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Red oak and white oak floors absorb stain more uniformly, but be aware that there is a difference between the density of earlywood (or springwood) and latewood of these species. As you can see from the photo above right, the more porous springwood stains considerably darker than the dense latewood, giving the boards a distinct zebra-striped look Standard wood flooring sand and refinish. Red oak is a common flooring found in Minnesota houses. Here's a before and after of a red oak floor in Ramsey. If you have red oak in your home, these images might give you an idea of what to expect if we sand and refinish your floor

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  1. Oak floor refinishing with duraseal stain sedona red.Sanding and some repai
  2. Feb 13, 2020 - Before and after, refinishing hardwood oak floors. Dark hardwood floors
  3. Hardwood Floor Restoration: After Years of Neglect. Hardwood floor restoration can be very challenging. Especially after years of foot traffic, dropped items, scratches from bedposts, fires, and floods have left behind all sorts of damage. For us, refinishing the hardwood floors in our home meant dealing with all those things
  4. Maple floors have dark spots and oak floors have light sections, and all floors have at least one dark knot. Use your eyeballs, not the name of the filler to guide you. If you are filling knots, use an ebony fill, or use universal tints to darken a small amount of your red oak fill. But don't assume that one color will fit all your filling needs
  5. Hi, I have red oak throughout the house which were a medium/dark brown and wanted a lighter stain after the floors were completely sanded. The flooring guy told me that was harder to achieve and did a few sample boards. I chose one from the samples which didn't look that bad but once it was done on all the floors the floor looks totally pink

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Pics of : Refinish Floors Before And After. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Installation Newgen Res Nc My Diy Refinished Hardwood Floors Are Finished Addicted 2 Benefits Of Refinishing Hardwood Floors See also Can U Use Steam Mops On Wood Floors After: Fine sanded, stained and coated with the water based polyurethane. Before: Pre-finished maple floor that has a factory cherry color added to it. After: Sanding and stained with cherry floor stain. As can be seen manufactures colors do vary from the products available to the public. Before: 20 year old pre finished red and white oak Be sure to prepare your home before sanding and refinishing wood floors: (My preferred progression for a hardwood floor such as oak begins with 60-grit abrasive, goes to 80-grit, and finishes.

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How to Refinish Solid Oak Flooring. Unlike some hardwoods, oak continues to be relatively abundant, and most oak floors are solid wood. One advantage of solid boards over engineered ones is that. I am trying to refinish some red oak floors that are 50+ yrs old. They spent a long time under carpet and have some trouble spots, like dark splotches, areas without any finish, cupped boards, etc I have learned that they are shellac and I don't think they have any layers of wax on them

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The floors look great! I, too, have red oak floors that are in dire need of refinishing. I love seeing how your color and finish completely transformed the look of red oak! I did want to offer an opposing view to your comment re wood in a kitchen I've had wood in my kitchen in our last 3 homes Can You Lighten Red Oak Furniture? Yes. No matter what your red oak wood is used to build, bleaching it with a hydrogen peroxide and lye solution will strip the color. It doesn't matter if the wood is used for furniture, beams, shelves or floors. If it's made from red oak then it can be lightened with a bleach solution The new flooring looks like Red Oak, the existing, from just seeing by pic, looks like White Oak, which is why the Red Oak looks lighter because White Oak Is more on the Brown side. If stained Neutral, it will stand out. Staining it dark, which I would do using a Spice Brown or darker, will be less noticeable

How to Refinish Water-Stained Oak Flooring. A telltale sign of an oak floor in need of refinishing is the presence of dark stains. They are caused by moisture seeping through a finish that has. Angi Matches You to Experienced Local Floor Pros In Minutes. Your Home Deserves The Best - Connect With A Top Rated Local Flooring Expert This is a before and after hardwood floor refinish. It was a pretty beat up floor, the owners said that it was laid in the 40's! It is amazing how floors can..

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before and after photos. Scope: Expose brick chimney (wood floors didn't go all the way up to the brick and we managed to find some perfect matching flooring at a salvage shop, didn't even have to re-stain!) New granite counters (replacing old ikea laminates Even with the best of care, most floors start showing their age after about 10 years. But for most households, simple wear-and-tear may cause the floors to need refinishing sooner than that. Here are a few signs and tips to help you decide when your hardwood floors need refinishing. Excessive Scratche Refinish Oak Hardwood Floors. In keeping with the concept of recycling the barn's original materials, Franklin cut and refinished old beams for the new stairs. Coupled with white steel stringers and rails, the stairs, which are made up of oak, hickory and black walnut species, define the old-meets-new aesthetic of the home's design - If your floors are REALLY OLD and have been refinished many times, it may be time for a new floor. I'm not talking about oak floors that have been dinged and scratched upI mean if your floors have been down for over 100 yrs and refinished at least 5 times

Refinishing your hardwood floors yourself is a major project, particularly if you are dealing with older floors. To save yourself some time and elbow grease, consider calling a pro. They'll know everything about sanding, patching, staining/finishing, and applying a topcoat, so you can rest easy Floor Refinishing Gone Bad. My wife and I bought a new house this year and wanted to refinish the original red oak floors. We brought in a reputable company and they refinished our entire first floor and staircase. After the job was done, we saw some issues including darker areas around the perimeter of the room, and the water-based poly looked. Total and well-secured drop cloths across the entire floor are necessary. If you simply have no floor coverings yet and just a subfloor, then you will greatly benefit by painting the walls and ceiling before refinishing the floors. You can paint with pure freedom, even using a paint sprayer, and spillages rarely cause much damage If you missed my previous posts in this series, I had the hardwood floor in my living room and kitchen refinished by Bona. My first post about the hardwood floor refinishing process focused on meeting with a Bona Certified Craftsman to sample and choose a few stain colors and finishes.Then I posted about the sanding and staining process.. Today I am sharing the reveal showing you how the Bona. We are having our red oak floors refinished and extended through two other rooms. I want a rich brown without red undertones but as the light changes throughout the day I go from loving to hating a color. I loved coffee brown yesterday but now I'm worried about it pulling too much red

Beers Flooring recently meet with a family in Annapolis that wanted refinish the Red Oak Hardwood floors throughout their home. After years of foot traffic, sun exposure, water spills and accidental dings, the Annapolis customer wanted to bring the floors back to life And finally, we end here. It's the same Brazilian cherry floor (in a different room), bleached and stained with a satin finish. The homeowners loved how the refinished hardwoods turned out, and so do we. The variation in the wood is still visible, but its beauty isn't covered up by a blindingly shiny red glaze

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Eastern Red Cedar natural. Before and after of oak floors refinished natural with 2 coats oil base polyurethane: On the left is a painted oak floor. An interesting design, but the new owner did not want it. We sanded it and finished it natural with a Bona Traffic water base finish. The after shot is on the right After the last coat is applied, you should allow 4 days before you move furniture back and/or put drop cloths on the floor (for painting) or cardboard or masonite boards on the floor. Please bear in mind that the floors continue to cure and the polyurethane can take up to around 30 days to fully cure

The one with the clamp is the before pic, and the unclamped is the after pic. But will try to resand it at a 80grit and work my way up. 0. Reply. Jakir Ahmed 3 months ago Hi Eric, I recently just refinished my red oak floors in my house and I followed all the steps to a T and all the rest of my house turned out great except this one area. I. The floors look great! I, too, have red oak floors that are in dire need of refinishing. I love seeing how your color and finish completely transformed the look of red oak! I did want to offer an opposing view to your comment re wood in a kitchen I've had wood in my kitchen in our last 3 homes Schamburg refinishing hardwood floor red oak & maple 2 1, great methods to use for refinishing hardwood floors. Red oak refinishing with natural waterbased finish red. Before and after, refinishing hardwood oak floors dark. Red oak wood flooring refinishing in englewood, 20 great 2 different color hardwood floors unique

I wish I would have read this before having my white oak hard wood floor refinished. I loved the dark walnut color chose after is was down, but after two coats of oil based polyurethane, my poor floors are now showing some orange to them. I have white oak floors stained dark walnut. I hate the orange With four easy steps, my floors were beautiful and shiny! And I had no sanding or refinishing! 1. Remove carpet, padding, and all debris from the floor. Make sure nails, staples, and other debris are all off the floor. Vacuum well and ensure that no dust, wood splinters, and other remnants are left on the floor. 2 Before we jump into whether or not engineered hardwood floors can be refinished, I thought I'd first describe what they are exactly. After getting some messages on Instagram, it became clear pretty quickly that a lot of people don't think there is any real wood on engineered hardwood floors

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1. Know your wood. Before you can choose the best farmhouse style floor stain you need to know the wood you are dealing with. The above image is an awesome breakdown of hardwood flooring options from Elizabeth Bixler's post Solid Hardwood Floors: Types to Use in Your Home.. Ours happens to be red oak Vacuuming dust and grit. Vacuum after each sanding to pick up coarse grit left on the floor. Sweep or vacuum the floor before you move up to the next grit. Even the best abrasives throw off a few granules while sanding. And a 36-grit granule caught under a 60-grit belt will leave an ugly gash in the floor If you want to preserve the creamy-white look of maple, for instance, use waterborne polyurethane. (For a red-oak floor or a stained floor, use either type of finish.) Another advantage of waterborne polyurethane is how quickly it dries — you can apply two coats in three hours and walk on the floor in your socks after seven hours Spread a consistent layer of bleach across the wood. Place a paper towel over top to keep it from drying too fast in warm conditions. Wait 20 to 30 minutes, or as instructed by the two-part bleach product, before testing the wood color. When the color matches your expectations, blot up any remaining bleach After removing the swirl marks and imperfections, sand the entire floor again with 60-80-grit, followed by 80-100-120-grit. Rubio Monocoat recommends finishing the hardwood with 120-grit, so that is what I did. The important part is to never skip a grit or a section of the floor during finish sanding

Before staining your floors gray, there are a few key points to consider. Best to use White Oak instead of Red Oak. Old preexisting floors are not the best canvas to sand and refinish in a gray stain. Older floors typically have spacing, nail and pin holes, discoloration, etc. Often times, repairs are needed on an older floor and gray. Below, you'll be able to see different types of hardwood flooring with different colors of stains, pre-treatments and finishes applied. We've completed a LOT of wood floor refinishing restorations over the years, so if there isn't any photos of your particular color, wood or finish choice here, please ask we'll try find one for you Dan's Floor Store 904.887.8303 was contracted to sand and finish the Red Oak floors in a home in the Pelican Reef community of St. Augustine. The neighborhood is located right on the marsh, very close to the St. Augustine Amplitheater. Our clients wanted a more natural look for their wood floors. We began by sanding and hand scraping the. Today at 11:55 AM. Installed 8 oak floors with added pegs then sanded, stained and finished. 66. Share. Maple Valley Hardwoods- Hardwood flooring specialists. May 25 at 6:33 AM. A few before and after of a repair and refinish of select red oak. Natural waterborne finish. 1515

Refinishing a wood floor is cheaper than putting in nice $50-$60-a-yard carpeting, Lessick says. Besides, a properly maintained wood floor can go 20 or 30 years or more before needing to be refinished, says Lupresto. And it can be sanded and refinished easily six or seven times over its lifetime, he says After we removed the carpet and pad, my desire was to just leave the floor as is but sadly there was damage to the finish and having refinished all the oak floors in a previous house by ourselves (and now THAT'S hard work!!) we chose to clean, prime and paint

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after refinishing - red oak with water based finish. before refinishing - red oak. note the mismatched stain/finish in the lower left hand side, and thinset in the lower right. Useful 1. Funny. Cool 1. Lindsey S. Montgomery Village, MD. 2. 4. 3. 10/20/2020. 3 photos. DB Genesis was wonderful to work with. Kevin came and walked through the area. After: This after image demonstrates how well they can turn out, though, when the right steps are taken. These refinished cabinets (as well as all the refinishes presented here) have adhered strictly to the process of prep work. 1) Deep clean. 2)De-gloss/sand. 3) Prime with the proper primer 4) Sand between coats, and 5) apply seale

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Whitewash red oak hardwood floors. Testing whitewash finishes on red oak hardwood flooring on may 17 2019 by kristi 48 well y all have spoken and the overwhelming majority of you believe that i should whitewash my red oak hardwood flooring in the studio and adjoining areas half bath back entry and storage closet. Oct 18 2018 white wash wood floors For a good-looking wood floor, fill gaps and holes before you sand. Eventually, the gaps become obvious enough to detract from the appearance of the floor, and it's time for a refinish. Filling all the cracks individually with a putty knife prior to sanding is usually a big job, but you can make it considerably easier by spreading filler over. The kitchen had a brand new floor laid that we had to refinish along with the rest of the existing hardwood floors. Around 700 square feet total. Super pleased with how it turned out! [Image description: before and after photos of refinished hardwood floors in a residential home. 816. Repair/refinishing hardwood floor contractor in truckee, ca, refinishing more woods floors, without sanding. Wood floor renewal system wood laminate flooring. About us atlanta floors. Dustless hardwood floor solution in wayne, nj 07470 keri, salem oregon red oak hardwood floor refinish after Fabulous Floors Michiana added 6 new photos to the album: Before and After Photos. April 29, 2017 · Old pine floor and steps refinished with golden oak stain

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Beers Hardwood Floors provides customers with the highest level of customer service and craftsmanship. We work with each customer to translate their vision and the home's unique characteristics, into a beautiful living space How To Choose Wood Flooring: There are endless products available so please talk to a wood flooring professional to make a fully informed decision.Here are some starting points. Dimensions & Manufacturing - The wood flooring industry is completely separate from the tile industry and also from the carpet industry (which includes carpet, vinyl, and laminate). The hardwood flooring of the past.

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This is the average amount of Tung Oil you would need for your wood floor project. Antique or old wood floors (more than 100 years) will drink up much more oil than new wood. So more than 5 coats may be required for old or reclaimed wood floors. Day 1: 3 coats x 500 = 1500. Day 2: 2 coats x 500 = 1000. Total: 2500 My oak hardwood floor has orange spots all over, after my contractor refinished my floor. What are the spots from? No stain involved.. just sealer and polyurethane. Grey spots in finish. I took on the project of refinishing my red oak hardwood floors and I’ve came to a standstill. I rented a belt sander and vibrating sander to sand the. Aug 4, 2013 - All City Floor Company's Gallery shows a sample of the quality products, selection and design solutions we offer. Let us help design your next project Benefits of Water Popping. When water is added to the wood before staining it reopens the pores in the grain. It makes hardwood floors porous again so that hardwood flooring can be properly stained and finished. This process has many benefits. It allows the stain to be applied more evenly across the floor May 22, 2019 - Interior Barn Doors - 142567144436955136.internalbarndoors.org.u