 1.00 listings starting at $36,995.00 Camper Van in Pleasant Grove, UT 1.00 listings starting at $10,950.00 Camper Van in Seattle, W For example, a luxury conversion van could be a 2003 R-Vision Trail-Lite 211A that is 21 feet long, sleeps two to four people and rents for $169 per night. All conversion vans are different; however, you may find options that offer amenities such as a slide-out area, computer or video game input, microwave, air conditioning, stove, refrigerator. An estimated mileage charge is required for every rental*. The deposit and the per mile rate is charged according to your van model. Santa Cruz & Mavericks: the $30/day deposit covers 100 miles per day, averaged over your trip. Excess miles are charged or unused miles are refunded at $0.30 cents per mile. Big Sur & Jeep Camper: the $33/day.

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For example, if I find a campervan for cheap, but it has low fuel economy or breaks down when leaving the rental station, then the price doesn't offer value for money. Before you commit to a rental, check out these key things: Age of camper- Anything from 3-4 years or less should provide a good performance and offer decent fuel economy Here's a list of fees and charges to consider when renting a Sprinter camper van. Every rental will be different, so please take some time to peruse the listings (below) to get a feel for the ultimate cost of your camper van rental. The listings will include the fees for each van. Rental fee per night: Between $80 and $300 per night.

Specialties: Rent your own custom-built camper van to beat the Arizona heat and head to cooler climates. Includes full-size Bed, Memory Foam Mattress, 25-Gallon Water Tank, Outdoor Shower, Dimmable LED Interior Lighting, Dashboard A/C, Intake/Outtake Ceiling Fan, Solar Power, Electric Sink, 48 Exterior Pullout Bamboo Counter top and more! Plus receive access to Boho's SECRET MAP with hundreds. The average RV rental per day cost between $75 to $350 depending on the type, size, age, and where you rent the RV from. Renting an older Class A motorhome might cost between $175 to $275, while a small small trailers and campervans $75 to $100 a night. Most luxury RV rental could cost around $275 to $425 a night Book your camper van rental with Escape Campervans! Only $250 US/$400 CAD deposit required for the experience of a lifetime in the US and Canada. 4.8 / 5 average star rating. Over 90,000 happy travelers. 600+ bookings in the last week. Checkout. Over 33,500 trips taken so far. See More Details

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You can rent this van on peer-to-peer van rental company Outdoorsy.. The Rialta has a timeless, aerodynamic design and has earned a devoted following.People love its size, reliable Volkswagen V6 engine, and fuel economy. This cheap campervan will easily get 18-22 mpg out on the highway How Much Is It To Rent An RV? The only additional cost to any quote you receive will be any fuel costs and site fees wherever you choose to stop. On average, expect to pay anywhere between $75 (£50) to $150 (£125.00) per night for class B vehicles or Class C motorhomes, increasing to $200 (£165) per night for a Class A vehicle Is a Campervan Different From a Conversion Van or Traditional RV? Although they share much of the same terminology, there is a very distinct difference between a campervan and conversion vans or even a traditional RV.The most obvious between them is size: While traditional RVs can be the size of a schoolbus, campervans are usually much smaller in size A smaller campervan rental company specializing in Class C motorhomes, Ambassador RV has one RV center located in Delta, BC, with vehicles to suit groups of up to 6. Best Time Best Time is an RV rental company based in Las Vegas with rental centers throughout the US The price range of a new or used camper van varies greatly, spanning from as low as $3,000 to as much as $60,000 or even more. The final price will depend on various things, including whether the van is already renovated or not. If you're a handy DIY-er, then buying a cheap but mechanically sound van and renovating it yourself may be a way to.

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  1. To keep fuel costs low, rent a smaller campervan. Most campervans are considered Class B motorhomes and make boondocking (parking for free) and dry camping easier for adVANturers looking to travel off the beaten path. Prepare your own food. Bring along your own food and prepare meals as much as possible
  2. Our Rental Vans are fully Equipped for living on the road. One-way & round-trip rentals available. Offices in Denver, Colorado & Las Vegas, Nevada. Rental pick-up and drop-off available in other cities - inquire for details. 720-593-0433
  3. The price of an RV rental is based on the size of the camper and the duration of the rental. Smaller trailers and camper vans may cost between $75 and $150 per night, while larger ones may cost up.
  4. Australia has rental camper vans called Wicked Vans (I think California also has these and South America, too) as well as Jucy vans and other brands. They are nowhere near as nice looking as the boho vans and tons of them get rented out all the time
  5. Disclosure: Rental van provided for free by Campervan Hawaii. All of the opinions are our own, 100%. All of the opinions are our own, 100%. Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 6, 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness

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30ft - 39ft. Over 40ft. Orange You Glad Custom Element Micro Camper Kansas City, KS. Vanadium Custom Adventure Van from VanDOit: DO Model Kansas City, KS. Converted 2017 Mercedes Sprinter CamperVan LAWRENCE, KS. Tiny Home on Wheels- Ford Transit Platte City, MO. 2020 Mercedes-Benz sprinter Kansas City, MO Class B RV Rental Prices: $100 - $200 a night. Class C RV Rental Prices: $150 - $250 a night. Fifth Wheel Rental Prices: $125 - $200 a night. Travel Trailer Rental Prices: $80 - $125 a night. Campervan Rental Prices: $100 - $150 a night. *These prices were gathered from rental company Outdoorsy and are only estimated rental costs

The rental business is pretty straightforward: pay them money, rent the van and have fun exploring the Arizona outdoors. On the custom side, they'll trick out any van you send to them. For $25,000 to $40,000 (not including the van) and up, (depending on features, They'll build you the van of your dreams. Most build outs are in used vans. Rent an Airstream or a camper rental 'near me', and enjoy a truly unique caravan rental! A road trip in an Airstream rental or luxury campervans, caravans & campers will give you a newfound sense of freedom and the opportunity to say you've stayed in a classic Airstream RV or a caravan rental 1. Boho Camper Vans. Boho Campervans rents three vans that are exceptionally well equipped for up to two travelers. Boho's platform for all of their camping gear is a 2005 Ford e350, a 2001 Dodge 3500 and a 1999 Ford e350 Super Duty High Top. RENTAL LOCATIONS: Tempe, A Fifth wheel: $60 to $150 per night. Pop-up trailer: $50 to $100 per night. Also know that you may also need to factor in a per-mile charge. You may have a built-in number of included miles and then incur a fee per mile driven over the number, though some rentals do come with unlimited miles

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How much does it cost to rent an RV near Ottawa? Motorhomes around Ottawa average $200/night while towable trailers are around $120/night. Most RV owners offer weekly and monthly discounts between 10 and 20% The best part of the RV life is the freedom it offers you. Living in an RV to Save Money. When you live in an RV to save money you have a huge advantage. RVs are essentially smaller living which means that you essentially have smaller bills. While living in an RV there is less of everything Boho Camper Vans is comprised of two main businesses. Along with converting vans into campers, Boho has a rental fleet of seven vans for weekend warriors looking to take a trip In my quick search of Airstream rentals in our area, they ranged in price from $103 to $380 per night. The best way to find out how much it will cost you is to a) read our article on RV rental prices and b) do some searching on Outdoorsy until you find one for a price you feel comfortable with Many factors determine the cost of a motorhome or campervan rental in Europe. The factors affecting the RV rental cost include RV size, rental rate seasonality (or whether the rates are so-called flex rates instead re-determined daily or weekly based on supply and demand), and the optional extras you select (many and varied)

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A lot of camper vans we feature don't come to the U.S. The modern equivalent of the classic VW model, tantalizingly named the California, only gets sold in Europe, and only Aussies can snag this badass, off-roading Toyota van with Land Cruiser bits. But there are still quite a few options available if you're looking to buy a camper van in. A new sleeper van (less than 10 years) will cost anywhere from $150 - $300, depending on the make. Simply so, how much does a small camper van cost? Factors like age, model and make contribute in determining the fuel efficiency of your campervan. But for an average, small campervan, you'd probably get around 35mpg. Can you rent small RVs Starting with a long-wheelbase (159-inch) Ram ProMaster van, Off Grid Adventure Vans will build you a camper in one of three layouts: Rambler, Summit, or Vagabond. Happily, all three builds are. Best prices and selection for small RV rentals, camper vans, big toy haulers, pop-up campers and motorhomes for rent in Utah. Get a camper van rental (a.k.a. Class B motorhome) for your next outing. See prices & photos now

Q. How much does it cost to rent a Mercedes Sprinter camper van? A. The average winter weekly rate for a solar van camper is $3240. The average summer rate for a solar van camper $3860 (Each includes 1050 miles, cleaning, waste evacuation, all taxes and training.) Q. How many people can sleep in a Sprinter RV? A Many factors determine the cost of a motorhome or campervan rental in Finland. The factors affecting the RV rental cost include RV size, rental rate seasonality (or whether the rates are so-called flex rates instead re-determined daily or weekly based on supply and demand), and the optional extras you select (many and varied) Our shortlist for the Best Camper Vans 2021! If you're looking for the freedom and sense of adventure that a motorhome provides but don't need that much space or the big price tag, then you should consider a camper van. Camper vans are an attractive option given that they are compact, rugged, and can be as equipped as you need. In fact, my wife and I traveled in one ourselves One of the largest selections of Campervan rental cars in Iceland, Northbound is proud of the service we give our travelers and the excellence rating we have been gifted by our followers on Facebook and Google. Explore our booking engine and find the perfect campervan for your upcoming Icelandic Adventure

Length of Rental: 47 days. Cost of Rental: $124.31/day NZD to a total of $5,842.57 NZD. *Note: We were given a $2,500 NZD media discount on our rental. The average rental rate for this length of stay would be $8,342.57. Additional Insurance Package: VIP Level $69/day NZD Boho Camper Vans projects $800,000 in sales for 2020, and $1.9 million in sales for 2021, Ellenson told the Sharks. Keep scrolling to see the inside of Houston: The Ford van cost $15,000 used

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If you wish to rent out your vw campervan or non vw camper van for that matter you can list it it for free on the website. Camperbug is a fantastic campervan travel agency. We have many many campervan enthusiasts from all around the world seeking a trip away in a camper Peak Season (Dec - Feb): $60 - $100. Low Season (June - Aug): $40 - $80. A camp-car is the most basic campervan available for rent in New Zealand. It is generally a small-sized van or just a car with a fold-out bed. The pros of renting camp-cars include being easy to drive, cheap to rent, and inexpensive to run Typical rental costs: The Bunkhouse camper van sleeps up to four people (one large bed, two single bunks), from $128 per night, 500 prepaid miles for $180, and a $90 set up/preparation fee. Based. To fill our JUCY Condo, we spent between $90-$110 each time, and most often filled the van every second day. The amount of petrol you need will depend on how far you drive. As a guide for creating your New Zealand road trip budget, expect a tank to last you 400 kilometres and cost $100 on average

In this post, we cover a variety of camper vans with bathrooms including shower and toilet setups so you can get some ideas of different layouts and options. Sponsored by. Storyteller Overland. Storyteller Overland builds adventure-ready 4×4 Sprinter Vans (with full indoor showers!), and their mission is to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to live. If you are like me you want to know the rental cost per night right away so figured we would jump into that first! Rental prices fluctuate based on factors like your location, the type of RV you want, the size, the length of your trip, etc. But on average you can expect to pay a nightly rate between $149 - $199/night Boho Camper Vans added 15 new photos to the album: Big Red | Jamestown, CO How much are average RV rentals in Van Wert, Ohio? Depending on the type of RV you're renting for your trip and the time of year, the cost per night can vary. On average, you can expect to pay between $75 - $150 per night for a campervan or a small travel trailer. Class C RVs are larger, offer accommodations for 6-8 people and cost on average. Aesthetically pleasing and with a good range of vans, Boho offer build-outs, rentals, and sales. Rentals start at around $155 per day. Campervan North America. Offers five models of camper vans for rent out of Seattle, Bozeman, and Las Vegas

To keep fuel costs low, rent a smaller campervan. Most campervans are considered Class B motorhomes and make boondocking (parking for free) and dry camping easier for adVANturers looking to travel off the beaten path. Prepare your own food. Bring along your own food and prepare meals as much as possible The time of year, the length of the rental, and rental location impact the price as well. Weekly rental rates range from $875 to $1,750 or more depending on these factors. The prices below are estimates based on a weeklong rental for each RV type. Type of RV. Average Weekly Rental Price We offer you full access to the memories you make while living the Hawaiian campervan dream. Whether you are chasing dolphins, hiking amazing ridges or looking to catch the sunset, Hawaii Beach Campervans makes it easy to rent while adventuring on your terms. Book Now. Hawaii Beach Campervans was started here on the North Shore of Oahu by a few. One way motorhome rentals in the USA allow you to cover much longer distances that you would normally be able to fit into a round-trip itinerary, and most motorhome rental depots in the US where you can arrange to pick-up your one way USA RV rental, such as Atlanta, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Miami, to name just a few

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals Luxury Solar Camper-vans Serving discriminating travelers in the Western United States since 2008 Our campervans include Roadtrek CS/RS/SS/E-Trek and Coachmen Galleria Li3 The E-Trek is a 4 wheel drive 4×4 camper Take your adventure off-road in style! California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho Boho Camper Vans built Encore, a tiny home on wheels constructed on a 2019 Ford Transit 250. Encore holds an exterior shower and an interior kitchenette, couch, toilet, dining table, bed, and garage Name: Liz and Tim Kamarul, with pups Bo and Cudi. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. Size: 176 square feet. Years Lived In: 5 months, owned. I find it incredibly inspiring when people shirk off their worldly possessions, say no to the 9 to 5, and trade a rent check for a home on wheels. And while the breathtaking natural landscapes you can see.

There weren't any other campervan companies in Oregon offering what we were going to offer. So between, AirBnB, hotels, car rentals, etc we came to the decision of pricing the campervan to compete with what it would cost a person to rent a car and hotel. Our goal was to rent the van for 3 days a month The 5-Star RV rating exists to inform the consumer of the quality of the RV rental and, also, as a means to more accurately compare RVs. It's our goal to provide our customers with nationwide RV rentals, no matter where their camping dreams may take them. A 5-star RV Rental is a standard unmatched by our competition A Quirky Camper is a difficult thing to define, but if you feel at home on this website then there's a good chance you'll fit right in. The best way to find out if you could rent out your campervan through Quirky Campers, is to send some snaps to campervans@quirkycampers.co.uk. but here are some hints Things we love JUCY provides mini RV rentals in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Check out our epic vehicles and book your USA road trip today

Options exist with some supplier to prove one way campervan hire in Scotland. Campervan rental Scotland is growing in popularity and top suppliers can offer a wide range of camping car options. As usual the VW california pop top is a big favourite with couples or small families. The VW california will seat and sleep 4 The rental cost always covers the hire costs to rent the campervan coverage costs plus additional items if relevant for your booking. Rent a campervan for no more than £50 a night, and an unbeatable £350 a week. Make a campervan rental with our economically priced yet luxurious campervans for £5100 for every night Helpful Iceland Camper Rental Tips. Manual vs. Automatic: Be prepared to drive a manual van. Most of the campervans in Iceland are manual, but there are a few automatic vehicles. If you do require an automatic car, make sure to book well in advance and expect to pay a premium for it. Size Matters: Consider the size of your Iceland campervan. Renting a cargo van is a great way to make small moves easy. Reserve now and get low rates on a cargo van rental from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Van rental is available across many Enterprise locations including: Atlanta. Chicago From £88 per day. Last-Minute Discount Long Trip Discount. VW T6 4 berth Camper Van. (2) 4 Draycott in the Moors. Added to Favorites. Add to Favorites. From £115 per day. Long Trip Discount. Orla - Classic VW Camper Van hire in West Sussex

With models from manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet, you'll enjoy spacious seating for 12 to 15 people at an affordable rate. If you're going on a day trip or exploring the city, a passenger van rental in Dallas is perfect for your needs. Browse Our Vans Whether you opt for motorhome rental or campervan rental will be a reflection of your personal travel style. Campervan Reykjavik offers motorhomes to those looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort as they travel around the Iceland Ring Road. Best Camper vans are more for travelers seeking an exciting, back-to-basics experience

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Long-term motorhome hire allows you to take to the open road and enjoy the freedom for as long as you would like to, weeks or months even! Many people have taken time off to do such a trip, and boast of the wonders of it. Learning to live minimalistically, getting to explore so many countries. The ideal long term trip would involve cheap. These rental companies offer New Zealand visitors affordable, compact vans and motorhome rentals, from 2 berth to 6 berth campers. Most of these suppliers operate from 7.30am to 4pm for 7 days and have their own branch parking for your convenience RV rental companies tend to set their own rates, and there are no strict pricing charts or standardization. A 10-year-old Class B RV might cost $80 per night at one place, and $100 at another. So the best we can do is give you a rough idea about the breakdown of costs for a week's worth of trip on a rented RV Depending on how often you are willing to rent out your RV, you can choose to schedule a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly RV maintenance. 2. Insurance Coverage. While RVs can be so much fun, they can also incur so much damage. Therefore, when renting out your RV to other people, it is imperative that you ensure your vehicle is covered

Our first camper van roadtrip was impressive. We loved everything about it, the comfortable bed/couch, kitchen with utensils, sink and fridge. It made us feel so cozy thank you @voyagercampervans! Dasha Vinokurov Renting a campervan is a great way to experience the outdoors without having to jump head-on into camping. Also, you don't. Other parts of the Nugget are pretty standard but nice; dining for five, a good-sized kitchen with a 40-liter fridge and alcohol 2 burner stove. Ford. The Nugget is powered by a 129- and 168-hp 2. How much a class b motorhome camper van should cost. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Prices start at $40,000-$80,000 for a new Class B motorhome/van conversion, depending on size (15'-26' long), type of roof extension and other amenities. They come with a gas or diesel engine; diesel is typically more expensive Full Price per day from 48,700 ISK Low Season 45% off from 26,500 ISK . Unlimited km/miles. Seats for 4 people. Bed for 3/4 people. And lots mor

Travel Trailers will typically cost about $75-150/night or $500-800/week. Depending on features and the season prices may vary, and you may need to rent a pickup truck. Your RV Dealer will be able to advise on the proper vehicle for towing. Park Model Rentals. Prices can range depending on the season but can start from as little as $125/night. For truck camper newbies in Canada, there has long been truck camper rig rental options through Fraserway RV with rental centers located in Vancouver (Delta), Calgary, Whitehorse, Halifax, and Toronto. And unlike the Lance/Cruise America partnership, Fraserway RV offers three of truck camper rig choices; non-slide, dinette-slide, and a bunk-slide A. 5th Wheel RV rental prices can vary depending on factors such as; the type of the RV, the season you rent it, upgrades included, the vehicle's age, the rental location, and many more. In general, a 10-year-old (or older) 5th wheel up to 30′ long will cost around $60- $ 125 per night Call +91-8048761831. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Camper Van. Get Quote. Watch Video. leyland viking CARAVAN IN INDIA, 180 Hp, Model Name/Number: 222. ₹ 35,000/ Day Get Latest Price [RV Rentals by Owner] Unique VW Volkswagen Vanagon van $130 (_Volkswagen__ Vanagon_ central/south phx ) 2021 MINI-T CAMPERVAN SOLAR WIFI CLASS B CAMPER VAN RV FITS IN GARAGE! $48,000 (tus > Lake Crystal Campervan dealer ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $38,500