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M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword Unknown Manufacturer - Likely import model characterized by the etched Iron Proof marking on spine spine of the blade. I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine US Civil War M-1860 Staff & Field Officers Sword . Item #: 091120-1 More Details » Very Nice Civil War Officers Sword with Fancy Scabbard & Pearl Grips' Made: Civil War / France Maker: Chatellerault Model: 1860 Condition: Fine+ Qty: Price: $1,950 USD. US Pre-Civil War Militia Staff Officers Sword - Drooping Eagle - Weyersberg. $495.00. $27.20 shipping. 16 watching. US Civil War Potter Model 1840 Musicians NCO Sword. $260.00. $30.65 shipping. 30 watching. Antique Civil War Officer Cavalry sword Old and Vintage. $132.40. 18 bids. $49.00 shipping The Confederate Staff & Field Officer Sword is a fine reproduction sword and a faithful copy of the originals used. It is made to to perform exactly as the original in every way. The leather handle is wire wrapped and the pommel and guard are brass. The blade is unsharpened

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The presentation on the sword was to an actual Civil War officer of high rank, however, completely faked. (Below) Note the haphazard, crude engraving. On a presentation sword of this grade, the engraving should be immaculate Introduced in 1841, the Model 1840 officer's sword was a hybrid of older French, British and Prussian patterns and was the regulation sword for U.S. officers not serving mounted until the (490-2156) US Model 1860 Field and Staff Officer's Sword This sword is a giant move away from it's predecessor the Model 1850. It is light and somewhat fragile in appearance. Although it was adopted in 1860, it did not become standard until the early 1870's

Civil War Staff and Field Officer Sword Here we present an antique Bent & Bush Staff & Field Officer's Sword, made circa 1860 in Boston, Massachusetts. This U.S. Model 1860 staff & field officer sword was worn by officers in the rank of major and above. It was designed to replace the heavier and much sturdier Model 1850 Medical Service) Civil War Dress Sword marked Ames Mfg. Co. Chicopee Mass. on the blade and also on the brass scabbard. Iron letters M S on shield designed guard. U.S. Staff & Field Officer's Sword. Both sides are profusely engraved with war trophies, a large U.S., an eagle, and the E.Pluribus Unim motto. The scabbard is a replacement For years I've been looking for a decent war time issued Model 1860 Staff Officer Sword (also called the 1860 Staff and Line Officer Sword, or erroneously the 1860 Staff and Field Sword). They are much harder to find than the Model 1850 officer swords. Made up until 1902, you usually find the later ones being passed off as Civil War era The 1860 Staff & Field Officer's Sword was more a badge of rank than a useful weapon, and many field grade officers on campaign during the Civil War held onto the more battle-worthy 1850 Staff & Field Officer's sword. Nonetheless, the Model 1860 endured

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  1. This 41.75 inch sword is an authentic replica of one of the most prevalent models used during the Civil War with a 34 inch tempered carbon spring steel blade and a leather and brass handle
  2. A stunning Model 1860 Non-Regulation Staff and Field Officer's Sword manufactured by Emerson and Silver, Trenton, New Jersey. It has a large brass hilt bearing a spread winged eagle on the guard with US inscribed underneath. The grip and wire wrap are both present and in good condition showing wear consistent with age and use
  3. The Model 1850 Army Staff and Field Officer's Sword was carried by all members of staff departments, Field Grade officers of Artillery and Infantry, Company Grade Officers of Light Artillery, Staff Officers and Aides-de-Camp between 1850 and 1872. It was based on a French pattern. Though other swords were allowed by the regulations, this model was by far the most popular sword carried by.

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  1. Our M1850 foot officer's sword is an exact copy of the French Mle1845 infantry officer sword. You often see these French swords being sold as US M1850s. The French swords will almost always have an unstopped fuller, whereas the US models will almost always have a stopped fuller
  2. Shiloh Civil War Relics Catalog Gallery. Edged Weapons - Swords - Officer Swords Over $750. Click on an item image to view the full details. 171st Pennsylvania Attributed Civil War Officer's Sword with Etched Blade. Click image to view item details. Item #: B1771. Price: $1,450.00. Original Pair of Brass Civil War Sword Hangers 1 with Leather.
  3. Pre-Civil War Militia Staff Officer's Eagle Pommel Sword with ScabbardThis militia staff officer's sword with eagle pommel and silver finished brass scabbard was manufactured circa1840. The sword has a straight 30 1/2 inch blade with central fuller. The blade is acid-etched and dry needle engraved with a Federal Eagle with E. Pluribus/Unum on a ribbon along with floral and martial designs
  4. * antique 1860 staff & field officers civil war sword & scabbard description: u.s. model 1860 staff & field officers sword with scabbard. 38 1/4 overall 32 double-edged blade marked e.a. armstrong/mfg. co. - 300 wabash ave - chicago both sides of blade are etched, with loose wire wrap on the grip
  5. Swords - Officers - Items for Sale - Civil War Preservations. Not a member? Gift Certificates; Authentic Civil War Swords and Firearms Buying and Selling authentic Civil War Swords & Firearms and Military memorabilia. Dedicated to preserving our heritage through honesty and integrity in the collecting field. M 1860 Staff Officer Sword.

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  1. Model 1860 Staff Officers Sword - SCARCE untouched example here, 32 diamond style blade with French Maker Mark, FDB over helmet & sword, Francois Delacour & Backes, Paris Sword Maker
  2. pratt 35th massachusetts infantry co. h. wounded at the battle of antietam md. 9/17/1862 also fought at the battle of fredericksburg va. 12/13/186
  3. Shiloh Civil War Relics Catalog Gallery. Edged Weapons - Swords - Officer Swords Under $750. Click on an item image to view the full details. Very Scarce Tarred Waterproof Sword Case for a Medical or Pay Department Sword. Click image to view item details. Item #: A5256. Price: $395.00
  4. Civil War Model 1850 Staff And Field Officers Sword & Scabbard with Matching Numbers . Original condition never cleaned. Blade is 1 1/16 of an inch wide at the handguard and blade is 30 3/4 inches long. It says iron proof on the Ricasso.check Photos they are part of the description and show conditio
  5. MA1003 Civil War and Indian War Saber Hanger Snap Swivels. Our Price: $24.75 Compare. Quickview. SE0120 Staff and Field Officer's Sword. Our Price: $159.95 Compare. Quickview. BL0229 Sword Belt. Our Price: $49.95 Compare. Quickview. ML6910 Sword Knot

4.0 out of 5 stars Civil War Army Staff Field Officers Sword. Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2012. Verified Purchase. Nice It was done up in a very close to original way. The price was great. If you are in the market for one, this may be the one Read more. 3 people found this helpful. Helpful Civil War U.S. Mounted Field and Staff Officers Sword. Sale. Regular price. $79.95. Shipping calculated at checkout. Civil War U.S. Mounted Field and Staff Officers Sword 39. Quick Overview. Of the many different sword models issued to troops during the Civil War, this one was issued to Mounted Field and Staff Officers on the Union side

This Civil War Staff and Field Officers' Sword is ornately detailed with a semi-basket brass guard, marked US. The beautifully engraved slightly curved 34 carbon steel blade comes complete with a blued steel scabbard with brass fittings. Features. A Great Civil War Sword. Great for Re-enacting and Collecting Civil War US Staff officer sword of Capt./Col. Gardner Banks, 16th Massachusetts, brother of Gen. N.P. Banks $ 7,500.00 $ 6,500.00 Category: Edged Weapons (swords, knives and bayonets Confederate Staff & Field Officer's Sword. # 500006. $174.95. Discontinued closeout Temporary Unavailable. This faithful reproduction of the Boyle, Gamble and McFee sword is a beauty! The blade etching is even more detailed than on the old ones, with the heroic C.S.A., cannon and battle flag all well done. The brass fittings are beautifully. Fine Civil War Medical Staff Officer sword with scabbard. $ 1,650.00. Category: Edged Weapons (swords, knives and bayonets) Description. This is an excellent and exceptional example of the US Model 1840 Medical Staff Officer sword as carried by Surgeons and Doctors in the American Civil War

The US Model 1860 Staff and Line Officers sword or Staff and Field. Any collector interested in the M1860 must have a copy of Civil War Army Swords by John H. Thillmann. Andrew Mowbray Incorporated - Publisher, ISBN: 1-931464-31-6. There will be no effort to add to Thillmann's detailed description of this model which includes the post ACW versions During the Civil War, the federal government contracted with five of the above firms for the delivery of model I860 staff and field officer's swords. A total of 512 were delivered. But I still have not figured out whether swords with two shields on the hilt and swords with one shield on the hilt were used at the same time or at different times 1850 Foot Officer's Civil War Era SWORD 35 1/2 TOTAL LENGTH 29 3/4 BLADE (H1) Details » Buy Now for $995.00 » Buy: $995.00 Ships: Free: $995.00: 1 day 14 hr

Henry Thomas and Arthur Breese Griswold of New Orleans were arguably the finest CS sword makers of the war. When the city was lost to the union in 1862 production of these unique, high quality swords ceased forever. This Thomas Griswold & Co. New Orleans marked Cavalry Officers Saber was in the collection of Jamie Deason of El Dorado, AK for 10. The sword itself, it's a model 1850 staff officer's sword, and we know it's for staff, which is the higher-ranking soldiers, because of the US and the Guard. GUEST: Was it used in battle at all This is a simply fantastic example of a Civil War era US M-1850 Staff & Field Officers' Sword, manufactured by the famous N.P. Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, MA.The US M-1850 Staff & Field Officers' Sword was officially adopted in the US Army regulations of 1851, but it could trace its genesis back about two years, as correspondence within the Ordnance Bureau shows that a change. I have a model 1860 Field and Staff Officers Sword that has come down though the family. It has a whistle built into the hilt which I understand was created as an experiment in 1891 and is a rare feature for kind of weapon. Issue: at some time in the past the blade was broke about 8 inches from the tip. It was welded back together Mint Civil War US Model 1850 Field & Staff Officers Sword by Ames. This sword is in mint condition with a bright frosty blade. Nearly 100% gilt remains on brass hilt and scabbard mounts. Scabbard is dent free with the exception of the drag which has a couple of minor dings. Scabbard retains nearly all of its original powder blue finish

Description. Offered is a fabulous U.S. model 1850 staff & field officer's sword by Weyersberg Solingen in pristine condition. The followings are the specifications of this stunning sword: Slightly curved 31 3/4 inch blade with broad, shallow fuller and 16 inch etched and engraved panel, one side with scrolling florals framing of arms and. Find historical weapons like thisModel 1850 union staff & field officers sword from the American Civil War era at MuseumReplicas.com. COVID-19 Update: Our showroom is open Tues - Sat 9-5. We are shipping orders as normal but customers may experience delays due to carrier issues and disruption of our supply chains 1850 Staff and Field Sword, Exactly as above, only with a more extensive knuckle guard with US cut out. Copy of the Original version, US etched blade, leather or metal scabbard (whichever is available) Brass knuckle guard with black leather grip and deluxe brass wire wrap. This is a very nice example of the 1850 Foot Officers Sword PHONE NUMBER - 440-744-9088. ( Back to Homepage) Civil War presentation sword of Lieut. A.W. Fix, 114th Pennsylvania volunteers. This is a fine condition presentation grade staff and field officers sword made by Horstmann Brothers of Philadelphia

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Short Artillery Sword. $625.00. Model 1840 Cavalry Saber. $595.00. Artillery Saber. $650.00. Model 1840 Cavalry Saber Scabbard. $225.00. Exquisite Staff and Field Officer's Sword General's Civil War Sword for sale. This is a first pattern, Regulation 1860 Staff & Field Officers sword. We buy and sell Antique Civil War Swords and Artifacts. Email us at Mail@HistoricalArms.net or call 440-744-9088 (11am - 8pm Eastern Time) CIVIL WAR GENERAL'S SWORD - Lot #3207

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Can't really blanket anything in this hobby. Even an aged reproduction has some value to a buyer that cannot shell out the $450+ price tag that a genuine foot officers sword gets. I've bought unmarked swords, but the price was right. What we cannot say about an unmarked sword without more info is that it is a Civil War use sword Civil War staff officers were vital to the operations of Civil War armies. Their efforts ensured that the armies were not only prepared for battle, but also had all necessary supplies to travel and camp throughout the war. Staff officers, from the halls of Washington and Richmond to the battlefield and the company mess, were employed at every. Boyle & Gamble Staff Officers CS - Star sword. A beautiful Confederate Staff Officer's sword with a perfectly cast hilt with 'CS - Star' in the guard. The grip was restored by Bill Osborne and accompanied with a letter by him in 1972 stating it is one of the finest examples that he has ever seen

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See additional information on Civil War Medical Service swords. The Model 1840 Ames Medical Staff sword was fairly unique when compared to the sword patterns for both Staff and Field/Line officers and Non-Commissioned officers of the same time period. These swords were elegant in design and completely ceremonial in purpose Staff Officers. Staff officer Kyle Wichtendahl explains the situation. Our senior officers are sometimes accompanied by impressions of support. staff officers such as Adjutant and Aide-de-camp. The portrayals present how staff officer functions were often difficult and delicate. Staff officers seen accompanying senior officers Foster And Sons Civil War Staff And Field Officers Sword W/ Scabbard Ships Free. $1950.00. Civil War Ames Model 1932 Short Artillery Sword Dated 1847 With Scabbard. $1900.00. Civil War Confederate Side Knife Not Sword W Original Leather Scabbard 1862 . $1875.00

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M1850 style USMC officer sword: Good: $850.00: M1850 style USMC officer sword by Horstmann: Fine: $750.00: early Indian War period M1860 staff and field sword and scabbard by M C Lilley: Fine: $495.00: M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard by M.C.Lilley: Very Good: $185.00: M1872 artillery officer sabre and scabbard by M.C.Lilley: Very Fine. M-1906 Cavalry Sword - More scarce than the civil war swords, fresh from the attic and never messed with. The 35 blade shows age, nick free, light rust, small amount looks to have been sharpen some. Stamped US JHC and dated AS Co 1906. All iron guard with original leather & wire, blade leather washer intact all show age & use This is a fabulous sword that could never be upgraded to a real fighter from MA who served almost every day of the war. Capt. Fiske's unit was the last Mass. Regiment to leave the service at war's end. PROVENANCE: Kevin Hoffman Collection. Pictured on pages 350 & 351 in John H. Tillmann's Civil War Army Swords This Field and Staff Officer's sword shows clear evidence of actual use and will be a very nice addition to someone's Civil War collection.--$895. Fresh out of a Florida estate sale, Federal Model 1840, N.C.O. (Non-commissioned Officer) sword in original scabbard

The sword is intricately carved (not etched), rococo style with flags, spears, cannon, U.S. Coat of arms & spears. Description: Up for sale is a U.S. C.S. Civil War Model 1860 staff and officers sword and scabbard. This sword is based on a French pattern of the same era as are most US Models Swords of the Forge Calvary, Officer and Naval Swords are all battle ready swords that were primarily used in battle by foot soldiers and officers. While the swords used by the different army ranks were all menacing and lethal to their enemy, foot soldiers typical had the more functional, plainer version of the category Sword Values. G. Presentable sword with pitting and worn markings leather grips mostly missing or gone. VG. This is a no problem sword with little or no pitting that is Grey with strong markings. leather grip has at least 80%. F. A sword that still retains some original polish and luster Oct 16, 2017 - Explore Beverly Aaron's board Civil War Swords on Pinterest. See more ideas about civil war, war, american civil war G-15 - Eagle Officers Belt Plate. Post War. Circa 1874 - 1890 Maker Horstmann Bros & Co. Philadelphia. For some reason pre civil war and post war Horstmann plates were made with the eagle looking toward the left, arrows. All other makers of the Eagle Officers plate the eagle looks toward the right

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By the end of the Civil War over 300,000 1860 sabers had been produced: 200,000 by Ames, 32,000 by Roby and many more by firms such as Tiffany and Co, Glaze, Justice, and Emerson and Silver. M1860s were carried not only by cavalry but also by many infantry and staff officers as the regulation Model 1850 Army Staff & Field Officers' Sword had to. This officer's sword was adopted on August 28, 1860 acting upon the officer who would rarely if ever be called upon to wield a sword in battle. It was not mandatory until after the close of the Civil War, however in 1872, this sword became mandatory for all officers except medical staff, paymasters, mounted officers of infantry, cavalry & light. • Civil War Foot soldiers sword/Foot Artillery Sword - is likened to the classical Roman swords. It features a fuller at the centerline of the blade, brass-hilted, and a the scabbard has brass fittings. • Civil War army Staff and Field Officer's Sword - has a curved blade. The grip is leather-wrap and wound brass wire

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The Haiman Brothers sword measures a total of 43 ¾ when sword is set in scabbard compared to its Union counterpart (Model 1840 Calvary Sword) which measures 42. If you have questions about this sword or any of the other weapons in the Civil War Arsenal email me at civilwararsenal@yahoo.com attn: Gene West Civil War Swords: 1860 and beyond. As early as 1859, the Army again opted to reform the swords of all officers and enlisted soldiers. One example is the 1840 cavalry saber; it was remodeled to a lighter blade and labeled Model 1860 cavalry saber. The Naval cutlass was also remodeled to a new design that resembles closely to the French Navy sword Civil War Cavalry Trooper Sword. Our Price: $ 79.00. Save 11%. Qty: CA-06-806. Deluxe 1860 Civil War Cavalry Saber. Our Price: $ 76.00

See additional information on Civil War Medical Service swords. The U. S. Army M 1840 Medical Staff sword was fairly unique when compared to the sword patterns for both Staff and Field/Line officers and Non-Commissioned officers of the same time period. These swords were elegant in design and completely ceremonial in purpose SKU: 501152 $ 170.00 Add to Cart. During the American Civil War, the Confederate and Union armies used rifles and muskets as one of their primary weapons for battle. At times, however, close quarters forced the two armies to resort to fighting with Civil War swords and Civil War sabers. We have both functional and decorative Civil War blades.

this is an original and early u.s. military issued civil war medical staff officers sword inscribed on the scabbard in factory script to wm. h. rice/surg. 81st. n.y. vols. in very nice untouched condition. all original and complete. the sword has a fine blade and etching with nice frosting left on it Model 1850 Union Staff & Field Officer's Sword. # 500124. $174.95. Discontinued closeout Temporary Unavailable. Finely etched and ornamented, reproduction sword from the civil war era has a hand-forged blade. Leather handle is wire wrapped. Recommended Products An original US Civil War Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer's Sword. Of typical form and with gilt brass hilt comprising an embossed eagle to the front shell guard and to the rear, a panoply of flags, martial trophies and victory wreath. The pommel is also decorated with a US eagle and the knucklebow has a series of floral motifs It was based on a French pattern. Though other swords were by regulation allowed, this model was by far the most popular sword carried by officers during the American Civil War. The Staff and Field Officers' Sword is distinct from the Model 1850 Army Foot Officer's Sword

Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword. Befitting their rank, this sword displays a high degree of ornamentation. Brass guard has hand chased foliage and U.S. between the branches. 30 long blade is etched with foliage, military trophies and U.S. and E Pluribus Unum, and Iron Proof. During the years before the war, many Confederate. Military Swords: 1850 Union Staff and Field Officer Swords High Carbon Steel Blade Custom Scabbard $169.99. 1850 Union Army Staff and Field Officer Swords for sale are 35 inches in all. These sabers are inspired by popular military swords that were carried by officers during the American Civil War

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US / CSA Saber. Union Officers' Swords. The swords in the civil war were created between 1830 and 1860 and were elaborate in their designs and different in their uses. Although swords were being replaced slowly by rifles and pistols as the weapons of choice for the military soldier, many still preferred the sword as their weapon of choice. Description. This is post Civil War and was sold by M.C. Lilley & Co. 1847-1880. The Walking Bear logo belonged to the German maker WKC, which was owned by Abraham Kuller Wald. The swords blade retains 94% of the original blade finish. The scabbard and hilt is about 84% original finish. This is considered excellent plus condition. It has a 30. Model 1860 (US Civil War) Field Officers' Sword dated 1861 (Sold) Good owner initialed example of an 1860 model US field officer's sword from the American Civil War, complete with scabbard. Very nice example of a Union field officer's sword dated 1861 and original owner initialed A S. This is an 1860 model sword showing the date 1861 and. SWORD. American 2nd quarter-19th century. Staff and field officer's sword with brass American eagle guard and pommel and bone grips. 32''l. This; Three Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer'sThree Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer's Swords, c. mid to late 19th century, a sword with a gilt-brass hilt, shagreen and wire-wrapped grip, engrave Model 1860 Non-Regulation Civil War Staff and Field Officer's Sword. $1,895.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Presentation Grade Staff Officer's Sword. $4,495.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 1862 Presentation Grade Collins & Co Cavalry Staff Officer's Sword

OLD SAMURAI SWORD. Vintage Samurai sword with writing on blade. Blade measures 26 1/2. $675. CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE NAVAL SWORD. Handmade Civil War Confederate Naval Sword measuring nearly 21 inches long. Carved two piece hardwood handle with brass guard. From the Bob Owens collection. $1595 : RARE 1820'S MARINE MAMELUKE SWORD a u.s. civil war model 1850 staff & field officers sword presented to lieut. james kent stone from his pupils of the 2nd mass. infantry in fine untouched condition. all original and complete. the sword has a fine blade, etching frosting, & polish. the etching on one side has an american eagle & shield, and cannons surrouded by. Original Civil War Model 1850 Field & Staff officer's sword in nice condition complete with its metal scabbard. Sword is unmarked and is no doubt an import item. It is identified by a presentation inscription to R. M. Corwine, Aide-de-camp to General John C. Fremont

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A Model 1850 staff and field officers' sword is much more likely to be Civil War era than a Model 1860, which was used to 1902, and more likely to be postwar. The Model 1850 staff and field officers' sword was adopted at same time as the Model 1850 foot officers' sword and bears some resemblance to it. The staff and field officer's sword has a. The 1850 Staff & Field Officer's sword was the sword of choice for Union Officers during the Civil War. This high quality replica has been produced in a manner similar to the original and the result is a appearance that is faithful and even a little time worn! Sku: 40-910956. Price: $59.99

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Staff Officer's Civil War Sword. Staff Officer's Civil War Sword. $33.95. Out of Stock. 1880 CSA Cavalry Saber Civil War Officer Short Sword Handmade. 22 Inch overall in length 1880 CSA Cavalry Saber Civil War Officer Short Sword All Handmade. $28.25. Out of Stock. US Staff Officer's Sword It is an American sword influenced by the 1821 French model for infantry officers. Peterson's book did not show the scabbard. Through the years I saw similar swords and most of them were identified the same: Non-Regulation, #76 Peterson; some had a leather scabbard, some had a steel scabbard, all of them with two rings

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Product Description. This replica sword is patterned after the M1850 staff and field officers sword that was issued during the Civil War to infantry officers above the grade of Major as well as officers in the artillery and assigned to staff positions. This top quality replica measures 37 1/4 overall and features a 31 3/4 high carbon steel. M1858 U.S. Naval Officer's Sword. It has a carbon steel etched blade with floral design. The brass guard and pommel also have floral decorations. The grip is wood wrapped with light brown leather and wire wound. Comes with black leather scabbard with brass fittings. Overall length: 34 Blade length: 28 ½ by 1 1/16 wide at the hilt Confederate Staff & Field Officer's Sword. # 500006. $174.95. Discontinued Closeout Temporary Unavailable. This replica features a hand-forged, 1095 carbon steel blade etched in ornate detail. Leather grip wrapped in brass wire. Overall length of 36 inches. Recommended Products This rare Confederate saber is the very one pictured on page 222 of Richard H. Bezdek's book Swords of the American Civil War. It is also photographed and featured in detail on page 245 of Shannon Pritchard's book Collecting the Confederacy. He describes it as a Blaise Pradel Field and Staff Officer's Sword Civil War 1850 Army Staff Officer Sword. The 1850 Staff & Field Officer's sword was the sword of choice for Union Officers during the Civil War. This high quality replica has been produced in a manner similar to the original and the result is a appearance that is faithful and even a little time worn! Sku: 40-910956. Price: $59.99