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The Commons Library publishes politically impartial policy analysis and statistical research, free for all to read on this site. Resources The Commons Library offers books, journals and databases to support the research and information needs of MPs, MPs' staff and parliamentary staff Home › Insights › House of Commons Library publishes an Insight article into whether it is possible to extend the transition period due to the Coronovirus pandemic. Contact +44 (0)20 7612 9612 info@wiggin.co.uk. April 27, 2020 The backstop is a guarantee that whatever happens during the negotiations between the EU and UK on the future relationship, the open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will be maintained, and the Good Friday Agreement respected. It is often described as an 'all weather insurance policy' A stone's throw from the Commons chamber you'll find the House of Commons library. Originally built in 1828, then rebuilt following the Westminster Palace fire of 1834, the library is an.

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- House of Commons: 'W' after the column number - House of Lords: 'WA' before the column number. HC Deb 4 July 1996, vol 280, col 505W HL Deb 21 July 2005, vol 673, col WA261. Debates in the Public Bill committees (House of Commons) Cite the title of the Bill, followed by 'Deb', followed by the date and the column number This insight was written by John Curtis and Richard Kelly, researchers at the House of Commons Library. John specialises in international affairs and defence and Richard specialises in. In his November 11, 1942, report on the war to the British House of Commons, Winston Churchill referred to the soft underbelly of the Axis. While half the world was intimidated by the powerful blitzkrieg style of Nazi warfare, the perceptive prime minister focused on the other side—the hidden side: the insecurity, the lack of character, the insanity behind the public image of the German.

The House of Commons Library figures commissioned by Labour show funding for the HSE - which has the power to prosecute rogue bosses - was at £239.4m in 2009/10 The House of Commons Library has published an insight article on the future UK-EU relationship. This article outlines the timeline for the UK government and the EU to agree and ratify the future relationship agreement by the end of the transition period, and summarises the state of play in the UK-EU negotiations 4 For further details on what the backstop entails see House of Commons Library Insight, The backstop explained, 12 December 2018. For a discussion of the outcome of the debate on 29 January 2019, see House of Commons Library Insight, A 'Plan B' considere

Summary: A House of Commons report suggests that David Davis regards a soft border between the UK and Ireland as eminently possible. The House of Commons Library has published a report on the Irish Border after Brexit (full report here).The report is wide-ranging, dealing with issues of both immigration and trade Senior Library Clerk- International Affairs and Defence. House of Commons. Apr 2017 - Present3 years 11 months. Westminster. I am a Senior Research Analyst (Library Clerk) working in the International Affairs and Defence Section of the House of Commons Library. My portfolio includes Europe, Israel/Palestine and Latin America House of Commons Library is headquartered in England. The company's line of business includes providing library services, including the circulation of books and other materials for reading, study. This Insight from the House of Commons Library explains how the Bill seeks to achieve that objective. Parliament's role in April in extending Article 50 Back in April 2019, Parliament passed the.

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Richard Kelly of the House of Commons Library provides an overview of recent developments in the field of parliamentary standards. The blog discusses how institutional arrangements have evolved in response to a series of significant events such as scandals related to 'cash for questions' and MP's expenses The work of the House of Commons includes; making laws (legislation) checking the work of the government (scrutiny) debating current issues. It is also responsible for granting money to the government through approving Bills (proposed laws) that raise taxes. Decisions made in the House of Commons have to be approved in the House of Lords For a full list of changes and analysis read the House of Commons Library insight into the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement Bill). What did MPs say about the Bill? The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP , introduced the Bill by emphasising the withdrawal from the European Union as a new national project that will unite the nation This insight was written by John Curtis and Richard Kelly, researchers at the House of Commons Library. John specialises in international affairs and defence and Richard specialises in. The latter group is best represented by the large number of working drawings donated to the House of Commons by R. Eleanor Milne, Dominion Sculptor from 1962 to 1993. These artworks provide unique insight into the development of many of the sculptural and decorative components in the House of Commons during this period

, Commons Library Insight, 14 January 2020 . Hate crimes: What do the stats show?, Commons Library Insight, 8 April 2019 . 2.3 Other House of Commons Library materials Which workers have been worst hit by coronavirus?, House magazine, 10 June 2020 . Constituency data: ethnicity, House of Commons Library dashboard, 4 June 201 9 Commons Library Insight, Extending the Article 50 Period: FAQs, 21 March 2019 10 Commons Library Insight, The EU agrees to delay Brexit - but for how long?, 25 March 2019 11 Commons Library Insight, EU 'exit day' is changed in UK law, 28 March 2019 12 Commons Library Insight, What is exit day Insight. All 5 minutes with Tag: House of Commons Library. Employment. The controversial approach of fire & rehire in retail. July 8, 2021. Most Read

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This afternoon the House of Lords will debate the draft Whiplash Injury Regulations and related draft FCA rules. Both will take effect on 31 May 2021. The former sets the tariff for damages recoverable for whiplash injuries in which the symptoms last for less than 24 months - at significantly lower levels than the previous common law levels - and provide detail around the ban on settling. This Web site will provide insight into the role of the Clerk, the manner in which the Clerk is appointed, the long history of the office, as well the administrative structure of the House of Commons. Charles Robert was appointed Clerk of the House of Commons on July 10, 2017. Roles and Responsibilitie

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An insight into this question can be gained by considering how often MPs from Scottish constituencies might have affected the result of past Commons votes. Analysis of nearly 5,000 votes since 1997 has shown that 21 would have produced a different outcome had MPs representing Scottish constituencies been excluded Commons Library research briefing, 1 August 2017 Examines the importance of trade with the EU, particularly for UK industries that are highly integrated into the European Single Market. Brexit and trade Commons Library Insight, 23 June 2017 Examines the UK's future trade relationship with the EU and what happens if no trade agreement is reache

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  1. 7 Turner D and Powell T (2016) NHS Commissioning before April 2013, briefing paper number CBP 05607, House of Commons Library, p 21 8 Ham C, Baird B, Gregory S, Jabbal J and Alderwick H (2015) The NHS under the Coalition Government: Part one: NHS reform, The King's Fund, p 4
  2. Most bills are first introduced in the House of Commons. The Standing Orders of the House of Commons require that each of the three readings of a bill take place on a different day. There is a constitutional requirement that bills which involve the spending of public funds or which relate to taxation be introduced in the House of Commons
  3. Parliament - House of Commons / House of Lords - Social Media Today I enjoyed collaborating with Tom as he always added value and insight to shared projects. He is an exceptional manager, well respected by his colleagues and anyone fortune enough to have worked with him. House of Commons Library London. David Bradwell. David Bradwell.
  4. Women in Parliament and Government, House of Commons Library. This article was corrected on 04.03.20. It previously said a total of 546 women had been elected to the House of Commons since 1918
  5. 2 House of Commons Library analysis of the . Labour Force Survey, 2019 Q4, using IFS definition of vulnerable sectors. 3 Fawcett Society, Coronavirus crossroads: Equal pay day 2020 report, 20 November 2020 4 Fawcett Society, Coronavirus crossroads: Equal pay day 2020 repor
  6. Library of Parliament. of work Canada's Members of Parliament perform in the course of daily business within the House of Commons. It also affords insight into the ways the institution supports Members in that work -and captures the context of continual change in which it occurs. The House of Commons will continue to actively provide.
  7. The House of Commons Library provides impartial information and research services for Members of Parliament and their staff in support of their parliamentary duties. One of the main products of the Library is the research briefings which are published to the parliamentary website

The briefing paper looks at what was achieved during the second round of negotiations between the UK and the EU in July on the UK's withdrawal from the EU. The four days of talks in Brussels in July, which were largely between officials, were about understanding each other's positions, the briefing paper says. According to [ The EU and the other 27 Member States have been preparing for a possible no deal or disorderly Brexit. The briefing paper looks at the EU preparedness programme and at some of the EU27 measures. The paper notes that the EU, the Theresa May Government and the UK Parliament all agreed that a no deal [ A Coalition with Two Wobbly Wings: Backbench Dissent in the House of Commons Philip Cowley Both based the University of Nottingham, which has funded this research On 7 January 2020 it then progressed to its Committee stage (a Committee of the whole House), where it was debated for two days. No new clauses or amendments were passed. The Bill passed its Report Stage and Third Reading. On Wednesday 22 January 2020, the Bill returned to the Commons from the Lords with five proposed amendments I say only 'some completeness' because we in the Commons Library are all too aware that our part in the job of providing information for Parliament is but one part of a complex system. Citation Poole, J.B. and Gould, A.M. (1977), Information for Parliament, Aslib Proceedings , Vol. 29 No. 6, pp. 221-236

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RateYourMP.com. This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper reports the legal restrictions on the number of ministers receiving a salary and the number of ministers sitting in the House of Commons. It includes statistics on the number of ministers in each Chamber following each general election since 1979 and at t.. Senior Clerk. House of Commons. Jun 2018 - Present3 years. Clerks are politically impartial officials who support the core work of MPs in the chamber of the House of Commons and in committees. They undertake a broad range of tasks, all contributing to supporting MPs in fulfilling their parliamentary roles as constituency representatives and. View Grant McLaughlin's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Grant has 10 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Grant's connections and jobs at similar companies The Paper notes that since 15 June 2017 roaming charges in the EU have been abolished, meaning that mobile customers are now able to use their domestic allowance of minutes, text messages and data throughout the EU (and the European Economic Area (EEA)) without incurring additional charges. To make this commercially sustainable for operators the [

4 Bank branch closures. 77. In 1988 there were 20,583 bank branches in the UK, but the number remaining has reduced to 9,690 based on the latest estimates available in 2017. 68 The House of Commons Library research on bank branch closures states that: The forces driving closure programmes are varied, but financial innovation and trends in society towards falls in demand for the use of cheques. The paper sets out the issues likely to be raised in the Bill when it is published, based on comments made by senior members of the Government. The Bill will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 (the ECA). At the same time it will transpose EU law into domestic law, wherever practical. The paper says [ Sep 04, 2020 valuing people moving forward togetherthe governments annual report on learning disability house of commons Posted By J. K. RowlingLibrary TEXT ID 710785fac Online PDF Ebook Epub Library valuing people moving forward togetherthe governments annual report on learning disability 2004 house of commons papers 2003 04507 amazoncomau book No-deal Brexit, free movement and right to work checks, Commons Library Insight (10 September 2019) Post-Brexit EU immigration policy in the event of a no-deal, Commons Library Insight (10 September 2019) Miller, V. and Gorb, S. Legislating for Brexit: EU directives (5 April 2017) House of Commons Library and House of Lords Library. The UK's.

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A Coalition with Two Wobbly Wings: Backbench Dissent in the House of Commons Cowley, Philip; Stuart, Mark 2012-04-01 00:00:00 W hen 81 Conservative MPs defied a three‐line whip in October 2011 to vote for a referendum on Britain's continuing membership of the EU, it rightly attracted headlines. It was the largest backbench rebellion since the. Y. Z. PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) Index. PaleorXiv. Pamphlets and Periodicals of the French Revolution of 1848. PapersFirst. Papers of George Washington: Digital Edition. Papers of James Madison: Digital Edition. Papers of John Adams: Digital Edition

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Jamie Evans is a Senior Research Associate at the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC), based at the University of Bristol. His research mainly focuses on financial inclusion, fintech and consumer vulnerability. Jamie is also a Parliamentary Academic Fellow at the House of Commons Library Map of Oxfordshire's MSOAs with names. Map showing Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) in Oxfordshire and thier recognisable names assigned by the House of Commons Library published on 27 January 2021. MSOAs are a statistical geography and a growing set of population, health and other statistics are now being published at MSOA level Map showing Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) in Oxfordshire and thier recognisable names assigned by the House of Commons Library published on 27 January 2021. MSOAs are a statistical geography and a growing set of population, health and other statistics are now being published at MSOA level

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amendments were tabled at any of its House of Commons stages. The House of Lords gave the bill a first reading on 21st May 2019. The Bill's second reading and remaining stages are planned to be completed before this edition of . Insight. goes to press. For its introduction into the House of Lords, the Bill was accompanied by a 'Library. This proposed committee can fill an existing gap: Despite various past House of Commons standing committees with either science or research in their titles, Duncan pointed out that as per the Library of Parliament, (i) only 12 substantive reports on science and research have been carried out in the past 54 years, and (ii) in the last Parliament. Source: Commons Library After the 2019 General election, 220 women were elected to the House of Commons, 34 per cent of the total number of seats (Uberoi, et al.2020. P.3). The graph demonstrates that this is the highest proportion of women elected to the House of Commons in its history

In recent times a number of significant papers and reports have been published which put the UK's public library service under the microscope. This activity reached its peak with the publication of a Commons Select Committee report in March ( House of Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport, 2005 ) A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, Janet Seaton is a parliamentary reference specialist who worked at the House of Commons Library for over 20 years. In October 1998 she was seconded to the Scottish Office to set up a research and information service for the Scottish Parliament In this atmosphere of tension Canadian Minister of Justice Ernest Lapointe, a Roman Catholic from Quebec City, rose in the House of Commons on July 4, 1940, to announce: g73 6/8 pp. 16-26 - Awake!—197 This collection includes the Main Papers of the House of Lords, from 1509 to 1715. These records provide crucial insight for researchers of the English Civil War period, since the records of the House of Commons from this time have not survived

Map showing Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) in Oxfordshire and thier recognisable names assigned by the House of Commons Library published on 27 January 2021. MSOAs are a statistical geography and a growing set of population, health and other statistics are now being published at MSOA level. There are 86 MSOAs in Oxfordshire with an average of 7,600 residents On 24th January this year the new and long‐promised legislation for public libraries in England and Wales made its bow in the shape of the Public Libraries and Museums Bill. Its first reading took place in the House of Commons on that day, and the unopposed second reading was on 5th February. As we write, future timing is uncertain, and it may be that by the time our readers are perusing. The House of Commons returns on 5 September still without its select committees. By failing to get its select committees back up and running for so long after the general election, the House risks appearing not to be serious about its scrutiny role. The hiatus has exposed a piece of unfinished business from the Wright reforms that needs to be resolved 13/06/2018. Ben Wray. Speaker of the House John Bercow appeared confused about how to respond to SNP request for a vote. THE SNP's MPs have walked out on mass at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, after the Speaker of the House refused a call by Ian Blackford to have an emergency vote and demanded he leave the chamber

1 US GDP from World Bank, data at 2018. UK GDP data from House of Commons Library, Components of GDP: Key Economic Indicators, 2019 data published 12 March 2021. EU GDP data from European Central Bank, Structure of the Euro Area Economy, 2019 data Filmed on location in Ottawa, this video offers an overview of the grandeur, importance and relevance of Canada's Parliament, with a specific focus on the House of Commons. Students will gain insight into the role of Members of Parliament and the basic structure and functions of the House of Commons

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TLT Insight | 19 March 2021 The Bill was introduced to the House of Commons and given its first reading on 8 January 2020. Leasehold and commonhold reform House of Commons Library Research. In this post she talks about an event that the House of Commons Library and the Knowledge Exchange Unit ran for academic librarians this month, and also offers insight into the work [] The Information Literacy needs of Select Committee Researchers. Emma Burnett Comment, Research 31/03/2021 But the more that is spent via the Contingency Fund, the less has to be approved subsequently via the Estimates process. In total, the House of Commons Library estimates that ministers could spend up to £469 billion in 2021-22, prior to parliamentary approval of departmental spending plans. 4. Denial of MPs' equal participation right Search - UK Parliament. Brexit: statements, concerns and uncertainties.Until a final Brexit agreement is reached with the EU, much of what will happen to air quality standards and enforcement following Brexit is the subject of speculation. The Government has been clear that it has no plans to change limit values and targets for air quality. House of Commons Library. The House of Commons Library has created a six-episode pilot podcast series on key policy areas to keep busy listeners across the detail, writes Eleanor Davis. 'And we.

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Commons Library research briefing (30 September 2019) European defence: where is it heading? Commons Library research briefing (updated 10 September 2019) The status of retained EU Law (30 July 2019) The Royal Navy, Brexit and UK fisheries Commons Library Insight (5 February 2019) House of Commons Public Accounts Committee. Exiting the. Clerk of Programming and Grand Committees, Public Bill Office, House of Commons London, England, United Kingdom 261 connections. Join to Connect House of Commons Library and Committee Office London. Sascha Sajjad. Head of Insight at House of Commons / Trustee at World Villages for Children London. Megan Dearing The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them. Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS vocabularies, ISO language codes, and more The People's House of Commons: Theories of Democracy in Contention. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Smith, J. 1999. Democracy and the Canadian House of Commons at the Millennium. Canadian Public Administration 42 (4). Standing Committee on National Security and Defence. 2007. Four Generals and an Admiral: A View from the Top Reform of the Housing Revenue Account subsidy. Until 2004, the HRA subsidy system was criticised as a 'tenants' tax' because the rent payments of better off tenants not in receipt of housing benefit was used to help meet the cost of financial help for poorer tenants. This HoC research details the history of the subsidy and its reform