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  1. We offer school bus conversion floor plans for 22 ft. - 40 ft., conventional or flat front, rear-engine and front engine school buses. Take a look at our 20+ floor plans and choose a Skoolie Homes design that is best suited for your path to freedom. Conventional
  2. Dec 20, 2019 - Explore Angela M. Eagleson's board Bus Conversions - Floorplans, followed by 177 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bus conversion, school bus conversion, bus house
  3. Short Bus conversions are rising in popularity due to their overall size, ease of conversion and low purchase price. You can often find a Short Bus for sale between $3,000 & 10,000. This allows those with a smaller budget to get something relatively inexpensive that they can convert at much lower entry point. Let's take a look at some short bus conversions so that you can get an idea of just.

Oct 5, 2018 - Explore Eric Yates's board Shuttle Bus Conversions on Pinterest. See more ideas about camper van conversion diy, camper van, camper Convert a Washed Up Shuttle Bus Into the Ultimate Family Adventure Mobile: This Instructable lays out the steps we took and hurdles we faced. It's worth mentioning we are in Canada and requirements for this kind of thing vary by state and province. Discrepancies we discovered will be pointed out, but do your own research Bus Specs/ FAQs: The bus exterior is 31 feet long. The living space is 24 ft 10 in long (up to engine cover) The interior width is 7 ft 7in. Less than 200 square feet of living space. The tallest height inside is 6ft 6in. Please let me know if you still have questions or would like to see a more in-depth tutorial

Shuttle Bus To Overland Camper Conversion. This is a shuttle bus turned overland camper! It has lots of unique features like a 4×4 conversion, a shower with technology that can filter and reuse water (pretty useful when you're off-grid, boondocking), a queen-sized bed with storage, and more. It's listed over at Conversion Trader for.

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Short bus conversions have become extremely popular in America over the last decade or so. The iconic skoolies bring back childhood memories and make for an excellent up-cycling project for those who want to live the van life in an extra-charming, robust vehicle.. Short buses are cheap to buy, so they're a great option for the budget-conscious DIYer Ideas for your Bus Conversion. Disadvantages. Of course there are some limitations and disadvantages that will make you reconsider converting a school bus. One limitation in school buses is the rather small width of the buss stretching from 8 to 10 feet, which may obstruct your interior designs and plan. Another well knows con of any school bus.


used 1987 MCI MC-9 bus shell for sale - Evolution Custom Coach - bus conversion - sales, service, repair, parts Sample Floorplans Floor plans are a very simple and effective way to give the customer an idea of what layouts can be achieved, and if necessary what changes need to be made Bus conversion is used to convert a shuttle bus into a recreational vehicle, trade vehicle, mobile showroom, band touring or live aboard unit, you should consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of this particular platform. Used shuttle buses for sale offer advantages in cost and versatility over traditional RV's for conversion Perfect for those needing a simple, spacious and well-equipped small shuttle bus at an unbeatable price. The XPRESS is built on the Ford E-series chassis and is available in five different floor plans, most of which NO NOT REQUIRE A CDL - Commercial Driver's License. The XPRESS is a better alternative to a cramped 15 passenger van

Charming maker couple, Carmen and Xaver, are converting a shuttle bus into their haven home, named Vinny. It's a 2001 Ford E-450. The style is a blend of m.. You can also visit us at http://dreamingbigsc.com to view our other projects.facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamingbigbuslifeinstagram: https://www.inst..

Designing the layout of your school bus conversion is one of the most exciting parts of the process. While there are certainly common elements that nearly every skoolie includes, there are infinite ways in which to combine them, which allows you to flex your creative muscles! In this article, I will share how my boyfriend Skoolie Floor Plans: 4 Steps to YOUR Perfect Design Read Ford E-Series Shuttle Bus Converted To Luxurious Camper With EV-Powered Amenities: Video. Most of us have ridden in a Ford E-Series shuttle bus many at least a few times in our lives. After all, these are the vessels that carry us to and from places like weddings, church, sporting events, airport terminals, and other various functions and places Sprinters, Trailers, Motorhomes, Shuttle Buses, Mini Coaches, and More! At Creative Mobile Interiors, we specialize in the custom conversion process. That is why we are able to perform custom conversions on many different kinds of shells. We work in harmony with many bus, vehicle, and trailer manufacturers to keep your warranties intact and.

vanspace 3D will allow you to compare vans, design floor plans, and test endless furniture combination.Toggling on first person view allows you to walk into your van, truly experiencing the feel of your new home. And of course, once you are done designing you can use the measurements of your layout to turn your design into a real life van conversion 4 reviews for Bus Measurments. Rated 5 out of 5. Jeanne Mayeux (verified owner) - April 3, 2021. These plans are beautiful, clear, and extremely detailed. This is going to save me a lot of time with my bus build. My bus is a bit bigger but these plans are easily adaptable to my size. I've seen a lot of skoolie bus conversion videos and this. This conversion is 90% completed with only the FUN PARTS LEFT. the interior. mechanically this bus is 100% ready to roll with over 20,000$ in new parts and maintenance. this is a great vintage bus with tons of potential. Unfortunately my plans of the open road are comin to a close with the sale of this bus Information and Pricing. Austin, TX. TEL: 512-663-7351 | Chance@ATXBUSCONVERSION.COM. No two skoolies are alike and what we make is custom to the individual. Pricing is based on square footage, floor plan design, and amenities installed

The bed folds down from the wall, leaving valuable floor space. The futon folds down to a couch, then down to a spare bed The computer desk mostly folds up against the wall. The theater screen comes down from the ceiling. The shower is a walk-in with 2 nozzles - and the stone walls fold into the side of the bus Home / Floor Plans. Shop Our Commercial Buses By Floor Plan. Find the type and style of vehicle you want by choosing the floor plan that meets all your needs. From popular mobility vans to large shuttle buses and more, we have something for everyone. Shop By Floor Plan 6-14 Passenger Vehicles 15-25 Passenger Vehicles 26+ Passenger Vehicle Our Bus Conversion Project: Floor plan, Windows and Insulation - Tales From The Wild - Episode 4. Posted on December 23, 2017 April 2, 2018 by Keiran Lusk. 23 Dec. We're an Australian family currently converting our 1998 school bus into a house on wheels. In this episode, we take a look at our floor plans, and our progress with the. One of the advantages of bus conversion motorcoachs are the floor plans. A motorcoach should never be a one-size-fits all proposition, and with a bus conversion it never is. There are many floor plans to select from depending on the manufacturer and model you choose. Some of the other manufacturers and luxury models available at MHSRV include. Skoolie Floor Plans - Designing Your Dream School Bus Layout Coming up with the perfect Skoolie floor plan for your bus conversion involves a lot of big decisions. Trying to figure out a great layout that makes the most of your limited space is something that requires planning and inspiration

Buses are perfect for those that want to live in or just travel in an affordable home. 9 Awesome Vintage Buses Bus 1: Hank Bought a Bus. The first bus was bought by Hank so it was fitting that he calls his website 'Hank Bought a Bus' at hankboughtabus.com.Hank is a soon-to-be architect and paid $3000 for the bus and spent approximately $6,000 in updating the bus into a beautiful living space EG40 LUXURY BUS Grech Motors products have set the standard for the industry by defining what a minicoach should be. We have also taken things one step further with our new flagship model, the EG40, we have truly reinvented the minicoach. This is the industries first and only unibody Freightliner Engine hump in the rear limits rear floor options. 4 wheel arches to build around. A RE flat nose usually has a smoother, quieter ride, since the engine is located at the opposite end of the bus from the driver. Probably the best option for a highway cruiser, or if you're trying to get the absolute most amount of living space out of your bus

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Used Bus Conversion in Old Chatham, New York 12136. Stock #241267 - Excellent bus conversion w/roof deck! Perfect for DIYer! Runs great! Must see!This is a diesel-powered International CE school bus conversion that needs to be finished.Check out the sky deck! What a great platform for watching the race from. Grey Water. Our grey water system consists of an 11 gallon tank mounted under the floor of the van using straps. The inlet from the galley sink comes in near the top of the inboard side of the tank. The drain plumbing from the sink to the tank is just ordinary PVC pipe with a regular household P trap To use the shower, you unroll the line, thread it through the notch in the top of the bathroom door and then place it in the holder on the wall in the bathroom itself. You must sit on the toilet to shower. Hot Water Heater in Cabinet with Lines to Propane and Water Pump. Shower Head Storage. Shower Line The wide range of Sprinter van options include: Bus seating plans for 9 to 19 passengers (see floor plans) Bus style door with generous opening 38 wide and 80 tall. Audio and video system upgrades. Multiple USB, 12v and110v charging ports. 3-point and 2-point seat restraint systems. Folding footrests, seat back cup holders and tray tables

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1991 Eagle Bus Conversion, , Conv Microwave One-of-kind- custom Eagle Bus Conversion. Includes a 1973 Honda 600, modified to be carried in the basement of the coach. Exterior includes Sikkens Paint, 4 hand painted nature murals, pinstriping my Mitch Kim, lots of chrome & shiny stainless Adam Collier-Woods from Wealden in East Sussex bought this 1982 green double-decker bus on eBay and spent £10,000 and six months full-time gutting the bus and making it into a second home. It now. 1. School Bus Conversion (Skoolie) The most common is the old yellow school bus conversion, as known as a skoolie. There are tons of floor plans available online for these widespread rigs. You can often find a school bus on eBay for $2,000 to $4,000 in fair enough condition, ready to be gutted, cleaned up, and remodeled 5 Unique RV Bus Conversions That You Must See. by Amanda Watson. Last updated on May 20th, 2021 at 09:21 am. Originally published on April 13th, 2015. There is something incredibly inspiring about an old bus converted into a fully functioning house on wheels. We searched the web and found five amazing bus conversions Buying the Right Bus Starting Your Skoolie Conversion Building the Subfloor Floor Plan Layout Building the Frame Building the Walls Plumbing Electrical Building the Ceiling The Big Purchases Products Used in our Conversion . Skoolie Conversion 101. Converting an old school bus into a tiny home on wheels was something that we never thought we.

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Turtle Top 67819 State Road 15 New Paris, IN 46553, USA (800) 296-210 Transit Conversion Vans built on the Ford® Transit™ chassis are designed for active organizations. Available in-stock at Best Bus Sales, these vans accommodate hotel guests, retirement community residents, church members... virtually any type of shuttle transportation. Includes Ford AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control (RSC®) adding. Really cool van/bus I bought with the plans to build a camper out of it. Then I planned on a party bus, or a brewery tour bus. I have way to much going on with another business to actually pursue any of these ideas. Its got 20 seats inside, nice rubber floor has a handicap ramp and door. Has 6 brand new tires. 190,xxx miles on her and she runs.

Ford E-450 Shuttle Bus Conversion. Los Angeles , California. For Sale $11,500 Apply for financing. Contact Lister. RV. Shape. Mobile. if_measurement-size-level-height_1817300. 140 sq. ft Champion is actively seeking vendors who qualify as DBE's to supply parts and services at fair market prices. We are expanding business opportunities to those who qualify. You must be reliable and have proof of certification and financial standing. Interested parties are to contact: Rachelle O'Connor at roconnor@forestriverinc.com. The. Picture Gallery of the serious Big Yellow Bus RV Conversion. During - Gutted the Interior. Before - Still a School Bus. Finished Living Area. Finished Bunk Beds. Finished Built Ins. Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. Try the RV LIFE Pro Bundle FREE for 7 days Our shuttle bus sales include minibuses, mid-size buses, and large buses that are high-quality and made to order. Most of our buses have multiple wheelchair accessible floor plans for senior communities and churches. We also have stock buses to choose from to give our customers the widest selection possible 2 / 12. Freightliner Thomas School Bus. We start this adventure with a favored platform for camper conversions. Old school buses are tough, they offer lots of space, and you can usually find them.

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Glaval Bus' Titan II payload is a quiet, comfortable, durable steel frame ride for a variety of shuttle services. With a full range of floor plans for up to 21 passengers, the Titan II is versatile, economical and flexible enough to suit a wide variety of applications for the mid-size buses in your fleet; these may include, transit. That said, the bus needs to be as comfortable as possible. Here is how I see the plan for floor materials: Vinyl Plank Flooring (1/16″ - 5/16″) - Floor & Ceiling. Plywood (3/4″) 1.5″ Insulation ( link) + Framing (2×4 s are actually 1.5″ thick) Existing School Bus Steel Painted with Rust-Oleum

1959 Viking Short Bus Converted into Cabin on Wheels YouConverted school bus houses family of 6 in 250 square feet

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Some bus conversions are built upon buses dating back to the 1950s and run for several years. Tips Before Doing My Own Bus Conversion. A bus conversion isn't something you want to do on a whim or without a game plan. Start by flipping through a bus conversion magazine or pictures online to get a feel for what you want your bus to look like school bus conversion project - floor plan. Here's the floor plan I'm working from. Although I am a computer guy by vocation, I find the process of drawing and planning on paper to be much more enjoyable then CAD work, especially for a one-off drawing like this I think shuttle buses have it. Truck front end. Either Ford F350 or F450 but also open to Chevy and Dodge front ends. Don't want the van configuration. Don't want E class front. The idea is to adapt it to stealth full-timing, make it look like any other shuttle bus. The area is full of shuttle buses/delivery vans that are practically invisible Used Bus Conversion in Cedar Creek, Texas 78612. Stock #191153 - MCI Tour Bus with 8 bunks, 8 New Tires in 2015! Make an Offer Today!The conversion ideas are endless with this 1985 MCI 96-A3 Bus. This 40-foot bus is the perfect platform for customization. In its current floor plan, it serves as a touring.

Many old school buses are being repurposed as campers and RVs. The Bus Life Adventure is a blog which details their school bus conversion by removing the bench seats. With no seats, the school bus RV conversion floor plan is wide open with plenty of space for customized amenities to meet a variety of wheelchair accessible and mobility needs Chicago-O'Hare 1216 Rand Road Des Plaines, IL USA 60016 phone (866) Bus‑Sale (847) 297‑3177 fax (847) 296‑315 The Challenger offers dozens of floor plan options that can seat up to 25 passengers with optional ADA configurations and high floor designs available. It is a versatile vehicle for applications such as transit, para-transit, parking, hotel, assisted living, healthcare, tour, and higher learning

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2009 IC RE School Bus 71 passenger-PERFECT FOR RV CONVERSION. $5,999.00. Local Pickup. or Best Offer. 17 watching. 2012 Ford E-450 22 Passenger Paratransit Shuttle Bus! Low Reserve Auction An Alternative to Buses and Larger Vehicles. New England Wheels fills a critical gap. Offering an affordable alternative to buses and larger vehicles, New England Wheels focuses on building specialty vans to cover any number of transportation needs. They provide lowered floor minibuses, passenger shuttles, and wheelchair accessible vans

Well, we did. In October of 2012, we brought home our RV, which was actually a renovated school bus, or Skoolie. It was hideous inside, so we spent the next few months gutting it completely. By June 2013, the beds were in and we moved our family of six into our school bus. We lived there for just over a year until a job change necessitated a move School bus conversion. Amazing SHUTTLE BUS Conversion in 4 weeks Amateur Builder Turns School Bus into Page 2/8. File Type PDF Select And Convert Your Bus wheels modern do it yourself gypsies and bus conversion floor plans his writings have appeared in bus Select And Convert Your Bus Into A Motorhome On A Sep 05, 2020 select and convert. 2005 FORD E450 4X4 QUIGLEY 4WD CONVERSION SHUTTLE BUS CAMPER OVERLAND EXPEDITION. $19,400.00. Local Pickup. or Best Offer. 2013 Ford E-450 15 Passenger Paratransit Shuttle Bus - Liquidation Sale! $7,000.00. 23 bids Ending Jul 29 at 10:07AM PDT 8d 13h Local Pickup

Built on a Ram ProMaster or Transit 350, these value-added units are price competitive and will give you the basics you need with the ability to option it up. Flexible interiors provide a surprising amount of floor plan layouts. Van conversions are highly maneuverable, low profile transit options that provide a more intimate environment 78-Point DIY Bus Inspection Workbook for Beginners: The Ultimate Beginner Guide to Inspect a School Bus, Shuttle Bus, or Skoolie Conversion for Sale. by Chris Kochan. Paperback. $14.99 $ 14. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 28. Bus Conversion Floor Plans. by Ben Rosander. 4.0 out of 5 stars 39. Paperback. $19.95 $ 19. 95. Get it as soon as. Looking to buy a bus? Check out our current inventory or place a custom order with one of our sales representatives. Our goal is to assist you in locating the best bus to meet your needs. Our inventory includes the most popular features, options, and floor plans in the marketplace BUILT ON THE Ford F550 CHASSIS. Grech Motors Warranty. 5 years or 100,000 miles (parts & labor) Powertrain: 6.8L Triton V-10 gas engine or 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine. Capacity: Up to 28 passengers with rear luggage / 32 passengers without. GVWR: 19,500 lbs Multiple Floor Plans Available The Luxury Shuttle Van is a luxury shuttle vehicle that offers a level of sophistication, class, and comfort that you won't find in an ordinary shuttle bus. Built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van chassis, this van conversion offers an elegant style to make even the shortest shuttle trips a distinct pleasure for.

First Class Customs, Inc. a premier boutique style manufacturer of custom Mercedes Sprinter, Limo Buses and custom CEO SUV conversions. We build Custom Sprinters, VIP Shuttle Sprinters, Limo Party buses and Business Class Sprinters. We are your number one coach builder 14.11 Floor is to consist of be made of steel. approximately 20 x 56 shall be welded to the floor assembly for strength. 14.12 Floor Covering: The floor covering shall be marble. Also include a Under Seat Area: The area under the seating area shall also be Altro floor covering. Minibuses, or shuttle buses, are vehicles with passenger capacities below the larger full-size bus and more than the smaller minivan. Designed to service a variety of flexible transport needs, minibuses often augment public transportation networks by helping as a smaller scale on-demand vehicle typically used for small chartered groups, taxi shares, airport services, and small corporate groups Never was a Bus: 1993 Neoplan Spaceliner Double Decker 165,000 Original Miles Never was a Bus: Double Decker Motor Coach Not a Bus : A True custom built Motor Coach From The Ground Up. Buses for Sale: Buses for Sale MCI 9 Buses Custom Wheelchair or Utility Lifts : Buses for Sale MCI 9, Custom Side Utility Doo You are looking at a Ford E-350 shuttle bus that has been stripped of seats and is perfect for a conversion of some type. That may be for camping, turning into a food truck, or just using to haul things like a big truck. Tons of space in the back 12 and a half feet from the back end to drivers seat, 6 feet 5 inches from floor to roof, and just.

For the past 29 years, Bus Conversion Magazine continues to be the go-to resource for RV bus conversion enthusiasts (a.k.a. Bus Nuts) Each issue has a feature article showing off someone's converted bus, photos, unique features, the people, and the story behind it. There are also articles on the safe use and maintenance of RVs as well as tips. Here is our guide on how to build a DIY water system in a camper van conversion. Having running water and a hot shower draws the line between van camping and van life, so it's well worth the efforts. Designing a van's water system is much simpler than the electrical system Simple Short Bus Conversion With Lots Of DIY Inspiration. We have featured several short bus conversions, in more or less polished condition. It's important for would be RVers to remember that the amount of polish you put into your design is up to you. A functional RV can be built with very little transformation of the original vehicle, like. Take advantage of the following benefits when you start your bus conversion: * Maximize Value: You could scrap your old bus, or you could increase its value with a conversion! Converting an older model will likely be much more cost-effective than buying a brand-new vehicle. * Tailor-Made: A bus conversion can be tailored to your specific needs

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The drain for the kitchen sink has a way to go, out from under the floor channel then up and over the buses frame. Down the length of the frame. You can see the bundle of pneumatic hoses for brakes, throttle, air tanks, etc. that go up the center of the bus. This seemed the best place to put the trap of the kitchen sink They spent about $23,560 on the bus conversion. For all-season efficiency, they used XPS rigid insulation and filled the gaps with spray foam. Inside, the open-concept floor plan keeps every space within the eyesight. The lounge and raised bed with storage are conceived alongside a wood stove

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Buy tickets at tabaccai (tobacconist's shops), newsstands and ticket booths, or from dispensing machines at bus and metro stations. Tickets usually cost around €1 to €2. Many cities A New York City family of four decided to leave their apartment for 18 months and travel across North America in a converted Ford city shuttle bus turned tiny home on wheels. The bus — nicknamed. Shuttle bus tiny house. It is 26 feet long and was originally an airport shuttle bus. This is a tour of our fully converted bus that we call home. Tiny houses are a huge trend around the country. And they did it by buying a 1982 shuttle bus and converting it into their own rolling tiny home. Please do your due diligence and deal with people in. SENATOR II. When it comes to passenger convenience and comfort the Senator II delivers. Wide aisles and doors for easy accessibility, optional spacious luggage racks, large windows and straight side wall construction to maximize passenger shoulder space are just some of the benefits of the Senator II. If you need buses that perform well, look. Bus Manufacturer: McSweeney Designs Bus Model: Hotel Shuttle Chassis Manufacturer: Mercedes Miles: 51,232 Fuel Type: Diesel Overall Length: 24 Current Passenger Capacity: 15 Seating Arrangement: Perimeter/Fwd Combo Seat Upholstery: L5 CMI O Vinyl Black #001 Black Exterior Floor Color: Bright Maple Woodgrain Overall Length: 24ft Permanent Rear.

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campervan conversion plan,s hi all, i plan to convert a sprinter 3/10 extralong i believe its 4.1 meter long in the loading area,1.75 wide and 1.80 meter high, here comes the thing i would like to take the camper on a 6 month + trip around europe ,so there be a few things i would like to add to it rather then the standard and like to build the. Want to list your school bus or bus conversion for sale? $10 for 15 days or $15 for 30 days. On average 6,000 unique visitors a day search our classifieds. We are the go to place to list and find a bus conversion for sale. Any classified ad listed here will be featured in our For Sale Friday post and story on Instagram to our 157k+ followers. 1981 Eagle Bus Conversion $13,500 6v92 Detroit Diesel Allison 740 automatic trans, Roof has been raised. Alcoa wheels, Awning, Runs and drives, bus is a very good project to re convert, hard things are done . Back to top of page 260 385-8327 . Bus located in Indian We feature a large array of floor plans and configurations from which to choose, allowing us to offer clients true build flexibility. We work with limousine companies, fleet managers, corporations and small businesses to transform a van into a shuttle bus / people mover, a commercial/utility service, mobile office workspace or marketing. These RV conversion buses are immensely popular among people looking for something in which they can travel without having to spend a fortune on a brand new RV. These conversions are the perfect choice for retirees who want to travel the country and visit exciting new places in an affordable way. An RV is the ideal choice for people who love.

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5 surprising vehicles you can convert into a home on wheels. The Mayes family sleeps six people in a 250-square-foot converted school bus. Take a trip this summer and you'll see campers of all types— conversion vans, tricked-out RVs, teardrop trailers, and vintage Airstreams —all on the road to adventure. But there's another world of. Most school buses have a top floor layer of thick rubber over 1⁄2-inch or 3⁄4-inch plywood that sits on top of the primary metal floor. As you get the rubber to pull up, you can grab it and. Frontrunner Lowered Floor Minibus by New England Wheels. Nearly 2,000 lbs. lighter yet twice as strong as conventionally manufactured buses. Delivering the most fuel-efficient internal combustion engine bus of its size Some of our more popular shuttle buses include the following models: American Crusader From General Coach: Based on the sturdy and reliable GMT-610 chassis and available in two wheelbases lengths, the American Cruiser gives you seating for 9, 13 or 16 passengers, depending on the model of shuttle bus you choose. You also get a choice of seating layouts and designs The Glaval Entourage is the premier shuttle bus built on the Ford F-550 chassis. With a maximum capacity of up to 33 passengers including the driver, the Glaval Entourage can handle much larger groups than a standard 15 passenger bus or 15 passenger vans. Another popular configuration with the Entourage is what is known as the 33/29RS

Before jumping on the school bus bandwagon there are some important considerations to think about. First, a converted bus is a lot larger and longer than a standard food truck. According to Wikipedia, the length of an average food truck is 45 feet. Most floor plans for standard food trucks don't exceed 20 feet in length The Spirit Shuttle Bus is the perfect non-CDL option for church groups, tour groups and corporate executives who demand luxury transportation. Seating is available for 14-25 passengers plus a driver. The all-fiberglass body and 150 degree radius sidewalls give the Spirit the high-end appearance typically not found in other small buses on the. Hello, I'm Tiffany and this is my bus, Falkor, The Luck Bus and my son, Fox is with me. He's 6 years old. Yuck's excited to start in the tour and show you all our bus. I paid a guy. Um, I have a, I had a contractor build the bus. He built out the the shiplap and really worked with me. It was his first custom build. So, I did the floor plan and.