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Enjoy your best possible view, free of bulky hardware! Clean, simple, and easy to install. Looking For Wire Railing? Try The Original Cable Bullet™ System Today Steel Cable Railing from Fortress is Long Lasting and Durable. Browse Our Strongest Railing System On The Market Hole Drilling Guidelines for CableView Cable Railing Systems - During the install of your CableView Deck Railing System, you may find that you need to drill holes in the posts to accomodate your needs. This chart is designed to assure you are drilling the smallest hole needed for our fittings and cable. Find the type of fitting you're using, and the type of post (terminal or intermediate) and.

They set the minimum standard for building codes worldwide, and recommend a cable deflection of no more than 4 inches for cable rails. Translated, that means that if you install cable rails, they must not be able to be pulled apart more than 4″. Municipal localities can, and do make modifications to this Recommended Drill Hole Charts These charts were developed to help installers determine the proper drill hole sizes for all end and intermediate posts. We still recommend that you always call us, 1-800-888-2418, to confirm your proper holes sizes and answer any questions prior to starting your project. How To Use The Charts

Determining Hole Size Hole size and depth depends on which tension kits and components you are installing. Here's the breakdown: Pass-Through Posts A pass-through post is any post that cable will pass through without any tensioning components attached. If you are installing Wood Insert Sleeves (VR334) in your pass-through posts, you'll need. For cable railings, you want to use a cable that is as rigid as possible and does not stretch. That is why we recommend 1×19 construction, type 316 stainless steel strand (cable). Other constructions such as 7×7 or 7×19 are less rigid than 1×19 and have elevated levels of stretch

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We use a standard diameter 5/32″ cable. Cable for railing applications come in four basic diameters and two potential constructions. The basic diameters are 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, and 1/4″. For cable railings, you want to use a construction that is rigid as possible and will not stretch Choosing the Right Cable for Your Cable Railing The Wagner Companies offers cable in five different diameters for our Cable Railing System: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″. For cable railings, you want to use a cable that is as rigid as possible and does not stretch The 4 Inch Sphere Rule refers to gaps & spaces within a railing system. The rule states that a 4 sphere should be unable to pass through any gap in a railing system. This is why Viewrail posts are drilled with holes 3 ⅛ center-to-center, to avoid any deflection exceeding 4 inches. 6 Sphere Rule

Basic Guidelines For Cable Railings 2018-07-18T14:56:09-07:00 Building jurisdictions have become fairly strict and specific regarding cable railings. Technically, regardless of the span between your posts and the spacing between your cables, it is still going to be possible with enough force to spread the cables to 4″ and beyond A popular cable that should be avoided for cable railings is the 7×19. Seven groups of 19 strands braided together forms a very flexible cable, which is the opposite of what is desired for a railing. This type of cable is typically used on pulleys and winches where the flexibility is important In almost all jurisdictions, cables for deck fences must be spaced less than 4 inches (10 cm) apart, but most builders space them at 3 inches (7.6 cm). Suppose your fence height will be 36 inches (91 cm). The fence will include top and bottom rails spaced 30 inches (76 cm) apart, with cables running between them

Because the HOLE PROTECTOR SLEEVES only alliow the cut end of the cable to pass through, only HAND SWAGING can be used. Benefits / Technical Information: Available in two sizes: For 3/16 & 1/8 cable; Material: 316 Stainless Steel; Recommended drill sizes; Tap into place: For 3/16 cable into wood posts: 1/ This video will show you how to use angle drill jig 30 45 degrees for stair cable railing.1. Muzata is the best seller of cable railing kit on amazon, we pr.. 1 EA 17/64 Cobalt drill (long) used to drill thru hole for 1/8 Field/Factory Terminal/Tensioner in wood posts 1 EA 5/32 Cobalt drill (long) used to drill thru hole for 1/8 cable Product # 98772

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Use our CableRail® Recommendation Guide to learn what CableRail solution best suits your project.; Find detailed installation instructions for Feeney products on our Technical Documents page.; Or call us at (800) 888-2418(800) 888-241 Guide to cable railings or wire rope guardrails: This article describes and includes illustrations of cable or wire rope railings or guardrails used along decks, balconies, walkways and stairways.We include definitions of guardrail, a handrailing or stairway handrail, and other terms that assist in understanding the building code, construction, and safety requirements that wire cable type. Various hole sizes -This cable railing drill template guide jig offers 4 different size guide track holes (fit 3/16,1/4, 5/16,3/8 drill bit), those are compatible with most cable railing kit hardware. The hole drilled by 1/4-inch drill fit most 1/8 cable railings lag scre 36 Posts , All , All posts , Black posts. $139.99 $115.99. Residential height - 36 posts are for residential projects to provide a better balance between view and safety. This post is Ideal for installing an invisible cable railing system on your deck, stair, porch, and balcony. Water-proof - The post is made of T304 stainless steel, which.

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Cable railing costs about $41 to $93 per linear foot, and it is low maintenance, so you spend less on upkeep and more time on your deck, enjoying your beautiful view. Shop DecksDirect for premium cable railing from Skyline, Feeney, and KeyLink 3/16 and 1/4 diameters are the most commonly used cable sizes for commercial railings. 3/16, formerly the most popular size for residential railings, is still very popular with more safety-conscious homeowners. Now the most popular diameter for residential railing because it is the least expensive, most visually unobtrusive cable size Over the Top Double Top Rail CONFIGURATION No Bottom Rail No Cable Spreader CABLE OPTIONS No Bottom Rail With Cable Spreader (deck mount only) Bottom Rail No Cable Spreader Bottom Rail With Cable Spreader MISC ITEMS NOTES 9036 Top Rail 2-3/4 2-3/16 9002 Top Rail 4-5/16 2-1/16 9023 Top Rail 3-3/8 2-3/16 9039 Top Rail 2-3/8 2.

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  1. For cable railings, cable that is as rigid as possible and does not stretch is recommended. For most applications, 1x19 construction, type 316 stainless steel strand (cable) is recommended. Other constructions can be used, such as 7x7 or 7x19, they are rarely recommended because they are less rigid than 1x19, and have elevated levels of stretch
  2. 10 ft. Stainless Steel Cable Assembly Kit for Cable Railing System Feeney CableRail standard cable assemblies Feeney CableRail standard cable assemblies are an attractive, affordable, low maintenance and easy-to-install railing infill option for homes and offices with a view. Our standard, prefabricated assemblies are made from 1/8 in. Dia high strength, weather-tough, type 316 stainless steel.
  3. al fittings, holes in the other end post for the Quick-Connect® SS fittings and holes in all other intermediate railing posts
  4. If you are looking for high quality deck remodeling ideas, the Insta-Rail cable railing kit is the perfect solution. Made with premium stainless steel 1/8 inch diameter cables each Insta-Rail kit will complete a railing area 72 inches long and is designed for railings 42 inches in total height

Cable Diameter Sizes The most common cable sizes are 1/8 diameter cable and 3/16 diameter cable. 1/8 is used mostly for residential railing systems and maximizes the view that cable is known for. 3/16 Cable is used for commercial rail jobs that require a more heavy duty cable rail application Cable Bullet Drill Guide. DG-1. $ 29.00 $ 35.00. The Cable Bullet Drill Guide is designed to make installation of your Cable Bullet cable rail system easier and more accurate. Adjust the angle of the head as needed (up to 45 degrees), clamp the drill guide to your post, and guide your drill bit for clean, precise pass-through or anchor holes A new 80,000 square foot building is now complete for SMC3, a logistics company headquartered in Peachtree City, Ga. A perfect showcase of cable railings with Ultra-tec fittings paired with wood and acoustic metal walkways for a beautiful mix of sound absorption and unobstructed views. Steel and Aluminum Cable Railing

Shop Cable Railing For Your Deck Or Staircase. Totally Corrosion Resistant & Opens Spaces. Premium Quality Cable Rail, Designed With Your View In Mind. Preserve Your View Figure 9. The bottom rail is notched to receive the intermediate members that maintain the cable spacing. Running the Cable. I drill the holes for the cable in the posts and intermediate supports using a 2x4 template that's cut to fit between the rails and drilled to space the cables evenly and as close to 3 inches apart as possible (Figure 10) Cable spacing should be targeted at 3 to meet the 4 sphere rule. Stairs with more than 3 risers must have a grip rail. Grip railings on a stairway need to be 34 to 38 above the nose of the step, between 1-1/2 to 2 diameter, and have at least 1-1/2 of clearance 3-Hole Crimp Tool for Cable Railing & Aircraft Cable, sizes 1/8-3/16 AWR #1000-1200 • MFR #E0113-H600 by Suncor Stainless Hardwar Cable The foundation of any cable railing system is the cable. Typically 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch, 1 by 19, type 316 stainless steel cable is used for cable railing systems. Cables are usually spaced about three inches apart to comply with b uilding code. Selecting Cable . When it comes to selecting a cable size it's really a matter of personal.

AZEK Rail Install Guide TRIM MOULDING DECK PORCH RAIL PAVERS Cable-100' spool or 500' spool 2 - Post Sleeves 2- Post Caps 2- Post Skirts as a template for the CableRail Hardware and through holes. 8 • Using a 3/16 drill bit to transfer your marks onto the Post Sleeve The diameter of the hole will vary based on cable size. Here, we're using a 1/4-in. bit for a 3/16-in. cable. For the sides of the template, rip lengths of 1/2-in. plywood and attach to the sides using screws. To use, fit the jig around a post, register it to either the decking or the top rail, and begin drilling Cable Deck Railing Cost & Installation. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of materials and installation for a basic cable railing system is about $3,000 for 50 linear feet of railing for a 350 square foot deck. However, it is difficult to generalize because these costs will vary by location Here, we created a jig cut 1/2 in. shorter than the height between the decking and top rail to make it easy to drill holes with the desired stagger. After drilling the holes, guide the threaded end of each cable into each hole and secure this end with a nut Ask This Old House Tom Silva travels to Utah to help a homeowner replace his traditional stair railing with more modern cable railing.#ThisOldHouse #AskTOHSU..

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  1. um Railing Systems deliver an all-in-one solution for any project. Our team of experts make sure you are taken care of at every step. Up to 5′ Post Spacing. 1/8″ 316 Stainless Steel Cable*. Cable Fasteners included with the system. Seamless top rails are available in lengths up to 20 feet. Easy to trim top rails on site
  2. um Cable Brace with 13 Holes. 3/4″ x 3/4″ tube, 42″ long and can be cut down to any rail height. Holes pre-drilled at 3 1/8″ on center, 13 holes total. For use between structural posts to keep cables code-compliant on level runs. Use cable brace plugs to attach to top and bottom rail or deck
  3. Top rail connector sleeve comes welded on. Bottom rail bracket pre-attached and rail to post fasteners included. Stainless Steel Hardware & Cable: Premium stainless-steel hardware designed for swag-less cable wire. Hardware simply twists into the pre-threaded holes in Vista™ Cable Rail Posts with Marine Grade Type 316 stainless steel cable
  4. Cable Railing Systems For Decks, Stairs + Balconies. Atlantis Rail manufacturers stainless steel cable railing systems for residential, commercial and handicap accessible applications. Our cable railing systems for decks are easy to install, can be used for both indoor and outdoor cable railing applications and are low maintenance
  5. 1/8 in. Metal I.D. Quick-Connect Release Tool for Cable Metal Railing System Feeney CableRail standard cable assemblies Feeney CableRail standard cable assemblies are an attractive, affordable, low maintenance and easy-to-install railing infill option for homes and offices with a view. Our standard, prefabricated assemblies are made from 1/8 in. Dia high strength, weather-tough, type 316.

You'll need to drill angled holes in the stair posts using an angle drill guide (you can find the angle of your railing using the sliding T-bevel).On the top stair post, insert protector sleeves where the cable changes angles — this will keep the cable from wearing down the wood post. Note: If there's a threaded terminal at the bottom of the stairs, you'll use beveled washers at that. Horizontal Cable Count. Bringing both post height and cable spacing guidelines (4) together with the mounting surface, a railing system with 36 posts utilizes approximately 10 cable horizontal runs. Cable Railing assemblies with 42 posts use roughly 12 cable horizontal runs. This applies for both cable sizes of 1/8 and 5/32 The difference between the hole and cable diameters will be 1/16 or more, which will cause more cable deflection than the tighter fi­t obtained if the ­fittings are swaged on site. The second advantage is that there is no need to provide accurate measurements to a second party who is doing the cutting and swaging of the cables Building codes define the minimum height and strength of the railing system, as well as the size of gaps in the railing - they must be small enough that a small child cannot slip through. On many older decks the 4×4 posts were notched and then lagged to the rim joist with 3/8 in. or 1/2 in lag bolts or structural screws such as LedgerLoks

The center hole has flaps that flex to hold and protect various sizes of wire, cable, and cords while keeping out dust and debris. Snap these grommets into place and their wings expand against the sides of the hole to lock them in position. Use them to turn rough-edged and uneven holes into smooth holes Part No.: 51629010. $1.07. This product is a part of the HAAS Stainless Legacy Cable Rail System. Cable Railing Threaded Stud - 3/16 inch cable size, Stainless Steel, Type 316, 1/4 - 20 UNC. Provide holes/slots in glass 1/20/2017 13 Typical cable size: 3/16″ Very good sightlines 1/20/2017 15 Cable Railing. This 1/20/2017 16 Cable Railing Not This Climbability restrictions are not in in any current model code. However, local jurisdictions may limit the use of horizontal cable The RailEasy Drilling Template allows for easy installation of a cable railing system. Cable runs are spaced 3 on-center for either a 36 or 42 final rail height system. The hole patterns are designed for mounting tensioners on end and corner posts. The template can also be used for drilling through-holes in the mid posts Williams Aluminum Railing 36 x 6' Vertical Cable Stair Rail Kit. detail page. 3 Variations Available. Williams Aluminum Railing 36 x 6' Vertical Cable Stair Rail Kit. Click to add item Williams Aluminum Railing 36 x 6' Vertical Cable Stair Rail Kit to the compare list. Compare

Post spacing over 4 feet is done at your own risk. To calculate your cable requirement you must measure from the top of your deck or bottom rail to the bottom of your top rail, then divide that number by the cable spacing (3) and subtract 1. Example: 30 inches between deck and top rail: 30 / 3 =10 and 10-1= 9. The requirement is 9 runs of cable 9 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TimberTech Item Number WHITE BLACK NEW!MATTE WHITE UNIVERSAL RAIL KITS - Kits include 1 Universal Rail, 2 Support Rails, Hardware, Footblocks, and 13 Balusters for 6', 18 Balusters for 8' 6' Universal Rail Kit TCU36KIT6W — TCU36KIT6MW 8' Universal Rail Kit TCU36KIT8W — TCU36KIT8M Below is our selection of DIY cable railing hardware to help find solutions to any cable railing job. Cable Kits for Use on Wood. Adjust-a-Body Thread Eye Cable Rail Kit for wood stair posts. 1/8 Standard Cable Rail Kit. 1/8 Invisiware Cable Rail Kit. 3/16 Invisiware Cable Rail Kit Cable Deck Railing and Glass Deck Railing add a sophisticated, upscale look to any deck or patio. Interior spaces, stairs, & landings look great with cable or glass rail too. The Deck Store Online carries cable railing systems from several brands, all are sure to enhance any home

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Muzata 90 Degree Cable Railing Corner Protector Sleeve kit CR69. No reviews. $19.00 $13.99. Exclusive Patent: This protector sleeve kit is designed for one post corner solution of cable railing .Usually we need two posts for a corner.With this kit you can save one post hole to post (Fig. 1) b. Mark rail flush to post. c. From marked lines, mark additional parallel line 1⁄ 4 from first line to allow for bracket clearance (Fig. 2). d. Align top rail and top rail cap with bottom rail and mark all before cutting to size. Then cut all to same length with a fine-tooth carbide blade. (Fig. 3). Assemble Railing. hole to accept each cable rail fitting. 1. Install the Fixed Level Fittings into the Level Newel at one end of the level run by driving the lag thread into each pre-drilled hole using a 3/8 open-end wrench on the wrench flats milled into the body of the fitting (O)

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2. rill a 1 (25 mm) hole through post sleeve. Drill deep D enough to mark location on pressure-treated post. 3. emove the post sleeve from the post. R 4. rill out existing hole on pressure-treated post D 3/4 (19 mm) deep. Drill two additional holes vertically below main hole—this will allow space for wiring after post sleeve is attached The SP1-2000 is our flagship cable railing system. This square post profile railing system is available with straight or angled posts from 1 1/2 - 3. Topcap options include round, square, rectangular and wood. This system is compatible with all Seco LEDs. Connect with us: 1.888.535.732

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  1. RailFX cable railing kits come with stainless steel cable railing hardware fittings for both ends of your cable run, all washers and fasteners necessary, choice of 1/8″ or 3/16″ diameter 1×19 Type 316 stainless steel cable, and installation instructions. Cable railing kits come in cable length increments of 5′ to 70′ lengths
  2. drill and 9/64″ 1/4″ and 1/2″ bits. vice or drill press. wrench. driver or socket set for lag bolts. cable cutter. angle grinder. Here is our process: We decided to use 6 strands of 1/8″ stainless cable in our railing so we created a template by drilling the holes in a 1×4 that was cut to fit under the top rail
  3. If I just measured ours correctly, It is about ~13mm. Hope that helps. If I get HD then I will pre drill the hole through the wall myself and so will need to get the correct size bit. So I need to know the cable diameter in order that the hole is big enough. There are two common downlead types used for Sky HD/Sky+

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  1. A whole cable railing system, including posts, handrail, cable, and hardware, costs about $75-$220 per linear foot. The price of cable railing will vary greatly depending on what type of material you use, whether you use wood or metal posts, and the number of corners and runs of cable you need
  2. c. Each post to have pre-drilled holes, spaced 3 inches on center, to accommodate fittings or support the cable. 2. Top Rail Style: a. Size - 2 inch (5.08 cm) wide by 1-5/8 inch (4.13 cm) high). Provide screw cover in matching finish to conceal post screws on top rail assemblies. 3. Bottom/ Mid Rail Size: a
  3. Listing is for 1 36in Top Mount post Call to Place Custom Order: 402.499.2511 Stainless Steel Deck Posts that are powder coated. Posts are for stainless steel cable deck railing. Complete package deals including posts and cables can be provided. Easy to install. Posts and cable fittings are mad

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  1. August 1, 2008 HARDWARE MOUNTING HOLES BORING GUIDE FOR METAL RAILINGS Cable Art, Inc. 25334 Avenue Stanford Valencia, CA 91355 877-664-4224 (661) 257-752
  2. Cable Railing Standards. OSHA regulations state that cable railings must have a smooth top rail at 42 inches above the floor that is able to withstand at least 200 pounds of pressure from any direction. Approximately halfway between this height and the floor, there must be an intermediate rail that can withstand 150 pounds of force
  3. USA cable railing, with hardware to fit every style, look no further then Johnson Architectural. Let our Mechanical fittings: Fittings are available for all cable sizes and are attached with simple hand tools. Mechanical fittings are Holes 5/8 1-1/2 9/16 1-1/2 Add-L for 3-1/2 Add-L for 3-1/2.
  4. g
  5. What's the proper hole size to drill for running NM 6/3 with ground? I just figured out that I need to run a new range circuit during my kitchen remodel and I would like to go ahead and drill the holes through the floor joists before I get back to the electric store to purchase the cable
  6. Each size is available in a variety of hole diameters from 3 / 16 '' to 5 / 8 '' ' (black), grommet diameters from 3 / 16' 'to 1' 'and hole thicknesses from 0.5' '' to 1 '' '- all from rubber in retail packaging. Choose from a wide range of sizes, from 1 / 4 'to 4' in diameter and 2 in diameter. The rubber sleeve provides a thin rubber.
  7. These cable rail fittings allow you to have us swage a tensioning fitting (turnbuckle or threaded stud) on one end and then you drill your hole all the way through the post for this fitting. Once you put the cable through this fitting, you pull all the slack from the system out of this fitting and cut the excess cable with a side grinder.

Hole Covers Depending on the type and size of a floor hole or opening, OSHA says they must be guarded by a cover, screen, or fixed standard railing with a toeboard to prevent falls to a lower level A Contemporary Choice. This gorgeous contemporary system gives today's homeowners the look they want, while the ease of installation makes our cable rail the premier choice for contractors. Both cable and fittings are marine grade 316 stainless steel for long-lasting appeal. Key-Link's unique designs include pre-drilled and pre-fitted posts. cable bundle size that exceeds the capacity of the CMA. The rail depth with a SRB is significantly less than that of a CMA, which in many cases, enables fitment of the rails in shallow racks. Cable service loops are required for systems on sliding rails to fully extend out of the rack for service How to Size a Cable per the NEC with variables: How to size a cable per the NEC with variables 1XTech. Continuing on Paul's take above, consider this, the National Electrical Code requirements for cable sizing/conductor sizing and over-current protection have always been fairly confusing and complex. This is why it take a 2 hour appointment to REALLY cover variables like Paul did in his video Series 2000 Aluminum Cable Railing. Superior Aluminum Series 2000 Cable Railing is a seamless solution for a project with a view. The cables allow for fantastic sightlines without degrading the demanding safety standards met by Superior Aluminum. Cable railing manages to do both of these without corrupting a beautiful design. Learn Mor

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INSTALLATION: Round bars are installed by drilling the appropriate size hole in the wood newel post. Stainless round bars will need a 5/8 diameter hole. Powder-coated bars will need a slightly larger hole 21/32 or 11/16 diameter hole due to the thickness of the powder-coating The PG series cable glands start from PG7 to PG63 as normal sizes in the worldwide market. For instance, PG16 thread for screwing in sensors and several other types of equipment, connectors, and junction boxes. Below, we listed the essential information about the thread nominal size of PG cable glands Measure out the posts. Cut 4x4s to be at least a little higher than the railing will be, plus extra length to hang below the deck planks. For instance, if you want a railing that is 36 inches (91 cm) high, cut posts that are perhaps 44 inches (110 cm) high. Most building codes require deck railings to be between 36 inches (91 cm) and 42 inches (110 cm) high If your rail application requires passing cable through the intermediate posts, SCS Hand Swage Tensioning Fittings are a perfect solution. There's no need to drill huge holes to pass a swaged fitting through. You need only to drill one click bigger than the size of the cable you are using for a tight tolerance

Lag Stud Cable Tensioners Set, Left Hand + Right Hand for 1/8″ Cable - T316 $ 5.24 Add to cart; Railing Cable Tensioner Set with Lag Screw for 1/8″ Cable - Type 316 Stainless $ 10.72 Add to cart; Steel Cable Tensioner Set with Deck Toggle for 1/8″ Cable - Type 316 Stainless $ 13.50 Add to car 2. Set railing along the nose of the stair treads, making sure baluster holes are vertically aligned and mark line at each intersection. When measuring, cut equal lengths from each side of railing allowing a minimum of 2 on each end from the last baluster hole to the end of the rail. This will ensure proper baluster and bracket placement an

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Balcony Systems Technical Overview. Ideal for Multi-family Housing, Office Buildings, Condos. Aluminum design allows for exceptional durability while remaining lightweight, saving valuable engineering time and material costs. Pre-designed attachments allow for easy waterproofing plus fast and accurate installation Lexco Cable carries adjustable yoke ends in a range of sizes up to 3/4 thread size. If your application requires clevises with 3/4 thread size or smaller, our adjustable yoke ends may be the perfect product for your needs. We offer adjustable yoke ends in self-colored steel, zinc-plated steel, and stainless steel Used on wood posts at double posted corners where the cable is jumping across from one corner post to the other where the cable would otherwise cut into the wood. Used anywhere that the cable enters or exits the post at a angle to the post. One size works for both 1/8″ and 3/16″ wire. Made for a 1/4″ hole Cable, glass, and other decorative panels can be applied to railings and stairs using the Staircase Specification and Railing Specification dialogs. Creating Custom Balusters and Railing Panels Custom newels, balusters, and panels can be created with any 3D item that has been added to the library as Millwork AFCO 175 & 275 Series - Cable Rail Post Kits (Level & Stair) Previous product. AFCO 175 Series Stair Rail - Cable Railing $ 141.45 - $ 188.60. Back to products. Next product. AFCO Cable Railing Installation Tools (use with 175 and 275 Series) $ 6.76 - $ 36.67

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Step 5 - Cutting Iron Balusters to Size. Measure and cut your balusters 3/4″ longer than the distance from the bottom of the handrail to the top of the base (tread/floor). This gives you enough room to slide the baluster up into the rail and then drop it down into the hole. A Portaband saw or chop saw with metal cutting blade are the best. (Inferior cable railing systems use a thinner material which easily dents.) Additionally, all threaded holes in our posts and handrails are flow drilled, providing a far stronger fixing than drilling and tapping since taps can wear loose over time. Further Specifications: The cable rail system is modular and therefore very easy to design and.

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Find the perfect deck railing system to complete your design. Discover our high-quality deck rails to add the finishing touch to your deck Install truss cable kit by hooking the turnbuckle in the hole at the bottom of the gate on the latch side, and looping the free end of the cable around the S-hook which is secured in the hole on the top of the gate frame on the hinge side. Use the clamp provided to secure the cable and cut off the excess gate truss cable once secured and tightened 8. Push the rail down on top of the baluster, tapping it firmly with a rubber mallet. 9. Secure the rail to the newels. 10. Attach the baluster to the rail with a small nail. Note: There is an alternate way to install round top balusters. When drilling the holes in the bottom of the rail,the holes should be 1-1/2-inches deep The railing systems we sell have a price range of about $40-$50 per lineal foot for aluminum systems, up to $100-$150 in the cable systems. Price depends largely upon options such as post size, stocking profiles, stocking colors, best usage of materials Step 2: Attach Cable-Bolt Holders. Apply adhesive to a cable-bolt holder (D) and clamp it perpendicular to a post at a hand-rail height with the bolt hole exposed. Drive four 3-in screws through the holder and into the post. Repeat for the holder on the opposite size of the post and for the remaining holders

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Bore a 1-1/2 in. hole from the front side and pull a loop of the cable through. Cut the cable and rejoin the ends along with the light fixture leads with waterproof wire connectors. Push the wires back through the hole and screw the back plate to the planter siding. Install the cover plate and tighten the set screws STAINLESS STEEL CABLE SYSTEMS. Modern, minimalistic and sleekthat's our stainless steel cable railing system. Our cable components are designed to be compatible with other systems allowing you versatility and the ability to create a myriad of designs. Primarily used as infill, cable is available in 1/8 diameter in three lengths San Diego Cable Railings is a company dedicated to serving the professional and do it yourself community by designing and producing residential and light commercial railing systems. We offer wooden and steel post framing systems, an online storefront, design services, and production of some of the finest cable railing systems available We have outlined several factors to consider when determining the cost of custom floating stairs including shape, size, constructions, materials, style, accessories, engineering, and shipping. You can expect to spend $15,000 - $100,000 for a complete floating stair which includes stringers, treads, and railings

Deck Railing Hole Protector SleevesCable Railing Post - Deck Mount, TerminalField Swaged Threaded Tensioner : Cable Railing20 Pack Stainless Steel Swage Threaded Tensioner End