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In 2011, the density of Kerala was 860 per sq km, while the nation average in 2011 was 382 per sq km. Kerala Sex Ratio 2021. Sex Ratio in Kerala is *** i.e. for each 1000 male, as per census 2021. In 2011, the sex ratio of female was 1084 per 1000 males in Kerala. Kerala Religious Data 2021 Censu The suicide rates in Kerala are the highest in India. As per the 2011 census, Kerala and Puducherry are the only domiciles in India with a female-to-male ratio higher than 0.99. The ratio for Kerala is 1.084 — 1084 females per 1000 males — while the national figure is 0.940 Improvement of Sex ratio indicates a healthy growth rate among female to male population in India. The state of Kerala and union territory of Puducherry are only two places in India where sex ratio is above 1000 or exceeds female to male ratio

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Population of Kerala districts 2011; Rank District Population Rural (%) Urban (%) Sex ratio; Male Female Total Share (%) F per 1000 M M per 100 F; 11: Kasarago Kerala is the only state in India which has controlled its population in comparison with all others states of India. Population of Kerala in 2021 is estimated to be 35,336,581. Its population was estimated to be 35,122,966 in 2020, an increase of 167,605 from year (2019) data of 34,955,361 World Population > India Population Kerala Population Kerala is the south-western state of India, bordered by Karnataka to the north, Tamilnadu to the east and south, and Lakshadweep to the west. Kerala population in 2021 is estimated to be 35.8 Million (3.58 Crores), According to Unique Identification Aadhar India, updated 31, May 2020, by mid of year 2020 the projected population is 35,699,443 The demographic indicators of Kerala are distinct from other States of the country with a total population of 3.34 crore having 1.6 male and 1.74crore female population contributing 2.76% of total population of the country The other major issue is knowing exactly what the baseline/expected ratio of males to females would be at each stage in life. For example, the 'expected' sex ratio at birth is quoted as 105 male births per 100 female births. But through time and across the world, this can often vary between 103 to 107 male births per 100 female births

Male to Female Ratio by State. Male to female ratios can be expressed as one number, which indicates the number of males per 100 females in a population. The numbers expressed on this page are the male to female ratios from 2018. In the United States, the male to female ratio is about even, but the population trends show that there are more. Kerala THSLC(12th) Date Sheet 2020. The male population from the entire population of Kerala is 16,021,290 and the female population is 17,366,387. The Sex Ratio in Kerala is 1084 for each. In Kerala, the gap between male and female literacy rate is the lowest at 2.2 percent. At the national level, the male-female literacy gap is recorded at 14.4 percent. That means, when male literacy is recorded at 84.7 percent, female literacy is only at 70.3 percent. Kerala also has the lowest urban and rural literacy gap of 1.9 percent NOTE: The information regarding Sex ratio - total population (male(s)/female) on this page is re-published from the CIA World Factbook 2020. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Sex ratio - total population (male(s)/female) information contained here 108.18 (males per 100 females) in 2020 In 2020, male to female ratio for India was 108.18 males per 100 females. Male to female ratio of India increased from 105.4 males per 100 females in 1950 to 108.18 males per 100 females in 2020 growing at an average annual rate of 0.19%. The description is composed by our digital data assistant

Sex ratio of 100 means there are equal numbers of females and males. With more than 3 males per women, Qatar has highest sex ratio followed by United Arab Emirates having 224 men per 100 women. Third ranked Oman too has almost 2 males per women. Top three and Bahrain, Maldives and Kuwait have male to female ratio above 150 Malaysia male to female ratio was at level of 105.69 males per 100 females in 2020, down from 106.12 males per 100 females in 2015, this is a change of 0.41%. The description is composed by our digital data assistant. What is male to female ratio? Number of male births per one female birth

Sex ratio in india 2011 denotes the number of females per 1000 of males. As per 2011 census Kerala has the highest sex ratio in India with 1084 females per 1000 males. And Haryana has the worst sex ratio with 879 females per 1000 males. Among Union Territories, Puducherry has the highest sex ratio of 1037, whereas Daman and Diu has the lowest sex ratio which is 618 The literacy rate of Kerala is highest (93.91% according to 2011 census). But how literacy alone can affect Male:female ratio? Mizoram, slightly behind in literacy (91.58%), has 1024 males per. Male 16027412 Female 17378649 Urban 17471135 Rural 15934926 1084 Total 7.05 Rural 9.14 Urban 4.97 Total 3039573 Male 1477808 Female 1561765 Total 484839 Male 238203 Female 246636 Total 3472955 Male 1768244 Female 1704711 Sex Ratio (Child) 964 Density of Population (2011 Census) 860 persons/Km2 94.00% Male 96.11% Female 92.07% Panchayath In Kerala, the male literacy rate is 97.4 per cent compared to 95.2 per cent among females. Similarly, the male literacy rate in Delhi stood a 93.7 per cent higher than 82.4 per cent among females. Even in the worst performing states, there was a considerable gap in male and female literacy rate 94.24. 87.72. 2011. 93.91. 96.02. 91.98. Note: Literacy rates in 1951, 1961 and 1971 relate to population aged five years and above. Rates for the years 1981 to 2011 relate to population aged seven years and above

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  1. Literacy rate in India is uneven and as such, different states and union territories of India have differences in their literacy rates. The following table shows the details from 1951 to 2011 census data on total literacy rate in percentage. According to Census 2011, Kerala has the highest total literacy rate and female literacy rate whereas Lakshadweep had the highest male literacy rate
  2. 65 years and over: 6.09% (male 36,549,003/female 40,598,872) (2016 est.) Sex Ratio: Sex ratio is used to describe the number of females per 1000 of males. Sex ratio is a valuable source for finding the population of women in India and what is the ratio of women to that of men in India. In the Population Census of 2011 it was revealed that the.
  3. The enrolment ratio for male students and female students was almost the same at roughly 94.5 percent that year. Kerala is known to have the highest literacy rates in the country and the high.
  4. Considering the GER for the female population at the all India level, the figure stands at 27.3 per cent, noted the report. AISHE Report 2020: Male enrolment. As per the AISHE report, male enrolment for degree programs in the state has decreased considerably. Earlier, the participation of boys in undergraduate programmes was above 17,000
  5. The urban population in the last 10 years has increased by 38.67 percent. Sex Ratio in urban regions of Karnataka was 963 females per 1000 males. For child (0-6) sex ratio the figure for urban region stood at 946 girls per 1000 boys. Total children (0-6 age) living in urban areas of Karnataka were 2,643,388

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The Kochi city is located in Kerala state of India. As per provisional reports of Census India, population of Kochi in 2011 is 602,046; of which male and female are 296,949 and 305,097 respectively. Although Kochi city has population of 602,046; its urban / metropolitan population is 2,119,724 of which 1,044,243 are males and 1,075,481 are females While birth gender ratios globally are 100:105 female to male, the current ratio in China is 100 to 118. Roughly 30 million more men than women will become adults and enter the mating market by 2020. New Delh SEX RATIO. Males dominate females in 6th consecutive years (2015-2020) The sex ratio for as a whole nation remained at 106 males per 100 females. The sex ratio of citizens is slightly decreased from for a five-year period with only 103 (males) : 100 (females) between 2010 till 2014 and 102 (males) : 100 (females) for a period from 2015-2020. In the case of Non-citizens, the sex ratio is quite.

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  1. 65 years and over: 0.86 male(s)/female total population: 99.6 male(s)/female (2020 est.) Definition: This entry includes the number of males for each female in five age groups - at birth , under 15 years , 15-64 years , 65 years and over , and for the total population
  2. The average salary of a woman in tech who reports being satisfied with their compensation is $93,591, compared to an average $108,711 for men. On the opposite end, the average salary for women who.
  3. 4. The ratio of men to women in engineering is 5:1. (Source: TechRadius) According to women in tech statistics for 2020, men outnumber women in the Engineering industry. A whopping 80% of those in the field are male, while only 20% are female. What about industry meetings? The ratio of women that report seeing no other females in meetings is 11.
  4. All credit for contents used in this video goes to the right owner.These are used under creative commons attributes.The Indian states like Kerala and Tamil N..
  5. g states, there was a considerable gap in male and female.
  6. After 2008, the public school pupil/teacher ratio increased, reaching 16.0 in 2016. In comparison, the private school pupil/teacher ratio was 11.9 in 2015. The average class size in 2011-12 was 21.2 pupils for public elementary schools and 26.8 pupils for public secondary schools. SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for.

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  1. 100.83 (males per 100 females) in 2015. Actual Dat
  2. ation in some countries
  3. Sex ratio: at birth: 1.03 male (s)/female. 0-14 years: 1.01 male (s)/female. 15-24 years: 1 male (s)/female. 25-54 years: 1.01 male (s)/female. 55-64 years: 0.87 male (s)/female. 65 years and over: 0.78 male (s)/female. total population: 99.8 male (s)/female (2020 est.) Definition: This entry includes the number of males for each female in five.
  4. In Parassala, Male literacy is around 94.23 percent while female literacy rate is 90.11 percent. As per Census 2011, of Kerala's 3.34 crore population, 54.73 percent are followers of Hinduism, followed by 26.56 percent followers of Islam and 18.38 percent Christians. Hinduism is the major religion in 13 of the state's 14 districts
  5. Male 75.95%, Female 72.89%; 2001: Literacy rate in Meghalaya was 62.56% as per 2001 population census. Male 65.43%, Female 59.61%; Meghalaya Literacy Population Density in 2011. 2011: Total area of Meghalaya is 22,429 sq. km. Density of Meghalaya is 132 per sq km; 2001: Density of Meghalaya was 103 per sq km; Meghalaya Gender Ratio (Male Female.

The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of Higher Education has seen a steady increase over the years. In 2018-19, the female GER in higher education was more than the male GER for the first time. However, we are still behind many of the developing & developed nations. Decreasing GER in some of the states is also a cause for concern Sex ratio at birth (male births per female births) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Find Ou The figurs have now been finalized Male Child (0-6) Population has increased whereas Female Child Population has decreased marginally during 2001-11, 8 States, Viz. Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya have proporton of child population more than 15 percent, Sex Ratio of Population.

A Winning Score: Bucking the trend of male-domination, Google stands out as the only company on our Scorecard to achieve our Balanced ranking, with an Executive Team ratio of 41/59 female to male. (2) Youth dependency ratio = Age under 20 / Age 20- 64 X 100 (5) Sex Ratio = Male / Female X 100 (3) Old age dependency ratio = Age 65 and over / Age 20 - 64 X100 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, Interim State Population Projections, 200 Five top performing states in terms of sex ratio were Kerala (1,084 females), Tamil Nadu (996), Andhra Pradesh (993), Chhattisgarh (991), Odisha (979). The sex ratio of population in the country in 2011 stands at 943 female against 1000 males, which is 10 per cent more than the last census when the number female per thousand male stood at 933

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Gap between male and female literacy: The gap between male and female literacy at the all-India level is 14.4 percentage points with male literacy at 84.7% and female literacy at 70.3%. Among states, Kerala has the smallest gap between male and female literacy at 2.2%. Literacy Rate in different Indian states as per latest NSO Report Aluva Taluka Population, Caste, Religion Data - Ernakulam district, Kerala. Aluva Taluka of Ernakulam district has total population of 468,408 as per the Census 2011. Out of which 231,105 are males while 237,303 are females. In 2011 there were total 115,905 families residing in Aluva Taluka. The Average Sex Ratio of Aluva Taluka is 1,027 While the normal sex ratio at birth is considered to be 1.06 boys for every girl that is born, in India this average is 1.12 boys for every girl. The infant mortality rate for boys and girls is 56 and 61, respectively, out of 1,000 live births. India's performance on girls' education variables remains weak The best performer in this category was Chhattisgarh, where male-to-female ratio at birth stood at 958 - much above the national average - the Niti Aayog report further showed. Kerala is at the. Tamil Nadu Sex Ratio 2021. Sex Ratio in Tamil Nadu is *** i.e. for each 1000 male, as per census 2021. In 2011, the sex ratio of female was 996 per 1000 males in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Religious Data 2021 Census. According to the 2021 census, Hindu is most popular religion in Tamil Nadu with *** % of state population following the same

950 girls for 1,000 boys against national average of 925. The female sex ratio in Telangana has shown a marginal decline till January end in 2019-20 as compared to the 12 month period of the. Sex ratio: at birth: 1.04 male(s)/female (2020 est.) [see also: Sex ratio - at birth country ranks] 0-14 years: 1.04 male(s)/female (2020 est.) [see also: Sex ratio - 0-14 years country ranks] 15-24 years: 1.01 male(s)/female (2020 est.) [see also: Sex ratio - 15-24. Chhattisgarh has emerged as the best performer in this category where the male-to-female ratio at birth stands at 958 NEW DELHI: Uttarakhand is the worst-performing state in the country in terms of child sex ratio at birth, according to the Niti Aayog`s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) India Index 2020-21 released recently Sex ratio: at birth: 1.07 male(s)/female (2020 est.) [see also: Sex ratio - at birth country ranks] 0-14 years: 1.07 male(s)/female (2020 est.) [see also: Sex ratio - 0-14 years country ranks] 15-24 years: 1.11 male(s)/female (2020 est. As of 2020, Angola's population had 97.93 males per 100 females

Sex Ratio Calculation. The Sex ratio is usually expressed as the number of males per 100 females. It may also be given as a percentage excess or deficit of males.The Gender ratio is a pretty important part of evolutionary life. Sex ratio calculation is used to describe the balance between the male and female population Wayanad district of Kerala has total population of 817420 as per the Census 2011. Out of which 401684 are males while 415736 are females. In 2011 there were total 190894 families residing in Wayanad district. List of all Talukas in Wayanad District of Kerala. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Wayanad District as per Census 201 Sex ratio at birth is number of females born per thousand males. Arunachal Pradesh recorded 1,084 females born per thousand males, followed by Nagaland (965) Mizoram (964), Kerala (963) and.

Population, female (% of total population) World Bank staff estimates based on age/sex distributions of United Nations Population Division's World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision. License : CC BY-4.0. Line Bar Map. Label The fair value of land is set by the Department of Registration, Government of Kerala. These values can be found online here: https://igr.kerala.gov.in/ To illustrate, if the fair value of the property is Rs 50 lakh and the consideration value is Rs 40 lakh, then, the stamp duty and registration charge will be calculated on the fair value.

The AHD secretary explained that unlike the 50:50 chances of male-female calf in normal conventional semen, the chances of having female calf would be over 90% with the use of sex-sorted semen Literacy rate: 96.2%. Kerala has been the most literate state in India for a few years now. However, in Kerala also, male literacy (97.4%) is more than the female literacy rate (95.2%) India Migration Report 2020 examines how migration surveys operate to collect, analyse and bring to life socio-economic issues in social science research. With a focus on the strategies and the importance of information collected by Kerala Migration Surveys since 1998, the volume: Explores the effect of male migration on women left behind; attitudes of male migrants within households; the role. The majority - including Green Book, Birdman, and indeed, The Hurt Locker - are set in a male universe. Now, in 2020, the awards season landscape hasn't dramatically altered. The films.

All population data comes from the US Census Bureau.) On a national scale, public universities had the most even division between male and female students, with a male-female ratio of 43.6-56.4. The unnecessary biopsy rate was defined as the percentage of benign nodules among total biopsy-required nodules. Results: A total of 200 patients were included in this study. Patients aged from 23 to 74 years including 36 males and 164 females. The female/male ratio was 4.5:1. Female predominance was seen among most of the age groups What is the female literacy rate in India 2020? At all-India level, the male literacy rate is higher at 84.7 per cent compared to 70.3 per cent amon The Overall sex ratio of Kerala is 1084 females per 1000 males. Whereas, sex ratio of rural area is 1077 and that of urban area is 1091. CHILD SEX RATIO (0-6 YEARS) Child sex ratio in respect of 0-6 age population in Kerala is 959. In rural areas it is 960, whereas, sex ratio of 0-6 age population in urban areas is 958. LITERAC

Kerala records lowest male-female literacy gap in India at 2.2 percent Kerala also has the lowest urban-rural literacy gap of 1.9 percent. Sep 7, 2020, 02:04 PM IS The female-to-male earnings ratio compares the median earn-ings of women working full-time, year-round to the median earn - ings of men working full-time, year-round. The 2019 female-to-male earnings ratio was 0.823, not statistically different from the 2018 ratio (0.816). Year-to-year changes in this ratio are not common. However, the female. Ratio of the number of boys born alive per 100 girls born alive. Data is converted to a female-over-male value. Biologically, the ratio is relatively constant, and female births should be about 94.4% of male births. Significant departure from this ratio indicates differences in treatment between newborn girls and newborn boys

The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) is tracking gender differences in support for the major-party candidates in the 2020 presidential election at the national level and in battleground states. We are tracking both the gender gap in likely vote choice between men and women voters for the leading candidate and the reported difference in support for each major party candidate among. Background Males are at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19. Older age and cardiovascular disease are also associated with COVID-19 mortality. We compared the male-to-female (sex) ratios in mortality by age for COVID-19 with cardiovascular mortality and cancer mortality in the general population. Methods We obtained data from official government sources in the US and five European countries. To view the updated Gender Inequality in Film infographic released in 2018, click the banner above. In light of the record-breaking opening of the female-led action film Hunger Games: Catching Fire this past weekend, the New York Film Academy decided to take a closer look at women in film and what, if any, advancements women are making. After reviewing the data, it is clear that Hollywood. Background: Males are at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19. Older age and cardiovascular disease are also associated with COVID-19 mortality. We compared the male-to-female (sex) ratios in mortality by age for COVID-19 with cardiovascular mortality and cancer mortality in the general population. Methods: We obtained data from official government sources in the US and five European countries. Population of Kerala 2011 Census 2018 Estimated 2019 Estimated 2020 Estimated Population of Kerala ( In Crores) 3.341 3.458 3.475 3.641 Male 1.603 1.659 1.667 1.7831 Female 1.738 1.799 1.808 1.8579 Population Growth 4.91% --- --- --- Percentage of Kerala Population in India 2.76% Sex Ratio 1084 Child Sex Ratio 964 Density/km2 86

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In 2020, the median male earned $50,001 while the median female earned $36,001. For men who worked 30 or more house a week, median income was $55,515. The median female who worked 30+ hours made $45,004. Men who worked 40+ hours had median income of $58,000 The all-cause GMR converges at ages 80+ to a ratio between 1.1 and 1.3, demonstrating a diminishing difference between male and female mortality rates at old ages. While the COVID-19 GMR exhibits convergence at ages 80+, the ratio is higher at between 1.2 and 1.9. South Korea and Spain have notably higher all-cause GMRs than the other countries Kamala Harris (D) Kamala Harris became the first woman to hold the office of Vice President on January 20, 2021. She is also the first woman of color, the first Black person, and the first South Asian person elected to this office. Previously, Vice President Harris served in the U.S. Senate as well as California's Attorney General India - 2020. Population: 1,380,004,385. 1950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 2050 2055 2060 2065 2070 2075 2080 2085 2090 2095 2100 1,380,004,385 Population

In 2019, the ratio of women's to men's median weekly full-time earnings was 81.5 percent, an increase of 0.4 percent since 2018, when the ratio was 81.1 percent, leaving a wage gap of 18.5 percent, compared with 18.9 percent i In rural areas of Kerala, male population was 8,408,054 while female population was 9,063,081. The average sex ratio in urban regions of Kerala was 1,091 females per 1000 males. Also the Child (0-6 age) sex ration of urban areas in Kerala was 963 girls per 1000 boys Male: 62%: Female: 38%: Minorities** 9%: International: 20% * Based on expected graduation date, as of September 3, 2020 ** Under-represented minorities: Indiana University defines under-represented minorities as African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Pacific Islander, and those indicating two or more races..

The Villages is a city located in Florida.The Villages has a 2020 population of 79,372. The Villages is currently declining at a rate of 0.00% annually and its population has increased by 54.29% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 51,442 in 2010. The Villages reached it's highest population of 79,372 in 2019 The total male and female births from 2016 to 2019 show several districts [in Tamil Nadu] have recorded sex ratio at birth below 900 and around 900, said Sabu George, a researcher and member.

Taking only the ratio of single men to single women into account, these are the best and worst cities for a heterosexual woman to find her match. First, here are the top five best cities: 1 The racial and gender pay gap is real and minimally improving YOY. Facing disproportionate unemployment from COVID-19, women may experience wage penalties for years to come

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Demographics. About 65% of Kerala's population is in the working age group of 15-59 years. Kerala ranks 1 st in HDI rankings with a score of 0.77. Kerala, the 13 th most populated state, is home to 3% of the country's total population. The state's population of 33 mn is equivalent to the population of Canada Second-to-fourth finger length ratio. We found higher M2D:4D, R2D:4D, and L2D:4D in MtF than in male participants and lower M2D:4D, R2D:4D, and L2D:4D in FtM than in female participants; however. The age- and sex-stratified population data for year 2020 were extracted from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations. This was used to calculate the mortality rate of COVID-19 for each segment. The male-to-female ratio of the COVID-19 mortality rate was compared to the corresponding male-to-female ratio

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Male sex was associated with increased odds of ITU admission (odds ratio (OR) = 2.84; 95% CI = 2.06, 3.92; p = 1.86 × 10 −10; n = 341,571) (Fig. 3), and increased odds of death (OR = 1.39; 95%. Example: Ratio and Social Life . Sheila, a busy career woman, plans to wisely use her leisure time. She wants a place with as many men per women as possible. As a statistician, this single woman believes that a high male to female ratio is the best way to find Mr. Right. Here are the female and male headcounts of certain places Graph and download economic data for Ratio of Female to Male Primary School Enrollment for Jordan (SEENRPRIMFMZSJOR) from 1971 to 2019 about primary schooling, Jordan, enrolled, primary, ratio, females, and males Only three states, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh, have female vaccination rates that are greater than male vaccination rates. Kerala, with the largest female-to-male ratio in the country (967 females for 1,000 males), has also done a fine job of ensuring that its female population is vaccinated

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Mali - Male to female ratio of the total population. 100.39 (males per 100 females) में 2020 . Number of male births per one female birth Due to external migration, the population declined by 12,230. The sex ratio of the total population was 0.998 (998 males per 1,000 females) which is lower than global sex ratio. The global sex ratio in the world was approximately 1,016 males to 1,000 females as of 2020. Below are the key figures for Kenya population in 2020 Worldwide, there are 107 boy babies born for every 100 girl babies. This skewed ratio is partly due to sex-selective abortion and gendercide, the killing of female infants, in countries such as. Over 70 per cent of businesses having reported either zero or less than 1 per cent disabled employees and about 53 per cent having a male to female ratio of just 10:1 or worse, it claimed. A total of 103 companies have actually reported a reduction in the number of women employees, the study added Births by Sex and Sex Ratio. The following table shows the number and ratio of live births in the United States from 1983 to 2008, according to the sex and race of each birth. For data on sex ratio at birth, see Sex Ratio at Birth. NOTES: Excludes births to nonresidents of U.S. (-) Data not available. 1. Includes races other than white and black

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Figure 1. Figure 2 shows the ratio of the female inventor rate relative to the female employment rate per industry. Notably, despite sizeable differences in the absolute female participation rates. What Is the Ratio of Men to Women in the World Population? Out of 1,000 people, about 504 are men and 496 are women. The exact ratio is 63:62. However, this number varies greatly around the world and across age groups for many different reasons. Numerous cultural and socioeconomic factors affect a country's sex ratio

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The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Headquarters: 185 Berry St., Suite 2000, San Francisco, CA 94107 | Phone 650-854-9400 Washington Offices and Barbara Jordan Conference Center: 1330 G Street. Graph and download economic data for Ratio of Female to Male Primary School Enrollment: All Income Levels for Sub-Saharan Africa (SEENRPRIMFMZSSSF) from 1970 to 2019 about primary schooling, Sub-Saharan Africa, enrolled, primary, ratio, females, males, and income Student Enrollment, Fall 2020 Purdue's West Lafayette, Indiana, campus offers a diverse student population from all 50 states and nearly 130 countries. Total Enrollment: 45,86 Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In India 2020. Vandana Luthra - Founder of VLCC. Falguni Nayar - Founder Of Nyka. Ritu Kumar - Fashion Designer. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw - Founder of Biocon Limited. Shradha Sharma - Founder Of Yourstory. Aditi Gupta- Co-founder of Menstrupedia. Shubhra Chadda- Co-Founder And Head Of Products, Chumbak