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City of Aspen Land Use Code. June, 2005 Part 700, Page 2. that each permitted and conditional use is compatible with surrounding land uses, is served by adequate public facilities, and is consistent with the environmental sensitivity of the City and its surrounding area's natural resources. All developm ent within each zone district shall be. Future Land Use Classifications. 3. Lots greater than or equal to ten (10) acres within the RES-6 (Residential - 6 du/ga) and higher Future Land Use Classifications. B. Limited Family Lot Division (LFLD). LFLDs are subject to the provisions of this Code, Section 405.1. C. Any condominium as defined in Chapter 718, Florida Statutes. D 700 - Industrial A parcel including an office building on land located adjacent to or near an automobile assembly plant and used principally by the automobile manufacturer for its own offices should be coded as industrial under the appropriate division below The Land Use Code regulates the use and development of land in Seattle. SDCI reviews permit applications to make sure they comply with this code. With input from residents, designers, developers, and other interested stakeholders, City planners draft amendments to update the code to better address Seattle's land use policies For more information on the hierarchy of the zoning code, view Chapter 33.700, Administration and Enforcement. Zoning code administration. Land Use Services administers the Portland Zoning Code (Title 33 of the City Code). The zoning code includes regulations proposed by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and adopted by City Council.

and the word land includes the words marsh and water. Unless defined otherwise, for the purposes of this Ordinance, the definition of the Building Code of the Town of Windham governs. Abandoned/Abandonment: When the owner/operator of a non-conforming use (a) intends to abandon or relinquish the use, an Land Use Codes LUC Description R-40 A - Apartments (4-19 Units) R-90 A - Apt Complex (20 or more units) C-10 C - Banks, Savings & Loans C-20 C - Gas Station C-30 C - Restaurants, Stores (Retail) C-35 C - Condominium Stores C-40 C - Motels, Hotels C-41 C - Nursing Homes C-50 C - Shopping Centers C-60 C - Office Bldgs/Laboratory/Librar C.1. The designations in Table 18.30.750, Land Use Table - Lopez Village Urban Growth Area Land Use Designations (SJCC 18.30.750) apply to the entire Lopez Village urban growth area, except as modified by SJCC 18.60.220(D) for planned unit developments. a


The exact boundary of Environmentally Sensitive Land Overlay areas is determined at time of development order or permit approval. All development must comply with applicable Land Development Code requirements addressing natural resource characteristics of the specific site, which take precedence over the underlying future land use designation 33.700.110 Prior Conditions of Land Use Approvals . 33.700.115 Expiration of Tree Preservation Requirements . 33.700.120 Status of Prior Revocable Permits . 33.700.130 Legal Status of Lots . Implementing the Code 33.700.005 Building Permit Required . New development, changes to existing development, and changes in the type or number of uses 700.0070 use of such property which occurs where the donation is made, in this case the county of San Francisco. As the purchaser is liable for use tax, the [A] owes the district use taxes. If the printer makes sufficient deliveries into San Francisco County, or has sales agents or othe

The Zoning Code, contained in Title 14 of the Philadelphia Code, seeks to protect public health, safety and welfare by regulating the use of land and controlling the type, size, and height of structures. The Zoning Code includes land use regulations, building dimensional standards, and parking, signage and landscaping requirements Land Use Code. Charged with reviewing proposed revisions to the City Code for the purpose of creating a Land Development Code The PITT code is a three digit number used on all the islands to indicate a property'suse for purposes of tax assessment. Both webREsearch and txtREsearch show onlythe first digit of a PITT code followed by two zeroes. The codes are as follows: 100* 200 300 400 500 600 700 800** 900**

use development to support an active living environment; and, G. To create a system of land use regulation that is designed to find equitable solutions to the land use conflicts that routinely arise as development occurs, so as to provide for the orderly development of land within Rochester and to conserve the value of land and buildings Land Use 2025, is the major connective Element in Rhode Island's planning system. The Plan articulates the State's goals, objectives, and strategies to guide and coordinate the land use and transportation plans of municipalities and State agencies and to direct good, strategic projects at both the State and municipal level Land Development Code (Title 25) Chapters 25-1 thru 25-11 contain development regulations within the City's planning and zoning jurisdiction. Chapter 25-12 contains the Building Technical Codes. The City of Austin follows the 2015 International Codes and the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code. (You will be directed to a third-party site)

700 Shoreland District Uses and Standards 73 701 Shoreland Classifications 73 702 1405 Performance Standards and Conditions of Land Use Permit for Adult Use 183 1406 Existing Adult Use 185 1500 Subdivision of Land 187 1501 Purpose 187. Section Subsection Section Title Pag Administrative Code. Table of Contents » Title 24. Transportation And Motor Vehicles » Agency 30. Department Of Transportation » Chapter 151. Land Use Permit Regulations » Part IX. Fees and Surety » 24VAC30-151-700. General provisions for fees, surety, and other compensation 1-4 | Introductory Provisions Keene, NH Land Development Code DRAFT July 2020 1.3 RULES OF MEASUREMENT & EXCEPTIONS 1.3.1 Lot Dimensions A. Lot Area. The total area within the boundary lines of a lot, excluding any public right-of-way open to public use. 1. Where a minimum lot area is specified in this LDC, no principal building or use shal


The two foundational land-use tools for most communities are their comprehensive (general) plans and zoning ordinances. These two land-use documents are equally critical in the evaluation of utility-scale solar facilities. A community's plan should discuss green energy, and its zoning ordinance should properly enable and regulate green energy uses 40.240.650 Review Uses - Residential Land. 40.240.660 Review Uses with Additional Approval Criteria - Residential Land. 40.240.670 Approval Criteria for Specified Review Uses on Lands Zoned Residential. 40.240.680 Dimensional Standards. 40.240.690 Recreation. 40.240.700 Uses Allowed Outright - Public Recreatio


Identification of land use within project area and of that land contiguous to it; 7. the IDOA shall invoke the Conflict Resolution Process in accordance with 8 Ill. Adm. Code 700.Appendix A, Exhibit C. Upon approval of an FPA subject to this working agreement, IEPA will forward to IDOA the highest quality map available, delineating the. Find out what the zoning codes mean for properties that are not in the Coastal Zone (do not contain CC in their zoning code designation). Skip to Find your property's zoning and land use by address or parcel number. Coastal Zone View full size map (PDF: 746 kB) GIS Resources This By-law shall be known as By-law Number S-700 and may be cited as the as set out in the land use by-law for the area in which the pool is located VARIANCE 6. (1) A development officer may grant a variance to the requirements set out in Section 5 700.7817 Specific powers of trustee. Sec. 7817. Without limiting the authority conferred by section 7816, a trustee has all of the following powers: (a) To take possession, custody, or control of property transferred to the trust and accept or reject additions to the trust. (b) To retain property that the trustee receives, including property in. Lane Code Chapter 16 - Land Use and Development Code - Table of Contents . Chapter 16 Sections 16.001 through 16.015. Chapter 16 Sections 16.090 through 16.100. Chapter 16 Section 16.210. Chapter 16 Section 16.211 . Chapter 16 Section 16.212 Chapter 16 Section 16.213. Chapter 16 Sections 16.214 Chapter 16 Sections 16.215-16.21

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objectives and avert or solve specific land use problems; and . 15. Provides for the establishment of land development regulations and overlay districts in areas designated as being environmentally sensitive. B. This Zoning Code is designed to regulate and control the subdivision of land within the Village The official printed copy of a Code of Ordinances should be consulted prior to any action being taken. For further information regarding the official version of any of this Code of Ordinances or other documents posted on this site, please contact the Municipality directly or contact American Legal Publishing toll-free at 800-445-5588 The County Code establishes minimum front, side and rear yard setbacks for structures, with setback requirements varying according to the zone district. The Zoning Ordinance (Section 13.10.700-Y) defines a yard as A required setback space adjacent to a front, side, or rear property line or right-of-way, within which no structure may be built Dayton, Ohio Zoning Code Revised September 4, 2019 Table of Contents Table of Contents Section 150.445 Vacation of Rights-of-Way 306 Section 150.500 Conditional Use and Specific Use Regulations 347 Section 150.600 Regulations for Wireless Telecommunication Facilities 411 Section 150.700 Off-Street Parking & Loading Regulations 421. Generalized Regional Land Use Categories, Numeric Codes and Corresponding Descriptions: Agricultural -- 100 - Land used for agricultural purposes, including 700 - Land potentially containing a building with a significant amount of only one of the follow land uses: residential, industrial, commercial and/or.

The Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections issues land use, construction, and trade permits, conducts construction- and housing-related inspections, ensures compliance with our codes, and regulates rental rules The Bellevue Land Use Code is current through Ordinance 6580, passed June 21, 2021. Disclaimer: The City Clerk's Office has the official version of the Bellevue Land Use Code. Users should contact the City Clerk's Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above

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The District Land Use table (Metro Code 17.08.030) shows that this parcel is zoned residential and is not approved for most commercial activity. The District Bulk Tables ( Metro Code 17.12.020 ) show that this parcel is approved for a single-family dwelling with a maximum height of 3 stories, a maximum of 50% building coverage on the lot, a. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published. Register June 2021 No. 786 Chapter NR 700 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS NR 700.01 Purpose. NR 700.02 Applicability. NR 700.03 Definitions. NR 700.05 Confidentiality of information. NR 700.07 Incorporation by reference. NR 700.08 Superfund site. Vacant land located at 700 Church St, Kelso, WA 98626 sold for $48,750 on Apr 3, 1992. View sales history, tax history, home value estimates, and overhead views. APN 20246 During the third series of Community Conversations on Growth in 2018, the city shared various proposals to address the need for affordable housing. One key component of this effort was exploring ways to maximize land use to support the creation of additional affordable housing in appropriate locations by amending the development code Below are the codes for each property type. There is a separate code system to classify structures on a property, such as a barn or a pool. Property code series. 100 series: Vacant land. 200 series: Farm. 300 series: Residential (340, 341, 352, 361 and 374 - Multi-Residential) 400 series: Commercial. 500 series: Industrial

10.700-210 Lane Code 10.700-305 . June 16, 2020 10-843 LC10.700_990 . of the Design Team shall include, but not be limited to, a qualified architect, landscape architect and an engineer or land surveyor, licensed by the State of Oregon. One of the required professionals shall be designated by the applicant to b Tacoma Municipal Code City Clerk's Office 13-3 (Revised 08/2007) TITLE 13 LAND USE REGULA Chapters: 13.02 Planning Commission 13.0 d 13.0 atti 13.0 nd 13.0 nin 13.06A Down 13.0 nd istricts 13.0 pen 13.0 rotection District 13.1 re 13.1 itic 13.1 vir 13.1 pea 13.1 pea 13.1 mm 13.1 ncu 13.1 ixed TORY CODE 3 Repeale 4 Pl 5 La ng and Subdivisions. The subdivision is . The county has established the standardized land use for this particular property as the following: single family residential. For those with children, 275 West 700 North is located in the Duneland School Corporation. 275 West 700 North was last assessed in 2020. The total value of the property was assessed at $279,600 4 beds, 2 baths, 2278 sq. ft. house located at 700 Carl-Bethlehem Rd, Winder, GA 30680. View sales history, tax history, home value estimates, and overhead views. APN XX052 033

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Land Use. The Provincial Government develops, manages and maintains the fundamental datasets for determining land ownership, rights and jurisdiction in British Columbia. Land that can be owned in B.C. is divided into parcels. Land parcels may be owned by governments, companies, organizations or persons Sustainable land use means using land assets in a way that provides benefit to air quality, water quality, as well as access to transportation options, economic vitality and quality of life. It is vitally important to promote and create Sacramento communities that offer a diverse range of uses of existing land, buildings, and spaces, while also. 700 Masonic St is a parcel of land located in Martinez, California and has a legal description provided by the local assessor of CCX:3723630020. The Arivify.com account number for this parcel is CCX-3723630020. 700 MASONIC ST contains 8,400 square feet of living area and was built in 1930. This property has an improvement value of $171,453 5.8 The term usable land owned in the district [3 Del.C. §909(a)(2)], shall be defined as any land meeting the requirements for agricultural, horticultural or forest land in the Farmland Assessment Act of 1968 [9 Del.C., Chapter 83] and [3 Del.C. §403] or criteria for farm definition as established by the National Agricultural Statistics.

The City of Santa Ana. 20 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana,CA 92701 (714) 647-540 View information about 700 Irwin St, San Rafael, CA 94901. See if the property is available for sale or lease. View photos, public assessor data, maps and county tax information. Find properties near 700 Irwin St The Project would consolidate the seven parcels of land that make up the Project site into a single approximately 7.3-acre parcel. Additionally, the Project includes a Zone Text Amendment to amend the definition of floor area ratio (FAR) in the El Segundo Municipal Code (ESMC) Section 15-1-6 to exempt a fully integrated parking structure within.

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  1. Laguna Beach is moving forward with the $1.7 million purchase of two vacant parcels in South Laguna for a future civic use—possibly a new fire station or pocket park. The Laguna Beach City Council voted Aug. 11 to move forward with escrow, which is now expected to close on Oct. 5, and approved a study of potential environmental impacts of.
  2. 2281 Tulare Street, Room 301, Fresno, CA 93721. (559) 600-3529, option 4. Finally, for those employees, board, commission or committee members, or consultants designated in their agency's Conflict of Interest Code to file their Form 700 with the filing officer in their County department, copies of their Statements of Economic Interests can be.
  3. Land Use Code: 103: Land Use Description: RESID. CONDOMINIUM: Lot: SCL:15434052: Appraised Valuation: 289312: Assessed Valuation: 289312: Line Valuation Size: acres: Line Valuation Zone: R3-25: Property Description. 700 Chiquita Ave 20 is a parcel of land located in Mountain View, California and has a legal description provided by the local.

View information about 700 Westridge Ave, Lancaster, TX 75146. See if the property is available for sale or lease. View photos, public assessor data, maps and county tax information. Find properties near 700 Westridge Ave 242 MAGNOLIA AVE. Elizabethport, NJ 07206 is a 1762 sqft home sold on 06/04/2009 for $76,000 and is owned by LLC NEW VISION INVESTMENTS.. The annual taxes is $. 3,125.8.The total assessment value of the property is $20,900.The land was assessed at $5,400 and the improvements to the property were assessed at $15,500.The Deed for . 242 MAGNOLIA AVE is filed with the County Clerk in Book 5785 on. 241 W 673rd St, Valparaiso, IN 46385. WHITETAIL PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE, Robert Styka. $119,500. 4 acres lot. - Lot / Land for sale. 10 days on Zillow. Listing provided by IRMLS. Save this home. 72 S Old Hickory Ln, Valparaiso, IN 46385 375 N State St PO Box 97 Fountain Green, UT 84632. Tel: (435) 445-3453 Fax: (435) 445-3375. Email: ftngreen@hotmail.co Building Sub-Areas (sq ft) Code Description Gross Area Living Area; BAS: First Floor: 2,107 2,107 FH

SECTION 700 . ROADWAY DESIGN, TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES AND STREET LIGHTING . 741.01 Regulations and Code Streets as a function of land use must not unduly hinder the development of land. Distances between streets, number of streets, and related elements al land use code class/tax code description 0 0 vacant agricultural 100 1 residential 300 3 commercial 400 4 industrial 500 5 agricultural 600 6 preservation 700 7 hotel and resort 900 9 public service zoning x/yy/zz 1st character x is the luc (state zoning) next 2 characters yy are the luo (county zoning 700.14 Training and Use of Guard and Sentry Dogs Residential Area means any area of the City where the predominant land use is the residential dwelling use of human Code of Federal Regulations, or otherwise controlled by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It shall include any animal which is wild, fierce, dangerous, noxious, o An assessor may ask an owner of designated forest land if the use of the land has changed when the owner subdivides a tract of designated forest land into separate parcels. (f) If the assessor determines the land is no longer primarily devoted to and used for growing and harvesting timber, but there is a pending acquisition by an entity that. For Use in Land Orders, Executive Orders, Proclamations, Federal Register Documents, and Land Description Data Bases surface acres and also administers more than 700 million acres of subsurface mineral estate and in all 50 States. of the Code of Federal Regulations. These entities have introduced certain changes in procedure an

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There may be additional requirements by other local, state, and federal mining and land use authorities. Permit holders must abide by the most stringent requirement. The 700-PM permit does not provide an exemption from a more stringent local, state or federal requirement 2 The Code will be codified at MCL 700.7101 et seq. The Code can be viewed or downloaded from the Michigan legislature's Web site: www.legislature.mi.gov. A copy of the Code is most easily found by entering the bill number (387) of the enacting legislation in the search box on the legislature's Web site and selecting the public act. 3 See, e.g.

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When the land use of a site or facility is classified as non-industrial, in accordance with s. NR 720.05 (5) , all of the following shall apply: NR 720.12(3)(b)1.a. a. Incidental ingestion of soil shall be assumed to occur at the rate of 200 mg of soil per day for 350 days each year for 6 years for a 15 kg child and the rate of 100 mg per day. Chapter 61, Building Provision. Chapter 62, Fire Prevention Code. Chapter 65, Plumbing and Gas Provisions. Chapter 67.1, Sanitary Sewers and Sewage Disposal. Chapter 117, Expedited Building Plan Review. Chapter 109.1, Solid Waste Management. Chapter 112, Zoning Ordinance. Appendix A, Floodplains. Appendix Q, Land Development Services Fee Schedule

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(a) Act means Pub. L. 93-531 (88 Sat. 1712, 25 U.S.C. 640 et. seq.) as amended by Pub. L. 96-305 and Pub. L. 100-666. (b) New Lands means the land acquired for the use of relocatees under the authority of Pub. L. 96-305, 25 U.S.C. 640d-10.These lands include the 215,000 acres of lands acquired by the Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission and added to the Navajo Reservation and 150,000. Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance (Title 23 of the SLO County Code) File: Inland Land Use Ordinance (Title 22) Inland Land Use Ordinance (Title 22 of the SLO County Code) Link: Coastal Allowable Land Use Categories: A table of allowable land uses, excerpted from Framework for Planning - Coastal Zone: File: Growth Management Ordinance (Title 26.

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Sec 200-700.9 Development and Use by Special Use Permits -----24 Sec 200-700.11 Development Regulation - All Districts-----25 and the authority contained in Secs. 15.2-2280 and 15.2-2281 of the Code of Virginia, as amended. Sec. 100-102 Jurisdiction If a land use or activity is deemed by the administrator to be prohibited within the. FEES FOR LAND USE AND RELATED FUNCTIONS The Board of Supervisors of the County of Riverside ordains as follows: Section 1. TITLE. This ordinance shall be known as the Land Management System Fee Surcharge Ordinance. Section 2. PURPOSE. This ordinance establishes a fee Surcharge that is to be applie K-20 Education Code (Chapters 1000-1013) FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Westlaw, the industry-leading online legal research system . For more detailed codes research information, including annotations and citations, please visit Westlaw Title 11 Regulation of Building and Land Use. Chapter 11.19 Zoning Code. Article VI. Required Improvements. Section 11.19.700 REPEALED (Size of Loading Space) Repealed. Date Passed: Monday, May 8, 2006. Effective Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2006. ORD C33846 Section 2

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  1. Title 10, Property rights and transactions; Chapter 105, Property Rights; Section 105.700, Prohibiting public access to private land; notice requirements; damages. Refreshed: 2021-07-1
  2. Title 20, Counties and county officers; Chapter 215, County Planning; Zoning; Housing Codes; Section 215.700, Resource land dwelling policy. Refreshed: 2021-07-1
  3. 197.020 Land use decision considerations. Age, gender or physical disability shall not be an adverse consideration in making a land use decision as defined in ORS 197.015. [1987 c.555 §5; 2005 c.22 §138] 197.022 Policy regarding ORS 215.433 and 227.184. The Legislative Assembly declares that it is in the interest of the citizens of this state.
  4. g or leaving an office and annually. Annual Form 700s are due April 1. Assu
  5. Conditional Use Permits, Plot Plans, Public Use Permits, Variances, WECS Permit or Accessory WECS Permit or other development or land use approvals or permits, or any grant of authority to do a thing or maintain or otherwise use real property in a manner not forbidden by law, but not allowable without such authority. g
  6. The Bellevue Land Use Code is current through Ordinance 6580, passed June 21, 2021. Disclaimer: The City Clerk's Office has the official version of the Bellevue Land Use Code. Users should contact the City Clerk's Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above. Note: This site does not support Internet Explorer. To.
  7. - Land Records Information - I AGREE with the Land Records Information Disclaimer. I DISAGREE with the Land Records Information Disclaimer.

Land use development incompatible with military installation not allowed — Revision of comprehensive plans and development regulations. 36.70A.540: Affordable housing incentive programs — Low-income housing units. 36.70A.545: Increased density bonus for affordable housing located on property owned by a religious organization. 36.70A.55 700 ACADEMY TERR. Linden, NJ 07036 is a 1430 sqft home sold on 07/03/2020 for $270,000 and is owned by SEYMOUR INVESTMENTS LLC.. The annual taxes is $. 9,939.46.The total assessment value of the property is $143,800.The land was assessed at $74,700 and the improvements to the property were assessed at $69,100.The Deed for . 700 ACADEMY TERR is filed with the County Clerk in Book 6374 on Page 2687 700 NE 45TH ST. Description. Land use application to allow a 23-story, 110-unit apartment building with office. Parking for 15 vehicles proposed. Existing building to be demolished. Early Design Guidance conducted under 3036565-EG. View Design Proposal (123 MB) Project Milestones.

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Uniform Trust Code. 7/14/2021. § 64.2-700. Scope. A. This chapter applies to express inter vivos trusts, charitable or noncharitable, and trusts created pursuant to a statute, judgment, or decree that requires the trust to be administered in the manner of an express trust. This chapter also applies to testamentary trusts, except to the extent. The standards in Seattle's Land Use, Building, Rental Registration and Inspection, and other related codes and ordinances are subject to change. How these standards apply may also vary depending on specific details relating to the site, or other information not immediately available to us at the time we respond to your question State Code o o o O A Land Use Plan. The Recreational Resort Master Plan shall define the land use elements that are proposed for the development. The land uses The property is located at 95 South and 700 East and is in the R-1-11 zone. Planner Henke gave a presentation Land Use Summary 0 .59-acre parcel o RA-I-II zonin

Report (Draft EIR) for the proposed 700 University Avenue Mixed-Use project at 700 University Avenue in Berkeley, CA. The Draft EIR is availabl e for public review and com ment and this notice is provided pursuant to Section 21092 of the State Public Resources Code Chapter 8 - Land Surveying. Chapter 10 - Corporations. Chapter 11 - Renewals. Chapter 12 - Complaints. Chapter 13 - Supervision. Chapter 14 - Definitions. Chapter 15 - Public Records. Chapter 16 - Missouri Standards for Property Boundary Surveys. Chapter 17 - United States Public Land Survey Corners. Chapter 18 - First and Second Order.

To schedule a Land Use/Design Review inspection, please email the assigned Land Use Planner at least one week before the desired inspection date. Their information is displayed on the construction permit face. For Electrical inspections, we may conduct virtual inspections when practical to help slow the spread of COVID-19 People in these positions must file Statements of Economic Interests - Form 700 pursuant to the disclosure categories specified in that code. Additionally, pursuant to Municipal Code 12.08, at the time of filing the annual disclosure statement each designated employee or commissioner shall file a Family Gift Report Form. Filer Access Portal

11100 Main Street. Cloudvue. 10833 NE 8th St. East Link Bel-Red/ 130th Station. East Link Bellevue Downtown Station. 450 110th Ave NE. East Link East Main Station. East Link Operations & Maintenance Facility East - Phase 1. 1899 120th Ave NE Condemnation for More Necessary Public Use CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE SECTION 1240.610-1240.700 or to a governmental agency holding land for such uses. (b) The presumption established by this section is a presumption affecting the burden of proof. 1240.680. (a) Subject to Sections 1240.690 and 1240.700, notwithstanding any other provision of.

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Title 17C Land Use Standards. Chapter 17C.182 Fairchild Overlay Zones. Section 17C.182.700 Avigation Easement Required in MIA 2 and 3/4. Prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy for a new structure within MIA 2 and 3/4 the awarding of an avigation easement by the property owner(s) to Fairchild AFB shall be required and recorded in the Spokane County auditor's office other fire extinguishing equipment readily available for use. 1.1.4 Other Outdoor Fires. No person shall kindle or maintain any controlled burning, agricultural burning, fires for land clearing, or fires for demolition and removal of hazards without first notifying the local fire dispatch center of the time and date of the burning 1. Check Engine Light. A bad knock sensor can trigger your Land Cruiser's check engine light. Any trouble codes from P0325-P0334 are related to the knock sensor in one way or the other.. The code you get will either be for an intermittent problem, high input, low input, or open circuit Section 16-11-700 - Dumping litter on private or public property prohibited; exceptions; responsibility for removal; penalties (A) A person, from a vehicle or otherwise, may not dump, throw, drop, deposit, discard, or otherwise dispose of litter or other solid waste, as defined by Section 44-96-40(2), (6), (32), (33), (43), (46), (73), and (74), and including cigarette butts and cigarette. More information about 700 Bartow Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32507. 700 Bartow Avenue is a 1.40 ac of land for sale in Pensacola, FL 32507. This property was listed for sale on August 24, 2007 by NAI Pensacola at $220,000. This listing's school district is Escambia