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Most foundation problems are caused by water. If there's too much water, the soil will swell, and if there's too little, the soil will shrink. Both situations can cause problems with your home's foundation, primarily when the swelling or shrinkage is concentrated in one area of the foundation What causes foundation problems? There are a number of different types of foundations —ranging from masonry to concrete to wood. But no matter the type, they all face similar stressors

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Poor soils are the leading cause of foundation issues in homes, which is something most homeowners have little control over. For example, hydro-collapsible soils collapse in the presence of water. This means the soil underneath the home can't support the load of the home, which can lead to extensive structural damage The Primary Cause of Foundation Problems The resource that is relied on the most in the world just so happens to be the enemy to house foundations. That's right, water is the main cause of foundation problems. Whether it be too much, or too little, practically every foundation issue has something to do with water There are many causes of foundation upheaval in slab foundations including soil that expands and contracts, excessive moisture due to rain or under-slab plumbing leaks and frost heave. Clay soils are most often affected by moisture because this type of soil expands and gains volume when it becomes wet The expansion joint is installed in a structure to compensate for movement caused by the shifting of the earth, changes in the temperature, humidity, wind and other events. A failing foundation can cause such expansion joint seperation that the joint fails, which can cause widespread cracking

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One of the most common types of interior cracking you'll see are stress cracks, which as their name suggests, are caused by stress on weak portions of the wall as the foundation shifts. Have them inspected to judge their severity WHAT CAUSES FOUNDATION ISSUES? For the vast majority of damage, water is the primary culprit. Variations in moisture cause components of the soil to swell or shrink, leading to movement beneath your foundation. Your property may be more susceptible to foundation damage if Puddles and other signs of moisture in a crawl space may indicate poor drainage around the perimeter foundation. Be sure that gutters aren't plugged, and that soil slopes away from the foundation at the rate of 6 inches for every 10 horizontal feet. 7 Signs Your Have a Drainage Problem How to Prevent Water Damag Common Causes of Foundation Problems. Foundation problems aren't always about the foundation weakening. While the cause can be the foundation aging, many times, the source of the mischief comes from outside the house.. Roots - Trees can grow a lot in 50-100 years, and root systems can pose a huge threat to the foundation of a home. Some trees have wide-ranging root systems, meaning that a. Causes of Foundation Problems Water is the main enemy in expansive soils problems. There is either too much water, causing the soil to swell, or not enough, causing the soil to shrink. If all soil beneath a foundation swells uniformly or shrinks uniformly it is unlikely to cause a problem

Seasonal Weather Patterns Can Cause Foundation Problems Poor Site Drainage. Poor site drainage is a common cause of foundation movement. Surface and subsurface moisture should be diverted away from the home or building in order to preserve the strength and desired elevation of the foundation system Water is the main culprit that causes most foundation problems. The moisture content in the ground can cause many problems and result in a settling foundation. Common causes of foundation problems include: Drainage problems: Rainwater should be properly drained from your yard to keep it from pooling up around your foundation What Causes Foundation Problems Soil conditions typically are the root of foundation problems. As the soil under and around your home continuously changes, it can cause house foundations to shift, settle and even crack. Several direct causes of foundation problems are soil-related What Causes Foundation Problems? Foundation problems originate with unstable soil conditions supporting the structural weight of your home. All homes experience some amount of settling after construction; however, if the soil beneath the foundation was not properly compacted at the time of construction your home may suffer from excessive settling and shifting There are many factors that can contribute to a shifting foundation. The most common of these factors are unstable soils, poor drainage and plumbing leaks, poor grading or compaction and tree roots

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Tree root intrusions: Large trees can cause foundation problems as roots grow through the soil underneath the home. The intruding roots can exert significant pressure on under-slab water pipes and basement foundations. They can also leech moisture from the ground, causing soil to contract away from the home A major structural problem with your home is probably every homeowner's worst nightmare. Structural problems left unattended decrease your homes value and only worsen over time. So if you are seeing signs of foundation problems around your home like cracks in your drywall, or if you have doors that do not open or close properly you probably need to have an evaluation done The most common reason for a foundation failure is due to settlement. Settlement occurs when the soils dry out during warm weather conditions where there is a minimal amount of rain. The soils shrink and are no longer able to support the foundation

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  1. Several factors can cause foundation problems including earthquakes, bad drainage, poor construction, loose soil, frequent temperature changes, and overly wet or dry soil. Failing to address any of these issues early-on may lead to costly repairs down the road
  2. Drainage issues. Poor drainage near a home's foundation is actually one of the more common causes of foundation cracks and damage
  3. Knowing what causes the problems you may be able to prevent problems from occurring. ECP is dedicated to providing the most extensive information about structural repair issues and their comprehensive solutions. Evaporation. Hot and dry conditions may cause the soil to pull away from the foundation
  4. Common Causes Of Foundation Problems Include: Soil and climate often create a variety of issues for Dallas, Fort Worth homeowners. Clay soil expands and contracts. When it's hot, the earth shrinks and when it's cold, it gains volume

Loss of Soil Moisture This is one of the most common causes of foundation issues. When a home is built, the soil might have one level of moisture but builders need to take into account that this level will change once the property is built The masonry should be cured properly for 10 days . 3. Sub-soil Moisture movement: It is the one of the most common causes of foundation failure, which is mainly occur in cohesive soil. Such a defect occurs where the Water table change it position many times. This fluctuation of ground water causes foundation failure Causes. Indiana foundation repair problems can be caused by different issues. However, many are traced back to one source - the soil. Some of these issues include improperly compacted fill soils, poor soil maintenance and expanding or contracting soil bases. They may appear to be irreparable, but they can be easily fixed if caught in time

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Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. Poor drainage can leave your home vulnerable to a number of serious health, safety, and financial concerns. A house's slab foundations, are greatly affected by moisture. Flooding is a more serious issue Foundation problems are a plague in Houston. Extreme weather patterns and sandy, loose, gumbo soils make it hard to maintain a strong foundation year after year, but there is hope! Here are the common causes of foundation problems in Houston, plus a few things you can do to minimize their effects on your home. Houston Wet and Dry Cycles Drainage issues can contribute to foundation problems. If your home lacks gutters or the downspouts are not directed away from the foundation properly, excessive water will be dumped into the soil closest to the house. The soil will become over-saturated. Too much water in the soil causes it to expand and exert damaging pressure on the foundation

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  1. Foundation and basement specialists since 1996, we want your home to be as dry and safe as possible. We handle all types of waterproofing and foundation/basement repair. We service the Midwest and offer free in-home estimates. If you have plumbing issues related to your foundation shifting, contact us to set up an appointment at (866) 669-3349.
  2. 1. Evaporation: Hot dry wind and intense heat will often cause the soil to shrink beneath the foundation.This settlement may cause cracks to appear throughout the structure. 2. Transpiration: Tree roots may desiccate the soil beneath a home causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle.. 3. Plumbing Leaks: Water from plumbing leaks is often a cause of foundation problems
  3. If you're looking for a foundation inspection, diagnosis of possible foundation problems, or actual foundation repair, we can help. Our team of specialists will uncover the cause of your foundation problems and propose a reasonable and effective solution that promotes long-term stability and value

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A common culprit of a damaged foundation is the original construction of it, and whether the soil surrounding it was properly compacted; if not, continued settling can cause the foundation to shift, move, and sustain damage. Water can also cause problems when it freezes in the ground adjacent to the foundation and causes a bulge in the wall; if. Heaving happens when moisture or ice causes underlying soil to significantly expand and lift a foundation or slab upward. Soil may not seem like it can make a large impact, but the more moisture it holds, the stronger the force it can exert against your foundation. In fact, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors states that.

Foundation problems: If you have a 2,000-square-foot home, every inch of rain translates to more than 1,200 gallons of water pouring down your roof! A properly functioning gutter will carry that water through a downspout and away from your home 3 Common Causes of Foundation Problems May 3, 20211 By:stratabuilding. The most important component of your home is a strong foundation. Without a stable foundation, your home is left vulnerable to a number of issues ranging from doors that stick to major structural issues

Hydrostatic pressure is when water seeps into the ground around the foundation and builds up. The higher the water column up against the foundation, the more weight and pressure it causes. This water expands and contracts drastically (and sometimes freezes) as the temperature changes, which continually adds and takes away pressure on your walls Other causes include variations in temperature or humidity levels, which sometimes occur in vacation houses or homes which are vacant for sale. Changing temperatures cause materials to expand and contract, which can crack plaster, bath tiles, and flooring. Signs of Potentially Serious Foundation Issues. Knowing what can damage your foundation is the key to protecting it. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), here are issues that can lead to foundation problems and might not be covered by insurance: Preconstruction And Ground Preparation. Soil misuse is a leading cause of foundation damage The four main causes of foundation problems are: The type of soil. How much water is in the soil. Natural disasters such as earthquakes or flooding. Construction preparation. When it comes to flooding, excess rainfall can cause a lot of damage to a home's foundation. What happens is the water causes the soil under your home to become moist. Plumbing problems in concrete slab foundation homes are serious. If a homeowner or contractor believes there's an issue, they should hire a specialist to come out and check as soon as possible. Recognizing the red flags and understanding the common causes of these plumbing problems can help everyone better prepare for the unexpected

If your foundation soils are causing cracks in your foundation, bowing or buckling walls, sticking windows and doors, or any other foundation issues, call the local experts at Complete Basement Systems today When your garage foundation shows signs of problems urgent repair work may be in order. Foundational issues with residential houses are more common than you may have imagined. Soil conditions, bad drainage, inadequate waterproofing, leaks in plumbing, poor construction, inadequate site preparation, weather conditions, and the uneven settlement may all play a role in the integrity of. Unstable soil conditions found throughout North Texas and the DFW Metroplex can account for a huge portion of foundation problems. Land movement shifts loose clay, sand, and silt found in Texas properties that causes stress on the fresh water and drain line systems > Causes of Foundation Problems The shifting and expanding of clay soil is one of the top causes of foundation problems in Texas. While the clay content in Texas soil can create foundation issues as it expands and contracts, there are also other potential culprits

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Causes. Schedule Your Free Inspection. Foundation problems like cracks and movement could be caused by a variety of factors including unstable soil, improper grading, and expansive soils, just to name a few. But all of these have something in common - the ground your home was built on. The soil underneath and around your house has a huge. Insurance won't cover any damage that is the homeowner's fault, whether actively or (in most cases) due to negligence. There are three main reasons that your foundation could be damaged due to negligence: pressure, moisture, or construction. Pressure from tree roots can cause the foundation of your home to shift, crack, or break

How leaking pipes damage a foundation. Leaks under or around the foundation saturate the soil, which can cause it to shift and move. Over time, this shifting and washing away of soil leaves pockets or holes underneath the foundation, resulting in cracks, sagging, noticeable shifting and other issues. It's important to stay vigilant and to. There are several factors that cause pool and pool deck problems. Most of the time, these issues have something to do with settlement and soil movement. The most common causes of pool deck movement and other issues: Poor Pool Construction: When the pool is constructed, the backfill material may not be properly compacted. As a result, the soil.

Foundation problems that have been neglected over many years, however, can cause major structural damage to the home. For example, a settling foundation can cause severe damage and can eventually lead to other issues with your foundation walls and floor This pressure is very strong, can cause walls to buckle, and is a leading cause of foundation cracks and water seeping in. A horizontal crack about three or four feet below grade is typically. Causes of foundation problems. Water is the main enemy causing problems in expansive soils. There is either too much water, causing the soil to swell, or not enough, causing the soil to shrink. If the soil beneath a foundation swells uniformly or shrinks uniformly it is unlikely to cause a problem. But when only part of the foundation heaves or. Drainage and foundation issues sinking family's 1-year-old Richmond dream home into the ground KMGH Denver, CO. UP NEXT. Masks will not be required in Perrysburg Schools in the fal The cause of foundation damage; What foundation repair solutions will solve these issues; The cost of our services; Schedule a foundation inspection & free estimate today! At Dritek Foundation Solutions, we have effective, warrantied solutions for foundation problems of all types, and we have the training, techniques, and top-quality products.

Cracked foundations, floors and basement walls are typical types of damage done by swelling soils. Damage to the upper floors of the building can occur when motion in the structure is significant. Expansive soils will also shrink when they dry out. This shrinkage can remove support from buildings or other structures and result in damaging. Foundation flood damage assessment: This article presents a case study by Bob Maltempo, P.E. with comments by Daniel Friedman. The case demonstrates the inspection, detection, diagnosis, and repair repair recommendations regarding structural damage (or none) to a building foundation wall and floor slab following flooding All trees, shrubs and plants can essentially cause problems to a home's foundation, structure or plumbing system. However, certain types of trees, shrubs and bushes, like the ones listed above, are more likely to cause damage because of their flexible, shallow or large root systems. To prevent any potential plumbing, sewer or foundation.

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Common issues of foundation failure: 1. Evaporation: Hot dry wind and intense heat will often cause the soil to shrink beneath the foundation. This settlement may cause cracks to appear throughout the structure 2. Transpiration: Tree roots may desiccate the soil beneath a home causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle. 3. Plumbing Leaks: Water from plumbing leaks is often a cause of. Sometimes problems are traced to poor construction with cracking, settling foundations. In many cases, however, houses and basements can be structurally sound but are often not properly built to handle water drainage. Failure to slope the ground surface away from the foundation or lack of a good gutter and downspout system is common

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  2. We seldom see any differential foundation settlement problems that warrant expensive foundation underpinning repairs! The Top 5 Causes of Cracks in Brick Veneer Homes: Cause #1: Differential Brick Expansion. Differential brick expansion is by far the most common cause of cracking in brick veneer. It is pretty easy to understand and spot
  3. Structural Foundation Problems. While some cracks in your wall can be solely cosmetic, others can indicate foundation issues. Structural cracks in walls are serious and should be repaired immediately, so it's important that homeowners know how to identify them. Cracks That Likely Indicate Foundation Damage. Cracks wider than 1/4 inc

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  1. This continual swelling and shrinking is the cause of the majority of foundation problems in the Texas area. There are other causes, such as poor compaction of the soil by the original builder. Poor soil compaction will usually create foundation problems during first 1 to 5 years of the home's life
  2. Foundation problems are usually the result of moisture. Soil expands when it get wet and contracts when it dries out, and these movements can cause a foundation to shift. This effect is compounded.
  3. Cinder Block Foundation Problems. 1. Cracks. These are usually caused by shifts in the concrete footing on which the blocks are placed. Similarly, underground water and saturated soil might also cause cracks to appear on cinder block formations
  4. Foundation problems are generally not a sign that the house is in danger of collapsing. Instead, they're a concern because foundation issues can cause side effects like mold, or they can hurt the home's value when you try to sell in future. Serious foundation issues also don't happen overnight
  5. Plus, improper foundation installation will only lead to problems down the road. Quality construction ensures that settlement will evenly distribute across the structure and that a few inches of settlement won't be a concern. Extreme Weather Changes. Natural changes in the weather can also cause foundation settlement
  6. e your repair options which will influence your total cost. Fixing foundation problems requires the knowledge and experience of a licensed contractor that will keep the foundation at its optimal level of functioning for years to come

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When water permeates the cracks in the foundation, it can cause problems with your flooring. However, so can shoddy workmanship. One of the biggest causes of improper flooring installation is inadequate surface preparation. When glue, nails, or anything else rough is left on the surface, the flooring not only looks bad, but it also often doesn. The best way to determine if your foundation problems are due to expansive soils is to have your soil analyzed by a testing lab to identify its expansive properties. Even if expansive soils are present, they typically will not cause foundation problems if the moisture content can be stabilized

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Various gutter problems can cause water to seep into the ground in large quantities rather than being diverted away. For example, when gutters are clogged with leaves, branches or other debris, water cannot flow into the drainpipe. Instead, the gutters overflow and spill water directly onto the concrete foundation Foundation problems four most common warning signs: Foundation cracking, crumbling or compromised foundations. Hairline fractures or cracks; Cracks where the side is uneven; Cracks that have opened up; Crumbling or flaking concrete; Water damage and shifting soil. Poor drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation problems How to Distinguish Foundation Problems from Settling In order to diagnose a true foundation problem, you'll need to look for more warning signs than just visible cracks in your foundation. Visible cracks in the foundation can be the first sign of a problem, but they can also be a sign of non-threatening settlement These weather issues are the ones most likely to cause foundation cracks and other foundation problems. Hurricane ; Hurricanes come with a variety of potential home problems. The extreme winds can cause external damage, even ripping off windows and doors. The rain can cause flooding That can cause the foundation to move or even crack, Martin says. He further explains that if the foundation isn't exactly well-built, or already has minor problems, the cracks and movement can turn into broken pipes and leaks, which lead to even more water damage

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This could cause mold problems within your house. Over time, the ongoing water patterns below your home will cause erosion of the soil structure. Eventually, the growing void could lead to foundation failure. Pigeon Damage to Your Home or Foundation. In many cities and urban areas, the pigeon population can be significant Crawl Space Moisture 101 - Causes, Problems, and Fixes Get A Free Estimate Whether your damp crawl space problem is a result of flooding from torrential rain, a broken or leaking pipe, or sewer backup, you want to address the issue immediately to avoid any major repairs Foundation Issues. If one part of the foundation is sinking faster or deeper than the rest, you could have a big problem. The shearing force of the weight of the house not being distributed in an even way can cause major damage. If this is the case, you will need foundation repair, which might include jacking up the house Foundation repair is an expense that everyone wants to avoid. Delaying foundation repair can be an expensive mistake. With the passage of time, the cost of foundation repair usually increases. Two of the most common causes of foundation problems are: Plumbing leaks, which are destructive to a foundation; Compacting soils, or settling

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The Foundation Crack Bible How to Identify, Diagnose & Evaluate Types of Foundation & Wall or Slab Cracks: this article provides a dictionary of different patterns & types of cracks that occur in all types of masonry or concrete building foundations & walls, floors, ceilings. How to Evaluate Foundation Cracks & Damage. How to Evaluate Vertical Foundation Cracks The cause of unwanted cracks in concrete can be due to prolonged exposure to natural environmental forces such as: Repeated wetting and drying from rainwater seepage. Topsoil and subsurface earth layer erosions. Naturally occurring foundation settling. Damage from unchecked tree root encroachment on concrete slabs

In time, this pressure causes cracks and gaps and water seepage into the basement. As disintegration continues, foundation walls may eventually tip or rotate inward, requiring major foundation rehab work. Ground water. In areas where the local water table rises near the surface, it may push against the underside of the foundation Question: Can tree roots cause damage to a home's foundation?I have a 3' in diameter pin oak tree that is within 10 feet of my house. A certified arborist took a look at it and said that he would like to use an Air Knife to expose the roots near the foundation (a walkout basement) to determine if the roots are causing damage and/or need to be pruned, or whether the tree needs to be removed. Plumbing problems are an issue all their own, but if you put off calling the plumber to get them repaired, they cause different problems. If you let a plumbing leak persist, not only are you wasting water as well as money, but you are setting yourself up for foundation issues.. While any type of foundation can experience issues from a leaky pipe left unchecked, slab foundations are a special case

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Foundation cracks can occur even after you have diligently performed every foundation leak detection and prevention measure recommended such as maintaining the perfect grade away from your foundation, installing a sump pump that features battery back-up, and cleaning out your gutters. Knowing what causes the occurrence of foundation cracks, what else to watch out for, and the process of repair. Arizona Foundation Sinking and Settling Foundations Why Sinking Foundation Problems? Sinking foundation problems are extremely common in reality, most structures will settle over time due to the natural settling of the earth underneath. Generally this isn't a problem, the slow process of the foundation settling over time is usually no cause for alarm In this episode, we discuss house settling vs foundation problems and what's considered normal house settling, how long it lasts for and when to actually wor.. Gutter downspout drainage systems are perhaps the most important drain system when it comes to protecting your home from water. Downspout drainage issues ari.. Likewise, stress and mental health concerns can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction. For instance, a minor physical condition that slows your sexual response might cause anxiety about maintaining an erection

Problems with the nerves around the colon and rectum. Neurological problems can affect the nerves that cause muscles in the colon and rectum to contract and move stool through the intestines. Causes include: Damage to the nerves that control bodily functions (autonomic neuropathy) Multiple sclerosis; Parkinson's disease; Spinal cord injury; Strok The fix for a cracking, bowing or collapsing foundation depends mostly on the cause of problems and current condition of the basement walls, along with other conditions surrounding the structure including the soil and age of the house. We thoroughly evaluate your foundation cracks in order to deliver the optimal solution that falls within your budget How To Fix It: Depending on the cause of the cracks, your solutions will vary. If hydrostatic pressure (due to water accumulating around the foundation) is the cause of the cracks, repairing your exterior drainage should help to solve the problem. The cracks will still need to be repaired, but the cause should have been repaired This process can cause your foundation to shift and settle into the ground. Imbalanced soil conditions are not the only thing that can cause foundation issues. Your foundation may become uneven due to overgrown tree roots, plumbing leaks, swimming pool leaks, improper drainage, or poor site preparation when your home was first built Excessive sleepiness, also called hypersomnolence, is a common experience for one-third of Americans that are chronically sleep-deprived.According to a National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America poll, 43% of people report that daytime sleepiness interferes with their activities at least a few days a month.One in five report experiencing daytime sleepiness at least a few days a week

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