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  1. With over 20 years of experience with Dobermans, Ashley Allstun has a deep love and understanding for the breed. Establishing Elitehaus in 2013, she set out to create the Total Doberman. Placing extreme value on each quality, and not just cherry picking one or two, she has combined superior conformation, temperament, working ability, and.
  2. 107 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 19, 2010. hello people ladys and gentlemen i would like names of german kennels that breed for pure working bloodlines that dont have wobbler or DCM in bloodlines. i go on these two sites and they dont show all german kennels only ones that have litters in welping. i like Warringhof - Index juergen.htm
  3. A working animal is a pet with drive and intelligence. Working breeds exhibit all the qualities that you would welcome in a family pet. A Dobermann will bring a reasonable demand to your lifestyle that enriches both you and your dog's personal growth
  4. Joined Feb 6, 2008. ·. 63 Posts. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 13, 2008. I'm looking for opinions based on facts and only from breeders on the forum here that have shown and titled their dogs/bitches, on the top five European working line Kennels. I am looking at importing a dog/bitch but obviously being a serious life and financial.

Von Dade Kennel & House of Beshutzer is specializing in reproducing Europe's TOP dobermann Bloodline in Schutzhund, IPO and IDC championships in the USA. We don't only specialize in sport and show, our dogs are excellent for family protection. Our dogs are guaranteed to exceed in sport, show and family protection Paul Doberman Kennel. Who We Are & What We Do. We are a small family business driven by love and Admiration. We specialize in European show Doberman. Our goal is to one day incorporate both show Doberman and work-capable Doberman in a healthy body. Alongside this, we want to provide not only the perfect dog but the perfect pet

Von Schwarz European Doberman Kennel HOME OF THE 2018 AND 2019 UDC IPO3 NATIONAL CHAMPION Ferro vom Bergkönig BREEDER & OWNER OF THE 2020 UDC IPO3 NATIONAL CHAMPION Ender von der Schwarz BREEDER OF THE 2020 UDC IGP3 3RD PLACE Jarro von der Schwarz WITH HIGH TRACKING AND HIGH PROTECTION (100 POINTS Tom worked as a Police Officer from 2007 to 2019 and often admired K-9 officers working in the field. Tom eventually decided to study dog training by obtaining a German Shepard dog for obedience work. Several dogs later, Tom grew to love the Doberman Pinscher, most of all. Tom is currently studing to expand his knowledge in dog training

Van Haitsma Farm specializes in and is committed to providing quality, European champion-pedigreed German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers.We bought our first German Shepherd in 1993 and have continued to love these beautiful dogs ever since. Our interest in Doberman Pinschers grew over the years and are proud to breed genetically superior and loved pups del 'Aglio Dobermans. del 'Aglio. D. obermans. Dog trainer and breeder of working Doberman Pinschers located in Staten Island, New York. My dogs are health tested, temperament evaluated, Champion Doberman Pinschers bred to be beautiful, functional, working Dobermans

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Joie de Vivre Dobermans. Joie De Vivre means Zest for Life or Joy of Living. That is exactly what our European Dobermans will bring you. We raise excellent quality European Dobermans, from their health testing to their temperaments. Our European Dobermans are bred from champion bloodlines. We selectively breed for Regal Beauty, work. But HOW we breed defines the kennel and its principles. 1. It is very important to maintain the looks of the breed, never to ruin, always to protect and improve. Show breeders are the ones who maintain the image of the breed. And that's why we show. 2. Dobermans were designed as a working breed

Welcome to Altobello Dobermann Kennel, home of natural born champions. Living with Doberman is a privilege. Living for Dobermans is something altogether more than that Biere Haus European Doberman Kennel is dedicated to preserving FCI & UDC standards for the breed. Only the best in European bloodlines are considered for breeding to uphold the health, beauty, stability, and working ability of this outstanding breed

Working Doberman have certain traits that they have been bred for and are for the utmost experienced dog handlers. A working line puppy will not be a simple companion pet. It will need tasks to do and may not be as sociable as a companion line. Please note, American working line Doberman can be just as timid and hard to handle Work with a Doberman breeder that will offer you a written guarantee and stand behind it. I think a Doberman puppy is a great investment in especially in these troubled times, but please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and realistic expectations. Each Doberman litter of puppies has its individual traits and characteristics King Dobermans Pride Of La Ormanci. We are registered breeders of European Doberman's who reflect the continued tradition of excellence intended from their precise design via FCI and AKC standards. Our bloodlines are consistent, easy to trace testimonies of purity with reliable temperament, health, train ability, and overall longevity of life Welcome to High Caliber Kennels. Our goal here at HCK is to produce the highest caliber Dobermans for the discriminating family, working, and professional homes. Our dogs are bred along classic European bloodlines to provide the ultimate Doberman experience that we are certain Herr Doberman himself would approve of. Whether it's a loving pet.

At Imperium Dobermann Kennel we take pride in being a doberman breeder that strives to stay true to breeding versatile European Dobermans which make great show dogs, pets as well as working dogs EUROPEAN DOBERMAN. Phone: (352) 238-4872. ABOUT US. Experienced Breeders. Experinced in dog breeding since 2004. We use only high quality doberman bloodlines to achieve the best temperment, health, and work quality dobermans. Happy, Healthy Bloodline. All AKC Registered Dobermans imported or bred from dogs imported from Europe and Russia are becoming popular. Those unfamiliar with breeding think they can make thousands of dollars breeding expensive puppies. And - they can - that's the problem! These money breeders chose breeds, like the Doberman, which are expensive to produce - if done correctly Home of Low Genetic COI Doberman Pinschers Reserve your puppyAbout Low COI Doberman Buyers beware, About Local Breeders selling sick puppies. (read more) Diverse Dobermans + Health Guarantee + Breeder Support At this time, our breeding is focused on Sound and healthy Dobermans that have below average COI based on DNA not pedigree instead of [

meaning I spent a large amount of time looking for a doberman for a club member. so far as quint he is the best dog in protection for the past 3 years. the breeders in germany have breed a number of nice working dogs. In our club is also a helper that has worked dobermans in national events WELCOME TO AJT European Dobermans. At AJT European Dobermans, we breed Doberman Pinscher puppies in Florida that excel at all types of activities designed for working group dogs, including: conformation shows, personal protection, serving as therapy dogs and family companions. 's dogs are part of our family from the moment of their birth and thus are wonderful family dogs

Pradadobes - Breeder of Working Dobermans Pradadobes Working Dobermans. Pradadobes breed Working Dobermans, Doberman Puppies suitable for Protection, Security, Sport, and Family Guardians.. The Doberman (or Dobermann) has some amazing characteristics making it the perfect choice for a family looking to own not just a dog, but a loyal friend, protector and sport companion Doberman Pinscher. Our very first show quality German Shepherd was purchased in 1980. Our first show quality Doberman was purchased in 1994 from the Belgium kennel von Rovelin. From this time forward, these two wonderful breeds took place in our hearts. Both of these breeds can be described as: graceful, athletic, trainable to perform various. We are working directly with The Top Doberman Kennels in Europe to help to fill the needs and desires of the rest of the Doberman fanciers here in the United States that would otherwise not be able to acquire a doberman of this caliber here in The United States. These European Dobermans are breathtaking in their Regal Authority look The listings in this Directory are purely informational and should not be construed as constituting recommendations of the United Doberman Club. Buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to AKC registration, health, quality, and stud agreements with the breeders, sellers, or stud owners before making any decisions LA Dobies is Louisiana's top Doberman Kennel. Champion bloodlines. LA Dobies pets are selected from Show, Sport, Hybrids, or Working pedigrees. Health & character tested

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  1. Doberman Royalty Kennels AKA Royaltyk9. Gallery; Contact; Menu. Search for: Submit. Breeding for a Purpose. Perfecting the Working Doberman Pinscher & American Bully. Gallery. Temperament - Structure - Health. CONSULTATIONS. Puppies Available. Book a Facetime Call to See Pups. Doberman Royalty Kennels
  2. Experienced Breeders Happy, Healthy Bloodline Happy, Healthy Bloodline. 1Kennels is a family own kennel! We specialize in Doberman Pinschers and Presa Canario Mastiffs. We have over 25 years of experience in dog breeding, dog training, and studying genetics. WORKING DOBERMANS AND WORKING PRESA CARANRIO MASTIFFS HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG! HIT US.
  3. I am a proud member of OG Buckeye Schutzhund club, the United Doberman Club (UDC), and DVG America. We strive to breed top quality working line Dobermans. All dogs used in my breeding program are fully health tested and titled in Schutzhund (IPO/IGP). All puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration, along with a Health Guarantee
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  6. 115 Posts. #9 · Nov 5, 2015. Bob- It's been a decade or more since Cindy Rhodes quit breeding Dobermann's. Catherine- Cedarhof appears to be out of the game also- the website is inactive and the most recent Cedarhof Dobermann on Working-dog.eu was born in 2001
  7. Doberman Pinschers, Siberian Huskies and Great Danes are part of this Group, to name just a few Quick to learn, dogs of the Working Group are intelligent, strong, watchful, and alert

Whiskey having some fun with Louis @blackmaskk9 @south_bay_malinois . It was nice seeing my Brotha Gerald @european_doberman_stud and his boy # cassinovatherussiandoberman Thanks for the invite. # puppypower # puppy # doberman # workingdogs # workingdobermans # fypシ # fyp # foryoupage # puppylove # puppyoftheday # europuppies # reddoberman # sonofdeuce # sportdo The United Doberman Club is a member club of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF). Working titles (IGP) earned at our club trials are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and all member clubs of the AWDF

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  1. Helms Doberman Kennel is a family-owned, purebred Doberman breeder located in Ash, NC. All of our puppies are full-blooded European/American Dobermans and are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). They are family raised and their parents have been health tested. Each puppy will have its necessary paperwork, first set of shots, tail.
  2. The breed was recognised by the German Kennel Club in 1899. The Dobermann's intelligence and trainability have been harnessed by the armed forces and the police and he has been used as a guard dog, a tracking dog and in various other roles. However, his loyal and obedient nature equips him to be an excellent family dog, a role in which he is.
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  4. The Doberman is the only breed of dog created for personal protection. Today's Dobermans range from goofy family dogs to serious working dogs. If you are looking for a Doberman to add to your family, it's important that you're up to speed on the Doberman of 2020. Know the temperament suited for you and your family, and understand today's.
  5. Mont Blanc Dobermans is a family oriented European Doberman Kennel. Prioritizing in the health and preservation of the doberman breed. We strive to bring you and your family a well rounded, working doberman from world recognized champion bloodlines

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Masaya Dobermans, Little Rock, Arkansas. 621 likes · 3 talking about this. Working/ European dobermans in Arkansa BJF Working Dogs . . . premiere working GSDs and Dobermans. AKC Ch. BJF Gunnar Red Dog Red SchH3 ROM T1 ZTP-V1A. We do not condone or support the breeding of albino (white) Dobermans as they are the result of a deleterious genetic mutation Working with New England Dobermans means working with a Doberman breeder you can trust to guarantee a healthy puppy that is right for your family. Click here to like us on Facebook. Experienced Doberman Breeders in MA. We are experienced European Doberman breeders who take pride in this work that we have done for over 15 years

Providence Dobermans is located in sunny Central Florida. We strive to improve the Doberman Pinscher breed as outlined by the American Kennel Club (AKC), as well as the Doberman Pinscher Club of American (DPCA). I do not endorse the breeding of white, albino, or Z-factored Dobermans (as it is a genetic mutation), nor do I endorse the breeding. We are dedicated breeders of only the Absolute Highest Quality World class Doberman Pinschers. All of our Pure European Adults were imported from well respected knowledgeable Doberman Judge breeders. 19 years experience producing and Exporting for only the best health and temperament with long lived, Elite Royal bloodlines! All the puppies on this web site listed for sale are from OUR own. Phone: 816-719-4155. Email: atucker@redzane.com. All the Doberman breeders included on our list passed our standards. However, if you want to verify their legitimacy, read our ultimate puppy buying guide for some proven tips on how to safely find a breeder online or how to find a puppy for sale while avoiding scams Doberman Pinscher Puppies. Males Available. 4 months old. David Goldfein or Jennifer Goldfein. Barrington, IL 60010. AKC Breeders of Merit. STANDARD LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT: Minimum of 4 dogs earning titles. Breeders of Merit are denoted by level in ascending order of: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Here you can find all the Doberman breeders, who breed European Doberman. Top 5 European Doberman Breeders 1. They are listed on the Doberman Diversity Project and their website mentions both Doberman Pinscher and Doberman (with working dog titles). They are based in Oregon. The owner name is Jan Whistler-Clark. 3

If you are looking for the best quality Doberman Puppy Breeders in Pennsylvania state, then you are in right place, I am here for you. To help you locate the right Doberman Pinscher of your choosing. It is claimed that the Doberman type was developed from many distinct types of dogs that had the traits Top 7 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA) State [2021] Read More The Doberman Diversity Project is a nonprofit organization focused on the longevity and disease battling capability for Dobies. Lastly, the United Doberman Club isn't a dog club where pups can join. It's the biggest registry of all Doberman breeders who breed the European Doberman. Doberman Puppies for Sale: The Best Reputable Breeder Dobermans do well as working, show, or companionship dogs. They are suitable for growing families, couples, and singles. If you're looking for Doberman breeders in Texas, we have the right list for you. We've done our own research to find breeders who are reputable, do health checks, and care for their puppies The European Doberman pinscher has much higher drive over the American bred line and are very eager and love to please. They love spending time laying and touching your feet when relaxing with there owner, however,they do best as a working dog. Meaning that they're ideal for The military, police, search and rescue, and other similar types of.

1. Doberman Canada is NOT a puppy-broker, middle-man, puppy-reseller, dog training entity or medical facility. 2. Doberman Canada does NOT require to be involved in any impending communications and does NOT stand to gain financially from any single sale of Doberman puppies - or products/services - which may result from our website's visitors contacting breeders on our Approved. Breeder of quality European Dobermans since 1992. Doberman, Dobermann, Doberman Pinscher, Doberman puppy, Dobermann puppy, Doberman Pinscher puppies, Dobes, Dobies, Dobe pups, Doberman pups in Ontario, European Dobermanns, Euro Dobe, European Dobermann pups, CKC registered Doberman pups, Doberman behaviour, Doberman Health, Dobe litters, CKC. 1/271. www.superdobermans.com is the home of European and South American Champion Working Dobermans. Our kennel is located in Livingston ,Texas (1 hour north of Houston) Our website is dedicated to the dogs we own and have bred . We occasionally have Doberman Puppy's and Adults for sale. Feel free to Contact us at (936)327-3717 or email us at.

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Dobermans are the only working dogs specifically bred for human companions and their master's protection.They are generally kept as family dogs and protector of their master's home. Read More. Have Questions? Contact Us. Cell: 319.560.0104 • Phone: 319.938.2801. Kevlar's All American Always Loyal Black & Rust Female HD A vWd Carrier DCM 1 DCM 2 Negative Narcolepcy Negative Hereditary Deafness Negative Malignant Hyperthermia Negative Hair Follicular Dysplasia Negative Coat Dilution Alopecia Negative Our Dobermans. Meet Our Dobermans Testimonials. Foxfire Dobermans Pinschers - 2010 AKC Working Group Breeder Of The Year. 2015 Doberman Pinscher Club of America APEX Legacy award; For making a lasting, positive impression on the Breed, improving public awareness and perception of the Breed, and through service to the Breed community. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America. Mikadobe Doberman Pinschers is located in Gillsville, Georgia. As the oldest active champion producing doberman pinscher kennel in America, our goal is to breed quality to quality.. We are reputable breeders with over 70 years of combined experience. Mikadobe strives to develop dobermans that are of sound temperament, breed standard and. Welcome to Sunny Hill Dobermans. At Sunny Hill Farm, I take great pride in raising one of the most regal, loyal, and loving companions a person could ever have, the European Doberman. My name is Ronnie Arnold and I have been involved in breeding family dogs since 1989. I was raised by my grandfather who bred Shetland Sheep Dogs, which I.

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Unique Dobermans is a name recognized around the world as one of the most trusted and reputable Doberman Pinscher breeders in America. Unique Dobermans has been a trusted source of Doberman Pinscher puppies for sale since the 1980's. Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee per contract terms ~ Backed by High Breeding Standard Wheelden Heights Hampden, Maine 04444. (207)478-0945. Here at Reining Doberman Kennel I've been raising top quality Doberman Pinschers for 16 years. My dobermans are bred to breed standard including size, temperament, and conformation. I raise these amazing Dobermans in my home and give them the best possible care and nutrition

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Shady Grove Kennel, European Dobermans. 419 Shady Grove Rd, East Dublin GA 31027, Phone 478-279-5658. Doberman Puppies for Sale ***Taking Deposits Now On Upcoming Litters*** Our Doberman puppies come from Champion European bloodlines that are superior in size, behavior and intelligence Working with New England Dobermans means working with a European Doberman breeder you can trust to guarantee a healthy puppy that is right for your New Jersey family. There are too many backyard breeders that operate without license and you should only work with a licensed, experienced, and passionate Doberman breeder

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Working criterions in every kennel - it's results! Our results are published. We are expecting your opinions, contacts and offers. Sincerely yours, the owner of kennel Imidz, Yury Pekarsky. 10/2002 My Doberman Family by N.Dreyer. Indi - The Founder. When I was a child, we always had dogs in our family, or at least some other animals Welcome to Esteem Reg'd Dobermans. We are Canadian Kennel Club registered European Doberman breeders located in Canada. All of our dogs have top imported champion pedigrees. The bloodlines that we use are some of the best in the world and include Fedor Del Nasi, Urbano Del Diamante Nero, Baron Nike Renewal, Leo vom Markischen Land and Maxim di. The Doberman is a working breed and temperament should be a primary consideration. QUALITY ISN'T EXPENSIVE..... IT'S PRICELESS!! All our Doberman's and puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Pedigrees are posted on the web site for your review. All our Dobes are guaranteed FREE of the white (Z) factor See all information about the kennel Von Schwarz Dobermann Kennel's litter plan: Koen Leistungsblut von der Schwarz and Naiki von der Schwarz on working-dog Dobermann. A breed standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance including the correct colour of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function. Absolute soundness is essential. Breeders and judges should at all times be careful to avoid obvious conditions or exaggerations which would be.

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So I'm looking for breeders whose dogs have nice and solid temperaments. I also want a healthy puppy so it has to be from lines that are not prone to dogs dying at a young age. I also have no problem with working line European Dobermans because I have owned a working line Malinois before. So high drive and high energy are not a problem Welcome to NY Dobermans. NY DOBERMANS have been carefully chosen from the finest European lines to have the best health and temperament you can have in a doberman. NY Dobermans started out in upstate NY and recently moved to Berlin MD. We are proud of where we started from so we did not feel the need to change our name Crown Noble Kennels is family owned and operated located in the Silicon and Central valley. We specializes in top tier European working and show bloodlines. doberman puppie There are many other good breeds of dogs. and then there are Dobermans..obedience, a top working Doberman can be topped only by another Doberman. Dobermans, Doberman Pinscher puppies, working Dobermans, Doberman puppies, Doberman breeder, Doberman breeder Canada, sport Doberman, . del'Aglio Working Dobermans.Breeding the Total Doberman: a beautiful, powerful, compact guardian and protector who. The Doberman breeder world is not the most welcoming to new breeders. Find someone you can trust. This may be a friend, a hired consultant, a business mentor, a family member, a fellow breeder; find someone who can vent to, toss ideas around with, ask questions to, and to be a general support for you

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Quartet Dobermans is registered with the AKC, the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, and is a Good Dog's Good Breeder Badge recipient. Wendy has been working with Dobermans for over 20 years A UDC working dog club for the promotion, training and showing of the Doberman Pinscher Mid-Central Working Dobermans Club Member club of the United Doberman Club - to protect and preserve the working abilities of the Total Doberman Pinscher and to promote responsible dog ownership in the United States of America Elite Dobermans UK are one of the largest business in the UK, licenced to import and sell European Dobermans. We have decided that since we already have access to some of the best working and show kennels in Europe we are best placed to take the stress and uncertainty out of this process and supply the puppies direct ourselves Lucy is a promising young female who is extremely social, clear headed on the bite, and shows extreme hunt drive. Lucy's full brother, Taro, earned a perfect PH1 score of 435; and was sold to the US as a police dog. We have big plans on using Lucy as a future breeding female to produce working dogs who are social and extreme in their drives Doberman Pinscher breeders in Wisconsin Google Map. You can also harness the power of Google Maps to find nearby Doberman Pinscher breeders. If the map above isn't working for you then there may not be any Doberman Pinscher breeders listed on Google maps in Wisconsin, however, you can also try our Doberman Pinscher Puppies For Sale Near Me.

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BREEDING & TRAINING. Vonhellas have provided superior Doberman breeding and training for over 30 years. Vonhellas only import 100% full blood European dobermans and in 2000, began importing the world's best class doberman to Australia with titles sch 111 ipo111 ghp111. Vonhellas is the only kennel with these titles in Australia Altobello has some of the most beautiful Dobes in the world - IMHO but they come with baggage. DCM is known to be a problem in both Altobello lines and Del Nasi lines. Some of the EU breeders that I like: Pride of Russia, St Kreal, Diamante Nero, Lipar Land, Casa Coppo, Ascomannis Amida is the type of Doberman that Adlercrest strives to produce. In her pedigree you will find some of the most famous show dogs and working dogs that Europe produced. By judiciously linebreeding and occasionally outcrossing we strive to produce a dog that has it all. Quite often we ship our bitches to Europe for breeding AKC Certified European Doberman Pinsher Breeder in South Florida. *Top European Blood Lines from Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, & Yugoslavia *Champion Working Line *Larger Big Boned Structure *Family Raised * Non WZ (Z-Factor Albinism) Breedin

Ramses the Great Dobermans - Breeders of high-quality Doberman Pinschers, dogs are bred doberman pinscher for beauty, intelligence, and temperament. Palota Dobermann Kennel - Small kennel in Budapest, Hungary, breeding for working doberman pinscher ability. Offers details of previous litters and photos doberman pinscher of adult dogs The Doberman takes its name from Louis Dobermann of Apolda. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America was founded in 1921. The Doberman was officially recognized as a breed in 1900. The Doberman. The only Triple Champion Working Dog and the only Champion MACH male Doberman carry the Alisaton name. The breeding program itself has been honored with several DPCA Breeder of the Year awards, as well as Kennel Review and Dogs in Review Top Producing Working Dam awards