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X-Plane 11/10 Controls/Keyboard Commands. These are the complete keyboard commands originally for X-Plane 10. They should also work with X-Plane 11 as the majority of the commands have remained the same. Download hits 32,269 . Compatibility X-Plane 11 (XP11) & X-Plane 10 (XP10) Filename xp11-10-commands.zi X-Plane 11 is a flight simulation for various platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. X-Plane differentiates itself from other simulation games by using an aerodynamic model called blade element theory. The latest version 11.50 was released in September 2020 In this chapter, the Cessna 172 that ships with X-Plane 11 is used in the supporting examples. Your aircraft may differ. HDG (Heading) Mode [@5:00] Push the HDG button to select HEADING mode. HDG mode may be used exclusively, or in conjunction with VS or ALT modes. In this mode, the autopilot will steer the aircraft towards the heading bug X Plane 11 Keyboard Controls - Instruments These are the Instruments Controls for X Plane 11 and also X Plane 10 Panel Brightness Down - SHIFT + CTRL +, Panel Brightness Up - SHIFT + CTRL +

There's the option for A/thr but not directly autopilot. I know in-game from the sidestick you can disengage AP. I was hoping I could do the same with my joystick. Which ever trim setting I bind on my joystick button nor keyboard keys. X-Plane 11 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Date Posted: Jun 1, 2020 @ 10:06am X-Plane By Laminar Reasearch Program v2.7 - Øverlay v1 (Mac Extended Keyboard) Up Down Out In ATC Menu Zoom In Zoom Out Full Screen Flaps Slats Speed Brakes Trim [ ] Autopilot Heading Select NAV 1 Select NAV 2 Select Altitude Hold Vertical Velocity Hold Glideslope 1 Select Air Speed EFIS Toggle Hold Autopilot Disconnect shift Keyboard use is. This is version 11.50 of the manual to the home and professional versions of X‑Plane (X-Plane 11 and X‑Plane 11 for Professional Use, respectively). The latest version will always be available online on the X‑Plane website. PDF manuals are available in German, French, and Spanish. Quick Start Guides are available in Japanese and Chinese Ive been through the user manual and cant find a section on printing the keyboard short cuts.. I expected an appendix that I could print out but found none available. x-plane 11

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I would like to assign a key on the keyboard to turn the autopilot on and off in the cessna skyhawk but I can't seem to find anyway to do this. Please see the official X‑Plane Support page for help. Categories. All categories; Related questions How do I turn on the autopilot in the Cessna Skyhawk in XPlane 11 (beta 6)? How to turn on the. This short video explains two slightly obscure windows: the keyboard shortcuts window is a handy quick reference to essential key assignments, while the grou..

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Learn how to use the new Keyboard & Joystick feature included in the X-Plane 11.10 update You can program keyboard shortcuts to adjust the Course Needle and Heading Bug. The heading bug is under Settings, Keyboard, Navigation & Radios, Autopilot, Autopilot heading down, Autopilot heading up. The Course Needle is under Settings, Keyboard, Navigation & Radios, OBS HSI & ADF Card, OBS 1 down, OBS 1 up. Note: This is ONLY to be used to.

X-Plane - Command Search. Type in your search criteria and click Search. Select the dataref name you want to copy. Press CTRL + C on your keyboard and paste the dataref into the Lua script FS2020 Keyboard Shortcuts - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I have complied a complete set of keyboard commands for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I suggest using the search function to filter the list. For example, you can search for: all my favorite commands: #favorites. all commands in a particular category: camera Microsoft Flight Simulator has a long list of keyboard controls across multiple different categories from camera controls to flight controls. If you're looking for something specific and don't want to scroll up and down the list, we recommend pressing CTRL + F to open a page search and entering what you're looking for to quickly navigate. In general the autopilot on GA planes is lacking. I don't know if that is real life or what you get in X-Plane. 2. level 2. altimetre. · 1y. X 530 (supposed to be a garmin 530) has vnav. It's just for a single fix which is planned by you and advises you when and what rate to descend. 1 Posted September 17, 2018. In FSX and P3D, pressing the B key on the keyboard would always set the altimeter to the field elevation or, when in flight, the the nearest airport or ATC setting. In XP11, that key operates the brakes. I have looked diligently through the list of P11 keyboard commands and while I found the one for setting the DG.

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  1. These are the final keyboard commands for Microsoft's latest flight simulator, MSFS, or Microsoft Flight Simulator - or has it become affectionately named in the flight sim world (especially from older FS users), FS2020. FS2020 is not the official name or abbreviation for this new release (it's important to note this). Going forward all references to this evergreen Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. 12,352. Hi, During a flight go Alt/Options/Controls. Click on the Buttons/Keys Tab. Highlight the Event category window and go to Autopilot. The Assignment list will show you the default commands that have been programmed. Quick Navigation FSX Top
  3. X-KeyPad is an advanced driver for the P.I. Engineering X-Key devices. Using X-KeyPad in conjunction with X-Key input hardware makes an X-Plane 11 home cockpit more immersive. You will spend less time clicking with a mouse or searching for keys on a keyboard. Clearly labeled, responsive, and prototypical buttons let you focus on the flight.
  4. X-Plane 11 menu, absolutely unplayable. It's supposed to make we all appreciate Zibo even more. Thank you, Zibo <3. This!!! I laugh my ass off every time I launch X-Plane for these exact reasons. And you spotted even more errors than I have. Thank you! 10/10
  5. More about commands. Voice Control. Control your plane with your voice- PlaneCommand is your copilot. Switches, dials, and buttons all obey your commands- no more fiddling with keyboard commands. Speak naturally. Advanced grammar processing allows you to speak just as you would to your copilot. No commands to memorize, no frustration
  6. Autopilot 6 Tcad 6 Taws 6 Integral Lighting 6 Additional Features 6 Discrete Inputs 7 Gps Commands 7 Keyboard Shortcuts 7 Pilotedge Integration 7 Failures Annunciation 8 Checklists 8 Flight Plans And User Waypoints 9 SETTINGS 10 With X-Plane 11.30+ ATC system,.

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Xplane 11 Function and Numpad Keys not working. I am a noob at this stuff, here is the script I have compiled so far. All commands are working, however any commands listed as a function key F1 F2 F3 ect as well as any Numpad keys are not working. I have tried scripting the commands that work with other keys to the numpad or function keys and. f sx keyboard commands f//l/ltslllll/ðtlp note: make sure num lock is off before using num pad commands. to add or customize keyboard commands, on the options menu, point to controls, then click buttons/ keys. to learn more, see the using the keyboard article in the learning center general brake set arking pushback (start/stop In this guide, we're going to run through all of the default Flight Simulator 2020 keyboard controls, grouping some of the most important inputs into sections you can jump between using the menu. VR Radio Helper (aka VHF Helper) Overview. VR Radio Helper is a FlyWithLua plugin for X-Plane 11. It allows to change the two main COM frequencies of any X-Plane airplane in Virtual Reality via convenient touch pad number buttons in a multicrew environment. For many default airplanes, NAV, Transponder and Barometer can be changed as well

Keyboard Shortcuts To change hotkeys, use the X-Plane Plugin Admin Menu. These are saved in a RealityXP.GTN.ini file located in the X-Plane preference folders. Pilotedge Integration Real flying takes place in a dynamic environment populated by other human beings. In a real airplane there' This is version 10.11 of the manual to the home and professional versions of X-Plane (X-Plane 10 Global and X-Plane 10 for Professional Use, respectively), last updated January 23, 2012. The latest version of the manual will always be available for downloadfrom the X-Plane.com web site Autopilot 6 Tcad 6 Taws 6 Integral Lighting 6 Additional Features 6 Discrete Inputs 7 Gps Commands 7 Keyboard Shortcuts 7 Pilotedge And Vatsim 7 Failures Annunciation 8 Checklists 8 Flight Plans And User Waypoints 9 SETTINGS 10 With X-Plane 11.30+ ATC system,.

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Autopilot 6 Tcad 6 Taws 6 Integral Lighting 6 Cross-Fill 6 Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (Sbas) 7 Discrete Inputs 7 Gps Commands 7 Keyboard Shortcuts 7 Pilotedge And Vatsim 7 Failures Annunciation 8 Checklists 8 Hardware Controllers 8 Flight Plans And User Waypoints 9 With X-Plane 11.30+ ATC system,. the autopilot, and the minimum descent altitude to provide both aural and visual alerts to the pilot. They are all modifiable using either standard X-Plane commands, or from the PFD Joystick Menu: 1. briefly push the knob or move the joystick in any direction to bring the list of bugs 2. select the bug you want to modify using joystick up and dow Plus, different shortcuts apply to different aircraft. I fly the citation and king air often, so the autopilot functions are important to have at my fingertips, this helps a TON. If you load my profile in your loupedeck app and edit the knob functions, you will see how easy it is to set the keyboard shortcuts

2 Way Voice Communication with ATC. Copilot feature can handle most communications. SayIt feature allows TTS communications with ATC. AI Traffic Aware ATC with Alerts. Create VFR and IFR Flight Plans. Plan and Fly SIDs, STARs, Approaches on IFR Flights. Import and Export X-Plane and FSX/P3D Flight Plans. Import Flight Plans from Flight Aware. Control autopilot/autothrottle modes. Initiate voice commands using a joystick button or keyboard shortcut assigned from within X-Plane (Pro version only - the Pro Upgrade in-app purchase will. On your PC: Download the attached ExtPlane.zip archive. Extract its contents to the Resources\plugins subfolder of your 64-bit X-Plane installation. Restart X-Plane. Note: On Windows, the plugin depends on the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 ( vcredist_x64.exe) which can be downloaded from Microsoft should you need it.

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  1. He will not forget about you. Hang in there. Depending on your arrival angle, you may be given some shortcuts. In the future, I can add some tighter shortcuts as well but it's actually not that far off. I think in it's worst case, you can expect an 8nm intercept to final. So here's a vectoring tee like the one used by X-Plane's ATC
  2. Open X-plane 9.70 or 10 and load the plane with engines not running (more info below). Excursus: Cold & Dark vs Engines Running The tutorial assumes that X-Plane is configured to start up in cold &dark mode. You can find the option in Settings - Operations and Warnings where the checkbox says Start each flight with engines running
  3. X4: Foundations is a space trading game developed and published by Germany based Egosoft. The game was released for Windows and Linux on November, 2018

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  1. How to Program X-Plane11 Default 737 FMC: One day I was flying in the x-plane 11 default 737, and I wanted to know how to put waypoints in the FMC. I searched online, and the only tutorials I could find were for the Zibo 737. Eventually I figured out how to program the FMC so now I am
  2. Software: - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.50r3  Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose Soundlink Mini . Plugins: Skunkcrafts Updater (required) Scenery or Aircraft - CZST - Stewart by Beti-x (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$25.8
  3. Autopilot Changes in X Plane 11 30 X Plane October 25th, 2018 - X Plane 11 30b1 is out today and it includes updates to the default Cessna 172 autopilot It is now an S Tec 55 which is a high end general aviation dual axis rate based digital autopilot This is a big change from how the C172 autopilot worke

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  1. feelThere LE: Phenom 100 by Embraer Page 5 • Sound - sets the master volume for the panel's custom gauges. • Joystick - set the joystick, or yoke, buttons to control Touch Control Steering (TCS), autopilot quick disconnect and TO/GA. • Keyboard - set keyboard shortcuts for panel functions using this screen. NOTE: any changes made will not take effect until the OK button is clicked
  2. The Mission Generator is a plugin for X-Plane 11 and 10 that creates missions, and rewards you for flying them. It prompts you to visit new places, and challenges your flying skill with bonus objectives. After completing a mission, you are debriefed with an evaluation of your take-off and landing, and earn experience points
  3. Our Microsoft Flight Simulator Keybinds guide comprehensively lists all the key bindings and shortcuts that you need to have a knowledge of before you jump in yourself to try out this, probably.
  4. Super King Air B-200 for X-Plane 11 ***You may need to go into settings, keyboard, operations, sliders and assign a keyboard shortcut to the sliders*** (or just click on the ones that are available to click. The wing lockers and door handle are not clickable) - Hide/Show autopilot flip-down panel under the glare shield I pinned to the.
  5. Plugin > HotKey.

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leecbaker released this on Apr 20. This release has a ton of minor changes to the interface that improve the workflow substantially. If you use keyboard shortcuts, you'll find getting around DRT to be much easier. There's also a workaround to a longstanding crash involving the Bell 407 helicopter X-Plane - Dataref Search Datarefs for X-Plane 1150, compiled Wed May 13 04:22:47 2020. Type in your search criteria and click Search. Select the dataref name you want to copy. Press CTRL + C on your keyboard and paste the dataref into the Lua script. Thanks to der-On for his search script In my first session with Mike, we used a sim flight from KDEN to KASE to go over the subtleties and challenges of flying a SID from a Class B to a challenging mountain airport using the G1000 flight planning and autopilot. In addition to being a commercial pilot, Mike has an extensive knowledge of X-Plane

XPD-10214 X-Plane hangs when using auto update. To update to the new version, simply run the X-Plane 11 Installer program or, for Steam users, allow the application to automatically update to 11.35. Cheers to Discord user Full-Flight for suggesting this news in the Threshold Discord server Reading Now All the apps on iPad and MacOS supports keyboard shortcuts for all the G1000 knobs and buttons. I was hoping for an update to the G1000Bridge for X-Plane that would allow the same for the hardware bezels (v3.6 of the bridge only allows shortcuts for the audio panel) Keyboard shortcuts are also available for manually fly the aircraft on PFD whereas only accelerometer inputs are accepted before. To show the keyboard shortcuts, hold the command key(⌘) on iPad or select 'File->Show Keyboard Shortcuts' in the menu bar on Mac. There are also lots of improvements and bug fixes in this version Added autopilot VVI/Alt controls to the AP pop-up window; Created command (assignable via keyboard shortcut or joystick button) for NWS 45º ToLiss - Airbus A321 for X-Plane 11 . €85.80 * Carenado - C208B Grand Caravan Ex G1000 (XP11) €38.28 * BlackShape Prime . €16.12 Review: Reality XP GTN 750. A GPS may not just be a GPS. The GTN 750 is a lot more and Jeff decided to take a look at the Reality XP GTN 750 for X-Plane. One of the aspects of the simulation community I really enjoy is the diverse demographic of people that this hobby attracts. An aspect I really respect about the simulation community is that.

Software: - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.05. Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose Soundlink Mini . Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1.07 US$69.90 : WorldTraffic 3.0 Plugin - US$29.95 . Scenery or Aircraft - KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$24.9 Description. The First HD Skyview Touch for X-Plane! Now in version 2.0. The Epic Victory in an experimental jet designed by Epic Aircraft. Equipped with a single engine (Pratt & Whitney PW600) it is classified as a VLJ (very light jet). It can carry up to 4 people in great comfort for over 1300 miles at a cruising speed of 250 knots Toggle Plane Controls C Zoom In Keypad + Zoom Out Keypad - Image Toggle Depth of Field F1 Decrease Depth of Field F2 Increase Depth of Field F3 Toggle Autofocus F4 Toggle Foreground Blur F5 Camera — Drone (cont) Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Keyboard Shortcuts by nimasmi - Cheatography.com.

11. At the bottom there is a switch to enable NAV1 press that. 12. Put your ILS Heading in the Course setting on your autopilot. 13. Switch the GPS / NAV switch to NAV instead of GPS on the autopilot panel 14. Make sure autopilot is fully setup, you should be flying about 180 KIAS around 2500-2800 feet depending on what your ATC has told. A key for Servos toggle. This is used to disconnect the autopilot. You can also press the AP buttons. Set the control sensitivity away from 0%. I have Pitch and Roll at 40%, and Yaw at 80%. Otherwise, you will have a hard time to keep centerline after landing. With rudder pedals, you need to adjust this yourself. But 0% should definitely be.

• Keyboard - set keyboard shortcuts for panel functions using this screen. • Preferences - settings on this screen for GF-MCP peripheral support, top of descent (TOD) pause, joystick v. autopilot interaction, battery life, nose wheel turn limiter, co- pilot callouts, and using FS's default autopilot for altitude hold Microsoft flight simulator is a game of flying aircraft in a simulated version of the real-world with breathtaking details and graphics developed by Asobo Studio.The best way to enjoy a Microsoft flight simulator is by using a joystick or control column

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the most technically advanced and feature-rich simulator games ever created. The game packs tons of features, however, it can be difficult to get a hang of the default keyboard control keys if you are just starting out as a new pilot The X-Plane 11 Flight Management System The Laminar Research / X-Plane 11 FMS resembles a system built by Collins and found in regional airliners, and is similar in operation to the one used in Boeing aircraft, including the 737 (illustrated in this manual). Rival systems are built by Honeywell and Thales for use in Boeing and Airbus aircraft

Hi, Merry Christmas! I have a new graphics card (Radeon 9600XT 256MB) , rudder pedals (CH Products Pro Pedals) , a memory upgrade (now at 1 GB) and a copy of FS2004 in hopes to make my rig a little more realistic than my X Plane setup with just joystick Below you'll find the complete list of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 keyboard controls, and those for a pad below that. Don't be daunted by their volume, you only need a handful to pilot. 14 years on from the last entry, Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally back - and its return sees a whole wave of lapsed or new players taking to the skies. And if it's your first time up there in. * Integrates new XP11.30 GFC700 autopilot * Custom MFD PT-6 engine parameters (on PFD in reversion mode) * Optional mouse, scrollwheel and dialpad support for easy data input * Optional keyboard support for dialpad and flight plan input * Custom detachable popups with fixed ratio and all optional features abov

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The A32NX Project is a community-driven open source project to create a free Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator that is as close to reality as possible. It aims to enhance the default A320neo by improving the systems depth and functionality to bring it up to payware-level, all for free When you check the assignments in X-Plane it says for example for the It shows e.g. HDG : Do Nothing. Weird because when I use this AP function in flight, it works, so no idea why it says Do Nothing while it works. When the Honeycomb team replies with an answer, I let you know. Windows 10 Drivers. Bravo Throttle Quadrant with X-Plane 11.51r

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X-Plane 11 includes a brand new user interface, a new level of quality in the included aircraft, and support for virtual reality headsets. Some of the general aviation aircraft feature a simulated G1000. Every aircraft cockpit is 3-D and is usable for instrument flight. Minimum Hardware Requirements for X-Plane 11. Per the X-Plane 11 system. (A) Configure the first camera by positioning, for example, your view to be 45 degrees front view (you may use the free camera using the mouse to make the configuration precise including the desired zoom), then use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+7 to save it on custom camera #7. Important Note: use LEFT Ctrl and LEFT ALT. Also make sure to click the numbers above the letters NOT the ones in.

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747 Pilot Can't Figure Out Autopilot & CRASHES (Flight Sim X Multiplayer) evoflight Dec 03, 2016 comments off. Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook Pinterest. X-Plane 11 keyboard shortcuts & ground handling windows. October 1, 2017. Recent Posts. 30mins of Plane Spotting at AUCKLAND AIRPORT (2016 In the table below, the default Mod key is mapped to the following keys (to use a different key, edit the entry in the MODIFIER_KEY section of the settings.cfg file): Linux: KSP 1.1+: Right-Shift (e. g. Right-Shift + L) Don't confuse this with Left-Shift, which will fire your engines! KSP 1.0.5 and earlier uses a different key, which can. extensive, exportable, wiki- style reference lists for keyboard shortcuts/ hotkeys. the new x- plane 11 offers a full- featuring default fmc that is well worth learning if you are an x- plane jetliner pilot. these complex aircraft desperately need the ' chuck' s guide' treatment and it is an area that is likely to expanded on with more. o Mode 0: Airspeed Hold Autopilot o Mode 1: Descent Hold / Auto-Land Autopilot o Mode 2: Attitude Hold Autopilot o Mode 3: Temperature Display for hull and coolant o Mode 4: Systems Status Display #1 o Mode 5: Systems Status Display #2 o Mode 6: Systems Status Display #3 o Mode 7: Systems Status Display #

Media Format Immediate Download Compatibility X-Plane 10.40 or higher File size 116 MB Now version 3.2. The fantastic Carenado team have created a stunning model of the Piper PA-34 Seneca, available to X-Plane users with versions 9.6/9.7 and 10.21 or higher. Once again, Carenado have delivered a product with unrivaled attention to detail and a visual model that has been perfectly sculpted to. Once I plugged in a USB keyboard, it worked perfectly and vastly improved my X-Plane experience. However, now that I've got quick look working, there is still a big issue with X-Plane, and that. Training Modules While I specialize in offering customized training to fit your specific needs, you may find it helpful to follow along with these training modules. Training modules for flight sim enthusiasts Training modules for real-world private pilot students Training modules for real-world instrument rating students Miscellaneous training modules Cost: I charge for the modules on the same. Activation: Activation window appear every time when run X-Plane (a320neo) Activation: I lost my serial key! (a320neo) Activation: No activation windows appear. Activation: Use X-Plane 11 version with serial key from JD320 for X-Plane 10 I am not see sidescreen Menu for loading, fuel and so o Also, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Z to turn on and Shift+Alt+Z to turn off the autopilot. While the other two options being Checklist Assist and Manage radio comms. When you've stuck in a critical situation, or your plane doesn't have Autopilot mode, then its good to switch to the AI control for getting out of the situation quickly

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Hot Issues Latest articles ★ MSFS2020 Support ★ I do not see the aircraft in the MS2020 aircraft selection screen. ★ Engine not Starting in MSFS2020 ★ Where are the Aircraft files and manuals in MSFS2020? ★ Installing Carenado aircraft in P3Dv5 ★ Have problems using Catalina OS See all 46 articles Products Issues FSX General. ITT do not behave as it should with altitud Flight Sim Labs Concorde-X: A Quick Hop Across The Pond. By Erik EinsteinEP Pierce mudspike_com July 16, 2015. July 16, 2015. Saying that Concorde was a marvel of technology of her time would be a bit misleading: she'd still be a marvel if she were flying today. A luxurious supersonic supercruiser, this elegant bird could power from one.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls and keybindings. Find out everything you need to know to tackle take-off and landing with these Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls and keybindings Extreme Landings. Take full control. Test your piloting skills and handle the most critical flight conditions known to man. Cope with emergencies and incidents inspired by real life scenarios in a climactic adrenaline rush. Start each engine individually, navigate between the equipment dashboard panels and be ready to solve over 5,000 possible.

Here are the steps to engage autopilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The test sequence consists of the autopilot coming in for a landing at my Apr 15 2020 X Plane 11 airliners now feature a fully functional FMC or FMS and autopilot. usually only using the higher sim rate during cruise Climb, cruise, descend, approach. Use GPS in your autopilot. Use autothrottle and flight director. Understand knobs, switches, data readouts. Use keyboard shortcuts. And much more. Enjoy the Advantages of Autopilot. Enjoy realistic flight simming. Relieve tedium on cross-country flights Get used to using the multiple keyboard shortcuts that are installed into flight simulators, reducing the amount of time that you can spend dealing with various tasks and also making it much easier to manage autopilot with the minimal input needed from yourself, making flying with autopilot on much simpler. Use Any Form of Autopilot This is a new version of the F-35 project that improves the freeware version in several areas including new visual models, additional avionics functionalities (with TFLIR, DAS and ASR imaging support) and new flight dynamics. UPDATE from v3.5X to v3.65.2 - PBR ONLY FOR PREPAR3D V4.4 AND ABOVE - DOWNLOAD Fixed X-Plane to only render the necessary objects for any aircraft. Fixed missing character for model name in monitor window (X-Plane). Text changes to shortcuts and options windows. Version 1.6.2. Keyboard input and shortcut keys. See File|Shortcuts

C172N livery by Cardinal Brian X-plane sim. 747 Pilot Can't Figure Out Autopilot & CRASHES (Flight Sim X Multiplayer) December 3, 2016. Warning to Pilots, Flight Crew & Passengers, how to prevent Blood Clot? X-Plane 11 keyboard shortcuts & ground handling windows. October 1, 2017 Follow: the camera follows the plane at a distance using smooth transitions and no roll angle. Cockpit: the camera gives a view from the pilot seat. Cockpit-less: same as cockpit but without visible 3D model. Chase: the camera is static but look at the plane. Free: this is the default CesiumJS camera (uses default controls) Re: JD320 Airliner ver 3.6 WIN/MAC 64 bit (X-Plane 11.50/11.41) Hey are you ever gonna release the pbr cockpit textures for the jara320 we really need pbr cocpit textures to up the add-on yu were making 3d photogrammetry for the jara320 so wat exactly happened why did the topic go silent and is it still in developmen In reply to MarvBird's post on August 18, 2020. I've been flying Flight Sim since 1982. Couldn't wait until today to purchase this version, but now am deeply disturbed at lack of documentation. I need to know how to link my yokes and rudder pedals to the sim, and there are no docs I can see in the installed folder