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Special Order. Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus 20L Walnut Timber Stain. (0) $665. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Special Order. Sikkens Cetol Deck Slip Resistant 20L Pine Timber Finish To colour the treated pine walls, I need to adequately prepare them and then stain them (I've decided against painting) - but: 1. In my situation, is a water-based stain or oil-based stain best? Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @heykrazi. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question

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Pressure-treated wood contains preservatives to prevent rot and insect damage, but it remains vulnerable to the sun, wind, moisture and dirt. Learning how to stain pressure treated wood can extend the life and improve the appearance of decks, fencing, picnic tables, retaining walls and other exterior wood projects How to stain pressure treated wood or a fence. Roadie Frodie stains a pressure treated wood fence with a brush and cedar tone flood stain. This is my advice. For a deck and exterior stain that'll not hide the natural character of the timber, those perfectly imperfect knots and timber grain, try the semi-transparent Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain in a range of colours from black Japan to European oak. Shades of grey. If you're interested in what's trending at the moment for decks, it's all about. Deck Stain Colors For Treated Pine Looking to stain your treated pine,and need some help choosing a color? Explore these helpful articles below, and get some inspiration today for your next staining project I'm considering painting our treated pine fence in a dark grey or black but I don't like the opaque 'plastic' finish of many paints. I've seen a picture of Porters Palm Beach Black that looks great on treated timber, but not sure how it would be on rough treated pine. It's expensive though, so does.

Available at Bunnings, and you can tint to give a variety of different 'Browns'. Timber sleepers are already treated, so I used it merely as a cosmetic touch. I also did my timber fence (treated pine, but cleaned first with Deck Clean to remove the weathered grey colour) and it still looks good after 3 years Bunnings have colour samples on actual wood in their paint section. I'm ready to stain my new deck and i'd like e to get a merbau-like stain colour onto the treated pine to finish it off. My deck is fairly exposed to the elements, so i want to get something that has UV protection etc

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New treated pine deck issues! - After much deliberation and looking at the sample timber at Bunnings we opted for Cabot's Deck & Exterior Stain in Beach House Grey ! - To be sure, at great expense ($14 for 250ml!) I bought a sample pot and tried it on an offcut Staining your deck is a great way to freshen up tired looking timber and preserve the wood. Before you start to paint, the most important thing you need to d.. The timber is treated pine. Too many nails were too hard and a lot of effort to try and get flush, to be able to use an industrial sander to remove the surface paint, previous owner decided to paint over the previous stain. So after several weeks of using 20 litres of paint stripper, finally have removed all previous surfaces We are about to finish 2 decks (treated pine and the other Merbau). Two Questions: (1) In front of Cabot's Win $10,000 sign, Bunnings Seven Hills has a piece of timber painted in sections with Aquadeck Natural, Aquadeck Merbau and Deck & Exterior Stain Merbau. As one of the reviewers commented, the stain looks like Mission Brown. Please. So we cut out the really bad timber boards and inserted new pine decking, replaced the nails that had 'popped up' with decking screws, pressure washed the lot, and let it dry out for a few days and then painted the lot. The paint was really thick. We found it easiest to apply with a brush, as this got in between the boards and the numerous cracks

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Again my concern is the colour match. I have attached the photo of the house door that I am aiming to match the colour to i.e. Chestnut on the hardwood. I checked the wood stain colour chart and unable to find the closest match. Also, I noticed 50plus reviews on products review website about this stain- and it's not looking promising Similar problems , they Bunnings sold us Cabot's deck paint asked for dulux but they said there was a special Cabot's which would give the same finish and colour on our new treated pine deck the Cabot paint turned out which we will have to darken somehow so we are disappointed both in Cabot's and Bunnings LOSP Treated Pine. Is becoming the most common treatment available. It has a slight solvent smell when fresh and is quite light in colour (although a small amount of green dye is added to the treatment to help with identifying that it is treated) • LOSP treated pine must be primed with an suitable primer and then have two top coats Forget reapplying again and again - Cabot's Water Based Deck & Exterior Stain lasts twice as long as traditional decking stains. This highly durable stain has been designed to rejuvenate and transform the colour of all exterior timber, delivering a long lasting, beautiful result. Give your decking and furniture a new lease of life

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Give your deck a refresh - just in time for summer! Cabot's Oil Based Deck & Exterior Stain is designed to rejuvenate and transform the colour of all exterior timbers, including decking and outdoor furniture. This durable stain will make a world of difference to tired old timber - the oil-enriched formula protects it from the most damaging environmental factors, highlighting the wood's. 2 Stain the edges and corners of the deck with a paint brush. Start by using a paint brush to 'cut in' or stain the edges and the corners. Use nice, long brush strokes, and blend in as you go. As long as you are continuous, it won't matter if the stain is a little stronger in some parts. Once you've finished cutting in, remove the masking tape.

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Exterior Stain Colors. Sherwin-Williams world of color doesn't stop with our paints—our wide variety of stains can enhance and protect any porch, deck, trim or siding as well as concrete driveways and walkways. Opacity options include: solid and semi-transparent. Solid: Full coverage providing the highest protection BEST STAIN COLOR FOR PINE. Minwax Special Walnut. Minwax Classic Gray. Special Walnut is a warm brown that is not too dark or too light. And I think it works perfectly on pine. On other wood species, It can appear very dark. My number one tip is to wipe it off immediately and don't let it sit for very long COLORS CHART - WEATHERWOOD STAINS. Are you working with a s pecific type of wood and trying to achieve a weathered look? . The following wood species are arranged in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see your wood species and hover over the photo to learn what colors are possible. CLICK on the COLOR SWATCH to be taken to the product page Minwax® preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes. The products that have made Minwax® an American icon will add color and beauty to your wood—in oil or water-based stains. With Minwax® wood stains, there's a color to suit every style The greeen colour is a by product of the treatment process, if it is very noticable on your boards these would have been treated using the CCA process which is supprising as CCA treated decking board were banned in 2006, along with other timbers such as childrens play equipment, garden furtniture, picnic tables, the CCA treatment was replaced.

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  1. Intergrain NaturalStain has been designed to be used on treated pine, with long-lasting, semi-transparent stain, this water based product delivers outstanding durability. It weathers naturally and is ideal for changing the colour of treated pine and reviving faded timber
  2. posted 2018-Mar-15, 2:52 pm AEST. I'd suggest cleaning the older pine with Deck Clean (or oxalic acid) and painting with Cabotts Aqua Deck. I think the colour I used was Merbau, and it looks great. The newer pine I'd let weather for a bit longer. Edit: The Aqua Deck is not a cheap option, but should have a long life since you are not walking on it
  3. A: Pressure-treated wood is often left as-is without being coated in a gorgeous deck stain color because many home owners think you can't use coating on top of the wood treatment. Luckily, that isn't correct. As long as you choose stains that complement the pressure-treated look you have a world of deck stain colors to choose from. Newer decks built with pressure-treated lumber should.
  4. Hi I am looking to stain /oil a treated pine pergola I am building at home.I have seen before treated pine mixed with hardwood in pergolas and both timbers have come out basically the same.So I am basically trying to make the treated pine look a hardwood colour instead of the usual green.I beieve the technique is a mixture of to products possibly a stain or tint and an oil.Any suggestions.
  5. Contains Linseed Oil. Ideal for rough sawn fences, posts and decking. Semi-transparent matt finish. Water washup. Timber Protect Deck & Fence Stain is a low odour water based deck & fence stain specially formulated with linseed oil, ideal for treated pine and for changing the colour of decking and fences
  6. Haymes wood stain is suited to be used on pine, ash and light coloured furniture timbers and is available in a range of colours. Talk to an Expert. Get in touch with your local stockists today for professional advice & guidance on staining wood, and pick up all of the items you need to start your project today
  7. The following product (s) is required to properly prep and pre-treat wood prior to any stain project. Only available in store at Home Depot. The 9 in. x 1/4 in. Polyester Adhesive Roller Cover has a hard texture, making it ideal for applying all types of adhesives to smooth surfaces. It can be used for stippling and applying sand paints

Intergrain UltraDeck Timber Stain is a long-lasting, semi-transparent, water-based stain with outstanding durability that transforms the colour of exterior timber. This fast-drying, low odour finish protects timber from the destructive effects of weathering and ageing. It is perfect for changing the colour of treated pine or reviving faded timber posted 2014-Jul-11, 10:02 pm AEST. Intergrain, that's Dulux's timber stain branch. Dulux make excellent paint, I haven't tried Intergrain yet, it's a bit pricey but I'm eyeing it. Pretty happy with Cabot's, been using their various products for years and currently their range of colours is very good in stains

Chances are if its a stain you will not get rid of the colour is it is designed to sink into the wood the only other real alternative is to use a weatherproof paint over the existing stain some or a deck paint. Agreed. Check the product for painting over stain. It will probably block any grain appearance though Then, you can select from an array of color options available within that product line. Here are a few characteristics of a superior fence stain product: #1 - Higher Quality Pigments. #2 - Better Sealing Properties. #3 - Resistant to Mildew, Rot, Insects. #4 - Environmentally Friendly Formula bunnings fineline. package dim (mm) assembled dim (mm) colour. material. weight . 8451194. mgp10 treated pine. 10kg • easy to stain & colour • simple installation with a fraction of the fixings • makes laying decking easy - low maintenance. feature New treated pine deck. Recommended to use Intergrain ultradeck timber stain. Cleaned it first with ultraprep, gave it a week to dry and just did the first (and only) coat of Merbau. The result, horrible and patchy and of course nothing like the samples in Bunnings or the visualiser tool. Even used their own brand lambs wool applicator Wattyl Colourwood Interior Stain. A semi-transparent pigment based wood stain. Penetrates into the timber. Produces rich and natural colouring. Even toning on all timbers. Enriches and highlights the natural timber grain and texture. Available in 10 factory tinted colours

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  1. Most woods, including treated pine, will eventually fade to a silver-gray color. Stain may add some life to your fence, but its primary contribution is color. There are several factors you ought.
  2. Brushed on 2 coats of Ironbark for a great finish on pine fence. Impt to stir thoroughly and thin a little (10%) if necessary. 10 litres covered ~ 80m2 two coats. Dried in 1 hr ~ 28C. Only disappointment was that the colour turned out different to the painted sample blocks in Bunnings
  3. Made from treated pine, these decking panels are relatively lightweight to work with and can be stained any colour. Here, a water-based stain was used - it leaves a semi-opaque finish

Resene Colorwood is an interior wood stain designed to colour timber, while still allowing the natural grain of the timber to show through. It is the perfect way to add colour to timber without losing its natural beauty. All colours can be intermixed, allowing you to create your own colours Hi guys , ive just added a 90 x 22 treated pine decking onto my caravan & annexe its 4.8m x 3.8m , Question 1 is how long do i need to wait before i stain & oil ? Q:2 my verandah is only going to cover half of the decking , will there be any issues with this ? I got a great price for the t/p it was only $1.60 l/m if anyone wants the number just. A treated pine retaining wall can be upgraded to look like hardwood simply by applying a good quality timber stain like Sikkens premium timber stains. The benefit of applying Sikkens woodcare to a treated pine retaining wall is that it has been developed to protect timber. There is a perception that treated timber doesn't need protection but. The 56 Custom Tint colors shown will require tinting by the retailer. Custom Tint Colors are likely to vary with the type, color, grain, porosity, and texture of the wood used. A sample brush out on your wood is recommended. Satin, Semi-gloss, gloss? Choose the right sheen for your interior wood surfaces ©timber queensland limited technical data sheet 3 treated pine cladding revised march 2014 page 3 Whilst every efiort is made to ensure the accuracy of advice given, Timber Queensland Limited cannot accept liability for loss or damage arising from the use of the information supplied

A solid color stain requires two coats, and you, therefore, need twice as much pigment than for one coat. Buy On Amazon . 6. Marine Seal Wood Dock Stain & Sealer, Semi-Transparent Stain for Marinas, Boat Docks, Piers, Natural Pine. Boats are usually in the water most of the time, and they need a stain and sealer that will produce great results As one of the most commonly used and versatile timbers in the world, treated pine is an old favourite and is often used around pools, for fencing, in gardens, to create the sub frames for decks, and as decking material itself. Treated Pine Appearance. Untreated pine is golden white in colour but will vary according to the treatment applied

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Give them a new lease on life with Cabot's Interior Stain Oil Based. This penetrating stain has been designed to be used on interior doors, windows, trim and furniture. It instantly rejuvenates and transforms interior timber surfaces thanks to it's unique oil-enriched formula. A clear top coat will be required Likewise, people ask, what is the best stain for treated pine? Intergrain NaturalStain has been designed to be used on treated pine, with long-lasting, semi-transparent stain, this water based product delivers outstanding durability.It weathers naturally and is ideal for changing the colour of treated pine and reviving faded timber.. Additionally, how do you keep pine sleepers from warping

Minwax® Wood Finish™. A penetrating oil-based wood stain that's available in 36 beautiful colors — perfect to enhance the beauty of any wood surface. Now with faster dry time. Low VOC Formula. 4.2. (95) 4.2 out of 5 stars. 95 reviews. Learn More Find Sommersault Single Chair Hammock At Bunnings Warehouse Visit Your Local Store For The Widest Range Of Outdoor Outdoor Remodel Indoor Hammock Bed Hammock . Cut the 90mm x 90mm treated pine into the following lengths. Hammock Hangers Bunnings. This Zenith zinc plated hammock hook with plate has been designed as a connection point for hammocks Cabots 10L Treated Pine Exterior Decking Oil. Keep your deck looking it's best with Cabot's Natural Decking Oil, a fast drying, deep penetrating oil that helps to nourish and protect exposed timbers. With a fast re-coat time of 6 hours, Cabot's Natural Decking Oil allows you to get two coats done in one day, freeing up the rest of your weekend. Pine doesn't always have to be the ugly secondary wood used in woodworking projects. With the right finish, it looks awesome! I like the old school honey pin..

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Well, I say that, but that doesn't mean you have to do it in a sentence. Here are a few basic deck stain types, as well as a little primer on what they all mean. Table of Contents. Best Deck Stain For Pressure Treated Wood to Buy in 2020. 1> Ready Seal 5-Gallon Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer. 2> DEFY Extreme 1-Gallon Exterior Wood Stain Test the wood to make sure the stain is dry. A good way to tell whether the pine is ready for reapplication is by dabbing it with the pad of your finger or the corner of a paper towel. If any color comes off, the stain still too wet. Never apply sealant while the stain is still wet. This is a good way to ruin all your hard work Jan 25, 2015 - Vinegar and steel wool oxidisation on treated pine fence planks from bunnings Such a cheap stain option Look to the colours of the room's decor for inspiration. Floors. A dark stain grounds a room when contrasted with a lighter wall colour. A light stained or varnished floor helps to brighten a space, making a prominent wood grain a feature. Cabinets. Darker stain creates a more formal mood, while lighter stain can expand a space. Or mix it up

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Haymes Woodcare Dexpress is an easy-to-use timber finish that lasts 3X longer than traditional decking oils. This UV and mould resistant coating is perfect for preserving hardwood and softwood timbers including Merbau, Spotted Gum and Treated Pine. Dexpress is quick-drying and washes up easily in water. Features: Hard-wearing Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed, so the colors you see may not match the paint's actual color. In addition, the actual and perceived color of applied stain may be affected by factors such as wood absorption rates, application techniques, and the wood's natural color and grain tones Pressure-treated wood is chemically protected to help the wood weather the elements better and last longer than natural wood. If you like the lasting benefits of pressure-treated wood, but think that the wood won't blend with cedar used in your construction project, you can stain the wood to look like cedar Treated pine decking can last for over 30 years when properly treated - this means the hazard level of at least H3, ideally H4. The lifespan of the treated pine depends whether it is touching the ground, how thick the poles or planks are and the hazard level of its treatment The grooved treads are easily assembled as the stringers are routed in for secure and longer lasting construction. The stairs are made from H3, LOSP Treated Pine, suitable for above ground outdoor use. Timber is a naturally occurring material which can have variations in colour & texture. Possibility of sap leakage, ther

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Cabot Problem-Solver Primer is recommended for use on extractive-prone wood species such as red cedar, redwood, mahogany and fir. It is also excellent when applied to pine, cypress, spruce and even pressure-treated wood. This product has exceptional adhesive properties and can be applied immediately to new, dry, unseasoned, mill-glazed (smooth. Q: My deck is made of pressure-treated lumber but I want to add a bit of colour - what stain colours look good on treated pine? Thanks! A: Pressure-treated wood is often left as-is without being coated in a gorgeous deck stain colour because many home-owners think you can't use coating on top of the wood treatment.Luckily, that isn't correct. As long as you choose stains that complement. May 20, 2020 - Explore Shelly Bogucki's board Pine stain colors on Pinterest. See more ideas about stain colors, staining wood, stain on pine

Sikkens is the best stain i've used on treated pine. It's a 3 coat process and is quite expensive, but I thinkit gives the closest colour results to the desired timber. Other stains make the treated pine look orange. As for the stairs, I wouldn't worry about it to much, you have variances in natural hardwoods anyway, so it will look normal A perfect color palette goes beyond paint. With Sherwin-Williams stain colors, you can let the natural wood shine through, match grain colors or cover unsightly blemishes. Choose an option below to learn more about how stain colors help create design harmony throughout a home When looking for the best stain on new pressure treated decks choose a formula that is designed to penetrate the dense surface such as Armstrong Clark Stains The pine board looked the least natural with this stain. Poplar looked a little bit like watermelon. Birch did surprisingly well and the oaks were naturals. Naturals in a very red way. 4. Minwax Golden Oak. This is another mid-range stain color, but with a more neutral base undertone 1. Minwax Pickled Oak. If you're wanting to preserve the natural wood color (and possibly go even slightly lighter), I recommend using Pickled Oak. It brought out the natural tones while slightly lightening each type of wood piece. It also appeared to make the wood look softer. This is a great stain to have on hand! 2

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I'm ready to stain my new deck and i'd like e to get a merbau-like stain colour onto the treated pine to finish it off. My deck is fairly exposed to the elements, so i want to get something that has UV protection etc. Bunnings have colour samples on actual wood in their paint section First, I used some homemade vinegar stain on the wood to cut the yellow/orange color of the pine. The homemade vinegar stain was about two cups of white vinegar, two 000 steel wool pads, and two tablespoons of coffee grounds. I only let the vinegar solution set for about three hours before using it After installation, treated wood takes 2-4 weeks to dry. For optimal results, wait until the wood is completely dry to paint and stain. Perform the following test to determine if your project is ready to paint or stain: Place a few drops of water on the area to be coated. If it beads up, it is too wet to coat, and you'll need to wait

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Select Your Stain. One of the benefits of staining your pressure treated fence is the ability to select the exact color you want. Wash Your Fence if Necessary. Begin Staining. what color can you stain cedar? Rustic Cedar is a semi-solid stain color that is a great choice for cedar decks that may be a bit older Blue pine has been treated with synthetic pyrethroids to resist borers and termites. The treatment is usually water-based, and better for the environment than many other treatments. Blue pine treated timber. About pyrethroids. Pyrethrins were developed from chrysanthemums and have long been used in household insecticides Cutting & Resealing Treated Pine. It is important to remember that your treatment warranty will be voided if you do not reseal the cut ends of your treated pine. Essentially there are three types of treated pine resealers, Copper Napthanate Oil (Green), Zinc Napthanate Oil (Clear) and Copper Napthanate Oil Emulsion. For all H3 above ground. Average lifespan: Treated pine is a Grade 2 timber with a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Grade 1 hardwoods like Ironbark and Tallowwood can last in excess of 25-40 years. As to the question of treated pine vs hardwood decking, it's really job dependent. The cost of treated pine decking is lower, but hardwoods are stronger and last longer

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There are gray wood stain colors available on the market which can be used if you just want a simple gray stain. I tested out all of these grey stains on pine wood. Do keep in mind though that stain can look different on different species and types of wood, as well as in different lighting scenarios How to Stain Pine Floor Boards. Pine flooring was once very common in older homes. It is durable, easily cut and develops a lovely honey-colored ambiance over time. Yet, pine is softer than maple. Grey base stains can neutralise and clear imperfections in a timber fence. This type of stain is well suited to treated pine, teak, Vic ash, and merbau fences. Grey bases come in a variety of shades - from subtle raincloud colours, to deep charcoal tones. Choose a grey stain for a contemporary look

The key to an even finish is to start with a coat of polyurethane to seal the surface YELLAWOOD PROTECTOR ® Deck Stain & Sealer Start and finish with the yella tag.. Homeowners and contractors alike appreciate high-quality home improvement products, and nothing is as recognized or respected as YellaWood ® brand pressure treated pine. When building with the best, it makes sense to finish with the best too — YellaWood Protector ® semi-transparent stain and water repellent. Stain can easily change color depending on the wood you're using. We tested 10 different stains, light to dark, on 4 different pieces of wood to show you

The most important step to painting pressure treated wood is letting the wood dry appropriately. This may take a few weeks up to as long as a month, depending on how 'wet' the wood was when you bought it. One of the biggest indicators of the state of pressure treated wood is its color. When the wood is wet, the color will be a dark. Vic Ash- Stained Rosewood, treated with Kaldet transparent wood stain #270-082 to match Jarrah flooring. American Oak flooring treated with Kunos Smoked oak stain. Smoked Oak on American Oak - Staining highlights the timber features however given the timber a different colour hue Radiata pine lumber is a softwood that has a beautiful grain and texture and is an excellent choice for making light duty furniture or keepsake cabinets. However, like other types of pinewoods, it can be difficult to get the best finish when painting or staining. If you will not be using Radiata pine in its natural state with a clear coat finish (recommended for best results and to preserve. Exterior Pine Clear. From $ 21.00. EXTERIOR PINE CLEAR is a clear decking oil type exterior timber finish specifically formulated for use on treated pine. It takes away the normally dry treated pine look and its penetrating qualities give the timber a rich natural oiled look, which enhances the natural grain and beauty of pine

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Cabot® Solid Color Decking Stains are extremely durable exterior stains for use on all wood decking, outdoor furniture and fencing, as well as cement patios and walkways. Series #1800, 100% acrylic finish is also water repellent and fade resistant. Oil Series #1600 and #7600 contain all-natural pigment with 100% alkyd resin The First step to painting your Treated Pine is to ensure that your correctly identify it. See our page on Identifying Treated Pine. CCA (Seasoned-Kiln Dried to Aust Standards) CCA treated timbers can be primed and over-coated with Acrylic/Water based paints. It is recommended that Kiln Dried CCA treated timbers be allowed to age for 7 fine. Get all the best features of oil and latex with BEHR's Solid Color House & Fence Wood Stain. This exterior formula creates a durable film that resists cracking and peeling on your home's vertical surfaces. It's available in more than 1,600 custom and computer-matched colors, and is also great on stucco, brick and cement siding Shop undefined 6-ft H x 8-ft W Pressure Treated Pine Flat-Top Fence Panel in the Wood Fence Panels department at Lowe's.com. This color treated privacy fence panel is pressure treated to resist rot and decay. Use this panel to create a private oasis around your yard. It stands 6-f