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CPT ® Code Set. 11901 - CPT® Code in category: Injection, intralesional. CPT Code information is available to subscribers and includes the CPT code number, short description, long description, guidelines and more. CPT code information is copyright by the AMA. Access to this feature is available in the following products 'Lesion' is a generic term for an area of skin affected by a disease - I don't think it's a requirement for a provider to use that specific term in order to use these codes. Since the intent of the injections is to treat specific areas of the affected skin, 11901 would be the most appropriate code in this situation CPT codes covered for indications listed in the CPB: 11900: Injection, intralesional; up to and including 7 lesions: 11901: Injection, intralesional; more than 7 lesions: HCPCS codes covered if selection criteria are met: J3301: Injection, triamcinolone acetonide, not otherwise specified, 10 mg : ICD-10 codes covered for indications listed in.

No. CPT 11900 and 11901 are used to report number of lesions, not number of injections. You would report 11900 for up to and including 7 lesions and 11901 if there are more than 7 lesions. Make sure you document the type of lesions injected (cystic, nodular, keloid, psoriasis, acne, etc.) and location of each individual lesion Shave biopsies (codes 11300-11313) use a sharp instrument to remove epidermal or dermal lesions without a full-thickness exci-sion. They are used for therapeutic removal when the lesion is.. Code 11901 is reported for intralesional injections of more than seven lesions (1 unit). These are injection codes and these are stand alone codes; either one or the other would be reported, but not both on same day/session. 1-7 lesions is code 11900 (1 unit). More than 7 lesions injected is code 11901 (1 unit) 0 Votes - Sign in to vote or reply 11901more than 7 lesions 9Stand alone codes 9Add-on codes •When used • Complete list found in CPT Appendix D 10/10/2012 AAPC Reg Conf - Chicago, IL - 09/26/12 12 Intralesional Injection Codes cont'd 9Not used for local anesthetic 911900-11901 - Non chemo agents 996405-96406 - Chemo agent

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cpt description cpt description ≤ 0.5 cm 0.6-1.0 1.1-2.0 2.1-3.0 3.1-4.0 > 4.0 OFFICE VISITS OFFICE PROCEDURES Destruction malignant lesion (curettage, ED&C, cryotherapy) Established patient. Procedure code and description 11400- Excision, benign lesion, except skin tag (unless listed elsewhere), trunk, arms or legs; lesion diameter 0.5 cm or less - average fee payment - $130 - $140 11401 Excision, benign lesion, except skin tag (unless listed elsewhere), trunk, arms or legs; lesion diameter 0.6 t CPT 17110 (or CPT 17111) is the appropriate code series to bill Bleomycin used to destroy warts. Be sure to bill for the Bleomycin supply (J9040; documenting the Bleomycin sulfate, the dosage used, the specific warts injected, etc.). As for candin wart treatment, there is no specific code for such treatment of warts

HCPCS Code. J3301. Injection, triamcinolone acetonide, not otherwise specified, 10 mg. Drugs administered other than oral method, chemotherapy drugs. J3301 is a valid 2021 HCPCS code for Injection, triamcinolone acetonide, not otherwise specified, 10 mg or just Triamcinolone acet inj nos for short, used in Medical care TABLE F. — OUTPATIENT FACILITY NATIONWIDE CHARGES BY CPT/HCPCS CODE PAGE 1 of 168 CPT/ HCPCS Code. CPT/ HCPCS Code. Description. Status/ Usage Indicator . 1. Multiple Surgery Reduction Applies . Charge. Charge Methodology . 2. 11900. INJECTION INTRALESIONAL UP TO & INCLUD 7 LESIONS. $636.73 . APC. 11901. INJECTION INTRALESIONAL >7 LESIONS.

cpt code and description 96372 Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); subcutaneous or intramuscular - Average fee amount $28 96374 - Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); intravenous push, single or initial substance/drug - average fee amount - $50 - $60 Treatment of Male Do not report 92540 in conjunction with 92541, 92542, 92544, or 92545. Audiologists billing 92541, 92542, 92544, and 92545 on the same day should use 92540. Bill the individual CPT codes if you do not report all four services on the same day. 92541 CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) - Medical Procedure Codes The Current Procedural Terminology ® (CPT ®) code set is maintained by the American Medical Association through the CPT Editorial Panel. The CPT code set accurately describes medical, surgical, and diagnostic services and is designed to communicate uniform information about.

CPT is a list of descriptive terms and identifying numeric codes for medical services and procedures that are provided by physicians and health care professionals. American Medical Association, Intellectual.PropertyServices@ama-assn.org. CPT can no longer be served by BioPortal due to licensing constraints CPT Code 99213: Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient, which requires a medically appropriate history and/or examination and a low level of medical decision making. When using time for code selection, 20-29 minutes of the total time is spent on the date of the encounter Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) only copyright 000 = Zero (0) days 010 = Ten (10) days 045 = Forty-five (45) days 090 = Ninety (90) days 999 = Concept does not apply. 0360T 999 11901 0 11920 0 11921 0 11960 90. 0360T 999 11970 90 11971 90 11976 0 11980 0 11981 999 11982 999 11983 999 12001 0 12002 0 12004 0 12005 0 12006 0 12007 0. DESCRIPTION Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®)′ identifies various procedure codes for reporting injection services. This policy addresses the requirement to report the substances administered when a provider performs injection services in the office setting. POLIC

rate for CPT codes 99490 (20 minutes or more of CCM services), 99487 (60 minutes or more of complex CCM services), and 99484 (20 minutes or more of general behavioral health integration services). When reporting HCPCS code G0511 as a stand-alone billable visit a FQHC payment code is not required The following code edits apply to surgical services from the 10000 series of CPT billed with other services. If the code in the left column is billed with any of the codes in the right column, one of the codes will deny. The reason for the denial may vary because: The codes may be mutually exclusive. Mutually exclusive procedures are two or. Codes from the 10000 series billed with other codes from the same series. Note: This code combination will not be paid, even if billed with a modifier. The codes are mutually exclusive. 11100-11101, 11300-11301, 11305-11307, 11310, 11312, 11400-11402, 11421, 11440, 11442, 11602, 11642, 11900-11901, 17260-17263, 17271, 17280-17281

From a CPT coding perspective, codes 11900 and 11901 do not include the medication. These codes are for the injection only. It is appropriate to report the medication in addition to codes 11900 and 11901 with either the appropriate J-code or 99070. Margie Scalley Vaught. CPC, CCS-P, Chehalis, W Interferon - an antiviral drug that is injected into the warts intralesionally to boost the immune reaction and cause rejection of the wart. How to code: 11900 for up to seven lesions. 11901 for more than seven lesions. Plus the J-code for interferon: J9213: Interferon, alfa-2a, recombinant, 3 million units 11901 96405 11901 17000 11901 17004 12001 11441 12001 11640 . Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits Fall 2006 * As of 11/28/06 Services provided by Empire HealthChoice HM O, Inc., and/or Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc., licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association o

Appendix Codes and Descriptions Some procedure codes are presented in a less comprehensive format in the appendix. The CPT codes appropriate to the specialty are included in the appendix with the official code description and associated relative value units, with the exception of the Category II and III CPT Codes Physician Coding - CPT Code* Intracept is a relatively new spine procedure. A specific CPT code has not been established. Therefore, consistent with AMA coding guidelines, physicians should report the following: CPT code 22899• Unlisted procedure, spine An unlisted procedure code is generally reported when a Category I or III code doe This is a Free Article on intralesional Steroid Injection This is commonly useful for hypertrophic scars, keloids, and also inflammatory conditions such as hordeloum and chalazion. Typically Kenalog is used, either in 10mg/ml or 40mg/ml concentration. Since only a limited volume can be pressed into a scarred area, it is common for the practitioner to let the white material of the agent to. service or procedure and/or CPT Code. SERVICE DESCRIPTION CPT CODES Abdominal Paracentesis 49082-49083 Administration of Chemotherapy** **Coverage is subject to medical necessity and approval/authorization of drug . 51720, 52287, 96365-96368, 96372-96375, 96401-96411, 96413 CPT codes 17000, 17003 and 17004 are the bread-and-butter codes ofmost dermatologists. Actinic keratoses, warts and other benignlesions such as seborrheic keratoses, condylomata and papillomataare the most common types of lesions treated by the destructionmethod. Per CPT, the definition of destruction means the ablationof benign, premalignant or malignant tissues by any method, with orwithout.

CPT codes 99281-99285, 99217-99220, 99224-99226, 99234-99236. CMS-1744- IFC page 19/221 COVID Observation Telemedicine Changes 13 14. 9/8/2020 8 2020 Student Documentation Expanding Everyone can use student documentation: Physicians, physician assistants, or advanced practic Procedure / Surgical Code Look up. Code Category Description; 100: Anesthesia: Anesthesia for procedures on integumentary system of head and/or salivary glands, including biopsy; not otherwise specified 11901 Injection, intralesional; more than seven lesions 11960 Insertion of tissue expander(s) for other than breast, including subsequent expansion 11970 Replacement of tissue expander with permanent prosthesis 11971 Removal of tissue expander(s) without insertion of prosthesis 11983 Removal with reinsertion, non-biodegradable drug delivery implan

11901 Injection, intralesional; more than 7 lesions 11920 Tattooing, intradermal introduction of insoluble opaque pigments to correct color defects of skin, including micropigmentation; 6.0 sq. cm or less (when specified for nipple/areola reconstruction CPT Co d e Official C P T Description Uses 92550 Tympanometry and reflex threshold measur... CPT Codes 77002, not 77003 with 64640 If your payer denies 77003 when you bill it with 64640, stating that the codes are mutually exclusive, can you use 77002 instead for the g..

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Billing and Coding articles typically include CPT/HCPCS procedure codes, ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes, as well as Bill Type, Revenue, and CPT/HCPCS Modifier codes. The code lists in the article help explain which services (procedures) the related LCD applies to, the diagnosis codes for which the service is covered, or for which the service is not. DESCRIPTION (SPD)? This SPD is a summary of your benefits and the policies and procedures for using these benefits with the 1199SEIU National Benefit Fund. If the language is not clear to you, you can get assistance by calling the Benefit Fund at (646) 473-9200. Office hours for the Fund are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday

for the service or procedure and/or CPT Code. Prior Authorization Fax#: 480-499 -8798. Prior Authorization Phone#: 480- 499-8720 Effective 05.14.2020 Page 2 of 10. SERVICE DESCRIPTION CPT/HCPCS CODE Abdominal Paracentesis . 49082-49083 . Administration of Chemotherapy** 51720, 52287, 96365-96368, 96372-96375, 11900-11901 . Ultrasound. 10021 Fna w/o image 3.47 $70.00 $242.90 10022 Fna w/image 4.00 $70.00 $280.00 1003F Level of activity assess 0.00 $70.00 $0.00 10030 Guide cathet fluid drainage 16.04 $70.00 $1,122.8 CPT Code: 96402 Description: Chemotherapy administration, subcutaneous or intramuscular; hormonal anti-neoplastic. Status Code. A Active Code. These codes are paid separately under the physician fee schedule, if covered. There will be RVUs for codes with this status. The presence of an A indicator does not mean that Medicare has made a natio

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Outpatient coding refers to assigning medical codes for the services provided for a patient who is treated in a free-standing or hospital-based clinical setting and is under care for less than 24 hours. Medicare determines reimbursement for these services on the basis of Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS). ICD and CPT coding on the medical claims help identify diagnosis and. Rationale: Using the CPT® Index look for Injection/Lesion/Skin and you are referred to CPT® codes11900, 11901. Code selection is based on the number of lesions treated, not the number of injections. In this case one lesion is treated, making 11900 the correct code TABLE F. — OUTPATIENT FACILITY NATIONWIDE CHARGES BY CPT/HCPCS CODE v3.23 (January - December 2018) PAGE 2 of 167 CPT/ HCPCS Cod CPT CODE CPT CODE DESCRIPTION (ABBREVIATED) GROUP NOTE APPENDIX C 11901 Inj,intralesional;>seven lesions A 11960 Insertion tissue expanders,except breast 2 11970 Replacement tissue expander w permanent prosthesis 3PA 11971 Remove tissue expander w/o insert prosthesis 1 11976 Removal contraceptive capsules A 11980 Subcutaneous hormonepellet.

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11900-59, 11901-59 or G0127-59 with 17000 and does not bundle 11000, 11040, 11041, 11042, 11100, 11719, 11900, 11901-59 or G0127 with 17000-59. If more than one lesion is removed by differen Clinical payment and coding policies (CPCPs) are based on criteria developed using healthcare professionals and industry standard guidelines. CPCPs are not intended to provide billing or coding advice but to serve as a reference for facilities and providers. CPCPs are neither intended to address every aspect of a reimbursement situation nor. CPT® Code Description SI APC 2020 Medicare National Average Payment PI 2020 Medicare National Average Payment 24164 Removal of prosthesis, includes debridement and synovectomy when performed; radial head Q2 5113 $2,737 A2 $1,286 24366 Arthroplasty, radial head; with implant J1 5115 $11,901 J8 $9,128 24545 Open treatment of humeral. CPT Procedure Code: Office Procedures - Description: 20500: Injection of sinus tract; therapeutic (separate procedure) 20501: diagnostic (sinogram) (for radiological supervision and interpretation, use 76080) 20550: Injection(s), single tendon sheath, or ligament, aponeurosis (e.g., plantar fascia) 20551: Injection(s), single tendon origin. Data Updated for Q4 2018 CPT Code: 99305 Description: Initial nursing facility care, per day, for the evaluation and management of a patient, which requires these 3 key components: A comprehensive history; A comprehensive examination; and Medical decision making of moderate complexity. Counseling and/or coordination of care with other physicians, other qualified health care professionals, or.

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CPT Codes Requiring Prior Authorization Code Service Description PA requirements by Setting Comments 14301 Skin tissue rearrangement All 14302 Skin tissue rearrange add-on All 14350 Skin tissue rearrangement All 15002 Wnd prep, ch/inf, trk/arm/lg All 15003 Wnd prep, ch/inf addl 100 cm All 15004 Wnd prep ch/inf, f/n/hf/g Al 2. Intralesional steroid injections (CPT 11900 and 11901) When a treatment with a covered CPT code such as intralesional steroid injection is given during an *Consistent with Summary Plan Description (SPD). When there is discordance between this policy and the SPD, the provisions of the SPD prevail.. procedure code and description 74177 - Ct abd & pelv w/contrast - average fee payment - $320- $330 Procedure code changes In 2011, the Procedure code editorial panel created three new codes for CT of abdominal and pelvis: * Code 74176, CT, abdomen and pelvis; without contrast material * Cod The CPT Code 96406 is the code used for Medicine / hydration, therapeutic, prophylactic, diagnostic injections and infusions, and chemotherapy and other highly complex drug or highly complex biologic agent administration. The general guidance for this code is that it is used for chemotherapy into a lesion, more than 7 lesions

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  1. Description Procedure Modifier Rate Type Code and Description Maximum Fee Limits 10060. 10060 - DRAINAGE OF SKIN ABSCESS P4I - ProfProc InptRate4 $ 39.74 10060: 11901 INJECTION, INTRALESIONAL; MORE THAN SEVEN LESIONS P4I - ProfProc InptRate4 $38.68: Procedure Code Procedure Code and Description Procedure Modifie
  2. Billable procedure with its own CPT code 11900, 11901 if more then seven! Intralesional injection Utilize TB syringe with 27 or 30 gauge needle Bevel up Inject approximately .2 cc of steroid (usually kenalog) in to lesion Can do skin side or palpebral side; skin side more comfortable. Can't really pinch skin Lesion may be too har
  3. CPT Code Description 11901 Injection, intralesional; more than 7 lesions 67515 Injection of medication or substance into membrane covering eyeball 68200 Subconjunctival injection 96372 Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); MORE IN THIS ISSUE IHCP to discontinue dental audits 6247 and 624
  4. KO of PCC 11901 acsA gene/expresses YFP under control of the cpt promoter Depositing Lab. Peter Nixon. Publication. Unprecedented Description Quantity Price (USD) Plasmid: 140034
  5. 11901 added skin lesions injection 113.27 108.02 121.44 111.78 cpt* hcpcs mod description 11981 insert drug implant device 216.27 206.20 89.55 82.44 x 11982 remove drug implant device 240.23 229.28 89.55 82.44 x 12001 repair superficial wound(s) 156.46 148.50 177.81 163.6
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  1. short - description maximum fee allowance maximum fee allowance practitioner specialist non-specialist cpt/hcpcs/cdt = procedure code number 11901 intralesional injection; over 7 $ 14.0016.00 $ 11960 insertion of tissue expander $ 213.00250.00 $.
  2. us 7.12 to plus or
  3. •Selective Debridement (CPT 97597 and 97598) o Documentation should state a clear description of instruments used (waterjet, scissors, etc.) o Thorough objective assessment of wound including drainage, color, texture, temperature, vascularity, condition of surrounding tissue and size of the area targeted for debridemen
  4. Rationale: Using the CPT® Index look for Injection/Lesion/Skin and you are referred to CPT® codes 11900, 11901. Code selection is based on the number of lesions treated, not the number of injections. In this case one lesion is treated, making 11900 the correct code

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  1. The TAR and Non-Benefit List: Codes (10000 - 99999) contains CPT-4 codes and descriptions with numbers indicating benefit restrictions. Any code in the CPT-4 book currently valid for Medi-Cal but not on the TAR and Non-Benefit List is a Medi-Cal benefit without the listed restrictions. If you are uncertai
  2. To Bundle or Not to Bundle in Medical Billing. In medical billing, you can link some services together under one code, also known as bundling. This is helpful because a physician may have performed one service as the result of doing another. Other times, codes describing services considered to be inclusive to each other (that is, performed as.
  3. CPT Code CPT Long Description Pro Fee Facility Cat 1 Pro Fee Non Facility Cat 2 APC Rate DRG Rate Anesthesia Cost Primary Procedure Anesthesia Cost Additional Procedure QtyID 11901 Injection, intralesional; more than 7 lesions 49.79 69.85 83.73 2,683.78 110.9052 42.8652 0 N N D
  4. Code Description 11901 Injection, intralesional; more than 7 lesions 11920 Tattooing, intradermal introduction of insoluble opaque pigments to correct color defects of skin, including micropigmentation; 6.0 sq cm or less 11921 Tattooing, intradermal introduction of insoluble opaque pigments to correct color defects of skin
  5. CPT® HCPCS Code Jul 2018 ASC Payment Amount Subject To Multiple Procedure Discounting 11901 Bundled NA 11920 $326.94 Y 11921 $374.84 Y 11922 Bundled NA 11950 $132.72 Y 11951 $190.98 Y 11952 $246.01 Y 11954 $294.57 Y 11960 $2,345.64 Y 11970 $4,520.99 Y 11971 $1,765.57 N 11976 Not covered NA 11980 Not covered NA 11981 Bundled NA 11982 Bundled NA.
  6. 11901 Inj,intralesional;>seven lesions A 11960 Insertion tissue expanders,except breast 2. 5160-2-21 Page 3 of 78 CPT CODE CPT CODE DESCRIPTION (ABBREVIATED) GROUP NOTE APPENDIX C 11970 Replacement tissue expander w permanent prosthesis 3PA 11971 Remove tissue expander w/o insert prosthesis

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  1. ology (CPT) codebook is a systematic listing of procedures and services performed by physicians. It is a compendium of descriptions that depicts the various medical services available, identified by a five-digit code. 11901 : 38792 : 19160 : Please note:.
  2. CPT Codes Requiring Prior Authorization Procedure Code Service Description PA Required by POS 10060 Drainage of skin abscess Hospital setting only or if performed by a podiatrist 11042 Cleansing of skin/tissue All 11901 Added skin lesion injections Hospital setting only or if performed by a podiatris
  3. Shield with the national CPT procedure codes for anesthesia care (00100-01999), plus please include a complete description of the imaging agent used and indicate the dosage. Reporting guidelines for goserelin acetate Code 11901 represents the total number of lesions
  4. designated staff. The CPT codes provided are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Please direct any questions regarding coding to the payer being billed. Please note this document has been updated with National Medicare changes effective 7/1/201
  5. CPT Code Fee Allowable Units 11720 $50.49 1 11721 $69.84 1 11730 $154.92 1 11732 $56.19 4 11740 $77.85 1 11750 $351.53 1 11752 $519.09 1 11755 $209.82 1 11760 $362.87 1 11762 $447.86 1 11765 $262.64 1 11770 $449.01 1 11771 $939.30 1 11772 $1,141.28 1 11900 $87.54 1 11901 $110.30 1 11920 $274.34 1 11921 $317.64 1 11922 $97.35 1 11950 $125.88 1.
  6. CPT codes, descriptions and other data are copyright 2002 American Medical Association (or such other date of publication of CPT). Procedure Description Unit Value Basic Rate Child Rate ER Rate Conv Ind ER Ind Cut-back Ind Prof % Rental Rate 11901: INJECT SKIN LESIONS >7 : 0.81: $30.16--- -- 015: 0: 1: 0.00: $0.00: Y: K

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In May 2021, over 100 1199SEIU home care members gathered at NYC City Hall. We thanked Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for coming to the rally and pledging to fight for $400 billion to fund home care jobs as part of President Biden's proposed American Jobs Plan. The American Jobs Plan calls for allocating money to raise wages, improve. CPT ® codes and descriptions only are copyright 2019 American Medical Association Refer to Field Key for definitions Page 1 CPT® HCPCS Code. Oct 2020 ASC Payment Amount 11901 Bundled. NA 11920. $212.35 Y. 11921 $249.90. Y 11922. Bundled NA. 11950 $99.05. Y 11951. $140.49 Y. 11952 $198.10. Y 11954. $214.94 Y. 11960 $2,574.57. Y 11970. Kristin on CPT code 71020 - Description and coverage PAMELA BLOMQUIST on (HCPCS Codes R0070 - , R0075, R0076) - Transportation Component Unknown on PROCEDURE CODE 77422, 77423 NEUTRON BEAM TREATMENT DELIVER

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Proc Code Description Mod Rate Applicable FARS/DFARS apply. CPT is a registered trademark ® of the American Medical Association. Provider Type 12 Hospital, Outpatient 11901 INJECT SKIN LESIONS >7 44.88 11950 TX CONTOUR DEFECTS 1 CC/< 51.04 11951 TX CONTOUR DEFECTS 1.1-5.0CC 66.24. itant urgery ot edically eceary Code Current Procedural Terminology © 2020 American Medical Association. All Rights Reserved C C T itant urgery at dated Contain.

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  1. 11901 11980 III 14410 14489 I From Thru Region From Thru Region 12007 12099 I 14501 14592 I 12106 12177 I 14601 14694 II The table below is a complete list of CPT codes that have had a description change in the Chiropractic Fee Schedule since the June 1, 2012 fee schedule. 72040 72050 72052 72080 95930 9753
  2. This detailed article of codes related to multiple myeloma is intended to assist practice managers and other healthcare providers and payers to ensure the proper use of coding and billing information associated with the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma
  3. Once your billing system has been loaded with crosswalk codes, you should be able to simply link the payer to the claim form and choose crosswalk or CPT. CPT. DESCRIPTION. SURGICAL CODING CROSSWALK. 11900. Scar Infiltration (up to 7) 99.29. 11901
  4. For example, the CPT code for giving an injection is one code. What is being injected will be another code. The reason it's being injected is still another code. So the injection code, or the substance code, might be listed within many bundles, depending on the substance that is being injected, how it's being injected, or the reason it's.
  5. 11901 11980 III 14410 14489 I 12007 12099 I 14501 14592 I 12106 12177 I 14601 14694 II 12179 12183 II 14701 14788 I Changed Descriptions The table below is a list of CPT codes applicable to the Podiatry Fee Schedule that have had a description change since the June 1, 2012 fee schedule..

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11901 inj. intralesional, more than 7 les 11920 tatooing/color dfcts skn to 6 sq cm 11921 tatooing/color dfct skn 6-20 sq cm cpt code code description. 5 c9138 nuwiq factor viii recomb c9139 idelvion 1 iu c9140 afstyla factor viii recomb c9399 unclassified drugs or biological Global Days Assignment List Page 1 of 14 UnitedHealthcare Oxford Policy Appendix: Applicable Code List Effective 07/12/2021 ©1996-2021, Oxford Health Plans, LL ARIZONA PHYSICIANS' FEE SCHEDULE Surgery Codes 2020-2021 fa

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11404 11901 14040 15400 17260 20102 21120 23480 24675 cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs 25020 26055 26720 27324 27734 28112 28496 29740 31051 25024 26070 26725 27327 27750 28116 28505 29805 31070 25028 26075 26727 27328 27752 28119 28510 29806 3109 Anesthesia services should be billed using the appropriate five-digit CPT® anesthesia code (00100 thru 01999) and the appropriate anesthesia modifier. Refer to the Anesthesia section in the appropriate Part 2 manual for more detailed information. Note: Refer to the TAR and Non-Benefit: Introduction to List in this manual for mor CPT CODE CODE DESCRIPTION 11719 Trimming of nondystrophic nails, any number 11720 Debridement of nail(s) by any method(s); one to five 11721 Debridement of nail(s) by any method(s); six or more 11740 Evacuation of subungual hematoma 11900 Injection, intralesional; up to and including seven lesions 11901 Injection, intralesional; more than seven. 11901 injection, intralesional; more than 7 lesions 11976 removal, implantable contraceptive capsules 11981 insertion, non-biodegradable drug delivery implant 11982 removal, non-biodegradable drug delivery implant description. valid e&m.