Partial medial meniscectomy and Chondroplasty

Chondroplasty refers to the smoothing of degenerative cartilage and trimming of unstable cartilage flaps to stabilize and treat chondral lesions. Partial meniscectomy involves trimming unstable flaps of a torn meniscus to establish a stable remnant meniscus. These 2 techniques are critical for performing basic operative knee arthroscopy Reid D, et al. (2012). The Effectiveness of Post-Operative Rehabilitation Following Partial Meniscectomy of the Knee. Physical Therapy Reviews,17(1), 45-54. 014000-01497 7/20 Phase IV Return to Activity Phase 4+ Weeks 9+ Expected Visits (continued from previous page) Specific Instructions: • Continue previous hip and quad strengthening exercise Partial Meniscectomy - trimming of cartilage shock absorber Chondroplasty - trimming of articular cartilage that coats the bones Message from your doctor Whether you or one of your family members or friends is considering partial meniscectomy, or are scheduled for surgery, I understand this can be a stressful time

Meniscectomy and chondroplasty. A 30-year-old member asked: Most patients in your age group do well after partial meniscectomy for a displaceable meniscal tear. The loss of meniscal tissue alters the load on the adjacent cartilage and bone. Anywhere: The most common orthopedic procedure is a knee arthroscopy with partial medial. Clean up of the meniscocapsular junction of the medial meniscus was performed. The rasping of the meniscus as well as the capsule was performed in preparation for the repair using a shaver and arthroscopic rasps. Chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle, trochlea, patellar lateral facet was performed. Decisional for repair was undertaken chondroplasty (not sure what this entailed!) and partial medial meniscectomy done. To say I feel worse is an understatement. I have lower back pain now and my knee is very swollen and in constant pain. I had the stiches out and was informed it had been bleeding inside hence the bruising on the leg. The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of shock-absorbing cartilage between the femur and the tibia in the knee. There is one on the medial side (side closest to the midline of the body) and one on the lateral side of each knee. The meniscus (yellow arrow) is a C-shaped shock-absorbing structure in the knee

Basic Knee Arthroscopy Part 4: Chondroplasty, Meniscectomy

prevent knee osteoarthritis after medial meniscus root tears9 Faucett SC, et al. Am J Sport Med (2018) Reduction with meniscal repair versus partial meniscectomy in 30-year incidence of OA (29.7 vs 39.4%, respectively) and TKR (19.6 vs 27.9%, respectively) Projected 30-year costs were 16.5% lower with meniscal repair vs partial meniscectomy. Arthoroscopy, partial menisectomy; chondroplasty medial femoral condyle, and medial tibial plateau Dx: Tear, posterior horn, medial meniscus [717.2] Chondromalacia [733.92

Although both have good short-term outcomes, a partial meniscectomy has a better long-term outcome than a total meniscectomy. When possible, partial meniscectomy is the preferred procedure. Last. Depiction of an arthroscopic surgery of a left knee with a medial meniscal tear, a chondral fracture of the patella, and an MCL sprain. A partial medial meniscectomy and a chondroplasty of the patella are performed. Please call 1-888-999-0410 for custom sizing and other options Both partial meniscectomy and chondroplasty can be performed using knee arthroscopy (rather than open surgery). In knee arthroscopy, the knee is typically accessed through 2 to 3 portals Medial/Lateral Partial Meniscectomy Post-operative Rehabilitation Protocol. Phase I: Day 1 to 2 Weeks. Brace • Knee immobilizer • TED hose to be worn until ambulation has returned to normal pre-surgery level or two weeks • Crutches: weight bearing as tolerated. Goals • Decrease inflammation and swellin

Case Study: Partial medial meniscectomy and patellofemoral and medial tibiofemoral compartment chondroplasty in a 62-year-old Male The patient is a 62-yr-old male, self-referred, with complaints of pain to bilateral knees Lt >> Rt since last year Chondroplasty in the medial compartment 29880 Arthroscopy medial and lateral meniscectomy A Chondroplasty is NEVER coded with a meniscectomy regardless of the compartment. The meniscectomy includes the synovectomy in the code description 1. Increase muscle strength and ROM without exacerbation • Initiate weights for SLR (Hip abduction not done with lateral compression syndrome) • Initiate weights for short arc quadriceps exercises, non-painful ROM • Initiate mini-squats (0-30/40o) non-painful ROM • Bicycle (low resistance, seat high) • Continue isometrics, ROM, and flexibility exercises as neede

Knee Arthroscopy: Partial Meniscectomy and Chondroplasty

Medial and Lateral Meniscectomy. The Medial and Lateral Meniscectomy are crescent-shaped bands of thick, rubbery cartilage attached to the shinbone (tibia). They act as shock absorbers and stabilize the knee. Meniscus tears can vary widely in size and severity. A meniscus can be split in half, ripped around its circumference in the shape of a C. Arthroscopic partial medial or lateral meniscectomy, loose body removal or debridement protocol: The intent of this protocol is to provide the clinician with a guideline of the post-operative rehabilitation course of a patient that has undergone a partial meniscectomy Knee Arthroscopy / Partial Medial - Lateral Meniscectomy / Chondroplasty: Medial Femoral - Lateral Femoral - Patellofemoral / Loose Body Removal Rehab Protocol Prescription Patient Name: Date: Diagnosis: meniscal tear loose body articular cartilage lesion Frequency: 2-3 visits/week Duration: 3 months Week 1- Knee Arthroscopy (Meniscectomy / Chondroplasty, with and without lateral release) 2020-04-01T11:23:02-04:00. This protocol is intended to be a general guideline. The physician staff may advance, delay, or alter this protocol based on individual patient status. If so, this should be done by direct communication with the therapist, or in writing.

Arthroscopic chondroplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure during knee arthroscopy. Specifically, chondroplasty is performed to smooth damaged cartilage in the knee in order to lessen friction in the joint. It is an option in cases of mild to moderate cartilage wear Dr. Jeremy Johnson - OrthoCarolin

Meniscectomy and chondroplasty Answers from Doctors

I am pleased to say I am one of the lucky ones. I had right knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy as well as femoral and patellar chondroplasty. My recovery was amazing. I no longer ache. I was on crutches for the first day, then went to one crutch do to lack of mobility CPT code and description. 29881 - Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial OR lateral, including any meniscal shaving) including debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty), same or separate compartment(s), when performed average fee amount - $540 - $600. 29871 - ARTHROSCOPY KNEE INFECTION LAVAGE & DRAINAGE. 29873 - ARTHROSCOPY KNEE LATERAL RELEAS Partial Meniscectomy - trimming of cartilage shock absorber. Chondroplasty - trimming of articular cartilage that coats the bone This stock medical exhibit depicts a medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty of the left knee. The first image shows the pre-operative condition, with osteophytes along the articular surface of the patella and on the medial tibial plateau, chondromalacia of the medial femoral condyle, and a complex tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus

extensive synovitis, partial medial meniscectomy, and chondroplasty of the patella, trochlear groove, lateral femoral condyle, and medial femoral condyle.6 The surgery was not authorized by OWCP. 5 The findings portion of the report also noted that the posterior cruciate ligament was intact without evidence o partial medial meniscectomy; chondroplasty of the patellofemoral joint with the removal of multiple loose joint bodies, left knee. Gross Findings: A 51-year-old male who has developed a floating loose joint body around his left knee. This has been ongoing since the end of December, not associated with any traumatic event Some knee surgeries will require more surgical expertise than the run of the mill partial medial meniscectomy of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Other times the surgeon will be required to do a chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle to cure the injured workers condition of ill-being

Case Study: Arthroscopic Meniscectomy And Chondroplasty Of

  1. partial medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty debridement. The surgical findings were a small oblique tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus, Grade II chondromalacia over 50% of the patella and arthritic lesions on the medial femoral condyle and the medial plateau. A Polk County jury awarded $19,400
  2. OWCP expanded the claim to include exacerbation of medial meniscus tear on the left. Appellant underwent an authorized left knee arthroscopy, partial medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty microfracture of the medial femoral condyle on November 2, 2012. She returned to full duty on December 1, 2012
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  4. imize activity for the. first week. The first 2-3 days should include walking only when necessary. Crutches can be used. but should be weaned over the first two days. Gentle motion allowed from full extension to
  5. Synovectomy, medial meniscectomy, and chondroplasty procedures are performed to treat major synovitis, a complex medial meniscus tear, and multiple chondral fractures. Removing the inflamed tissue and debriding the degraded areas treats knee pain and helps restore joint function. Please call 1-888-999-0410 for custom sizing and other options
  6. ate or significantly reduce other symptoms such as catching, locking.

Meniscus Debridement. The meniscus is the soft rubbery bumper cushion that sits between the thigh bone and the leg bone. There are two menisci in the knee; a medial (inside) and a lateral (outside) meniscus. These structures act as shock absorbers that decrease the stress seen by the articular cartilage found on the end of the thigh bone and. Effects of a Partial Medial Meniscectomy. Arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy is the most common outpatient surgery in the United States. However, meniscus injury and subsequent resection contributes to a 7 times greater risk for developing knee osteoarthritis later in life. While it is generally believed that most patients have an. debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty), same or separate compartment(s), when performed *29882 Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscus repair (medial OR lateral) *29883 Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscus repair (medial AND lateral) 1. If the patient less than 18 years of age, select yes and submit the reques A chondroplasty is an outpatient procedure used to repair a small area of damaged cartilage in the knee. The damaged tissue is removed, allowing healthy cartilage to grow in its place. The procedure is performed through small incisions on the sides of the knee with the aid of a small video camera called an arthroscope

Does it get better!! Knee Arthroscopy (Chondroplasty

Knee Arthroscopy (Meniscectomy) Anatomy and Biomechanics . The knee is a hinge joint at the connection point between the femur and tibia bones. It is held together by several important ligaments. The knee is also cushioned during weight bearing by two cartilaginous discs, called the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) menisci. These menisc A partial medial and lateral meniscectomy is performed after which chondroplasty of the femoropatellar joint is performed. 29880-LT (Medial and lateral meniscectomy would be assigned 29880-RT as both compartments were excised Here is a positive study on the benefits of meniscus surgery ( 26) in middle-aged patients: In this study, doctors said that an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy is a good option for a medial meniscal tear in late middle-aged adults. For the best success, you need a proper diagnosis and excellent surgical technique Patients who underwent a knee arthroscopy procedure for either partial meniscectomy and/or chondroplasty from July 2016 to January 2017 by a single surgeon at a single institution were included. Medical records were reviewed, and demographics were recorded. Two weeks postoperatively, patients self-reported opioid and nonopioid medication use

Full video article: https://jbjs.org/reader.php?source=JBJS_Essential_Surgical_Techniques/6/1/e7/fulltext&id=29572&rsuite_id=1289113#figuresKnee arthroscopy. arthroscopy with chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle with micro-fx of medial femoral condyle, partial medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty of the patellofemoral joint of the R knee 10/08/10.... I told the pt he may go on to have chronic pain in the R knee and develop post-traumatic arthritis in the medial compartment of the R knee... Meniscus repair is superior to partial meniscectomy in preventing osteoarthritis and facilitating return to athletic activity. 11 However, the period of postoperative immobilization and activity restriction associated with meniscus repair is longer than that associated with partial meniscectomy and requires a compliant, motivated patient to be. Arthroscopic surgery with partial lateral meniscectomy of lateral meniscus tear. 2. Chondroplasty of trochlea and patella with removal of loose bodies and floaters. 3. Synovectomy. SURGEON: John Doe, MD. ANESTHESIA: General. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION: The patient was brought to the operating room and placed in a supine position Types of Meniscectomy . There are two types of meniscectomy - partial and total meniscectomy. In partial procedure, the surgeon will remove only a part of the torn meniscus so that the knee can function normally. On the other hand, for total meniscectomy the surgeon will remove the whole meniscus

Partial meniscectomy: Frequently asked questions Dr

Overall, the risk associated with undergoing arthroscopic partial meniscectomy was low. However, some rare but serious complications (including pulmonary embolism and infection) are associated with the procedure, and the risks have not fallen with time. In view of uncertainty about the effectiveness of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, an appreciation of relative risks is crucial for patients. a. status post right knee arthroscopy, partial medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle of 5/3/2018. Dr. Guberman attributed Mitchell's diagnosis to the February 20, 2018, work-related injury. He opined Mitchell obtained maximum medical improvement (MMI) as of the date of his report, December 12, 2019. Hi An MRI revealed a medial meniscus tear, as well as degenerative changes in the knee. Dr. William Jones performed a partial medial meniscectomy with chondroplasty, in all three compartments of Van Horn's left knee, and also conducted a technique designed to simulate scar tissue formation On April 30, 2001, Dr. Richard Strand, the employee = s treating orthopedist, performed a left knee diagnostic arthroscopy, partial medial meniscectomy, partial lateral meniscectomy, chondroplasty of the mediofemoral condyle, and extensive chondroplasty of the lateral femoral condyle tibial plateau with removal of osteochondral shear fractures. Dr Left image shows superior view of tibial plateau, distal femur and patella damaged by chondromalacia and meniscus defect. Right image shows same with meniscectomy and chondroplasty being performed

arthroscopy, partial medial meniscectomy, and chondroplasty. On May 8, 2006, Dr. Tse opined that 80% of the right knee disability was caused by the. Surgical Guideline for Work-related Knee Injuries 2016 - Lni.wa.gov. www.lni.wa.gov. Surgical Guideline for Work-related Knee Injuries - July 2016 . Osteoarthritis In addition, a lateral meniscus tear was noted, which was then trimmed again with the basket and smoothed down to a nice transition zone using a full radius shaver. Following the meniscectomy and chondroplasty of the lateral femoral condyle, copious irrigation was then done until return fluid was clear An arthroscopic meniscectomy is a procedure to remove some or all of a meniscus from the tibio-femoral joint of the knee using arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery. The procedure can be a complete meniscectomy where the meniscus and the meniscal rim is removed or partial where only a section of the meniscus is removed Altered Knee Forces: Most patients in your age group do well after partial meniscectomy for a displaceable meniscal tear.The loss of meniscal tissue alters the load on the adjacent cartilage and bone. In some patients, this increase in bone loading may cause pain and even bone marrow lesions on mri

Menisectomy and chondroplasty Medical Billing and Coding

Short description: Oth tear of medial meniscus, current injury, left knee, init The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM S83.242A became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of S83.242A - other international versions of ICD-10 S83.242A may differ A partial meniscectomy is the surgical removal of part of a torn meniscus. Reported rates of total knee arthoplasty (TKA) at 1, 2, and 3 years after arthroscopy were 10.1%, 13.7%, and 15.6%, respectively. An arthroplasty is a joint replacement. You should send this study to the responsible party's insurance company if you've had a knee. Meniscectomy (29880 and 29881)involves surgery to remove of all or part of a torn meniscus. 29880 Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial and lateral, including any meniscal shaving) including debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty), same or separate compartment(s), when performe The procedure was a partial medial meniscectomy, a decompression of a peri-meniscal cyst, and a peri-patellar chondroplasty. Status post surgical diagnosis included: medial meniscus tear, cyst, grade 3 chondromalacia patella, grade 1 chondromalacia trochlea, grade 3 chondromalacia lateral tibial plateau, grade

Meniscectomy: Purpose, Preparation, Procedure, and Recover

Treatments include post-operative PT, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit. Per operative report dated 05/08/15, the patient underwent right knee arthroscopic partial medial and lateral meniscectomies, chondroplasty 29879. The physician performs arthroscopic meniscus repair with partial medial and lateral repairs. What procedure code is reported. 29883. Jeff is a 13-year-old boy who fractured his left radius and ulna while snowboarding. Three weeks after the physician placed a long arm cast on Jeff, he was skateboarding and crushed the cast (without. DISCUSSIONRadial tears of the medial meniscus have been reported commonly in elderly patients who complain of severe knee pain. 4,19,20 The incidence of complete PMMRT in the current series was 15%. In our study arthroscopic partial meniscectomy was performed in patients with OA KL grade 0 to 2 on standing anteroposterior knee radiographs Joint repair, by scope (Outpatient) $ 3,850. Pricing Details. $3,850. Cash. Arthroscopic knee surgery; abrasion arthroplasty (includes chondroplasty where necessary) or multiple drilling or microfracture. Meniscectomy, partial, medial and lateral, by scope (Outpatient) $ 3,850. Pricing Details Left Knee Arthroscopy, Partial Medial & Lateral Meniscectomy, Chondroplasty and Synovectomy of the medial and femoral condyles. SKU: KS006602 8.5 x 11 Electronic PDF - $99.0

A 54-year old female underwent medial meniscectomy and subchondroplasty of the medial tibial plateau of the left knee. The preoperative MRI obtained 3-weeks before the procedure shows mild. Hi. I had a right knee arthroscopy and partial medial meniscectomy with Chondroplasty in March of 2011. Synvisc 1 injection on 10/13/11. To date, still have pain and creaking noises in knee. Definitely arthritis and a bone spur appeared on x-rays in November But partial meniscectomy may be done if torn pieces of meniscus are causing pain and swelling. There are different types of meniscus tears. The pattern of the tear may determine whether a tear can be repaired. Horizontal and flap tears typically require surgical removal of at least part of the meniscus Knee Arthroscopy and Partial Meniscectomy Day of surgery A. Diet as tolerated B. Icing is important for the first 5-7 days post-op. While the post-op dressing is in place, icing should be done continuously. Once the dressing is removed on the first or second day, ice is applied for 20-minute periods 3-4 times per day

Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy: CPT codes covered if selection criteria are met: 29880: Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial AND lateral, including any meniscal shaving) including debridement/shaving of articular cartilage (chondroplasty), same or separate compartment(s), when performed : 2988 FINDINGS: There is stable mild generalized deficiency of the medial meniscus compatible with post surgical change of prior partial meniscectomy. At least 75% of the medial meniscus is remaining. There is a stable tiny intermediate linear hyperintensity involving the undersurface of the mid to medial posterior horn of the medial meniscus. left knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy, partial lateral meniscectomy, and chondroplasty for the post -operative diagnoses of medial meniscus tear, lateral meniscus tear, and degenerative joint disease of the medial compartment. Mr. Asturi was to undergo four weeks of therapy for post-left-knee medial meniscectomy and. Example: A meniscectomy is performed in the medial compartment and a major synovectomy is performed in the medial and lateral compartments of the same knee. Code 29881 would be reported for the meniscectomy in addition to 29876 for the synovectomy Question: Can I bill for a medial meniscus repair and a lateral meniscus meniscectomy done on the same knee? I see CMS has an NCCI edit between the two codes, 29881 and 29882. Answer: Yes, you may report both codes and append modifier 59 to indicate the procedures were performed on different anatomic sites

Partial Medial Meniscectomy & Chondroplasty of Patella of

With the basket and shaver, we did a medial partial meniscectomy and trimmed the edges with vapor. The femoral condyle showed a Grade 3 chondromalacia over a 2 cm x 2 cm area. In the notch, the anterior cruciate ligament was totally torn laterally. The compartment was adequate for the meniscus and the cartilage Dr. Lyon diagnosed medial and lateral meniscus tear, patellofemoral chondromalacia, medial compartment chondromalacia, and postarthroscopic partial medial, lateral meniscectomy, and chondroplasty. Dr. Lyon opined the degenerative changes pre-existed the work event. Dr. Lyon stated the meniscus tear may be a result of the work event base 2 The operative report Claimant underwent indicates a partial medial meniscectomy (CPT 29881) and an abrasion chondroplasty (CPT 29879) of the medial femoral condoyle, and that both of these procedures were performed in the medial with compartment of the knee.3 Mr. Ball asserted that because both of these procedures wer ant's physician performed a partial medial meniscectomy on claimant's right knee. Beneath the torn meniscus, the doctor found an area of grade 3 chondromalacia of the tib-ial plateau, a wearing away of the cartilage secondary to a right medial meniscus tear. Claimant subsequently file The belief is that the blood carries factors that may actually stimulate healing of the meniscus. Recovery time for these surgeries varies, with an average range of 3 to 6 weeks with respect to partial meniscectomy and 12 to 16 weeks regarding meniscus repair. Patients are enrolled in a rehabilitation program during this period

Partial Meniscectomy/Chondroplasty Musculoskeletal Ke

claimant underwent a partial medial meniscec tomy of the left knee on September 20, 2010. On December 15, 2011, the claimant underwent a partial medial meniscectomy and a chondroplasty of the patella of the right knee. TIMELINESS The claimant contends in his response that the carrier's appeal was untimely Farther medial or lateral portals can be added if necessary. Superolateral portals can be helpful for patellar and trochlear lesions. A meniscal abnormality is treated before microfracture, while ligament reconstruction is performed after microfracture to allow for better visualization of the cartilage lesion

Case Study: Partial medial meniscectomy and patellofemoral

Fig 6 (A) Arthroscopic view, right knee, central portal visualizing the medial compartment including the medial femoral condyle (MFC), medial tibial plateau (MTP), and medial meniscus (MM). (B) External view, right knee, depicting the needle arthroscope in central portal and cannula in the medial portal for visualization of the medial compartment At the beginning of the surgery, Dr. Tehrany performed partial medial knee meniscectomy and chondroplasty to repair the meniscus tears and chondromalacia of patella. Unfortunately, during the surgery, Dr. Tehrany also found loose bodies floating in Lionel's knee, and he proceeded with a loose body removal Coding for Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in ICD-10-PCS. In ICD-10-PCS, arthroscopy goes to the root operation inspection, which is defined as visually and/or manually exploring a body part. Therefore, an arthroscopy of the right knee is classified to code 0SJC4ZZ, and arthroscopy of the left knee is classified to code 0SJD4ZZ Knee Arthroscopy with Meniscus Repair Rehab Protocol (Longitudinal / Bucket handle tears) This protocol provides you with general guidelines for initial stage and progression of rehabilitation according to specified time frames, related tissue tolerance and directional preference of movement. Specific changes in the program will be made by th

that caused patellofemoral cartilage injury, and a complex medial meniscus tear. On November 8, 2011, Dr. Jones performed a left knee arthroscopy with partial medial and lateral meniscectomy, a chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle in the patellofemoral joint with excision of the inferior patellar spur. Dr medial meniscus with meniscal cyst. Myxoid degeneration was also observed at the anterior line of the lateral meniscus without a definite tear. Mr. Smith underwent a left knee arthroplasty with partial medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty of the trochlea on July 24, 2014. The surgery was performed by Tom Ghobrial, M.D, an orthopedist. Partial Meniscectomy Information Omaha Partial Meniscectomy Information by Dr. Darren Keiser MD This minimally-invasive outpatient procedure is designed to remove the damaged portion of the meniscus , a layer of cartilage on top of the tibia that cushions and stabilizes the knee joint The meniscus cartilage in the knee includes a medial (inside) meniscus and a lateral (outside) meniscus. Together they are referred to as menisci. The menisci are wedge shaped, being thinner toward the center of the knee and thicker toward the outside of the knee joint (Figures 1-3). This shape is very important to its function. Th

Medial & Lateral Meniscectomy (Arthroscopic) - St

  1. From a CPT® coding perspective, if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage and meniscectomy are performed in the same compartment of the knee, then only code 29881, Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial or lateral, including any meniscal shaving), should be reported. However, if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage is performed in one compartment of the knee.
  2. Six of the 7 patients had an adjacent ipsilateral meniscus tear treated with partial meniscectomy (4 medial, 2 lateral). In addition, of the 4 patients who developed ON of the medial femoral condyle, all had overlying chondromalacia, 3 of whom were treated with arthroscopic chondroplasty
  3. post-traumatic arthropathy that required arthroscopic chondroplasty and because of a medial meniscal tear, another arthroscopic chondroplasty of the patella with partial medial meniscectomy . Transcript, page 948. His report further explains that this rating accounts for ongoing discomfort, los
  4. Popliteal Hiatus: Normal A partial medial meniscectomy was performed. Using a combination of an upbiting basket, straight basket and a 4.2 mm Cuda shaver I removed 50 % of the root, 75 % of the posterior horn, 25 % of the body and 0 % of the anterior horn of the medial meniscus. The rim was smoothed with a 4.2 mm Tiger shaver
  5. The doctor recommended and our client completed physical therapy, but his knee did not improve. Thereafter, his doctor recommended surgical treatment and performed a right knee arthroscopy with a resection of the tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and the medial plica and mild chondroplasty of the patella
  6. Mr. Asturi returned to Dr. Abbott on August 27, 2018. It was noted that he underwent a left knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy, partial lateral meniscectomy, and chondroplasty for the post-operative diagnoses of medial meniscus tear, lateral meniscus tear, and degenerative joint disease of the medial compartment. Mr
  7. On June 22, 2011, the worker underwent an arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy, partial lateral meniscectomy, chondroplasty of the patella and the medial femoral condyle. File records showed that the worker returned to work in August 2011 but reinjured his right knee on October 26, 2011
Synovectomy, Lateral Meniscectomy & Chondroplasty of RightRight knee arthroscopic sugery - medial meniscectomyMeniscus Repair/Meniscectomy | Kansas City Bone & Joint ClinicArthroscopy of Right Ankle Joint with ChondroplastySuperb Tricks for CPT code 29881, 29880 and 29877Knee Partial Meniscectomy - Post Operative Rehabilitation
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